When I woke up in the morning, I opened my eyes and the instructor was lying in my arms. I was stunned on the spot, staring straight at his angular face, thin chin, thin lips, stiff nose and bloodshot eyes. I looked like he hadn’t slept all night. . Clothes…Oh, the clothes are still there, thank goodness Nicholas Tse. Probably my expression was too horrified, the teacher’s face was even worse, and his eyes fell on me like a squeegee: “Did you see a ghost?” The ghosts are more kind than you! I have confirmed that the look in my eyes is someone I can’t afford to offend. Silence, silence is Cambridge tonight. Just as Kangqiao was standing, ah no, was silent, and another person came in in the infirmary. Gu Weishan rushed in like a whirlwind, and saw the teacher lying in my arms. He was even more daunted than I was when I just woke up, like being struck by thunder, and unable to distinguish things. I looked in the mirror on the wall, his saluting behavior was stuck in half, his face was almost crying, and his eyes were written: The colonel I admire most is not innocent! The Colonel I admire most has been tainted by waste! Yes, the waste in his eyes is me. As a well-known waste in Shili Baxiang, I have ruined the teacher, a famous young teenager in Shili Baxiang, and I am about to turn this place into a famous social death scene in Shili Baxiang. Silence, silence is the bridge tonight. But the teacher is worthy of being a teacher. At this time, he is still very damn calm: “What’s the matter.” Gu Weishan slammed his mouth, but did not hold back crying: “The call is coming from Shangfeng.” The teacher whispered “Um”: “I see.” Gu Weishan was very sad. Gu Weishan refused to leave. Gu Weishan wanted to cry, but Gu Weishan had to hold back. Gu Weishan stared at his beloved Colonel… and me quietly. However, the colonel ignored him. Instead, he said to me: “Have you enough?” The voice was cold, and he always disliked him, and he wanted to perform on the spot with a frustrating sharpness. But I didn’t move because: “…It’s numb, teacher.” It was numb. His eyes darkened, he gave a cold snort, and slapped a palm on my sore shoulder. I turned a half circle like a stiff mummy and lay flat on the bed. The dense irritation immediately spread to the limbs and limbs like bee stings. This is sour and refreshing, I don’t want to have it. The teacher stood up, threw the things in his hand on the bedside table and made a bang. Looking at it, the wrapped towel trembled, revealing a few large pieces of ice wrapped inside. When I was wondering, I saw Xiuzhu’s hand reaching out and covering my forehead. His hands were so cold, like they were made of ice, that I shivered from the cold. “The fever is gone.” He said in a deep voice, pulling the quilt up and tightening it tightly. His movements were rude but very light, which was very different from the impatient expression on his face. “Go to train when you get better.” He added in a cold voice, frowning and sorting out the dark green military uniform that was full of folds, and set off to leave. And I can’t remember anything from last night. It wasn’t until half a month later that the teacher uncomfortably took out a small milky white teddy bear from behind and stuffed it to me with disgust. I didn’t know what I did that night. When I had a fever, I dreamed back to my childhood, and my head was filled with the robbed dream bear in my childhood, so I entangled my teacher like an octopus, crying all night “my little teddy bear” “. This thing is really ridiculous! I didn’t want to admit it at all, but the teacher looked serious, and I had to admit it. I could only squeeze a sentence from between my teeth: “Teacher, you don’t understand English?” His tone was indifferent: “I don’t understand.” That’s good. I breathed a sigh of relief, pretending nothing happened, and asked without words: “Where did this bear come from?” In the military academy of the Republic of China, a toy teddy bear unexpectedly appeared. How do you think it looks like a ghost story? “It’s nothing more than the spoils. If you don’t give it to you, you will be destroyed.” He coughed uncomfortably, and the tips of his ears were a little red for no reason. Trophy? Does anyone else bring this stuff to the battlefield? The hobby is very special! I was puzzled, so I heard him add up uncomfortably: “Don’t take it seriously.” Me:…meow? ! “Didn’t you say that you don’t understand English?” “It’s just that you can speak, but you don’t understand.” Kill! He looked at me dumbfounded, curled his lips slightly, with a playful look: “I don’t know that you can speak English.” I categorically said: “I won’t!” He turned a deaf ear, and only turned his head and told Gu Weishan: “Let her I followed Class 7 to a Western-style social etiquette class.” I was anxious: “I said I don’t know English!” He said quietly: “How are you?” I blurted out: “I’m fine, thank you, and you “” He raised his eyebrows lightly, his eyes darkened, and he talked and laughed, Double kill! I hate that I received nine years of compulsory education! I regret it: “Fuck!” His eyes swept. Me: “…Fuck myself!” His eyes were like a knife. No, not satisfied? I am full of urge to survive: “Fuck Japanese’s animals!” His eyes finally showed appreciation, but he said in alarm: “Little girls are not allowed to speak bad words, not as an example.” Me: “…” You speak so coldly, as if I was just now. Never satisfied you. He stared at me with interest again: “How many surprises do you have that I don’t know?” “No more!” I shook my head desperately and almost cried: “Teacher, am I still your student? “” He said calmly: “Just because you are a pro-student, I want you to learn more skills and strive to survive the war of resistance.” Triple kill! Gan! Gan! Gan! ——————I, Yue Nanshan, a properly booked cannon fodder female partner, in the place where the hero and the heroine are all over the place, except for the protagonist’s aura, I have all auras. Such as the weak chicken halo. How weak is it? All talents except me. There are nine classes in the military academy, all of which have famous figures. The first class is infinitely powerful, Zhao Xingtian, the second class is Tiannv dispersing sticks, Zhou Wukong, the third class is the golden snake and long whip Bai Suzhen, the fourth class wears Yang Sheng Lubu in a hundred steps, the fifth class grandson Meng Zhangfei, the sixth class is Shen Guanyin, the seventh class is beautiful The celebrity Xue Daiyu, and Zhen Baoyu, the eldest son of the eighth class, is our class. The nineth class is known as my most useless class. Another thing everyone knows is that the eight of the above are paired with each other, life and death partners, and I… only myself. After all, my single dog halo has not broken for a hundred years, and the whole school is out of order, so I eat dog food. But it was really an accident that I entered the military school. I was walking on the street that day, and I happened to ran into a patrolman. I happened to be mistaken as a murderer. I happened to be imprisoned. I happened to be in the same prison for both sexes. I was not innocent at all because of drug trafficking and rape. Without money to relocate, it is hard to escape. Faced with such a live beast, I looked over my head bitterly, and sure enough: Your unlucky aura is online. But the unlucky aura is also an aura, it will only make me unlucky, not let me die. So at a critical moment, I relied on the half brick I touched in panic to fight back. However, the unlucky aura is always unlucky, so my face was full of horror, my hands were bloodstained, and before I had time to be afraid, and even before I had time to escape from the dead, the cell door opened with a creak. I don’t know when, two people stood silently outside, one behind the other. The man in front of him was sharp and dignified, and his dark-green military uniform was straight and straight, setting him off like the lush pines on the top of a cliff, arrogant and solemn. At that time, I was too young to know that this old Songbai brother was a devil, let alone that this devil would become my teacher. And the young man behind respectfully trailed him by half a step. He seemed to be in his early twenties. It was his guard Gu Weishan. Although he was not old, he was sharp-eyed, and it was hard to provoke him at first glance. But no matter how you look at it, they don’t look like they should be here. I stared at the two dumbfoundedly. Hundreds of thoughts flashed through my mind, Tu Dun Water Shield and Urinary Shield knew about squatting… but none of them were suitable. Sure enough, I looked over my head, and the “Black Brain Hole” halo would only be late and would not be useful. “Why kill him?” The teacher said Shen Shen, with an aura that could not be rejected. I looked at his face and guessed how much he saw. I didn’t want to confess at all. I suddenly remembered that there was a riot outside just now, so I immediately said, “It’s nothing to do with me, it’s the thug who just broke in. What it did.” Gu Weishan professionally dismantled Taiwan for a hundred years: “There are indeed prisoners who want to take advantage of the chaos to escape, but they have been shot and killed on the spot, and they didn’t come here.” Ah, this…this is a bit embarrassing. My thoughts fluttered, and I forcefully defended: “Then…so many people…maybe there will be…the fish that slipped through the net…what?” “Really?” The teacher asked lightly, don’t deliberately put the Blanc in your hands. Ning wiped it lightly, and inserted the black leather holster neatly and neatly. His movements were fluent and elegant, but his every move was full of threats. My heart suddenly tightened, and I couldn’t help swallowing. I guess my face had begun to turn pale, but I was struggling unwillingly: “…is… right?” Gu Weishan became like an excavator. I dug out my foundation accurately: “We saw your hands with our own eyes, but you still don’t admit it.” My pretty girl was speechless, and only felt that the aura of honesty above her head almost blinded my dog’s eyes. Okay, I can only confess: “He wants to insult me, as soon as I am afraid…” Teacher Wu Ningning’s black eyes were so heavy, he was indifferent and ruthless as soon as he opened his mouth: “After seven consecutive blows, you are very Courage is also very courageous.” Yes, I have courage, strategy and strength, but why am I out of luck! Sure enough, I was still too young at the time. I didn’t know that all the bad luck gifted by fate had already marked the teacher behind my back. Knowing that this can’t be kind, I also gave it up: “This man made drugs and trafficked drugs, raped young girls, he was very guilty, and he was more than guilty. Killing him will count me as a violent and peaceful.” He has a deep look and indifferent comment: “You are very smart.” I lowered my eyelashes with a humble face: “I am humble and dare not forget about the country.” His eagle-like eyes stared at me and looked at me, his eyes like a steel knife scraping the skin and the bones, passing by. It was cold everywhere. The atmosphere was silent for a moment, and his deep voice echoed in the small prison: “Okay, I will give you a chance to worry about the country and the people and serve the country.” I was scared to take a step back: “What are you going to do? Who are you? “He winced, and Gu Weishan immediately received the signal: “This is the principal of the Special Military Academy of the Nationalist Government, Xiao Mingzhang-Colonel Xiao, now he is taking over this prison.” I’m only sixteen, don’t tell me this. Military rank that I don’t understand! But it seemed to be very advanced, I weakly said, “Then…what do you want to…?” Xiao Mingzhang looked at me with interest for a long time, but did not answer me, but commanded towards Gu Weishan: “Take it away.” I panicked: “Where to take it?” Gu Weishan bluntly cut my hands back: “Of course I went to the military academy. Congratulations, you will be a glorious spy from now on.” You are a spy!” I sneered, “Your whole family is a spy! Your children and grandchildren are all spies!” Gu Weishan’s face was full of brilliance and dazzling ancestors: “I am a spy. Future generations are glorious spies.” Me: “…”


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7 months ago

“The female protagonist expresses her dissatisfaction” by Wujia Preserved Eggs, in the name of pet, the male leader; the painting the ground, the male leader. This is a story that wants to protect you, but is protected by you in the end. The hero is a sick jiao! This article is intriguing! Domineering idiot face dog & weak belly, black disease, physical strength, intellectual heroine, idiotic hero’s face╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭This is just like copywriting, I thought it was me who would guard you, in fact You are guarding me. Believe I keep seeing the end! ! ! I know what all this is.

7 months ago

“Quick Pass: Rescue the Blackened Boss Male Lead” by circled into a ball. In order to regain a new life, Shen Mubai embarks on the road to save the male lead from the deep waters. Tang Seng experienced ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties and finally obtained the truth, but she Shen Mubai put her whole body into the hole. Shen Mubai:…Are the male protagonists so perverted? Thank you, I want to complain. System: He blames me for his pervert. I’ve also read this book several times. I like the first few planes very much. I don’t like it much since the 5.6th plane from the bottom, but the front is really good! It is recommended that the planes you don’t like can jump over directly.

7 months ago

“Supporting Male Matches” by Weijing is not the son of heaven, but a stepping stone in a small world, a catalyst-like existence. Good in nature, give everything, but not love and end well. Bai Qingqing is here, sending redemption and warmth to the male partner. Small world——*Beast slave with bruises X cold and arrogant princess Ji Heng: You are my eternal highness. * Disabled tyrant who loves the hair ball X The furry and fragrant white fox Bai Qingqing: Stop rua, and then rua bald. *Cold-faced and weak prince X Bully, arrogant and savage princess Xu Chongyan: It turns out that she just wanted to get my attention. *The blackened villain’s first assistant X is the real daughter of the Hou Mansion, An Yuqi: She kissed me on the first side. She is definitely not a serious woman. *Master X who fell into love, the little disciple Fengxun inkstone who fell into the devil: I know that you were the one that night. Sweet pets wear quickly, sweet feelings are mainly 1v1, and the male protagonist is the same person

7 months ago

“The Original Killing Me” by Fu Sang Knows Me Fu Wan, the second vicious female in Xiu Xian’s essay, has the disease “If you don’t follow the original plot, you will die”. The heroine of the original book is a pure and arrogant master of the martial arts, all the way to the pinnacle of life. Fu Wan earnestly be a vicious little sister, responsible for death and death. She ridiculed the master sister as a washboard figure since she was a child, and galloped on the road of the villain who stabbed the master sister. Fu Wan was jealous of her gifted sister, and her heart was evil, so she poisoned her pill. Unexpectedly, the master sister swallowed the pill without changing her face. She touched Fu Wan’s head and said that she still cared about me the most. Fu Wan saw that the master sister had obtained a peerless exercise, envied and jealous, and resorted to poisonous tricks to snatch the exercise. I didn’t expect the master sister to throw the exercise book in front of her, holding Fu Wan’s face and saying what the younger sister wants, I will grab it for you. One day, she was pressed against the wall by the master sister, and her low, magnetic voice echoed in her ears: “I gave everything the little sister wants, can I charge some interest now?” Fu Wan touched his flat chest and almost didn’t feel dizzy. In the past, Mom’s original story killed me. Now, who can tell her why the master sister is a man? PS [Highlight] The male lead is in women’s clothing, not a mother. The reason is explained in the text.

7 months ago

“How the Junior Brother I Picked Up Is the Villain?” After making Que Chenyu the female matchmaker in the book, one of the things she most wants to do is to find the great villain of the demon repair who has tortured her to death. To find someone in advance, either to be a brother or a friend, or…can’t agree, get rid of him before he is too powerful. However, when she finally found the villain, she found that this person was a little different from what she had imagined, and she couldn’t tell the specific difference, but she felt that the other person was more and more like someone… Everyone in the school knew that Sister Shen from Danfeng Luo has been looking for someone. “Junior Brother Ji, just take a break! Master Sister is beautiful, with good aptitude, and a good cultivation base. How can you look at you?” “Look at you for so many years, following behind your ass, and she cares. Are you there yet? No!” “If you want me to say, Master Sister won’t like you at all!” The voice of the person next to him made Ji Xiao’s heart hurt, and the crazy and tyrannical aura kept clamoring in his mind, and he was red. The eyes were pressed down, and he suddenly raised his head and shouted: “You shut up!” You don’t know anything, how can you understand! ·Later, Shen Yu found that the younger brother he picked up seemed to be getting more and more wrong. Before she could think about it, the other party handed her a jade pendant, her voice trembled slightly, as if she was restraining something. “Senior Sister, this magic weapon was left to me by my mother. Maybe it can help you on the road.” “Senior Sister, are you going to find that person again?” “…” Why is this jade pendant so familiar. Shen Yu: Are you that big villain? ? [Male lead: I am jealous of myself. 】【Suppress Devilish Little Loyal Dog x Heartless Master Sister】Reading Guide: Non-traditional Immortal Cultivation, Low Demon Fairy! Non-Daguai upgrade stream! Private setting is like a mountain, like a mountain, like a mountain! Don’t be careful, heat slowly.

7 months ago

“The villain is always enlightening me” by After ten years of wandering around, Tangjiu finds that there is a fake daughter at home. The fake daughter’s sister is indifferent, gentle and transparent. Everyone loves her, but Tang Jiu finds her various operations suffocating. For example, she said that she was distressed that Tangjiu was not loved by her parents. However, when Mrs. Tang rarely praised Tang Jiu, she showed a lonely look. For example, she said she wanted Tangjiu to be better than her, so she deliberately abandoned her studies. However, she was obviously obsessed with love and unwilling to cultivate immortality, but Tang Jiu was imprisoned for ten years. For example, she said that she hopes Tangjiu and Xiaozhuma will last forever. But when she was crying, she didn’t even want to jump into Tangjiu’s little bamboo horse arms. Tang Jiu suddenly remembered the day when he fell into love. This is an essay on Xiu Xian buying stock. The fake daughter is the heroine, and Xiao Zhuma is one of her male protagonists. Tang Jiu is a supporting actress. In the end, Xiao Zhuma pierced the heart with a sword, and was criticized by the fake daughter who said “You don’t hate them, you are just jealous of me”. Tiandao told Tang Jiu that if he wanted to leave this book, he had to die by the broken star knife. So Tang Jiu found her little brother, the villain with a broken star knife. However, I never expected that the young demon with blood on the tip of the knife just after the killing ring, after hearing her request, he hesitated but raised his hand and patted her head. After a while, his face was irritable but clumsy. Comfort her. “Someone is bullying you, so you can’t think about it?” “What are you afraid of. It’s not over with a stab.” “Forget it. You eat this pill for refining God. After eating, tell me who is bullying you, and I’ll kill him.” “Tang Jiu:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ***Later, the little brother finally agreed to kill her. However, Tangjiu was very worried. Because he didn’t seem to want to kill her at all, he always enlightened her to live an active life, sunshine every day. really. When Tangjiu was chased by the new male protagonist, she heard the sound of war-blades clashing shortly before her death. Someone blocked the blow for her. The younger brother squeezed the new hero into pieces, turned his head, eyes full of blood. “I said I would kill you, which means that no one can touch you except me.” Tang Jiu: Oh, huh. ***after that. My parents suddenly discovered that the person who really purely loves them is Tang Jiu. Master suddenly discovered that Tangjiu’s cultivation base with poor aptitude was far superior to his lover. Suddenly, Xiao Zhuma discovered that Senior Brother Zhong, who had written “Mo Lao Tzu” all over his body, had a small flower carved on his wrist. ——Tang Jiu likes to leave this mark on “her stuff”. Everyone: Hiss! Regret so much! ***Mild sickness, white cut black girl A x Extremely violent and innocent short-guard male O [mine] The male lead is a giant who practices trumpet, has a high level of strength, is violent and neurotic, and has a weak concept of good and evil. Do not bring three views into it. The heroine was an A (highlighted) in the original world, but now she’s a gangster. Mainly cool, not too hard. Orientation GB. Private settings are as numerous as a mountain, and some of the settings are named with easter eggs. Hei Yuan heroine warns. All the wicked warned. The essence should be a glyph of bloody sand…… right.

7 months ago

Push! “The Black Moonlight of the Black Lotus” is known to all people south of Annan. The flower of Gaoling in the cultivation world has a white moonlight that died young. They met at the micro time, the love of Guiling Zhenjunzhen, who has been alone for her for thousands of years. The world also knows that the bloodthirsty and gloomy Demon Emperor has a cinnabar mole that he cannot love. He is crazy for her and crazy for her. He personally led an army of 100,000 to crush the realm, causing the entire cultivation world to be at risk and everyone is in danger, just to ask for the bones of the cinnabar mole. The short-lived Bai Yueguang Yu Chu didn’t know until after his death that he was living in a book. It’s just that this story is about him and her and him. The one that Guiling placed on the cusp of his heart and the devil was crazy about it was the girl named Wei Liuyin. And this so-called White Moonlight himself was seized by his husband’s return to the mausoleum on the day of the wedding, and was cut by the sword. After rebirth, Yu Chu only wanted to do two things: practice hard and one day blast the head of the dog who returned to the mausoleum. In order to help Pei Xiu solve the entangled devil qi, make friends with the devil. After all, that young man… just spent a few months with her, but in order to avenge her, Gui Ling’s sword pierced the heart. However, Yu Chu did not see the back. Without knowing that under the Guiling Sword, Pei Xiu died and fell into the devil with an unintentional body, and became a fearless emperor of the Demon Realm in the entire cultivation world. I don’t even know that the demon lord sat with the regained bones all night, “Achu…I’m here to find you.” He lifted his sword to snatch himself, and the blood was raining. * Yu Chu never expected that Peixiu would become her little junior brother in this life, not to mention that she would have one day afraid of him. The other party blocked her in the corner, his eyes flushed with grievance: “You hide from me again.” “Are you going to find him again.” The other party’s tone suddenly became cold, “Don’t look for it, he is here.” Yu Chu, who watched him take off his mask: ⊙▽⊙Who will tell me now, why is Peixiu and Demon Lord look exactly the same? ! #她是他的真白月光, cinnabar mole is his only belief hidden in his heart, engraved in his bones# [Pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger’s disease Jiao black lotus X Just natural blackening and white moonlight] This article is also called “I’m jealous of myself” “Daily of the Great Devil Falling Horse” [Eating Guide] 1. The male and female protagonist has a double birth, the female protagonist in this life will be very strong, killing the dog and scumming Shura field; 2. The male protagonist has a reason for his own suicide, and the sequelae is rebirth After memory loss, the memory will slowly come back!

7 months ago

The author of “Catch Your Son-in-Law Under the List” spends a lot of time in the copywriting: Su Yiguang is the master of the Bianliang Xiaogui Girl School. Xianyi angry horse, Mingyan Jiaowu. A beauty mole is dotted on the apex of countless people’s hearts. But her father Su Zhuoxu was very worried. I am afraid that my daughter will not be able to marry every day. Finally, he caught up with the trend. On the day that he was released, he took the whole family and didn’t take a closer look at his family and family. He snatched an extraordinary new jinshi to come back. Everyone knows that the Su clan is lucky and strong. Participating in this kind of activity for the first time, you can grab a son-in-law like King Yingchuan. This was the adoptive candidate that the emperor preferred, and the crowd lamented that Su Shishiniang had a good life. Unexpectedly, after hearing the rumors, King Yingchuan only smiled indifferently, “The lone was voluntarily snatched back by him.” PS: Bright and sultry lady vs. cold and gentle son, childhood sweetheart, the male protagonist’s true spoiled wife mad demon, look at her The main pain is deep in the bones, gentle and suspicious, the old sayings are sweet and pet.

7 months ago

“Long Live My Brother” Author Su Zhi Copywriter: Total Book Reviews: 18597 Current Collection: 34102 In Su Wanxin’s series of novels, the male protagonist who was persecuted by his stepmother and looked down upon by his stepsister is Qianlong Zaiyuan. Killing all of their family, is the plot so cool… Bart, Su Wan, who woke up after a night’s sleep, found out that she had become the step-sister of the male protagonist…? Su Wan: God, are you playing with me? The female protagonist is a dramatist, the male protagonist… specializes in the demining of the drama elite: the female protagonist has to sit in a wheelchair in the early stage, and waits until the male protagonist helps her heal her, so she doesn’t have to sit… Xiaolan’s copywriter: In the novel of Gongdou, the character will receive a box lunch for three chapters. Gu Yi, who has read the “Unfeeling Emperor Falling in Love with Me,” counts, and there are still three days left. Gu Meiren died three days later, at a speed of thirty-six hours per hour. After finally getting through the plot of death in situ, Gu Yi must rely on keeping the main storyline and the dog’s head to save his life, so that when the hero and the heroine confess their love to be a double for life, and the sixth house is gone, he will go out of the palace to be a happy rich woman. ! Unfortunately, the unfeeling emperor finally rejected her request unfeelingly. “Qing Qing, you always lied to me when you said that you loved me in the past?” PS: witty and sweet, the heroine wears books, salted fish and small fortune, rainbow fart max heroine VS fake high cold arrogant, the heroine lives five times to die, each time There must be a sand sculpture operation at the second time, the male protagonist is really in love with the brain, lack of love and so coaxing

7 months ago

“How Are You Bullying People” Author Litchi is very sweet Copywriter: Total number of book reviews: 2572 Current collection: 16073 All say that Zhou Yuan has a good life, and she is the youngest lady in Zhou’s family. His father loved his mother and married Gu. Slightly cool. It is said that Gu Weiliang, the first assistant of the dynasty, was from a poor family and was a student of Zhou Taifu. He went to Zhou’s family to propose marriage seven years ago and wanted to marry Zhou Jiangjiang’s prostitute, but was rejected. This rumor was half-believing, only Zhou Yuan knew it was true, not only it was true, but there was also a more outrageous one. That day, Gu Weiliang was refused to propose a marriage, and left in a desperate manner. Xiao Zhou Yuan, who was hiding under the screen and listening, felt that the man was pitiful and followed out sneakily. She pulled Gu Weiliang’s robe: “Don’t be sad, Sister No. 3 won’t marry you, I’ll marry you.” Gu Weiliang lowered her head and looked down at this little guy who was not half his height, short and chubby. , Like a radish. But this radish was very helpful and continued to comfort him: “Really, you will come back to my house when I grow up.” Seven years later, the radish grew into a big girl with a graceful appearance and outstanding appearance, and she threw it in the wide sleeve building. Hydrangea invites relatives. At this moment, Master Shoufu’s carriage was passing by. With a blank face, he walked straight to the person who received the hydrangea. The other party swallowed and tremblingly offered the hydrangea with both hands-Zhou Yuan ran upstairs. Coming down, she was scared and angry: “You, how do you bully people?” Later, Shili Hongzhuang and Feng Guanxia, ​​she became the one being bullied. At that time, she always blushed and said, “How do you bully others.” Master Shoufu pinched her chin and coaxed: “Yuan’er, don’t bite.” PS: Jiaoqibao VS hypocrites, love first after marriage, from the beginning to the end, the post-marriage pet, vice cp is also very interesting

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