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Write a product I encountered when I was young: cough syrup. It is estimated that you drink this: the color is similar. That was made by the hospital where my mother worked. When I was young, I remembered that it took great courage to drink every sip: because it smells sour and smelly, like human vomit, it has a sour and rotten taste; a sip is sour, salty, sweet and bitter. It often takes a lot of boiled water to suppress the smell. Otherwise, people are prone to vomiting… and the side effect of drinking the medicine is that they are obviously hungry all morning and don’t want to eat (to be nauseated). After a hiccup, the smell came out again. At that time, I was young, and I always saw young people in Hong Kong talking about drug abuse, indulging in cough syrup, addiction, and drug use. Picking up a bottle of cough syrup makes a mouthful of stuffiness. At that time, I watched the show and felt like vomiting in the scene of my own brain replenishment: I drank a sip that made me sick and nauseous like a seasick drug. I couldn’t understand why this ugly thing would be addictive? Still bored a bottle? How many bottles do you drink a day? I coughed so that my throat broke and I didn’t want to drink that medicine. Later, the pharmacy department of the mother’s hospital stopped producing this medicine and went outside to buy cough syrup. Take up the courage to drink a spoonful—”Eh?! Why is it so delicious?! It’s not hard to swallow at all.” Especially the “Mrs. Pei” cough potion, drank a spoonful of refreshing sweetness and a little orange fragrance. People want to take a second sip. I don’t resist taking medicine anymore. At that time, I really couldn’t understand why I didn’t make the medicine better, so that the child would not be so disgusted with the medicine. Later, I occasionally chatted with an old pharmacy employee in a hospital and told him about my childhood shadow. And asked him if he knew that “Mrs. Pei” and the medicine they produced were nothing short of sugar water. He said, “We know, deliberately.” I wondered why you bother to drink it. People are all sorts of meat and vegetables? ! As for? The old employee said: These drugs are addictive and dependent. If you make it delicious, you will become addicted to it without knowing it. If it makes it difficult to drink, adults are rational and sensible, and will take the amount according to the amount. Once they are done, they definitely don’t want to drink anymore. As for children, this is not the only thing that is unpleasant. Parents have many ways to solve the problem. However, the child’s self-control is weak, and it is easy to become addicted if it goes smoothly. Some people say it is licorice solution. I have drunk the licorice solution, but the licorice solution is a good thing compared to the licorice solution. I heard that codeine was added and some other strange smells were added. I didn’t ask what it was. Someone in the comment area suggested that it may be ammonium chloride mixed with phosphoric acid codeine. I looked at the reaction of ammonium chloride on the Internet. I think the possibility is very high. My mother took back the familiar taste stuff from the hospital. It seems that there is a great god in the comment area, and it really is ammonium chloride and licorice solution. The packaging is tall and tall, and I asked my mother, it is still the taste that touches the soul…


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I have a problem that has been troubled for several years. I checked the information and finally got the answer. When I went to work in Nanjing that year, every time I took the subway out of the elevator, I always felt that the track of the handrail was a little faster than the pedal. Handrail, my hand is parallel to the body slightly forward, and the arm is still bent. When the elevator is over, the hand on the handrail crawler moves to a very forward position, and the arm is already straight. . At that time, I thought this was a design omission. I guessed that the armrest track and the pedals were running independently, and there were people standing on the pedals, so slow down. Later, I went to Shanghai, Xi’an, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Tianjin, Hangzhou, and Hefei (basically all over the country) on a business trip, and found that the elevator handrails in each place were faster than the pedals. After searching for information, the original national standard GB 16899-2011 5.6.1 for escalators stipulates that the handrail is faster than the step (0~+2%). The handrail and the steps are independent drive systems. This clause should be formulated based on the results of the ability to maintain balance according to the relative positions of the hands and bodies of people of various ages. Such a requirement is to prevent accidents when the passenger is holding the handrail, because the speed of the handrail is lagging behind the speed of the steps or pedals, causing the human body to recline. The reason is that the physiological structure of the human arm may move backwards when the handrail is lagging and lock the joints, so that the hand cannot release the handrail in time, which in turn drives the passengers to fall backwards. There have been accidents in the past.

8 months ago

Both dui and police cha’s allotted ties are zippered, and there is a small black tugging at the back, just like this; because training is worn for training, and usually wears regular clothes, so the number of times to change clothes and wear ties is particularly large. It’s easy to be torn when you pull the tie, and you can’t tie it tightly when you pull it. You can even buy a new one. At first, I can’t understand why you want to make such a thing. If you make a whole belt directly, it will not only be durable but also The cost is also lower. I realized after thinking about it. Dui and police cha wore regular uniforms and ties when they were on duty. If they wore ordinary ties or if they didn’t have this black tugging, they would encounter thugs pulling their ties and it would be difficult for the officers on duty to get rid of allotted hair. The tie has also become a life lock, but with this black pull, it’s different. He is a live buckle, even if he is strangled. As long as the buckle is opened, the buckle will naturally not be strangled. After breaking free You can fight back immediately. In fact, everything above is considering for us, like the equipment department!

8 months ago

Every firefighter knows that there are two types of dispatch, one is to dispatch the police (to go to work), and the other is to pull (the leader checks the dispatch time). How to shorten the dispatch time is something that everyone seriously considers. Generally, different ringtones are used to indicate different dispatches. (The situation of each team is different) For example, one fire, two rescues, (the clothes worn on the dispatch will be different) three leadership checks, etc. (some leaders will personally press, he may not know the team’s ringtone rules, or deliberately Press the number of alarm bells). There is also a way of ringing the bell next to the bell button to avoid novices from pressing it. I have been to a team. The team’s electric bell button is located on an ordinary light switch box. The switch box has six identical buttons, one of which is an electric bell button, and the other is not connected to any circuit. It is said that during the installation that year, one of the team members told the decoration worker that “a lot of electronic equipment may be installed in the future.” The worker installed a switch box with six buttons. I asked my friends in the team why they didn’t change to a switch box with only one button or put a label on the bell button? He said that when the leader checked, if he wanted to deliberately use the ringtone to confuse people. But when he saw these six buttons, he didn’t know which one to press, so he had to ask our team members to press them. I asked, aren’t you afraid that the novice presses the wrong way? He replied, we teach the new team members to say: If you really can’t remember which one is, press the six together! I asked again, are you not afraid to lead the six to press together? He replied that normal people’s first reaction when seeing these six buttons is, “What if you press the wrong button and accidentally turn off the communication system?” “.

8 months ago

In the high school physics competition training, in the physics building of Peking University, there is a toilet in the building. The front and back of the door are written “pull”. In fact, the door can indeed be opened from both sides. At first, my classmates and I thought it was decorated People with mental retardation are wrong. Until one day, when I was about to enter the toilet, I was hit by a door opened by someone coming out of it and hit my nose. At that moment, I realized what a humane design this is.

8 months ago

Let me talk about a design that girls definitely don’t know. Not long ago, I went to a banquet in a certain hotel and had three wine rounds, and people had three urgency. Sue a crime and come out booing. Then I found out that the hotel urinal looks like this: Yes, there is a fly! Male compatriots should be able to understand this subtle feeling. So I took out my sensitive words, aimed at this fly, and prepared to shoot it off in anger. Naturally, my sensitive words are shot towards the center, and naturally, there is less splashing of urine. You guessed it right, this fly was actually etched on purpose by the manufacturer of the sanitary equipment. At first glance, this design looks stupid, not to mention the increased cost, adding a fly is also disgusting. But the subtlety is here. This design cleverly utilizes the male micropsychology, intentionally stimulating men to “shoot” in only one direction and “shoot the flies to death” so as to prevent the urine from flowing everywhere. After searching, this design is also used abroad: if you look closely, the fly has turned into a black outline in the shape of a fly, etched on the ceramic. This induces people to take aim. If a man sees a fly, he will take aim. The “fly in the urinal” study found (foreign scientists are boring enough) that because of this etching fly, the splashed urine is reduced by 80%. Greatly reduce the difficulty of cleaning up. The effect is better than any quality education, slogan propaganda, and staff admonition. Grasp the psychology, guide the goal, adjust the process, and achieve the result you want. I think that as long as these can be achieved, even the seemingly stupid design is actually incomparable. The user experience here is really a question of the university. The following is an ad that can be skipped: The original code is not easy, please pay attention to my original public account: The place where Su Kuangkang writes (skkxzddf) The magical era, worth recording, irregular Bring you a little thought (I hope the final advertisement will not arouse your disgust QAQ)

8 months ago

The self-service ticket exchange machine at the railway station (Beijing) has a slope where the ID card is placed.
It seems a little inconvenient. If you don’t hold your ID card, it will slide down and you cannot read the card smoothly.
The highlight is that the user is prompted to take away the ID card. Imagine that if it is a flat place where the card is placed, a person catching a train hurriedly changes the ticket, looking at the watch, it is going to be late, and hurried away.
As a result… the card fell

8 months ago

The famous American heavy metal rock band Van Halen has this item in the performance contract: M&M chocolate beans must be provided backstage during the performance, but brown beans are absolutely not allowed. In case of violation, according to the contract, the band can cancel the performance. In the actual situation, the band would even use this to go crazy and hit the backstage, and the organizer had to bear all the economic losses. This clause has long been used by the media as a typical example of rock band playing big names. There are rumors that a brown M&M bean was found in the backstage by the lead singer and hit the backstage violently, causing a loss of up to 85,000 U.S. dollars ( It was in the 1980s, and 85,000 was still a lot of money). The Van Halen band never responded to this. Many years later, lead singer David Lee Roth revealed the reason for this nonsensical clause in his autobiography: Van Halen was a pioneer in pushing large-scale live rock concerts to colleges and second- and third-tier areas. The organizer of such a big scene, so there are a lot of clauses in the contract to confirm that the performance organizer has prepared the venue, equipment, staff arrangements and other details strictly as required. There are chapters and chapters of technical details in the contract, including the load-bearing requirements of the venue, the width of various entrances and exits, and the power requirements, as well as the number of sockets and the interval between sockets. Therefore, the band included the Brown Bean clause in the contract to confirm whether the contractor had “read all the clauses carefully.” David said: “If I find brown beans in the backstage M&M, I will immediately know that the contractor (in all likelihood) has not read all the technical requirements, and we will definitely encounter technical problems. Certain technical problems are absolutely It will ruin the show, and even kill people.” Back to the above, how did the 85,000 US dollar loss come from? One time during a concert at a university stadium, the lead singer came to the backstage and found the brown M&M bean. He went crazy and smashed the backstage dressing room. The damage to his property was about twelve thousand. But what is actually worse is that the organizer did not carefully read the load-bearing requirements of the performance venue. As a result, the entire stage collapsed (seems to be pressed through) the stadium floor, and the loss was as high as 80,000. Afterwards, the media reported that because the lead singer saw the brown M&M beans, he went crazy and hit the backstage, causing a loss of up to 85,000…If you are interested, you can read the original text: snopes.com: Van Halen Contract Required No Brown M&Ms?— – Supplementary note: Thank you for more than 200 likes overnight. One point that needs to be stated is that the Brown Bean clause is a means to detect the undertaker, and the source of the information is mainly the lead singer himself. So far I have not found any collateral evidence from other people (such as teammates, brokerage companies). Therefore, one possibility cannot be ruled out that this clause is indeed used to spoof/play big names. It was only afterwards that David created this statement, creating an image of “seemingly crazy but shrewd” for himself. But this reversal is indeed quite convincing, and the explanation is reasonable. This story is even quoted in some business courses as a positive example of operations management. Shameless personal propaganda methods: Take this hot post to promote the other two answers I carefully answered: My girlfriend said that if you get married, you must buy a 100,000 yuan diamond ring. What should I do? -Fireman A’s answer What is the fun of programmers? -Fireman A’s answer

8 months ago

Before the alarm, when the police went out to catch the bad guys, they would turn on the alarm and sound the siren. At that time, I thought, this is too stupid. Didn’t the police car whistle tell the criminal in advance so that he could escape? Later, a female friend of mine told me something. Once she came home from the night shift, and when she passed a small road without street lights, she encountered two robbers who blocked the road. After the two robbers finished robbing the money, they wanted to rob sex again. Although the matter had passed for a long time, listening to her talk about it, I could deeply feel how desperate she was at that time. Just when the two robbers were about to commit atrocities against her, a sirens suddenly sounded from a distance. The robbers heard the sirens and thought it was the police called by my friend. They left a few ruthless words and ran away. My friend has escaped. In fact, she didn’t call the police at all that day. The alarm that day was for the police to deal with a fight incident, and happened to pass there. She told me that in the past, she thought that the police were stupid when they sounded the siren from a long distance, but after that incident, she didn’t think so. In fact, when the police go out of the police, they sirens and whistles, mainly to give priority to traffic, to remind the society to avoid vehicles, and to deter people who want to commit a crime, are committing a crime, or who have committed a crime. Because reducing harm to the innocent is more important than catching a criminal. Most people may think that it is stupid to call the police to sound the siren, but for those who are in danger, it can be called the sound of nature.

8 months ago

Nowadays, there are more and more cars running on the road, and accidents can be caused by cars coming and going. Accidents caused by improper driving doors are very common, and once they happen, they may be tragic. Recently, a method of driving a door called ‘Dutch Reach’ has become popular again on the Internet. Although opening the door is only a small gesture, it is a fatal danger of killing. Drivers often know what to do while driving, but many people forget to check the situation outside the car the moment they get out of the car door and open the door rashly, leading to tragedy. What should be most worried about is this kind of high-speed driving situation, once an accident happens, there is no time to react! The tragic accidents are shocking. How can we avoid the tragedies caused by the car doors? The Netherlands, known as the Kingdom of Bicycles, is a country with more bicycles than people. Therefore, you can see bicycles almost everywhere on the road, but there are very few accidents caused by opening the door. Because the Dutch Reach method called Dutch Reach, which is said to have been invented by the Dutch, is widely popularized and used in the Netherlands. Starting from the driving school, students will be required to abide by this door-opening rule. Drivers in the Netherlands always use the hand farther from the door to open the door. This is the best way to avoid such accidents, that is, the left-hand drive uses the right hand to open, and the right-hand drive uses the left hand to open. This action is not casual. When you open the door with the hand farther from the car door, your upper body will naturally turn, and your head and shoulders will look out naturally. First, the eyes will look through the rearview mirror, and then look back when turning around. This complete action can avoid many unnecessary accidents, regardless of whether it is a bicycle or a motor vehicle coming from behind. If you open the door with the hand that is closer to the door, the driver will naturally push the door straight out, without checking the sudden movement of the car behind, it is easy to scare people behind, or even cause a serious accident. Although many countries have added the safe door opening method to one of the car examination items, there are still many car owners who have not strictly implemented it. It only needs to change a thinking and behavioral habit, which does not require overhead, and can efficiently solve and avoid road casualties. Why not do it? Dutch Reach! you deserve to have! For the sake of yourself and others, please tell more people about this way of driving the door, and hope that there will be less danger on the road. Hurry up and share this method of driving the door, let more people know it!

8 months ago

When I was young, the English teacher said that foreigners always had to chat when they met. At that time, I felt that the level of foreigners who had nothing to talk to was really anxious. Later, when relatives, friends, colleagues and classmates met, they asked: Why are you still married, why are you still not graduated, how are you doing the experiment, why do you not go back to China? Have you posted your article? My children are all four years old. Why are you still single before graduating, what are you doing all day… I think the weather is really a good topic.

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