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Dogecoin is crazy! The market value reaches 50 billion US dollars, surpassing Ford and Heinz. According to CoinDesk data, in the past week, the total market value of Dogecoin once exceeded 50 billion US dollars, with a maximum increase of more than 400%. This even exceeds the market value of Ford Motor and Kraft Heinz, catching up with Twitter. The recent trend of Dogecoin, which was created as a joke at the beginning, is quite astonishing. According to CoinDesk data, in the past week, the total market value of Dogecoin exceeded $50 billion at one time, with a maximum increase of more than 400%. This even exceeds the market value of Ford Motor and Kraft Heinz, catching up with Twitter. Someone once made a statistic about this. If you invest $1,000 in each of the following cryptocurrencies in 2016, their current value is: Ethereum (ETH), $273,716; Bitcoin (BTC), $148,194; Litecoin (LTC), US$87,900; XRP (XRP), US$267,900; Dogecoin (DOGE), US$1.03 million. There is a market view that the recent surge in Dogecoin is related to the enthusiasm of Tesla founder Musk. On April 15, Musk posted a picture of “dogs growling on the moon” on social platforms, which may allude to Musk’s intention to bring Dogecoin to the moon. And Musk’s enthusiasm for Dogecoin has long been. As early as early February this year, he tweeted on social media: We don’t need to be billionaires to own Dogecoin, Dogecoin is the people’s digital currency. I didn’t drink too much, I didn’t feel depressed, I only had Dogecoin in my heart. After his remarks, Dogecoin had soared 48% within 24 hours. After the relevant tweet was published, a Reddit forum user analyzed that a certain mysterious IP address that started trading Dogecoin in 2019 has accumulated more than 36 billion coins, worth about 3 billion U.S. dollars, and this mysterious IP address Controlling 27% of the total amount of Dogecoin in circulation, the time of transaction is also quite consistent with the time when Musk spoke for Dogecoin on Twitter. Forum users speculated that if this address is not Musk himself, then he is also a faithful believer of Musk. However, in addition to the enthusiasm of Dogecoin’s skyrocketing, it also triggered people’s worries about a potential bubble in the cryptocurrency market, and many analysts came out to warn of risks. Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital Holdings, believes that Dogecoin “has no real value”, which is reminiscent of GameStop. If a friend of mine invested in Dogecoin at such a price, I would be very, very worried. David Kimberley, an analyst at Freetrade, an investment app in the UK, said in an interview that the rise of Dogecoin is a classic example of the “big fool theory”: people are buying cryptocurrency, not because they think it has any meaningful value. , But because they hope that other people will come in and push up the price, and then they can sell and make money quickly. According to public information, Dogecoin was founded by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus when the price of Bitcoin rose rapidly in 2013. At that time, it borrowed the hot Shiba Inu emoji as a symbol of Dogecoin and rearranged the source code of Bitcoin. , And added the element of Doge Meme. As of press time, Dogecoin is reported to be $0.360, down 7.35% in 24 hours, and the current total market value is $46.54 billion.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

To speculate in the Bitcoin family, don’t calculate how high it can rise. This method of rationally calculating its market value and comparing it with certain targets is of course a value investment concept. Charles, who once managed a fund manager of hundreds of billions of dollars this year, jumped off the building. This is a very typical value investor seeking a low valuation. Of course, don’t just sell a house and sell a car to stud just because you are very optimistic. It’s best to buy a little bit, such as 100 RMB, and then leave it alone. Let it go for a few years, maybe there will be surprises out of the box in a few years. Even if it falls off in the future, this 100rmb will hurt very little.

8 months ago

possible. But there is no comparison between the two. Even if Dogecoin is worth tens of thousands of dollars, it should not be compared with Bitcoin. The rise in the price of Bitcoin and Dogecoin has a lot to do with the issuance of the U.S. dollar and inflation. In essence, it is a tool of financial attributes, equivalent to a carrier, used to carry over-issues with nowhere to go. Currency coming out. In terms of actual value, there is still a big difference between Bitcoin and Dogecoin, but if you ask if the prices of the two are the same, of course it is possible. In the capital market, everything is possible. For speculative goods, the price of many subject matter can far exceed its actual value, which is essentially determined by the supply and demand relationship in the market. As for speculative goods, demand and supply are not at a normal level for a long time. Supply can be controlled artificially, and demand can also be deliberately created, or demand in an irrational state. The Economic Society tells us that the market is balanced and people assume that they are rational people, but reality often slaps their faces. The market is unbalanced, and most people are irrational. Those who bought bitcoins crazy in the early years, or those who have a lot of gambling in a certain period of time, are likely to realize the freedom of wealth. However, there are also long-term and short-term perspectives. This also depends on what kind of life you want to live. The wealth of the capital market is all paper wealth. There are many things, all imaginary, all floating clouds. The big dream was empty. Life does not bring it, death does not bring it.

8 months ago

There is no comparison between Dogecoin and Bitcoin. First of all, Bitcoin is a product from 0 to 1, which is creation; and Dogecoin is just a copy from 1-100. What is copy called? It’s just called a copycat. The copycats want to use the fake to make the real. Do you think you are reading the Dream of Red Mansions? When the fake is true, the truth is also false. Secondly, Bitcoin has occupied the consensus of investment institutions and the minds of investment institutions. Everyone is robbing this plate, and no one is robbing Dogecoin. Third, does the price increase require time and capital assistance; in the past, Dogecoin had less low-priced currencies at that time, which just pulled people’s heads, and the price was cheaper. After Bitcoin, it means that the plate is gone, and Dogecoin is even worse. Up!

8 months ago

High probability is not very possible, because Bitcoin’s position in the currency circle is the same as Maotai’s position in A-shares. For the time being, there is no room for two tigers, just one leader.
In a symbolic sense, if Dogecoin wants to develop to the same level as BTC, the road is not a star and a half. It is mainly a matter of consensus.

8 months ago

Bitcoin can have this market value because its total amount is only 21 million, and Dogecoin has an unlimited issuance. If one reaches tens of thousands of dollars, there is only one possibility that the U.S. dollar has collapsed. In fact, the price of Dogecoin is already extremely high, and it has risen 250 times compared with the same period last year, surpassing the increase of all mainstream digital currencies. A little further, the price of Dogecoin was calculated in cents and cents a few years ago, and there are not a few big names with hundreds of millions of Dogecoins. The Dogecoin price is now US$0.48 and the market value is US$57 billion. Assuming that Dogecoin reaches the same market value of $1.18 billion as Bitcoin today, there is only about 20 times the room for growth. In other words, if the current market value of Bitcoin is used as the price limit of Dogecoin, then the price limit of Dogecoin is about $10 (considering the continuous growth of the issuance of Dogecoin, this number will get smaller and smaller). As for the tens of thousands of dollars mentioned by the subject, it is absolutely impossible. If Dogecoin reaches US$50,000 and the unit price is similar to that of Bitcoin, then its total market value will reach US$5946 trillion. However… good guys, the market value of Dogecoin directly exceeds the total global gdp by about 80 times. What kind of concept this is, imagine for yourself.

8 months ago

Let me talk about Bitcoin. The concept of Bitcoin was proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto on November 1, 2008, and was officially born on January 3, 2009. Its essence is a virtual decentralized encrypted digital currency in the form of P2P with the help of hash cryptography, and it is also a string of digital codes. Bitcoin is different from real money in that it does not rely on a specific currency institution to issue, but is generated by a computer through a large number of repeated calculations based on a specific algorithm. Because it is generated by the calculation of network nodes, it can be calculated and manufactured by anyone, and it can be bought and sold on any computer connected to the Internet. During the transaction, outsiders cannot identify the user’s identity information. Now Bitcoin has become a paradise for money launderers and speculators, and many capital institutions around the world value its potential for attracting fans and are also throwing money into the market. Besides, the word “Doge” for Americans is similar to the popularity of “local tyrant” in China. In 2013, an Australian brand and marketing expert (Jackson Palmer) and a programmer from Portland, Oregon (Billy Markus) met dramatically on the new domain name http://Dogecoin.com. The two hit it off, Billy rearranged the source code of Bitcoin and added the Doge Meme element that was popular online at the time. Then, about a week after Palmer’s half-joking tweet was posted, Dogecoin was born. In just less than two weeks, Dogecoin has had a dedicated blog and forum, with a market value of 8 million U.S. dollars, and it once jumped to the seventh largest electronic currency in the world. Technically speaking, Dogecoin actually only slightly rewrote the code of Litecoin. Both are based on the Scrypt algorithm, and their transaction process is more convenient than Bitcoin. Secondly, Dogecoin can mine up to 100 billion, while Bitcoin is 21 million. A. The founder Palmer once mentioned that Dogecoin’s original intention is not to serve speculators like Bitcoin. He hopes that this currency can meet the needs of more people. In the United States, where tipping culture is prevalent, people are usually willing to use electronic currency to reward performances on the Internet to show their approval, but the expensive Bitcoin is obviously not suitable for such a scenario, so the small-value Dogecoin is only available in one week. Become the second largest “tip currency”. Visually speaking, if Bitcoin is compared to the common currency of five yuan and ten yuan in daily life, then when Dogecoin was created, it was a one-yuan and five-point currency with better liquidity. Looking back at the present, Dogecoin, which wants to keep its original intention, has finally become a paradise for speculators. An autograph written by founder Billy Markus on the Reddit forum also stated that he no longer owns Dogecoin in 2015, and emphasized that Dogecoin should bring warmth to the world rather than a capital game, precisely because of its youth. Blind investment in digital currency has led to a hard life still repaying mortgages. The result of the founder of Dogecoin is still the same. I wonder if it can trigger some thinking from avid speculators. Witnessing the reporter on April 16th: “Mr. Musk, do you have any impression of what happened on April 16th?” Silicon Valley Iron Man: “Oh! Things happened so fast at the time, I went to the toilet, doggie The price of currency suddenly doubled.” The remaining leek, the friend who didn’t get in the car, the man kept silent. According to the daily K-line chart of Dogecoin on the Binance platform, Dogecoin soared by 180% on April 16. The price once hit $0.41 and the closing price was $0.37. In the next few days, the trading volume of Dogecoin rose sharply and exceeded the sum of BTC, ETH, and FIL. Exchanges went down one after another. Various phenomena showed that it was strongly sought after by speculators. At the same time, the mainstream digital currencies represented by Bitcoin unexpectedly showed a 24h downward trend. So far, Dogecoin has been dubbed by netizens as the “new doomsday chariot” in the digital currency circle, which means the reverse indicator of the rise and fall of mainstream digital currencies. On April 16th, BTC opened $62,714 per coin and closed at $61,544 per coin, down 1.8%; ETH opened $2461 per coin and closed at $2432 per coin, down 1.2%; LTC opened $267 per coin and closed at $265 per coin. , Down 0.7%; DOGE opened US$0.13/piece and closed at US$0.38/piece, up 192%. The listing of Coinbase is the fuse that promotes the polarization of the currency circle. On April 14, Coinbase was successfully listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “COIN”. There is no doubt that this is a landmark event for the cryptocurrency industry. As of the close of trading, Coinbase closed up 31.31% to 328.28 US dollars, with a market value of 61.056 billion US dollars. One week before Coinbase’s listing, mainstream digital currencies all rose sharply: From April 8 to April 13, BTC opened at 57558 USD/unit and closed at 63326 USD/unit, an increase of 10%; ETH opened at 1977 USD/unit and closed at 2275 USD/unit, up 15%; LTC opened USD 218/unit and closed at USD 267/unit, up 22%. The popularity of the currency circle reached a small climax after the listing of Coinbase, and the pressure on the shipment of currency speculators and the rumors of a large amount of cash out by Coinbase executives may be the factors that pushed the price of mainstream currencies down. According to data from internal trading reports on Coinbase shares, many early investors and executives sold billions of shares shortly after Coinbase went public. The documents show that multiple executives sold a high percentage of shares. The original intention of Dogecoin was to resist speculators’ hype about digital currencies, and Musk’s recent frequent “carrying” for it has led to a large increase in the flow of suction, which may explain its reverse when many digital currencies fall. Reasons for the upward trend. The future of Dogecoin Dogecoin is ultimately a type of digital currency. Various phenomena over the years have also shown that there is no belief in the currency circle. There are only endless fanatical speculators. From one currency to another, only the entity of the hype has changed, and the logic of the capital game has not changed. As mentioned above, Dogecoin can mine up to 100 billion, while Bitcoin is 21 million. The excessive number causes Dogecoin itself to not have speculative properties in the short term, and it is also dubbed “air coin” in the currency circle. Compared with other digital currencies, if Dogecoin does not have continuous influence on influencers and no endorsement by large institutions, it will eventually be no match for mainstream digital currencies as time progresses. On April 21, Dogecoin opened at $0.36 per coin and closed at $0.3 per coin, a drop of 16%, continuing a two-day downward trend. Furthermore, the attitudes of global central banks towards digital currencies are not the same: at the Boao Forum for Asia 2021, the central bank’s deputy governor Li Bo said: “On a global scale, Bitcoin or stablecoins, as encrypted assets, have begun to become an alternative. An investment option, but not currency itself.” He believes that the main role that crypto assets may play in the future is as an investment tool or as an alternative investment. Zhou Xiaochuan said that it is necessary to distinguish between digital currency and digital assets. For digital assets such as Bitcoin, it is not necessary to draw conclusions now, but “remind and be careful.” According to the official Turkish decree, the Turkish central bank will start from April 30 It is forbidden to use cryptocurrency “directly or indirectly” in payment. Turkey also prohibits electronic money institutions from acting as intermediaries for transfers to cryptocurrency platforms; recently, there have been rumors that the U.S. Treasury Department will charge several financial organizations for money laundering using cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin plummeted by about $9,000 in a few hours. The domestic central bank has an objective and dialectical attitude towards the attribution of digital currency. The Turkish Central Bank is afraid of digital currency threatening the domestic payment system and chooses to strictly prohibit it. The U.S. Treasury Department wants to take a share of digital currency money laundering and tax evasion. In general, if digital currency, as a digital asset rather than currency, does not threaten the country’s currency system and strictly accepts supervision, it may have a place in the world. Having said so much, then for the future of Dogecoin, every judge has no choice but to say “the benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom”.

8 months ago

This matter can be discussed in detail. First of all, most opinions say that it is impossible to be right, but the reasons are different. The price of Bitcoin will continue to rise. The core reason is that its quantity is limited, which is a deflationary model. Logically, the more fiat currency is issued in the world, the price of Bitcoin will naturally rise. This is a more objective reason. Dogecoin is not a deflation model, but an inflation model. In this regard, it is incomparable not only with Bitcoin, but also with most deflationary cryptocurrencies.

8 months ago

Most digital currencies have no value, or they only have speculative value Dogecoins that have existed for such a long time. Tell me what is his profit model? Miner fee transaction? Cut leeks? Isn’t it speculation if there is no profit model? Dogecoin will probably only be air in the future. You can also use a coin called Dogecoin. Is there a profit model for Bitcoin? 1. A large part of your transaction fee has to be given to the miners 2. Your miner also needs electricity! What else, I can’t remember coming in, but Dogecoin is really not worthy of being compared to Bitcoin. The original intention of Bitcoin was to become an international currency without credit endorsement. The original intention of Dogecoin was to laugh at Bitcoin.

8 months ago

Under this question, how many leeks are looking at who haven’t even figured out what the usdt is? It means that if you buy 10,000 now, can this omnipotent become 100 million one day? I think the chance of you waking up from ten thousand to one hundred million is smaller than the chance of you waking up to find yourself becoming a beetle. Do you know that there is a tool called contract in the currency circle, and opening a short is as convenient as opening a long? Do you know that the contract counts floating interest every 8 hours. The more one-way orders, the higher the floating interest. Do you encourage people to close the orders in time? Do you know how many Wall Street celebrities who have not announced their attitude towards Dogecoin have missed the low price to go long, waiting for the high price to go short? Yesterday, I swiped a video to start a big pie face and sold a house in that mouth, and the whole warehouse of Dogecoin is just doing it. I saw that the first reaction was fear. Even Zhihu can get this kind of video, so how much do you have on Douyin Kuai? Before, I was still thinking that it is not realistic to doge to $1. Now I just changed the target price and some people think that it can reach 10,000… Anyway, I will look at the trend and switch to short. I can only say that I wish you happiness for those who sell a full house stud.

8 months ago

Dogecoin has skyrocketed again today, but I think Dogecoin will soon plummet or even return to zero. If Dogecoin does not fall through, the cryptocurrency market will always run in a chaotic and disordered state, a currency with no value. It has become one of the most profitable coins. This is an insult to the entire crypto market. Dogecoin will either destroy the virtual currency or die on its own. Modifications, there are several new animal coins on the market now, such as Shib Shiba and even Pikachu. The appearance of these coins will undoubtedly reduce the scarcity of Dogecoin as a mocking coin, and those new coins have just issued a very low price. , If there is an explosive pull, it is expected that everyone will choose a cheap low. The funds have been diverted, and Dogecoin has lost a lot of pull funds. There is a huge juggling plate on it. In addition, the BTC is now plummeting and the institutions are hunting down and diverting. Dogecoin’s short-term market It won’t be good. Weibo is full of complaints from novices who buy Dogecoin, as if the aunt next door knows this stuff, can it be alright, doge was born to mock Bitcoin and other virtual currencies, so in theory, increasing doge is equivalent to shorting btc. But doge has a flaw that his supply is unlimited and btc is limited. If virtual currency really has a place in the future, then buying doge is definitely not as good as buying btc. If you are a btc believer, you should not participate. The high doge is now, but no one can say it in the short term. Maybe doge ends up surpassing the market value of btc, or it may fall sharply today. The only thing I can tell you is that long doge equals short btc.

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