Recently I have been writing a post “How annoying is low EQ?” I feel that I have been paying attention to this kind of low EQ things or behaviors, although it can help me (EQ needs to be improved -_-||) Try to avoid these behaviors in life , But this is just to avoid the fact that EQ is low. Second, it can’t improve EQ, so please help friends

Don’t use vibrato in crowded places, and don’t play mobile phones when others are talking. 2. Inviting a meal is equivalent to sharing. The person you invited will forget after eating, and will not appreciate it, unless you are buying a luxurious meal that he has never eaten before, how can you get the other party to accept and remember it in your relationship? Your favor is to give gifts, because the other party will feel that this is your intention for him, and you have put your effort on him, and it is this kind of heart that can often be remembered for a lifetime. 3. If there are only two people and the other party is still single, do not sit in the back row, because you may be suspected of using someone else as the driver, but please sit in the back row when the other party has a partner or a partner. 4. In the Moments of Friends, you have to look backwards. The content you can see is only what the other party wants you to see, and the part that you don’t want you to see is the most authentic person, such as a person who always only shows himself Family life, people who don’t share work life indicate that they may not be so smooth at work. On the contrary, if they always only share work-related activities and do not share family life, it means that family life is not so satisfactory. 5. Usually try not to make a voice when contacting others on WeChat. 6. Don’t get in touch with your girlfriend’s best friend. It’s best not to see her. If her girlfriend doesn’t like you, you will break up. If her girlfriend likes you, you will still break up. 8. When living a better life than others, you should speak with mixed joys and worries. The part that you are better than them should be balanced by half of the bad things. For example, if you buy a house, you have to pay back the loan. If you are too tired, you should go abroad. Traveling, I have to complain about the local tour guide is too bad. 9. When you go to someone else’s house, the host’s words are not too much or less, and they even remind you to drink water, or when they suggest watching TV, you should leave, because people always feel that they have nothing to say. Remind others to do something irrelevant. 10. Let’s go another day, in fact, it means forget it. 11. Before giving Friend A’s contact information to Friend B, it’s best to ask Friend A’s consent, because sometimes your Friend A may not want to be disturbed by Friend B. Out of courtesy, you’d better confirm Friend A first. Willingness. 12. In the office or dormitory, buy some snacks and share it with everyone. More than a dozen snacks can make you reap the favor of a group of people. No matter how you count this business, you will make a steady profit. I used to be a person who was honest but didn’t have any sense of existence, so I started to want to change in my heart. In two years, I concentrated on reading more than a dozen books on interpersonal communication at home and abroad, and the tips in these books. Slowly, my interpersonal relationship in school and workplace has been greatly improved. From the time I didn’t exist before, I’ve gradually been liked by everyone. I have compiled some essential tips. If you are the same as me before, you can Follow my official account, a cup of fairy spirit, I will share these tips with you. A cup of Xianqi Information for you 13. Boys generally tend to explain, while girls tend to express their emotions. 14. The presentation of your circle of friends is a great way to express yourself. 15. When you are talking to someone, the other person’s feedback to you is “Hmm”, “Really?” “Oh, oh”, don’t be immersed in your own topic and continue to talk. The other person doesn’t want to think about it anymore. I listened, but I’m sorry to interrupt you. 16. It is very impolite to interrupt someone’s speech, but if you are often interrupted by others, you should think about whether you are too much nonsense. 17. The less easy to get angry, it means that he has more ace in his hand. On the contrary, if he loses his temper at every turn, it means that he has no ace in his hand and only has the ability to lose his temper. Temper, it’s all because of helplessness after being unable to do anything. 18. Usually you must not scan Zhihu casually. If you do not make some choices about the content you watch, and do not give feedback on the approved content, Zhihu will think that you do not agree with this answer and will not push you up in the future. Quality answer, for example, give this answer a thumbs up in time. 19. If a boy tells a girl that I don’t like you anymore, he may really dislike it. 20. Um, ah, oh, these three words are the most perfunctory reply in the chat, you either reply well, or reply um, these are better than you reply one word. 21. Don’t always think about changing yourself to cater to others. Find a sense of security by being in a group. You want to read books, but everyone is playing games. In order to blend in with them, you also play games, and finally you fail the exam together. Everyone Talking and laughing, you feel gregarious, and finally, they go to the company at home to find a relationship, you take a worthless resume, look for jobs everywhere, cater to others, and lose your own life. 22. Don’t always trouble others, such as constantly collecting likes, uncontrolled daily voting, and bargaining at intervals of three to five. In an adult society, small troubles that you think you should have are the most detrimental to interpersonal relationships. thing. 23. Most people’s emotions are actually very sensitive. 24. Make money the most important thing before you turn 30. Don’t think about the useless things. Put away your usual groaning. Only when the money is in place, you will discover how beautiful the world is. Don’t be the one who is most capable of fighting. At my age, I yearn for love in the circle of friends every day. Since my sophomore year, I started all kinds of wild ways in school, and then realized a monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan in my junior year. Now it has been two years, I have sorted out a lot of reliable side jobs, most ordinary people You can try it, not the kind of rubbish online earning project. If you want to improve yourself, try new and developable things, and see my heartfelt sharing, I hope you can learn from it. 25. You are good-tempered, obedient, and honest. It is only useful in school and will only be liked by teachers and classmates. In society, most people don’t care whether you treat him or not. They only care about themselves, so they often mess up. , Bad things will be given to honest people. 26. When you see a good answer, remember to like and collect, if you still want to look back to warn yourself when you are okay. 27. If it were me, this would not be the case. Please don’t say such things lightly. There are only results in life and no ifs. When something does not happen to yourself, then please don’t negate others easily, because you can never be sure whether you will do better than him when things happen to yourself. 28. You send a piece of text to the other party. If you don’t add emoticons or emoticons, it will sometimes misunderstand the other party, because different people may have different interpretations of the same piece of text, but remember, don’t forget. Don’t add a smiling face. 29. Prepare a small gift before the date, issue a card, headband, etc. You can take this out when you meet, and you will shine in the eyes of the other person throughout the day. 30. The innocent goddess in your eyes is actually very easy to chase. 31. When couples feel bored, they can experience more new things. 32. The person who pretends to be okay after being taken advantage of is the stupidest person. You think that your good temper and tolerance can bring you a good impression. In the eyes of others, you will only think that you are honest and better. Bullying will take advantage of you next time. If you are good to others, the more you have no bottom line, the cheaper you will pay. 33. When the personality of the people around him changes greatly, either he has read a lot of books, or he has been hit hard. A lively and openly talkative person suddenly becomes silent and autistic, cautious. , He must have experienced pain that you can’t imagine. 34. Ask the other party what to eat? The other party said casually, you have to know that what he said casually is not literally, but tells you that what they want is not the right to choose, but the right to decide. You only need to order the dishes and ask her whether she can or not. It’s fine. I have compiled and summarized 20 golden rules for getting along with each other bit by bit. These rules will gradually make your popularity better and better, and will also allow you to seize a lot of good luck and opportunities. I put these The method is shared with you, which can be used for reference and thinking when you are in doubt. A cup of Xianqi information prepared for you 35. The word “ba” is naturally prepared to be picked up by “no need”. In the social interaction of adults, it is polite to say it firmly without a tone. 36. Try not to express emotions in the circle of friends, especially when you are angry. If you don’t pay attention, you may offend a group of people and make people who don’t know the truth feel that you are of poor quality. If you really want to complain, you can only see it by yourself, or block it. Grouping. 37. When you bring other small-priced things such as breakfast, drinks, and ice cream to others, when someone transfers money to you, please be generous to state the price and accept it. Don’t think that after a few dollars have been collected, others You will think that you are caressing about it, and it will be uncomfortable if you don’t charge him. No one is short of this few dollars, and no one wants to, because a few dollars owes you personal love. (People who are sweet and love to give back will always be liked by many people, just like you who clicked like after reading the content.) 38. People who have not been in contact on WeChat for a long time suddenly come up and ask you, “At “I’m most likely to beg you for something. Before he doesn’t say anything, don’t rush back to him. 39. If he has a guest at a friend’s house, you have to take the initiative to be the person who pours water. This will make your friend face, and make the guest feel that your friend is very prestigious, and your friend will be grateful in his heart. You, and remember your favor. 40. Don’t persuade others at the dinner table. For example, you are full after eating just this little bit? Eat more, I’ll serve it for you. Maybe you think the other person is cautious. Maybe it’s because the food doesn’t fit your taste. For example, oh, I told you that this dish is delicious, you must try it, maybe you I think it is the delicacy of the mountains and the sea, and it tastes mediocre to others. Sometimes a person is too enthusiastic, which makes the other person uncomfortable. 41. Don’t make a voice when you can’t make a voice on WeChat. 42. Don’t always take dirty jokes from boys. 43. Don’t discuss leadership in the toilet, you never know who is squatting in the pit. 44. If there are many people walking together, pay a little attention to the people walking behind, someone tying their shoelaces, or when other things are delayed, wait for him, these small details that can be easily done, maybe It will be invisible, it will establish good interpersonal relationships for you, and you will receive a lot of praise inadvertently. 45. You have to save some money every week. Yes, every week, when your deposit cycle becomes very low, It’s easier for me to save money. This is a trick that many financial managers know. I have been exposed to financial management since my sophomore year. I have reshaped my concept of money in a short period of time. It is very important for a person to reverse his erroneous conception of money. He can decide whether he will be a rich person in the future. If you also want to become rich and rich, and understand how rich people think about money, I will share with you the financial management skills that I learned heavily from domestic financial management experts. I will share all these operations and experiences. It is placed on the official account “a cup of immortality”, if you need it, you are welcome to come and get it. 46. ​​In normal times, thank others more. If the other party makes you gain something, it will show others your quality, and secondly, you will have memory points, and you will be more impressed by the content of the harvest. It will also be liked by many people, just like you who clicked a like at this moment. 47. The last point is not important, but the 46th point is important.


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8 months ago

Our manager. After returning from the Dragon Boat Festival, an engineer in the same office brought us zongzi, but most people in the office, especially the girls, behaved very embarrassed. They said, “Thank you, thank you, I have eaten breakfast.” “No, thank you.” But the engineers in our office are still very enthusiastic about putting zongzi on everyone’s desk. After he gave it to me, he walked straight to our manager’s position. I didn’t turn to look at it, but I heard our manager say: Oh, thank you, I just didn’t eat breakfast today! After hearing that, my liking for the manager doubled instantly. While we are busy rejecting others with courtesy, the manager is using emotional intelligence to save others’ face. Like the manager.

8 months ago

For the explanation of EQ, what I found is the second edition of Educational Psychology, edited by Chen Qi and Liu Rude, page 63. “Emotional intelligence mainly includes four basic abilities: perceiving emotions, understanding emotions, integrating emotions, and managing emotions. Individuals with high emotional intelligence can perceive their own feelings and make good choices about work, interpersonal relationships, time management, or even leisure and entertainment; Able to perceive and understand the emotions of others (through non-verbal cues) and react appropriately to work with others more successfully; be able to integrate their own emotions into thinking about the situation, understand their own emotions, and accurately communicate their own feelings with others Feelings: Being able to manage one’s emotions, especially negative emotions such as anger or depression, is not aimed at suppressing these emotions, nor allowing them to overwhelm oneself. Managing emotions includes the ability to concentrate, persist, control impulse and delay gratification… Some researchers believe that emotional intelligence is not a set of abilities but a set of personality traits or the application of general intelligence in social situations….Gorman believes that emotional intelligence is not destined at birth. Everyone’s emotional intelligence is It can be tapped and cultivated.” The following is just a personal opinion. 1. Don’t disturb the happiness of others. What others have done or are doing, even if you think it is simple for you or you think it’s not cost-effective or whatever, don’t bother others happy and contented. Two compliments won’t kill you. 2. Don’t compare your own things with others’ things, and then ask others. “Why don’t you XXX, my other friends are XXX…” You have to know that everyone has their own personality and wants to do things they don’t want to do, don’t push them. 3. Do not act for others with fairness as the starting point. You need to know that what you want to do for others is out of your desires and other people’s needs, not if I do it, he will definitely reward me, so don’t be too purposeful. When the time comes, you will be forced to tell the other party that I did XXX for you. You don’t know how to return it. It’s ugly. But sometimes I still hope to get something in return, so if you really meet someone like that, you should find out early and stay away early. 4. Wear it formal when you go out on a date. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing for others to take you out. 5. Three views do not follow many inexplicable theories circulating on the Internet. “I’m being fierce to you because we have a good relationship, because I know you won’t leave~” I’m sorry, classmates, let’s break our relationship. I also have a personal opinion. There should be a lot of people talking about calling in the middle of the night. I think if you feel stuck in sleep, it’s better to listen to music and read a book. Normal people sleep at two or three o’clock in the middle of the night, and you don’t know what the other person did during the day. How tired he is, and don’t know if he might have to get up early or do a very tiring job the next day, so let him go. 6. When others are saying something she likes, if you don’t like it, just listen. If you don’t understand it, you can just say that I don’t know much. If you really don’t like the ones you know more deeply, you can either smile or find a chance to divert the topic, but don’t just say that what people like is not as good as dogs. 7. If a third party borrows something from your friend through you, ask his opinion. Don’t think you are the old aunt of Lei Feng’s red scarf neighborhood committee. Especially contact information such as phone numbers. (How do you know if the person who asks you for your friend’s contact information is secretly a perverted stalker who is unsuccessful after chasing your friend) 8. Less gossip. Especially when others are “long story”, “nothing”… well, maybe some Tsao Jiao want you to ask again, then after you ask the second time, if it is still like this, don’t ask, especially if the other party indicated “I really don’t want to say” attitude. In addition, I say “I don’t want to say” and hope that the other person will ask you again and again… Others are very busy, and those who are not busy will only treat you as a post-dinner talk, so do what you want to do. , Don’t chirp crookedly. 9. Don’t say what shouldn’t be said. Don’t talk about your friend’s embarrassment when you accompany someone on a blind date, unless he just pulls you to excuse it. Many parents do the same. Don’t tell other parents that your child is not good or that it is not good. Your child is not good at all, as if you didn’t teach it. 10. Regardless of whether the relationship is good or not, don’t think anything can be used to joke and evaluate. Don’t say “Are you a pig?” a particularly fat friend, don’t say a black girl with inferiority complex, “like coal”, some people can really make jokes, but the harm done to them after laughing is still worth it Reflective. In addition, words such as “rude” and “uncultivated” should not be used to judge others casually. Chinese culture is extensive and profound. The effect of using the sentence “I think you were a bit wrong just now” is definitely better than attacking other people’s tutors. 11. Boast the people around you. Sometimes I really don’t like arrogant people. People need to be encouraged by people around them. Don’t always have a monotonous “Wow, you are awesome”, is your Chinese vocabulary level at kindergarten level? Or a volcanic eruption with a face paralyzed and a volcanic eruption, don’t cry and say that I like you very much when others can’t stand your indifference. 12. Don’t despise others as having negative energy. Individuals have negative energies. In the early stage of depression, the negative energies that accumulate slowly cannot be digested by oneself. Some people see it as quick to drive away, while others are sensitive and slow to walk out. If people are different, don’t ask others for yourself. If you can enlighten, you can enlighten. If you are really annoying, just find a reason to walk away, but don’t complain. Others do things you don’t like. 13. Love is in the moment. Because I have personally experienced something before, I changed from an unfrank person to a person who can truly express his heart. For example, when I accompany my mom shopping, I will hold her or even shake her fingers. I will hug her and tell her that I love her when she comes back from get off work from time to time. I will also watch her nagging when I go back to school every year. I was busy on the go and even sent me to the train. I would call her and grandma every week to report some trivial matters and even ask for their opinions… In the eyes of others, these can easily be misunderstood as dependent on parents, but few people pay attention. When you become more and more independent, some people are afraid that you will go farther and farther. It is not that they don’t want to be good, but because they are getting old and walking slowly and can’t catch up with you. All those relying on your parents that you think are just giving your parents a step to rely on you. Things are impermanent, one meal is one meal less, when you meet, you can say something, you can express your love, relatives and friends are yours, and your vision is other people’s. 14. Have one’s own position. A and B are quarreling, and they will complain to you separately. A said B lotus and B said A green tea. They all have their own reasons. Are you still enthusiastically sandwiched in the middle and want to help others solve emotional problems? First of all, everyone has a self-protection mechanism. When they tell you that the other person is not, they are already speaking for themselves more or less subconsciously (I think many people have done this before, and so am I) , So everyone’s message is only what she thinks is an important part. And their dissatisfaction with each other is based on their bottom line and three views, so you can’t just rely on the words of a person who hates apples to understand whether an apple is delicious or not. Of course, it is best for them to solve this kind of thing by themselves, but my point is not to have opinions about another person just because of one person’s words. I hope you know how you are in contact with the other person.

8 months ago

You are you, not the Virgin. If you are frustrated in a relationship and get angry and find someone to complain, and then the other person tells you “Oh, just be generous and let her (him) chant”… For this kind of person… I just want to say… if You are not the other party. If you haven’t experienced what the other party has experienced, don’t be ashamed to let someone be a Virgin. Then, everyone who has been baptized by the words of the Virgin, don’t feel that you are detached, and don’t feel that not forgiving others is evil. Only you, who have experienced all the dissatisfaction, anger, unfairness, etc., have been treated excessively, are qualified to decide who to forgive and not to forgive. I have a friend who has a saying I think it’s very right-“I can forgive you, but I feel more sorry for the wronged self.” Respect the feelings you give, and hate the ones that should be hated. For some people, you don’t have to worry about whether you will be in the future. Forgive, some feelings do not need to be missed. And some people feel that they are right because you forgive and tolerate blindly. (Of course the above only applies to others making mistakes to you! Don’t use it as your own reasonable moan!)

8 months ago

Know how to return a gift. Sometimes there are help posts on the Internet that are similar to questions like “My male ticket always buys things for me, and doesn’t let me pay him back, but I am embarrassed, what should I do?” And for such a person, I think her purpose for raising this question is not very simple (personally, there is a feeling of showing off + silly white sweetness). First of all… Usually in an intimate relationship, if someone kindly gives you something and you say that I will pay you back, the other person will feel embarrassed no matter how you think. The hot face is put on the cold buttocks, making you a business relationship. Secondly, if it’s not someone who hasn’t really been in contact with anyone or is too rigid, you can choose to buy a gift of equal or similar price and return it to the other party. There is no need to convert everything into cash and give it to others. Note: Don’t say “this is yours” when you return it, it’s too resentful! Just buy it honestly. How difficult is it to buy a gift for the other side?

8 months ago

Don’t bother others, especially money. You have to know what you bought, how much money, and how much others have helped you. It’s a good habit to keep more accounts. Don’t ask others to help you figure it out. Not to mention that everyone doesn’t like mathematics. If you want to pay the other party’s money, do you want the other party to be the same as your finance secretary? If the relationship is a little better, you said that the fraction of a few dollars is so embarrassing to ask you? Don’t it, people’s money is not brought by the wind, if you want it, you seem to care about it. So be self-conscious.

8 months ago

Never get drunk. Let me stress that it’s just a personal opinion, and I think it’s a bit strict. If you participate in a dinner that requires entertainment, stop when you feel that you are almost drunk. Otherwise, after drinking too much, borrow alcohol and do bad things. There is no regret medicine in the world, so prevent it in advance. Men and women are the same. I personally think that drinking is an escape but not a way to solve problems, so in terms of the efficiency of problem solving, it is useless. As a channel for venting, I believe there is a healthier and safer way than this. In addition, I feel that it is not safe to put myself in a state of cerebral palsy…well.

8 months ago

Don’t vent your emotions to others. Since I was young, my parents have quarreled. It’s obvious that after quarreling, my mother would want to chat with me, but she was holding fire again, so she always found small things to train me to arouse my reaction (because I think I If you feel wronged, I will explain) to open up the topic; my dad is doing his own thing (or something that should be done: cooking for the whole family), during the period he will sing to himself (adjust his mood), although he will not talk to my mother (Two people are calm respectively), but will not catch my problem to vent their dissatisfaction. So, control yourself, otherwise others will feel aggrieved…If you don’t control it, it might be better to apologize afterwards.

8 months ago

Everybody’s stuff is everybody’s not yours. If you live in a dormitory, it is best to say hello to your roommate before you bring someone back to live (borrowing), and make it clear how long you will stay, and ensure that you can protect your roommate’s personal property from harm or be responsible for the incident. Although most people may not care about it, suddenly a stranger says that he wants to live with you for a few days, and he should be a little bit confused. Moreover, for some people who value private space, they may feel a little insecure if they are suddenly notified to be with a stranger, but it is not easy to refuse… For other things like “common” incidents, it is best to ask Everyone’s views will be decided.

8 months ago

“Unclear”. When someone asks if you know any gossip about someone close to you, whether you know it or not… Anyway, I always say “I don’t know.” The following is the assumption that “I actually know”: If the other person I know, but thought I didn’t know, then after he told me, I could talk to the main character of the topic (if it is a privacy issue) to see if the gossip was made by the main character himself. Of course, by the way, it can be clarified that this gossip was not spread through me. If the other party does not know, then he asks me to show that he does not know whether I know. Therefore, if you are not sure that the gossip is a topic and the protagonist wants to make it public, it is best to be more strict and just say that you don’t know to break the other party’s heart to continue. Then talk to the protagonist of the topic to see if he is willing to open it (opening means that you can take the conversation if someone talks about it in the future, but it doesn’t mean you can say it everywhere like a small advertisement without restraint.), and it’s also a reminder that someone is paying attention. When it comes to his gossip, the rest is up to him to deal with it. (It feels messy)

8 months ago

Respect yourself, be good at expressing emotions, and allow yourself to have bad thoughts sometimes. The prerequisite for others to be happy is to please yourself first, and you don’t need to accompany others to do this and that even if you are reluctant to maintain a relationship with XX. Don’t think that it’s cool to be happy, angry, or not in appearance. If you are happy, you will fly up happily. (I think it makes sense for me to say: Home is a person’s harbor and the most relaxing place. If you are in the most relaxing place, you can’t swear your dissatisfaction happily. Then you feel so suffocated. Qu Duo is depressed. So our family sometimes talks with swear words…Um…) This article has children under 18 years old with caution (hereby warn parents)!

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