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How do you say this, do you use persuasion? I personally feel that I don’t need to persuade. Friends, don’t be obsessed with the parameters of the mobile phone. The feel of the mobile phone is the comfort in your hand, the color of the real phone, and the proficiency of the system. Learning costs are all things that need to be considered. Your girlfriend wants to buy OPPO RENO5. PEO+, then there must be a reason for her choice of this phone, it may be that it is good to take pictures, or it may be because of the OPPO system, or it may be that the color of the phone is beautiful or even feels great, and even her favorite celebrity endorses it. This phone from OPPO. In many cases, parameters do not determine everything. Put down the research on mobile phone parameters. Existence is reasonable. The world is so big. Not only mobile phone parameters fascinate you. It is recommended to put down your mobile phone and go out. The Snapdragon 865 is enough for your girlfriend. What girls care about is the good-looking appearance, the good-looking photos, and other things, what is the performance? In fact, the same situation happened to myself. When the mate20 series was just released, my wife and I went to the mobile phone store to buy a mobile phone. It was a good idea to buy a mate20 pro, but I had to increase the price (green screen issue). Then after arriving at the Huawei mobile phone store, my wife asked me, “This mate20x, why didn’t you tell me before?” I said, this screen is too big. You used the small screen phone before. I don’t think you like it, so I didn’t say it. My wife: Then I want to buy this. Why do I? This is not as good as mate20 pro. My wife: it has a big screen. My wife: mate20 pro has a better screen with 2k resolution. My wife: it has a big screen. My wife: mate20 pro has a 3D structured light. My wife: it has a big screen. My: mate20 pro charges faster. My wife: its battery. Big Me: Okay, just buy mate20x, so we bought a mate20x back. It happened to have two colors, I am blue and my wife is silver, and I have been using it till now. I have said so much to explain that since the girlfriend of the subject has already bought this mobile phone, it means that there must be something that appeals to her in particular. It must be the kind of attraction, and I can always find a suitable reason to buy it. . In fact, personally speaking, I thought that the reno5 pro+ phone is very general, but after using it for a while, it actually feels very good. Basically, I can’t pick a particularly big one in various places such as hand feel, photo taking, weight, etc. Problem, so this is also a good choice. I think the artist limited edition is very interesting. Because this year’s Snapdragon 888 or Snapdragon 870 did not cause a substantial blow to the 865, the performance improvement is too small, and the Snapdragon 865 will not lag behind at all when it is put into this year. Didn’t I just sell the Xiaomi Mi 11 of the Snapdragon 888 and the Redmi K40 of the Snapdragon 870, and finally bought the Redmi K30S of the Snapdragon 865? In fact, if you buy this machine at the same price, I feel a bit of a loss. You can also choose OPPO FIND X3. This is a real flagship machine, and it is the processor of the Snapdragon 870. There are only two shortcomings, one is the design of the camera behind it. Wonderful, the other is that the battery life is not too long (after all, the 3k resolution screen). Others can be said to be nothing wrong, and it is also a very good choice. Both mobile phones are OPPO, one chicken head and one phoenix tail. It depends on how the subject chooses. As for whether to choose Xiaomi, it is recommended to ask your girlfriend first.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I know you are kind, but if it is spent, she makes money by herself, just let her. 865 is not unavailable. What difference can be experienced in actual use and 888? I’m happy when I’m shopping, and I’ve worked hard to make money and want to buy something. You say after another meal that no one is in a good mood. What’s wrong with liking appearance? I also want the phone in my hand to look good. Relax and don’t look at the way others look at the phone with your usual attitude when you look at the phone. If you’re really upset, then let’s change the price to her 888 phone, and also take care of the good looks. You can’t impose your favorite points on others, and disregard other people’s concerns. Don’t quarrel about things that are not necessary.

8 months ago

Most of the things that girlfriends buy start with their looks, not to mention a few thousand dollars of mobile phones. Follow what she says, flatter your way, and take selfies with soft light to brighten up your beauty (vivo ad words are messed up, she doesn’t know anyway). If it’s because of a few hundred dollars, it’s unpleasant. If you are not happy, please coax it! Coax must say good things. The subject feels that he is a straight man just like me, and it may be harder to say nasty words than to do an experiment. When I met a girlfriend who was unsure of something good, I opened my mouth and came with a bag worth tens of thousands of dollars, and some of it would suffer. Obedient, not only don’t persuade, but also vigorously praise her for her good vision.

8 months ago

Processor-only theory? Then the iPhone SE 2020 still uses A13! Or change the question—”My girlfriend will spend 4,500 yuan to buy an OPPO Reno 5 Pro+, Snapdragon 865, and I want to pay…how should I persuade her?” If you guessed it correctly, your girlfriend would spend the money. Buy a mobile phone. Isn’t the money spent to buy a mobile phone you like? You also know that OPPO Reno 5 Pro+ looks good. Some people pay attention to cost-effectiveness when buying a mobile phone, some people pay attention to appearance, and some people look at the brand… This is all right. The problem is that people want to spend money to be happy, but you don’t make people happy. Buying Snapdragon 888 doesn’t cost 4000. The price of K40Pro is there. You are not kind!

8 months ago

I think you can calm down and tell her slowly: “Don’t buy oppo’s pro+, it’s just the Snapdragon 865, which is already the previous generation product.” “oppo is just a face value, this pro+ is actually useless except for its value. “You can take a look at Xiaomi. It is the latest Snapdragon 888. Not only is the performance extremely high, but the other aspects of the configuration are also super high.” “And the price is similar to Oppo’s Pro+, only four thousand yuan, cost-effective Very high.” If conditions permit, you’d better take your girlfriend to the mall, find a Xiaomi counter with a mobile phone to explain to her in person, let her understand how much better Xiaomi is than oppo’s pro+, and what’s so good about it . …Then the girlfriend will look at you like an idiot, then throw away your hand and leave by herself, leaving you in the phone shop with a dumb face. After working hard, I finally wanted to change my mobile phone to reward myself, but in the end I had to be criticized. Is it interesting? Do you really think that doing so will appear to be very “professional”? I dual-hold a Mi mobile phone and a Huawei mobile phone, but my girlfriend is used to using an iPhone. Is it possible that I have to forcibly plug her a domestic Android flagship to make her “patriotic”? Is this too funny? I suggest you put down your phone when you are okay, and go out to see the outside world. The outside world is far more exciting than the small world of mobile phones.

8 months ago

Girlfriend asked for such a good opportunity to buy her a mobile phone, you still have to ask why. I remembered that giving me a female ticket to change my phone before was exhausted and I couldn’t convince it, because 5G, high brushes are all weak demand (for a pragmatist), and I was so immortal that I gave it directly to the previous machine. The configuration of 855 and the first UFS3.0 made the machine not slow at all until now. As a person who wrote a quick 700 answer but only raised three questions, one of them is how to persuade the female ticket to let me change her claw machine . Finally, because someone wanted to shoot cats recently, I finally seized the opportunity to let me buy a claw camera, a cat’s eye focusing system, and no film, which is a strong demand. So when people complain, quickly start PS: You should try to buy her Reno5 or 5Pro, so that you will have another chance to perform in the coming year. 865 is another super bucket. Don’t think about it for two or three years after the performance. Can show some performance when buying a mobile phone. Too much bucket + no card at all + face value online can not become a reason to change the machine. PS2: There are 20 likes for such a casual answer. I think my brother can pay attention to OPPO Reno6, which will come out immediately, 1200.870.888 three products. The main color will also change this year, so you can change it directly to the little girl. The date right now, May 15th, half of May. 5.20 | 5.21 The date of traditional reasoning, 6.1 International Children’s Day. Summer solstice on June 21st. Fireworks festival around 6.30. Can be used as a basis for you to give a claw machine as a gift. Don’t be angry with others, just buy whatever they like. Or you can add something to liven up the atmosphere. My little girl, a little accustomed to nothing wrong, halal behavior

8 months ago

What to persuade, your girlfriend is happy and you are also happy! Next time you spend 4000 yuan to buy a big router, you are happy and she is also happy! Money belongs to the girlfriend, how she wants to spend it, what she cares about is completely different from what you care about. What you care about is whether 865 is good or not. What she cares about is that she uses it happily, comfortably, and comfortably. What are the benefits of persuading her? If the persuasion is successful, she may be able to buy another phone, but 865, 888 or even 999 are in her eyes. Is it important that you support her unconditionally? ? The persuasion failed, but the phone is still the one she bought. She is not happy in her heart, and you are not happy in her heart. What do you think? The big brother might as well support her happily. After all, next time you buy the 4,000 yuan router, she can also support you unconditionally, instead of coming to Zhihu to ask: your boyfriend will spend 4,000 yuan to buy a PS router , 6 antennas, how can I persuade him?

8 months ago

888 is at the level of 865 in normal mode, but if it is in overload mode (high performance mode), it is much higher than 865, but the premise is that 888 can be suppressed. The new generation of Fire Dragon flagship 888, most manufacturers are unable to suppress Live, even if it’s Xiaomi, it can’t hold down Xiaomi Mi 11 and it will roll over. Except for those built-in fan gaming machines, such as Lenovo Savior 2, which can press 888 to below 40 degrees Celsius, the original God is stable at 58 frames, but At present, there are very few such mobile phones. In addition, the Lenovo Rescuer has added two sets of fans and its lifting camera, and the weight can basically compete with the Xiaomi 11U. I’m currently using x3pro, and I’ve also downloaded Yuanshen, but Yuanshen’s memory is really big, it’s about 10G. Fortunately, I’m 12+256. I’ll experience it for an hour. The first 30 minutes is running at 60 frames at full frame, and the last 30 Minutes because OPPO detected the high temperature itself (in fact, the temperature on the phone is only 41 degrees), and then actively reduced the frequency to 39FPS, which shows that 888 is really overturned, a digression. If you buy it for your girlfriend, then I think the Reno series is good, with very large pixels, 64 million enough, and OPPO’s own beauty. To be honest, this thing is too violent for beauty, which is more for girls. Okay, 865 I think the price of the 865 is still a bit too high, I think I can buy a Reno5pro, equipped with Tianji 1000+, the price is only 3799-3999, 1000+ is also the flagship, and when it first came out, the price/performance ratio was quite high. Yes, it is enough for girls. By the way, the reason why I bought X3pro, first of all, this 2k screen + E4 material is the best among all 2k screens. The resolution promoted is 2412×1080. If you have special needs to open 2k, you can open 3120×1440. . The second is the so-called complete 10 that is deeper than the features. It is amazing to take a photo at random. No matter what the occasion, it is very high to restore what the eye sees. It cannot be said to be completely real, but it is almost the same.

8 months ago

This is what you don’t understand, just the power consumption of 888, your girlfriend might think that the battery life is not enough. There is also the problem of performance overflow. 865 has a high probability of performance overflow for your girlfriend. This proves that she did not forcibly spend the wrong money on 888. This cost is saved. It is the appearance, feel, and more attractive to girls. The front and rear image algorithm is up. This is the choice of true and rational people! Originally, I just answered it when I stretched out. I am still going to delete it after an hour like before. Who knows if you see it, I like it…. Then just talk about it. There is a group of people who like thin, high-value mobile phones. And thin and high-value, all have to pay a cost. The cost of a mobile phone is limited, and a few percent of the price is its cost. For mobile phones in the same price range (in my eyes, the Xiaomi digital version and the Reno series pro+ are considered a price range. After all, can you bargain offline for Reno? You can still pay for these two at the same price range), one processor uses 888, one The processor used 865, which does not mean that the former has a low profit and the latter has a high profit, but it means that other costs are spent elsewhere. In terms of lightness and thinness-in order to satisfy girls who like thin and light mobile phones like the subject’s girlfriend, our engineers in charge of stacking must realize the miniaturization of components. What does miniaturization mean? You can’t use the previous material, you have to reopen it. Open smaller. It is a sum of money to reopen the material. What else does miniaturization mean? This means that you may have to change the material. For example, a certain part was originally made of xxx material. Now you want it to be smaller and thinner. The original material may not be strong enough. Now you need to change to a more expensive one to achieve a small size.化. ——In short, it means throwing money and manpower. Being light and thin is not as easy to do as everyone thinks, it is difficult to be thin. On the basis of thinness and lightness, it is necessary to pile up batteries of more than 4000mAh, which can be imagined how difficult it is. That’s all costs. The same is true for exterior design. Good design is not made by slapped heads. The CMF team must study the fashion trends of the entire fashion industry from a very early time, and then judge the market’s popular preferences when this phone is launched a year later. It is recommended that the majority of men go to see “The Devil Wearing Prada” to see how the entire fashion industry works. If you study carefully, you will find that the colors of the new quarter’s high-value mobile phones correspond to the popular colors of luxury goods. ——This is also money. Maybe dozens or hundreds of boards came out, and then after full argumentation and research, such a big explosion color came out. It’s all real money investment. Now here comes the problem. I’m a girl, I don’t play games, Qualcomm 888 is overflowing performance for me, I think Reno 5 Pro+ is very good-looking, 865 is enough for me, so why don’t I choose Reno 5 Pro+? Is this an IQ tax? of course not. Flimsy is the painstaking effort and wisdom of engineers, and beauty is the art and taste of designers! Finally, talk about selfies. Do you know how often we girls use selfies? Isn’t it much higher than the frequency with which you beat the King of Glory? I think many people are recommending iqoo neo5. It is true that iqoo neo5 is very cost-effective, but unless your girlfriend doesn’t take selfies, just wait for her to make trouble with you. The same group of people, the first picture was taken by iqoo neo5, and the second picture was taken by x60 pro+.

8 months ago

You always like to reason with others to prove that you are correct. You may compare various parameters, and then you feel that your analysis is right. But my girlfriend doesn’t understand you at all, and often gets angry with you (I seem to be talking about myself). So don’t reason with your daughter-in-law, talk about winning, and lose your daughter-in-law. Don’t force your own thoughts on her. It may not be suitable for her, so the way of speaking must be correct, but it is recommended not to lead. Typical error case: You should not buy OPPO’s Reno 5 Pro+, because the price/performance ratio is not high. Then list the cpu, gpu and other parameters. Give her the running scores, and then leave a sentence about mobile phones. I am more professional. You will not suffer from me. Don’t buy OPPO’s Reno 5 Pro, just buy Redmi K40. What’s the use of just having looks, just like a vase, it’s useless, you will regret it if you buy it. You must listen to me, otherwise I won’t agree to let you buy it. What should we do the right way? First of all, you have to praise her. For example, you have a vision for your daughter-in-law. OPPO’s Reno 5 Pro+ is so beautiful, it suits your looks. After a frantic blow, then feel free to say that this phone has a little problem. She will definitely ask what you are? Then you told him that this phone is more than 4,000, and it is also relatively backward. Look at other people’s Xiaomi’s new model, only more than 4,000. The mobile phone is like a car, and it depreciates when you buy it. Why don’t we buy a new one, and the performance is better, and then brag about it, although she may not understand it. Finally, I leave a sentence. I think the Redmi K40 just bought by my colleague recently. I think the looks are good. I just suggest it. I don’t understand. The final decision is in your hands. I believe that a smart and beautiful daughter-in-law will make it. The right choice, you can buy anything. OPPO’s Reno 5 Pro+ is really good-looking, you can buy it if it doesn’t work. Don’t tell her very hard, it would definitely be bad to persuade her. Then there was a quarrel, and then I dropped the sentence I didn’t spend your money, you control me. In the end, I had to think about it, but I bought it directly in front of you. Don’t ask how I knew it, I have encountered it too many times.

8 months ago

You don’t need to persuade her, you should persuade yourself. Of course, your starting point seems to be no problem in your opinion, it is for your girlfriend to buy a more powerful and cost-effective mobile phone. Perhaps you will feel wronged when you see those slightly harsh answers in the front row. It is clear that you are doing it for her good, and you are not allowed to spend “wonderful money”. Why are you still wrong? Because “price first” is not the absolute truth of consumption, “value is justice” is not wrong. Even digital straight guys like me like the appearance of Reno 5 Pro+, not to mention girls. You don’t need to be “knowing the king” at this time, praise is over. A bunch of you have not changed your girlfriend’s decision, and you may even get stunned and disgusted. But you boast that she is good at buying and picking, and her looks are really high, just like her, the effect is different. . There will even be surprises.

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