On the evening of 20, the key publication of the State Administration of press and publication, SARFT, published the article on the official account of the radio and television commentary, commentated on Zheng Shuang’s overseas surrogacy and his desire to abandon. This kind of actor has his private morality at stake, and his demonstration of social morality in radio, television and network audio-visual will not be positive. “We will not provide opportunities and platforms for scandals and bad deeds. As always, we will resolutely provide healthy and upward screen audio for the broad masses of the people.”

It’s the first time I’ve seen radio and television so fast and so name and name an artist. It can be seen how disgusting Zheng Shuang’s affair is. Surrogacy itself is troublesome enough, but it is still abandoned. This is not the responsibility of the mother. She has money to buy hundreds of millions of luxury houses, but she willfully wants to lose her child. Although the law can not punish Zheng Shuang, but now you are not allowed to mix in the entertainment industry, it depends on what you do. After eating melon for a few days, I really feel that Zheng Shuang’s coming today has something to do with her parents’ education, the abnormal choice of the market, and the support of fans. From several exposed recordings, Zheng Shuang’s father only wanted money, without any sympathy, and did not consider the two surrogate children at all. Every time before Zheng Shuang got angry and scolded her ex boyfriend, she had been searched many times. In this way, many manufacturers valued Zheng Shuang’s topic and cooperated with her. Coupled with fans’ brainless support, Zheng Shuang, who has no representative works, has been popular for so many years. Fortunately, her unbridled character finally made her pay the price.

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10 months ago

I think she was blocked more likely because of the statement that “I have not broken the law in both countries.”. Indeed, according to China’s current law, even if Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng are surrogacy in China, only the agency that helps them do surrogacy is illegal. They are not illegal. They’re on the edge of the law. What’s more, these two people are now running to the United States for surrogacy, let alone breaking the law. But it is a provocation to our country’s law to speak out this kind of behavior of drilling legal loopholes. If this is not banned, I can only understand that the state allows this kind of behavior of drilling legal loopholes. If Zheng Shuang can continue to make a lot of money in the future, it is even encouraging the masses to join her team.

10 months ago

The first person in the entertainment industry to deal with it openly is quite straightforward.
Really, people like Zheng Shuang, who lack the minimum concept of human relations and despise the law, should have been banned long ago. It’s better for her to disappear from Zhihu hot list as soon as possible, otherwise precious traffic will be wasted.
Zheng Shuang’s fans don’t worry, your opportunity has come, now the most important thing is to quickly accompany her, encourage her to take good care of mental illness, can’t delay.

10 months ago

This is the first bad artist who has such treatment. In my opinion, three factors have led to this most severe “ban”: 1. Although surrogacy abroad is not illegal, it can only be said to exploit the loopholes of domestic laws (as the political and Legal Commission said), it is against public order and good customs. So, she’s already on the line. As a Chinese citizen, because surrogacy is prohibited in China, he has gone to the United States to exploit legal loopholes, which is by no means law-abiding. 2. Abandonment: the intention is to let the pregnant mother abort, to abandon the child by herself, and to force the man to abandon it. This is touching the bottom line of morality, which is not accepted by the mainstream in any country. Because, the awe of life (pregnant mother and child) is the most basic bottom line. However, if the above-mentioned 1 and 2 are exposed, Zheng Shuangfang admits his mistake in time and has a correct attitude, he may be able to withdraw the circle on his own initiative instead of being “explicitly blocked” at the current speed of light. Unfortunately, the attitude of her and her father made her lose the last bit of dignity of taking the initiative to withdraw from the circle. 3. Attitude of admitting mistakes: on the issue of children, she is exploiting legal loopholes, that is to say, she should not be punished by law. But as a public figure, her attitude is of great social significance in the face of moral problems. Unfortunately, she and her father are blaming each other and shirking their responsibilities throughout their microblogs. They are not sincere about surrogacy and abandonment. This has pushed her into the most serious situation of dealing with bad artists in history: the collective endorsement has been suspended; all film and television variety shows have been disappeared; radio and television commentary has explicitly said that no opportunities are given; history awards have been deprived;Of course, the third point is both “cause” and “effect”. To sum up, what she touched was the red line of ethics and morality, and she had no attitude of admitting mistakes. Yesterday, I even thought that if this happened to Gong Li, Wu Jing and others, the result would be different. However, I still think that the result will not change (but professional performance awards should not be deprived, because that is to evaluate performance, and Huading is actually to evaluate word-of-mouth). After all, this involves social ethics and moral bottom line. There are “absolutely innocent” third parties (children) and groups (surrogate mothers) who may be deprived of their rights and interests as a result of industrialization, which are essentially different from the private life problems of adults such as marriage derailment and idol love. For the comment area and the Internet, there should be no question about whether other entertainers (such as Cheng Long and Joker Xue) should be treated equally. I would like to say: first of all, this kind of discussion is not about men and women, but about specific individual behavior; second, all bad artists should be condemned. The reason why Zheng Shuang was so severely “banned” this time is that: 1. “Surrogacy” is an ethical issue, and other public figures are not involved; 2. “Abandonment” degree, Zheng Shuang is not only unwilling to raise himself , also intended to prevent the man from raising; this is tantamount to trying to deprive children of the right to be raised by their parents; while other artists at least did not deprive children of the right to be raised by one of their parents. (Jackie Chan didn’t stop Wu Qili from raising her daughter) 3. Attitude: as mentioned above. And it’s still a bit of a national epidemic, which is even more taboo in the current social environment. Therefore, Zheng Shuang touched two moral red lines: ethics + (intention) depriving children of the right to be raised by their parents. She is not only irresponsible, but also intended to interfere with other people’s rights (the right of the man’s custody, the right of the child to be raised by her parents). This is the seriousness of the incident. Therefore, this is not a double standard, but Zheng Shuang. The social influence of this issue is indeed worse.

10 months ago

It’s the first person in the history of entertainment circle. It’s so formal that the person who calls his name and surname should be banned. PI tens of thousands won the official roll call gift package before, and didn’t write a special article to block him. However, I don’t know if this radio, TV and online audio-visual package does not include major video apps and live broadcasting platforms, and whether she will become a star, a net star, and an anchor. After all, with her parents’ virtue, it’s unreasonable not to drain her last use value. After listening to her so-called statement of withdrawing from the circle, I found that the logic was chaotic and the language was illogical. I could hear her own words. The main idea was that there were many people in her life, including Sohu’s hot search, fans with empty bottles, and artificial intelligence. If you want to study her brain, you can solve many problems by studying what Zheng Shuang is thinking. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. In fact, her words, coupled with BGM of Beijing Satellite TV, are somewhat sensational. If she can put forward such an attitude earlier, it’s not that she has a stiff tongue. If she doesn’t violate the laws of the two countries, she won’t go to this step. However, there are too many possibilities for her to avoid this step. She has precisely avoided it countless times. As I have said before, she is a smart person. She knows what fans want and what traffic wants, and controls hot search at will. However, her pattern is too small, which leads to the shrewdness becoming philistine and petty. What’s the first statement about this excellent crisis public relations, not to mention the previous madness? At first glance, it was the work of the public relations team, but what the public relations team expressed throughout was that she did not break the law, which provided an opportunity for CCTV to drill legal loopholes by name. To find an excuse for abandonment, implying that the reason for not letting the children return home is that the epidemic does not cause chaos to the country. As far as toutie is concerned, CCTV criticizes the fact that it does not issue an apology statement. It knows so many ready-made excellent public relations articles. It is better to grasp the core and change a word and copy a copy than her incomprehensible writing style. After the recording hammer came out, it was still the head iron. Instead of apologizing or mentioning the child, her father jumped out and scolded the man’s family. The full text was money. He still never mentioned the child. He didn’t feel guilty. He didn’t apologize for dy or let the child return home. This is the result of not having an agent team and letting her father be an agent. The situation is small and there is no correct understanding. The sky is going to collapse, but her father can only see the neighbor’s cat eating his salted fish. At the beginning, she was really kind-hearted. I remember Zhang Han called in a certain program and said that the operation needed her matching type. She agreed without thinking about it. At that time, her agent was not her father. I don’t know when, she became more and more abnormal. Her words, behavior and style were full of strange breath. She walked farther and farther on the way to be a demon until she killed herself. No matter what she does, right or wrong, fans will only tell her, you are right, wrong is the world, no matter what, we love you. For a long time, she may take it seriously, and the capital has never given up on her. There are variety shows, advertisements and magazines, which make money. If there are topics, there will be variety shows. Variety shows will make money faster. So she is on the way of going crazy – searching hot – increasing film pay – going crazy. This road is very smooth for her. Her previous crazy criticism behaviors, such as lack of dedication, acting skills and self slapping, keep bringing her attention. Her parents are happy to see more money. Her fans want to fight against the whole world for her sake. She can’t see and doesn’t look at the views of normal people at all. She only lives in the maintenance and sweet words of her fans. Until she challenges the moral bottom line and stirs up public anger, fans can no longer protect her. She may think that this time, as before, fans will show their fangs and passers-by will have nothing to do with themselves. She has come to this stage, which has something to do with her fans who don’t know right from wrong, with her parents who only have money in their eyes, and with her cold-blooded heart becoming more and more terrible. Over the years, she has lost the ability of empathy little by little. She has become selfish and doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. Her physical state and attitude towards things are abnormal. It’s fans and parents, as well as the capital that never gave up on her, who let her come to this step step by step. The most important thing is that she didn’t stick to the bottom line, and gradually changed from the pure and smart girl to the cold-blooded and merciless girl. Ban it. It’s good. It can demobilize the cult where her fans gather. It’s good for the entertainment industry.

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