A clear stream, this may be the best compression software so far. The download method and usage tutorials and precautions for all special versions of the compression software are all in the text <img src=”https://pic4.zhimg.com/50/v2 One, 360 Advantages of the compressed international version: no ads, no pop-ups, flat UI (high value) Version: Download method of the international version: 1. Official website of the international version: https://www.360totalsecurity.com/zh-cn /360zip/<img src=”https://pic1.zhimg. The official website is very simple. Domestic software manufacturers have a peculiar nature, that is, to make the international version clean and spotless. All kinds of pop-ups in the domestic version…The 360 ​​international version interface is very beautiful, the user interface is refreshing, and the flat style is much better than the classic compression software interface. Students who are not interested in collecting do not need to read the following, just use this directly. <img src=”https://pic4.zhimg.com/50/v2- Two, PeaZip advantages: open source, free, no ads Support system: Win/Linux download method: Git open source community: https://github. com/giorgiotani/PeaZip/releases/ official website: https://www.peazip.org/ No need to install the portable version (default Chinese) xx code s5cb is a free file archiver utility, based on 7-Zip, p7zip, Brotli, FreeArc , PAQ, Zstandard and PEA project open source technology. Cross-platform, fully functional but user-friendly alternative to WinRar, WinZip and similar general archive manager applications, open and extract more than 180 archive formats: 001, 7Z, ACE (*), ARC, ARJ, BR, BZ2, CAB, DMG, GZ, ISO, LHA, PAQ, PEA, RAR, TAR, UDF, WIM, XZ, ZIP, ZIPX, ZST-view the complete list of supported archive file formats List for archiving and extracting. 3. Bandizip, if you know everything, there are many people recommending in the answer. I don’t have much bb. The official version is http://6.xxx, the official version, non-cracked, non-green It is the original version: Note: No need to patch, it is ready to use, remember not to update; if you encounter a prompt to update, go to the folder and delete updater.exe, you will not be prompted for the 6.26 installation version, xx code tbcc32 No need to install the portable version for xx code, mpvv64 for xx code, no portable version for xx code ue8c version 7.03 (a harmonious society eye protection version, please ignore the sorrows, please pick the key points) Tutorial and note: download the patch and put it in the installation directory, then connect to the Internet Run this patch, then disconnect the network to start the software registration, enter the key. Remember to disconnect the network == professional version, xx code ifms enterprise version, xx code nay5 version 7.07 (socialist harmonious enterprise chicken letterpress, please chat Ignore the key points) Tutorials and notes: After downloading and installing, download the patch, put the patch in the installation directory, run the patch, after running, you may need to disconnect the network when using the activation code (may need to be disconnected or not Disconnect the network and try it yourself) A link to a certain disk ehqu 4. Advantages of 7-Zip: Open source and free official website: https://www.7-zip.org/ Chinese official website download: https://sparanoid.com/lab/7z/ official website Introduction : It is powerful and used by many people in China. You can download the latest version directly from the official website to get the best WinRAR. This thing is an old compression software, um, get talent… Update this when you have time, anyway, the previous ones should be enough. You may feel that Interest: The best PC screen recording software www.zhihu.com Convenient way to listen to songs and recognize songs www.zhihu.com Currently the best recording software, test it yourself! ​Www.zhihu.com Three things after reading the content 1. Look at the code word is not easy, give me a thumbs up 2. Follow me @重山, little attention to not get lost, the next article may be more surprising 3. If you want to find me, my old place “Wears of Time and Ambition”, just leave a message in the background if you have any questions. Edited on 2020-10-18​Agree with 2682​​204 comments​Share​Favorites​Like​Collapse​Continue to browse the content Knowing to discover a bigger world Open Chrome to continue the cat and cat love software public number Efficient Office tools/software recommendations, workplace skills summary ~ 9 people agreed with this answer [compression software ranking] WinRAR compression rate is better than WinZIP, but WinRAR free version has ads, you can consider blocking ads, because RAR officially does not allow third parties to use RAR format , So if you want to compress RAR, you can only use WinRAR. 7-ZIP is free and open source with high compression rate. After Bandizip 6.25 version, the charging mode has been opened, and advertisements have also been added. If you use Bandizip, you can cancel the automatic update, prevent the software from automatically upgrading, and keep the 6.25 version. PeaZip is not just a compression software, but also a file manager and encryption tool, but PeaZip’s decompression and compression functions are not as good as 7-ZIP. Rogue software that needs to be avoided-2345 good compression/speed compression/360 compression/quick compression [The following is a detailed explanation, can be skipped] Once the compression market was only WinZIP and WinRAR, after the emergence of RAR, it seized a large part of the market. Its compression rate is indeed better than ZIP. After the appearance of 7-ZIP in 1999, the original 7Z algorithm was created, which has a very high compression rate, and supports the opening of ZIP and RAR formats. Can you say that WinZIP and WinRAR can bear it? ? Almost no one uses WinZIP. Although WinRAR is free, there are advertisements, which is really annoying. Therefore, 7-ZIP has been promoted to be the conscientious software in the compression industry. [Free and open source] Afterwards, the 7-ZIP interface is too ugly and really difficult. I have to say that as a compression software, everyone’s expectations for 7-ZIP are simply too high, perhaps because 7-ZIP is so good, there are no other problems to pick… 7-ZIP [function] self-extracting function Powerful file manager integrated with Windows Shell Powerful command line version FAR Manager plug-in localization in 87 languages…compression ratio comparison WinRAR take a look~


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7 months ago

I have always thought that decompression software is a must-install software on the computer, so I will never recommend it to everyone before I have enough experience. After I have experienced several compression software for two months, I finally tested it at least Let me tell you about the best decompression software in my mind! Several standoffs: There are already countless companies surrounding the big cake of decompression software! Among them, the most outstanding ones are 7-ZIP, Bandizip, Winrar, and 360 compression. Only this software for 360 is a work of conscience.

360 compression is estimated to be the most used decompression software, after all, it is a domestic decompression software<img src=”https://pic2.zhimg.com/50/v2-

7 months ago

There are currently three compression software on my computer
Now I mainly use bandizip, the automatic decompression function is very suitable for me
7z supports command line calls and has ready-made scripts, so it is not deleted
The meaning of Winrar’s existence is compressed package repair.

7 months ago

Bandizip: Although Bandizip’s reputation is different from WinRAR in China, after a period of time, I feel that Bandizip is indeed in line with the usage habits of Chinese people, and it is free, pure, and without ads. I am very satisfied with it. The main compression format is the zip format. The zip format is not bad in terms of compression or decompression speed, not the fastest or the slowest, and it supports file preview. Now I feel that zip is the most common compression format, and the compressed files in zip format can be directly opened in the mobile QQ, and the winrar will be blank when opened. The mobile phone needs to install other software to decompress the compressed package in rar format.

7 months ago

Bandizip: An excellent decompression software with excellent reputation. As a basic tool software, compression software often has similar functions. The homogeneity of similar products is rarely noticed. As long as there are no major defects in use, everyone will habitually continue to use it. I always believe that the operating habit that is accustomed to it may not be the most efficient operating habit. If you want to change your habits and improve efficiency, then Bandizip can play.

7 months ago

Intelligent decompression

No matter what decompression software you have used in the past, there is a high probability of encountering the following situations:

I downloaded a compressed file and placed it on the desktop, right-clicked and selected “Extract to the current directory”, and the desktop was immediately covered with a bunch of folders and files. Bandizip solves this problem. The “Auto-decompression” command provided by Bandizip will automatically select “Direct decompression” or “Extract to a new folder named after the compressed package folder” according to the directory level of the compressed package: if the compressed file already contains If a folder containing all files is created, BandiZip will decompress it directly to the current folder; if the files in the compressed file are not in a folder, BandiZip will automatically create a folder before decompressing the files.

7 months ago

Compress and decompress files super fast

When processing documents, pictures and other types of files, the speed of various compression software is actually not much difference, but if such video files as avi, wmv, mkv, etc., the difference is obvious, and Bandizip supports up to 6 The double-speed multi-core decompression technology accelerates the decompression speed of files.

7 months ago

Automatically detect encoding

If you often visit non-simplified websites, after downloading the compressed package, uncompressing files with other decompression software may appear garbled, don’t underestimate this problem. Bandizip solves this problem through the automatic detection and encoding function of the “code page”, which is also a very worry-free function. A series of details are indispensable for Bandizip’s excellence. Finding out the pain points that the user hasn’t noticed one by one and solving them perfectly, and after installation, it occupies less than 14M of memory, which can be said to be very considerate. So Bandizip can be said to be one of my favorite software.

7 months ago

I still recommend winrar. Reasons that cannot be rejected: 1. Winrar’s sub-volume compression is the best I have seen. For the compression of large files, partitioning is very practical. 2. Winrar’s “recovery record” is quite useful. File damage caused by network transmission (especially BT) often occurs. If the file is compressed with winrar and the recovery record is added, then you do not need to download the file again. 3. Winrar’s “recovery volume” is simply an artifact. The “erroneous deletion” referred to by the subject of the monograph. I’m a little bit reluctant to say all of the above experiences. They are all in exchange for the lessons of blood and tears… If you can listen to it, please like it. People who often toss about massive amounts of data should understand how important these points are. The little difference in compression rate is really no longer a concern, and the compression rate of winrar is also remarkable.

7 months ago

Customize video output settings to compress video files
At the bottom of the target file column, click the icon to compress the videos one by one. A new settings window will open, where you can set the file size, resolution, quality, and bit rate. Click the preview button to view the first 20 seconds of the compressed video. Finally, click the OK button to save the video compression settings.
Progress bar: Moving the progress bar directly will reset the video size. The file size, quality, and bit rate will change as the progress bar moves. File size: You can change the file size at will, just enter a number or click the button. Resolution: Click the button to select the video resolution from the drop-down menu. Quality: Here will remind you that the output video will be low quality, medium quality or high quality according to the file size of the compressed video. Bit rate: The bit rate of the video will be displayed here according to the video size.

7 months ago

Start compressing files Now you can preview the file size on the main interface of the program. Click the Compress All button to start compressing all videos at once. After the compression is complete, you can go to the Compression Completed tab to view the compressed video.
2.7-Zip This is a free-to-use file compression software that can be used as a file archiver with a high compression rate. This is an open source program, most of its code is obtained under the GNU LGPL license. The software supports multiple formats, and the program uses strong AES-256 encryption in 7z and ZIP formats. Other features include a powerful file manager, a powerful command line version and integration with Windows Shell, localized versions in 87 languages, FAR Manager plug-ins, etc. The software is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2016/2012/2008/2003/2000/NT.

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