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In 18 years of postgraduate entrance examination, I got 252 in the initial exam. Although the subject of logic is difficult to get started, it is indeed the most worry-free one of these subjects. Follow the course progress of Xinquan Studio throughout the whole process, follow the video to learn “Logic Elaboration”, and start writing “Thousands of Logic Problems” after studying the complete book. The logic points are really worth experiencing over and over again. The video explanations in the book are very detailed and in place. Don’t let go of every knowledge point. There will be intensive courses in the later studio. The teacher will help us to summarize the logic knowledge points. In class, you will feel that Daigo’s empowerment is suddenly enlightened. Mathematics, you must lay a good foundation in the early stage, and then you can practice the speed and accuracy in the later stage. The “Mathematics Volume” I used in the early stage, because I am a science student with a good mathematical foundation, I will continue to brush “A Thousand Questions of Mathematics” in the later stage. You still have to refer to your own foundation to choose a tactic that suits you, not the problem. The harder the better, if the problem is difficult, the more solid the foundation will be and the higher the score will be. The real questions are very, very precious, you must make good use of them, and you must not do them too early. When you finish the real questions in the later stage and summarize the types of questions by yourself, you will be very surprised to find that the routines of the proposition group are actually very clear and similar every year. In English, I think memorizing vocabulary is a very important part. It runs through the entire stage of the postgraduate entrance examination. I started to memorize the words for the postgraduate entrance examination around April. You can buy any vocabulary book on the market. During this period, I assisted in using the “85 Reading Essentials” by Mr. Shang Zhi. These readings are taken from the original English one and two English papers. I followed in detail with vocabulary and grammar notes. There are ten notebooks. The specific arrangement is that when I first arrived at the library in the morning, I was given an hour of vocabulary books and the knowledge points in the notebook, and then went back to the bedroom at night to consolidate for another hour. Everyone must not be lazy, because the mastery of words will greatly help the improvement of English. If you have enough time to translate the whole article, you should remember all the English one English two articles you encounter, and remember as many as possible. The test center can not only continuously improve our sense of reading language, but we can also learn to translate more fluently and fluently when comparing the answers to the real questions. In terms of writing, my composition and language are not very good, so writing is my weakness. There are fixed templates and routines for the analysis of validity. For this, you can refer to “The Essence of Writing”. But don’t copy it, learn to use your own condensed language to change a way of expression, in addition to practice one more point and use multiple angles, it will be especially easy to write after getting used to it. In terms of essays, although the review is not particularly stressful in the early stage, it is necessary to make sure to write at least one essay in two weeks. You can set up a cc writing group privately and make corrections online or offline. In fact, I feel that I improve the fastest The stage. In fact, it is very simple, that is, memorizing and practicing! But the hard part is how to hold on, come on!


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8 months ago

Only talk about dry goods, no nonsense! It is not easy to get a goal of 240+ in the 199 management entrance exam with a total score of 300 points. To get a score of 240, you must get at least 80 points in English and 160 points in general. 1. How to get 80 points in English? When the average score of English fluctuates between 51-58, English II needs to get 80 points, so we try to get as high as possible for objective questions: reading 35+, the new question type is relatively simple, 10 points all, 15 points for translation, To get 11 points, the size of the composition should be 18+ or above, the cost-effectiveness of the completion is relatively low, just do your best. English 2 If you want to reach 80 points or less, our English test preparation time should be within one year (applicable to 80%+ Classmates), the worse the English foundation, the longer the English preparation time should be. Sufficient time will not hurt us to prepare for the exam, don’t believe it, it will be tired if the review is early! The foundation is already poor, still want to be 80+ in 3 months? How can it be! The worse the foundation, the sooner the preparation, the better. When the preparation time is ready, you need to start to develop a review plan. Your review plan should include: several major stages, and how the time for each stage is allocated. As well as the target situation of each stage: For example, the learning focus of the stage calligraphy goal stage is learning time per week, learning time every day, focusing on learning tasks every day; a good plan is the key to ensuring that we get high scores, so we must make a plan. After making the plan, it is to implement and see if it is necessary to adjust your study plan. This is the key! Execution will test our persistence. At the very beginning of learning English, especially at the stage of memorizing vocabulary, it will be very boring~ At this time, you can find someone to supervise yourself, you can find a research friend or teacher. Send each other a weekly review schedule. Then supervise each other’s daily learning situation.

8 months ago

The elder sister who had come ashore came to answer a wave of ~252 points which was beyond my expectation. Originally, my goal was set at around 210 points, and I performed well (in fact, I also paid a lot before the exam, and I was prepared well. Relatively sufficient). Looking back at the exam preparation experience these months, as an on-the-job candidate, I think only the on-the-job candidate can know the sadness. I graduated for 13 years and worked as a HR job in a Fortune 500 company. In the workplace, I face the challenges of many newcomers, and I urgently need to constantly recharge and improve. This kind of workplace crisis forced me to make up my mind to prepare for the MBA to break through. In preparation for the exam, I faced two major difficulties: 1. There was a baby who had just entered kindergarten at home to accompany. It is more gratifying to have my mother-in-law help me, but the child is sick all the time, and my heart as a mother is also anxious. I’m not in the mood to study at all. I have very little time with her this year, and I feel very guilty. 2. I graduated from a 211 college. Although I worked very hard and studied hard when I was in school, I have graduated for 13 years. I have forgotten almost everything I studied at that time. It is still a lot of pressure for me to pick it up now. , Especially mathematics and logic. But I have a good advantage: English is not too stressful for me, and I will use it more or less at work. I have done a real test before starting the formal preparation and got 55 points. Therefore, my energy is mainly in mathematics. And logically. The first step in preparing for the exam is to choose a school and set goals, especially MBA! This sentence must be heard. The reason why I am under such pressure to prepare for the exam is that I did not pay attention to and understand the relevant situation of MBA school selection in advance. I decided to prepare for the MBA exam in August. I hesitated not to participate in the MBA interview in Wuhan University. As a result, I could only embark on the preparation for the normal batch of high scores! Many prestigious MBAs have set up an early interview session. The early interview session is not only the main admission channel, but as long as the interview is passed in advance, the management joint exam will be admitted as long as you pass the online test of 175 and 180! Normally, if you want to enter a prestigious university such as Wuhan University, Huake, and Zhongda, you need to sprint 240+, and you may not be admitted! And when I paid attention to the MBA of Wuhan University, the application was closed with only 2 days left before the interview. There was not enough time to prepare at all. If you are also applying for an MBA, you must pay more attention to the school’s official website notice. Yes, if you are preparing for the MBA exam, I especially recommend that you add some MBA exam preparation groups. The exam preparation group often shares some school selection dry goods and information, which is very complete and timely. The group friends will also share the exam preparation materials with each other. I added There are a lot of materials to share in the exam preparation group. I put everyone’s materials together and organized them together with my own review materials; I have to say that some teachers are really professional, and I decided to take the Wu University. The teacher also specially helped me analyze the advantages and disadvantages of preparing for the normal MBA of Wuhan University, and took the initiative to help me set the target scores for each subject. Here is the analysis table of the normal MBA examinations she sent to me. I was shocked when I saw it. I always thought that it was enough if I tried to cross the line. In the end, I still had to fight for 200+! The difference in MBA is that whether the candidates are admitted in the normal batch of candidates depends not only on your written test results, but also on your re-examination results. There is a personal comprehensive quality interview in the re-examination link, which will be based on the on-site performance of the interview and the individual Some factors such as annual salary, management position, company platform and other factors in the resume are comprehensively evaluated. If you are a business elite with a good background, the pressure on the written test will be relatively low, and you will be admitted just by passing the line; but for students who are in the background or ordinary students, the pressure on the written test will be greater. After all, you must choose the best based on your overall score. The background is not good, so it depends on the written test. At that time, the teacher in the remedial class gave me a background assessment first. My background score is 41 points, which is considered to be a medium-to-medium background for applying for MBA candidates of Wuhan University. Let me leave my specific information for your reference: 211 undergraduate, 13 years of service In 2016, HR senior manager, the background assessment with an annual salary of 25w+ is free, and the accuracy is still very high. It is strongly recommended that you take a test. Click on the business card below to test: Click here for the quantitative assessment of MBA big data. , My estimated total score is: 210-220 points. I started to split the target scores for each subject: 1. English (2): 70 points, 30 points for reading comprehension, 8-10 points for new question types, 15 points for writing, Completion 6-8 points, 10 points for translation 2. Mathematics of the comprehensive management: 55 points 3. Logic of the comprehensive management: 50 points 4. Writing of the comprehensive management: 40 points In fact, in terms of writing, I have seen many people say that there are flood and drought areas. Flood and dry areas refer to the stricter scoring of papers. Water means to release water, which means that the scoring of papers is relatively loose. For example, for subjective questions, scores in dry areas are given 15 points, and scoring in water areas may be scored 17 points. I heard that in typical In water areas, such as Liaoning and Guangdong, writing scores are generally given to 50-60 points. In typical dry areas, such as Beijing and Shanghai, the writing score is generally 30-35. 35 points are good, and 40 points are a rare high score. I am especially fortunate that I am not in the arid area. Hubei is considered a moderate area. If you are a classmate in the arid area, you still have to work harder on writing. Some of my exam preparation experience is due to the relatively long graduation time and my target score is not low. I didn’t know what materials to read or what books to buy when I started preparing for the exam. I flipped through various experience stickers and I didn’t know which one to choose. So I started looking for various tutoring classes on the Internet, listening to the trial and listening classes, I think it greatly improves the efficiency of enrolling in the class. First of all, I don’t need to buy textbooks by myself, and I don’t need to search for questions. The points are also systematic, so I don’t need to search for it by myself. When I registered for the class, I compared a lot of companies and chose one that I thought was not bad. I think it’s okay no matter the price or the teacher. I have been following a lot of official accounts since the previous year, and I finally chose this one because his official account updates the test preparation information the fastest and has the most dry goods. And they were really careful when sorting out the real questions, and they also brought the answers to the analysis. I think there are some feedbacks. The same questions appeared the next day after finishing the questions. It was a profit. The real questions and analysis over the years are led here: Click here to copy my WeChat ID and receive test preparation materials for free! Next, I started to study hard. I first arranged my family’s affairs. I am very grateful to my family for their support. I am busy at work, and I basically work overtime every week. I have about 3-4 hours of study every day. I usually get up at 6 o’clock. I have 2 hours to study before work. I spend 1 hour on the way to work or after get off work in the evening. Go home and study for 2 hours. If you are busy at work, study for a while on weekends. Most of the adult study time is fragmented. We must make good use of the scattered time. It is very hard to keep studying, but once we persist, we can see ourselves. After hard work, you will feel that all hard work is worthwhile. Mathematics learning experience: I think that mathematics can be eaten by reminiscence. I completely gave up this idea when I saw the application problems, sequence of numbers, geometry, etc., so I should study with the teacher steadily! My way to learn mathematics is to do more questions. When doing the questions, I thoroughly understand the basic questions and the real questions. If I don’t know the questions, I will find more similar questions. The class I reported has a Q&A teacher. Questions that are not available can be directly answered by the teacher, which is very convenient. Be sure to prepare a wrong question book. This is very useful in the final review. I often encounter some questions that have been done several times and are still wrong. I found that the wrong question book also contains these questions. In the last review, I only read them wrong. Title book. I have studied mathematics for two rounds. The first round is for basic questions, and the second round is for intensive questions. The hardest questions will be given up appropriately. Mathematics is easy to learn and collapse. Please don’t panic, just do more. . The most important thing is to finish the reflection process. I usually spend at least 3 days for a set of real questions, and I do 2 sets a week. I will write down the problem-solving process of each problem in a notebook, mark the knowledge points used, summarize the reason for the wrong problem, whether it is a calculation problem or a lack of knowledge, and at the same time watch the video explaining the real problem. In addition, if you want to get a high score in mathematics, not only is it to brush the real questions, but also to sort out the error-prone questions, difficult problems, and trap questions in the real questions. The final sprint stage of this class I reported will send a difficult problem to students with high target scores. The summary of error-prone questions is very valuable. Logic learning experience: This course of logic is a special choice for teachers. If you are a good teacher, you may not be able to understand his ideas, so you must try to listen to a few more teachers. Just like me, I listened to teacher Wang Cheng’s logic before. But I really didn’t understand some parts, and then I found a lot of teachers’ trial lessons, and finally I heard Li Li’s lesson at station B. Logic includes formal logic, argumentation logic, and comprehensive logic. Formal logic is the most basic. It must be studied well, or it is not easy to learn later. Also, formal logic has some formulas that can be used. Remember the arrow drawn by the teacher. The way, the later questions will make you fly, but the comprehensive reasoning questions are the most boring part of the three. You must be patient, and the questions must be gradual and not fast. It is recommended that you prepare early. In addition, I personally feel that the answers to the real questions in argumentation logic are vague. Many organizations say what the controversial questions are. But I think the outline of the real questions gives clear answers. Whenever you encounter this situation, follow the answers given in the outline. Think about it. Writing learning experience: Writing is divided into argumentation validity analysis and argumentative essays. I especially recommend learning logic and writing together. Argumentation validity analysis and logical analysis are consistent. Argumentative essays look like writing argumentative essays, but in fact It also pays attention to arguments, arguments, and argument structures, and a good logic study is really a three-eyed one. What I want to say in particular about the essay is, don’t be too busy writing, review the questions for two minutes, and not write the composition on paper, but you must be clear in your mind, and don’t worry if time is tight. With ideas, everything will be a matter of course. In normal practice, you must write neatly and neatly to ensure that the teacher can see clearly. If the words are beautiful, there are 2-3 points for extra points. If you have the conditions, you can find someone to correct the writing for you: the class I reported is equipped with several corrections. I think the correction can help me quickly know what is wrong and let me pay attention to it consciously. Moreover, the teacher’s comments were very professional and detailed. Several corrections were very helpful for me to take the test. English learning experience: In fact, this part of English is not a big problem for me, but it is difficult to get higher. English itself is a process of accumulation. It is very challenging to memorize various words, and memorizing words is also very challenging. It is the biggest pain of our working people, but the more so, we need to memorize more, if one round is not enough, we will have two rounds, and if two rounds are not good, then three rounds, prepare more draft paper, write and draw. Then I read more, read this piece of English II reading that I bought directly on Taobao, the kind with answer analysis, I read more to find more feelings, when I brush the words in the second round, I feel mine Reading ability has improved a lot. After all, many words are known and it is much easier to understand. Reading accounts for a large proportion of the test paper. I just gave up the completion. If you have the energy, you can do more completion. If you don’t have enough time like me, just take a look. Oh, yes, there is also the second new question type in English. I don’t think the difficulty is too great, just use the word positioning method. Then it is to do the real questions. I learned some elimination methods from the teachers in the training class, as well as the methods of reading, which can make you more effective. Continue to talk about writing. The composition I saw was a hot essay and memorized some templates. The English was prepared in the last month, but fortunately, the teacher in this training class had a small essay and gave it to me before the exam. After memorizing the essay materials, I used them all. After the exam, I was excited to find the teacher to report my good news. The above is my sharing. In fact, in the entire postgraduate entrance examination process, ability is very important, but the state of mind is more important, especially for the incumbents. We must first do a good job of psychological construction. If you fall here, how to face the challenges of the future, regard it as a practice on the road of life, rise in the collapse, and forge ahead in the defeat! Finally, I also sorted out some study materials when I was preparing for the exam and reviewing, I hope it can be helpful to everyone!

8 months ago

A score of 240 also depends on whether it is a water area or a dry area. If it is a water area, it basically reaches 60 mathematics + logic 50 + writing 50 + English objective questions 45 + English subjective questions 30, which is basically enough, and the error tolerance rate is fairly high. But if you want to reach 240+ in arid areas, it will be difficult, especially for the accuracy of objective questions. Let’s take a master’s degree in accounting as an example to talk about the review plan for each stage in detail. Having a clear learning plan can help you persevere better. In the following, Mr. Geng will help students sort out the review plan for 2022MPAcc from the two dimensions of goal and plan. [MPAcc Exam Preparation Resources] School Selection Guide + Annual Plan + 1 to 1 School Selection Guide, limited to 200 copies, free to receive one. Goal Before doing anything, having a clear goal will always make you motivated. The same is true for postgraduate entrance examinations. Although the MPAcc initial examination subjects are the same in every school, the re-examination subjects are similar, but if there are clear school goals and score targets, it will help to formulate a reasonable study plan in the later stage, and at the same time, it can also encourage yourself to continue on the road of research. To overcome the difficulties and finally nominate the gold list as desired! 1. Institutional goals: Here are a few points to emphasize: First, geographical priority, where do you think about employment and development in the future, give priority to local or provincial schools, in the process of internship, job hunting and future industry resource expansion, It is conducive to maximize the value of resources; second, do not blindly use real questions to test your own strength before you start reviewing, which is easy to be distorted; then how should the school goals be locked? First of all, after determining the area, divide the enrollment colleges in the target area. Take Beijing as an example, the first tier 240+ schools, such as the Central University of Finance and Economics, Renmin University of China and other top financial institutions; the second tier 220+ For example: China University of Petroleum, Beijing Forestry University and other comprehensive 211 colleges and universities; the third-tier 200+ schools, such as: Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication and other general undergraduate colleges. Secondly, choose a school of your choice in each grade, make a plan according to the highest standards, work hard to review, and wait for the next October, when the online report, pass real questions or high-quality mock exam questions to test your score level , In which grade, which grade school is selected. There are two points to be explained here. First, if your target college requires a score of 220 in previous years, then you must set 230+ when setting your goal. Those who seek it will understand the truth. I believe everyone understands it. Second, if you refuse World War II, then apply strictly according to the score of your own online test. Don’t do it. It is a level of 200. Don’t go to the school where you report 220. Don’t think that there will be 2 more from October to December. In a month’s time, you can raise more than 20 points. You have to leave a margin for your on-the-spot performance. What’s more, you have been reviewing for 10 months since the beginning of the year, and you still can’t reach it. Don’t expect a counterattack in the last 2 months. , Not impossible, but risky. 3. The online report evaluation should be averaged in multiple rounds. Don’t just use one simulation to determine the future destiny.

8 months ago

I don’t know whether the subject is the 2021 postgraduate entrance examination or 2022 postgraduate entrance examination. If it is the 21st postgraduate entrance examination, it is recommended to stabilize your mind first, do not worry, and sort out your learning progress first. Have you completed the basic knowledge? Have you finished the tutorial? What level can the current mock exam/previous year’s real exams reach? First determine what level you are on, and then formulate a corresponding schedule according to your learning ability and time, and make targeted checks for deficiencies. Enrollment for the postgraduate entrance examination lasts until the end of October. If it is estimated that you do not reach the relevant level, you can also change to a slightly lower goal. Working hard on the ground is the best way to reduce anxiety. If you are a candidate for the 22nd class, you can refer to the experience post of the student who passed the MPAcc of Tianjin University. When you have free time, you can prepare in advance, and don’t wait until half a year to worry about it. To reiterate again: My point of view has not changed. Any experience stickers can only be used for reference, and cannot be copied. Because people have different foundations and knowledge backgrounds, we may not be able to do what experience stickers can do. We may not be able to find a method that suits ourselves. Just work hard slowly.

8 months ago

The management major, whose number of applicants is increasing year by year without taking high math and politics exams, has become the target of many postgraduate entrance exams. As a full score of 200 points for comprehensive management and 100 points for postgraduate entrance exam English II, if you want to get 240 points, just say no. Simple, but not difficult to say. I will analyze the exam subjects, difficulty of the exam and suggestions for preparation of the 199 management entrance exam to analyze how to get a high score on the shore management integration for students. 1. The comprehensive ability of the test subject management joint test (subject code: 199), the structure of the paper is divided into three parts: mathematics, logical reasoning, writing (analysis of the validity of argumentation, argumentative essays), with a maximum score of 200 points The value distribution is: ① Mathematics (15 questions for problem solving, 10 questions on conditional adequacy judgment, 3 points for each question), a total of 75 points; ② Logical reasoning (30 questions, 2 points for each question), a total of 60 points; ③ Writing (demonstrative validity Analysis 1 question 30 points + essay 1 question 35 points) total 65 points. English II (subject code: 204), volume structure: one cloze, four reading comprehension, one new question type, translation (English to Chinese), small composition, large composition, a total of six parts. The full score is 100 points, and the specific score distribution is: ① Use of language knowledge (cloze) 20 questions 10 points ② Reading comprehension 20 questions 40 points ③ New question type 5 questions 10 points ④ Translation (English to Chinese) 15 points ⑤ Small composition 10 points ⑥ Large composition 15 points 2. The content of examination difficulty is unified, and the preparation threshold is low. Since the management joint exam only tests the comprehensive ability of the management joint exam and the two subjects of English, and there is no need to take high math and politics , From the perspective of the number of examination subjects, it is much easier than the other four subjects. In addition, many colleges and universities specialize in master’s degree and special master’s degree, and the topics of professional courses are set by the colleges and universities separately, which means that the examination questions of each college are very different. In other words, when you are not sure of your target college, it is difficult to conduct precise learning for professional courses. The management entrance exam is a national unified exam. No matter which institution you take, the content of the first exam is the same, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your previous learning results due to changing institutions and majors. 2. The content and difficulty of the specific examinations (1) The comprehensive ability of the management joint examination [Mathematics] examines elementary mathematics, which is the application of mathematics knowledge in elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools. Candidates have a certain foundation, but the test has considerable flexibility, attaches great importance to problem-solving skills, and reflects creative problem-solving ability. Although the difficulty of the exam is easier than that of Mathematics One, Two, and Three, students are reminded not to overestimate their foundation and neglect the study of mathematics. 【Logical Reasoning】The test examines the logical thinking ability of candidates, including three parts: formal reasoning, argumentative reasoning and comprehensive reasoning. Logical reasoning questions and options have a large amount of reading and information. Reading speed and the ability to capture key information are the basic skills for doing this part. But don’t worry, students, these abilities can all be improved through training and doing questions. [Writing] Contains two parts: the validity analysis of the argument and the argumentative essay. Argument validity analysis requires the ability to quickly find loopholes in an argument, which is a direct manifestation of critical thinking; an argumentative essay, similar to a junior high school argumentative essay, requires the ability to examine the topic and make a reasonable proof. On the whole, it takes 3 hours to complete a total of 55 multiple-choice questions and two writings in mathematics and logic, and the time is very tight. Even if some students have a certain foundation in mathematics and writing, they must not take it lightly. The comprehensive management exam not only examines the candidates’ mastery of basic knowledge, but also the requirements for problem-solving skills and problem-solving speed. Therefore, it is not easy to get a high score in the comprehensive management system. It is recommended that students prepare for the exam as soon as possible. (2) The difficulty of English II and English II is higher than that of CET-6. You can make a prediction about the difficulty of English II for the postgraduate entrance examination based on your own English scores of CET-4 and 6 It is worth noting that candidates need to focus on improving their abilities in two aspects in the process of preparing for the test: First, reading comprehension skills. This is directly related to the examinee’s vocabulary and logical thinking ability. The essence of English reading lies in vocabulary. Therefore, candidates should pay great attention to the accumulation of vocabulary. Of course, through systematic study, we must master the problem-solving thinking and problem-solving skills of different types of reading questions. The second is English writing ability. Having a certain foundation of English words and vocabulary may not bring you high scores, because if you want to get a high score in English, you must get a high score in the English writing part. The requirement of writing is more than just being able to recognize words, so candidates need to accumulate more of their own “composition template library” so that they can use the good words and sentences flexibly when writing. 3. Exam preparation planning and suggestions. If we start to review from the summer vacation, we can divide the half-year time into three stages for systematic test preparation: basic stage (July to August): follow teachers and courses, and systematically learn management The basic knowledge points and key problem-solving skills of the general entrance examination and English II, build a knowledge system, and cultivate problem-solving thinking. 2. Intensification stage (September ~ mid-November): This stage is mainly around the past years of real questions, to mature the knowledge and skills previously mastered, and through the exercises and explanations of the real questions, to recognize the law and direction of the proposition. In addition, a lot of practice should be started for the writing of the comprehensive management and the writing of English, and the correction and optimization should be carried out to improve the writing ability. 3. Sprint stage (mid-November—before the exam): Mainly do two things well, talk together and take a mock exam. Through series of lectures, review the problem-solving ideas of the question type. In addition, through the mock test, adapt to the test situation in advance, truly transform the stored knowledge into problem-solving ability, and improve the speed and accuracy of problem-solving. This is my experience in reviewing the management entrance exam. I hope it will be helpful to you: What is the level of the management entrance exam 240+ and how much effort does it take? 2. Is it difficult to achieve a score of 240 in the management exam? 3. How to treat the 2020 management exam (mpacc), and what are the lessons? 4. Is the management entrance exam difficult? How to prepare? 5. How to plan for the postgraduate entrance examination in 2022?

8 months ago

In fact, if you want to get 240+ in the management entrance exam, in addition to learning the exam content involved in the management entrance exam, you also need a perseverance! The following 21st-level elder sisters will show dry goods to everyone! First of all, let me tell you about my results: a total score of 241 in the initial test, 164 in the comprehensive management exam, and 77 in English. The admission notice has been received. Next, I will talk about my experience during the exam preparation period. I hope that it will be of some help to the younger students and make your way to the postgraduate entrance examination smoother. Recalling my own postgraduate entrance examination experience is like participating in a long and lasting battle, not only against others, but also against myself. If you don’t gossip, the elder sister will immediately enter the main topic; the timeline of the postgraduate entrance examination: in late October 2019, I have an idea for the postgraduate entrance examination, and signed up for the Chengdu Social Science Seth Postgraduate Examination Institution from November 2019 to March 2020, entering the guidance stage, will The content of the tutorial is passed through completely. (The resources used are the teaching materials provided by the social sciences and the supporting online courses, Lu Xinquan logic and Chen Jian’s mathematics) I personally think that the focus of mathematics in the guidance phase is to fully understand the content taught in each chapter and master relevant knowledge The focus of point and formula logic is to systematically understand the content of the three major sections of logic (formal logic, analytical reasoning, and argumentative reasoning). The focus of English is to recite a large number of English vocabulary and learn basic grammar. You can try to translate some simple and difficult Sentence (ps: Be sure to prepare paper and pen during class, record the important content of the teacher’s talk and the knowledge points that you do not understand, so as to review and consolidate later) From March 2020 to June 2020, I have entered the basics Stage, consolidate the content learned in the guidance stage. (The resources used include basic-stage textbooks provided by social sciences, supporting online courses, face-to-face lectures, Liu Xiaoyan’s long and difficult sentences, and New Oriental English II reading comprehension real questions) The focus of mathematics has been turned to problem solving, and I learned the knowledge points of learning in the guidance stage. Therefore, when doing questions, try to use formulas flexibly, not for speed, to ensure quality, and to pursue accuracy. At this time, you can pay less attention to the speed of doing the questions, and you must understand each question thoroughly! The focus of logic shifts to the use of knowledge and special formulas in the introductory stage to do the questions. You can experience the fun of logic in doing the questions. You can take pictures of the wrong questions with your mobile phone, read them repeatedly and summarize the mistakes to avoid making mistakes. The same logic error. The focus of English is not only to memorize words, but also to do one or two reading comprehensions every day. Reading comprehension must be intensive. There is no need to pursue speed and correctness in the early stage, so as to ensure that you understand every word and every sentence in every reading comprehension. Efficiently read a reading comprehension, you can learn unfamiliar words, grammar, and the skills of translating long and difficult sentences in it, and you will get three results with one stone! ! ! From July 2020 to August 2020, I participated in the Nanchang summer camp of Social Science Seth, focusing on learning skills in various subjects. (The resources used include summer camp textbooks provided by social sciences, full-time teacher face-to-face lectures, evening study counseling, logic and mathematics 1000 problem brushes, etc.) The school sisters strongly call for the Nanchang summer camp! Because there I felt like I was back in my senior year, starting at 6:30 in the morning and rest at 12:00 in the evening, which is normal. The camp is full of tireless students. I feel a particularly strong learning atmosphere, and I am more motivated to learn. Summer camp teachers focus on deepening on the basis of each subject, imparting skills, and writing lessons during the summer vacation are also included in the scope of learning. Mathematics teacher—Gang Cheng, used an exercise book to run through my summer vacation. In the process of explaining each question, he familiarized me with what I had learned in the previous stage and gave me a deeper understanding of the test site of each question. , Categorize and explain the question types, and teach relevant skills. (After the summer camp, I still insisted on repeatedly trying to figure out the exercise book of Cheng Gang. I learned every question very thoroughly. After that, I found that my speed of doing the questions has increased by one level, and the accuracy rate is also very high. , I feel a sense of divine help in writing) English teacher—Chen Xuefeng. Teach me how to use vocabulary, how to do reading comprehension to immediately grasp the core of the problem, and how to translate smoothly and gracefully. English composition is taught in different categories, and each category has a corresponding template for us. Teacher Chen Xuefeng’s lectures are very interesting. Every time he attends his class, there is a lot of laughter. Writing teacher—Zhang Naixin. Teach me how to write argument validity analysis and argumentation essays, tell me the stepping points of the composition, let me know that the composition is not blindly written, but also pay attention to rules and skills, learning these can make my writing score a leap . In fact, writing materials are not the most important thing, you don’t need to memorize them blindly, just master a few versatile materials and use them flexibly. Logic teacher—Sun Jiangyuan. Before the summer camp, I had listened to a few logic classes taught by non-social science teachers, but I personally think that none of them is as good as Teacher Sun, because her logical thinking is very concise, using her logical thinking, I can see at a glance The test site for each question, unlike some teachers who prefer to use complicated formulas in lectures, sometimes makes me feel dizzy. (There will be weekly tests during the summer camp, sometimes a ranking of camps, and sometimes a ranking of all camps across the country, which can give you a clear understanding of your learning results at each stage.) From September 2020 to December 2020, I Start to summarize and categorize what you have learned in the past, and stick to the real questions. (The resources used include the real questions provided by the social sciences and the textbooks used in the sprint stage, online courses, face-to-face lectures, simulated eight sets of test papers, and previous materials, etc.) The real questions are the most precious learning materials! Be sure to cherish the real questions and study them repeatedly For each test site, there must be an extended thinking! Not only do you have to know each question, but you can quickly reflect what knowledge points are being tested and how to do it when you see this question in the later stage. Each of the mathematics real questions can be singled out, categorized and summarized in your own way. How to summarize the real question? I didn’t know it at first, but after listening to teacher Chen Zhongcai’s online mathematics class, I suddenly opened up and started to summarize the math problems. Teacher Chen is a person who pays great attention to basic and extensible thinking, so he is in class. I have always emphasized the importance of the basics and the need to think about the problem in an extended period. Is this method really super useful? English still requires repeated reading and comprehension of real questions, repeated memorization of words, persistent translation, memorization of composition templates and writing essays. During this period, I insisted on writing a small composition + a large composition every day. Every question of the real logic question must be tried repeatedly, because the logic question type is not very innovative. As long as the real question is thoroughly researched, it will be able to perform well in the examination room! Writing real questions can be practiced repeatedly, and strive to be of higher quality every time. During this period, I also insisted on an analysis of the validity of the argument and the argumentation essay every day. And starting in October, I must pursue a speed and strive to achieve a 40-year mark. Finish two essays in minutes! ps: The younger students pay more attention to Teacher Zhang Naixin’s official account. Last year, she was overwhelmed by the essay! Finally, at the end of December, the younger brothers and sisters can go to the exam room happily. I believe that after so much training and precipitation, you will definitely be able to show your own level in the exam room and get an ideal score!

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This question is very specific but also very abstract. The answer to the long-form experience posted on it does not actually have much reference value. Because, even if it is the sharing of 260+ candidates, which books he has read and whose lessons he has listened to, these are secondary contradictions in the development of things, and they are not decisive. This is why many so-called “management and comprehensive gods” can get high scores after reading the books for themselves. Because of the abilities required for the comprehensive examination, he already had it in his previous life accumulation. Of course, we do not promote “speculative” behavior and “fate theory”, because small probability events have a large risk factor. It is still recommended that students find the right method and take every step steadily. Deciding whether to take a high score is also to see whether a person has grasped the correct direction of preparation for the exam. On this basis, it makes sense to talk about test preparation strategies, time planning, and effort. Every time a student announces a good news, I must first be their own understanding and hard work in preparing for the comprehensive management exam. Teachers, courses, books and materials are just to point out your direction and play a leading role. The purpose of enrolling in class and class is to prevent you from going further and further on the wrong learning method and path, and in the end, you will get half the result with half the effort, and the gain is not worth the loss. 240+ is indeed a good result. With the improvement of our candidates’ ability, there have been many candidates of 250+ and 260+ in recent years. We don’t talk about how to test 240+, because if you think about it a little bit logically, there is no fixed answer to this question. Everyone has a different starting point. The high score preparation experience of others is affected by historical, subjective and objective factors and cannot be copied. It’s just that the aura of high scores is easy to attract inexperienced Xiaobai. So I told my classmates that it is not necessarily a high score to be affirmed. To help you get the score you need, I think your preparation for the test is efficient. Back to the topic, since we don’t talk about how to get a score of 240+, let’s talk about what level you need to achieve in order to get a score of 240+.

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Recommended mathematics teachers: Sun Guangkun and Chen Jian are probably the most confident and favorite subjects in mathematics, and they didn’t let me down. They missed a math in the exam. Let me briefly talk about my own test preparation experience. 1. The early review must lay a good foundation and establish a knowledge framework. The suggestion is to make a summary map of knowledge points in each chapter. When I review mathematics for the second time, I will classify each chapter according to each knowledge point and each type of question type. , According to the question type, such as word problems. 2. I started to summarize the skills of doing the questions during the second review, and I continued to add in the subsequent reviews. This can greatly speed up the speed of the questions, such as: 3. Build my own wrong question book, I also started from the first I did it the second time. The wrong question book is not a copy of the question. The focus is on summary and induction. Because I mainly focus on the “Mathematics High Scores Guide”, I just mark the page number and question number of the wrong questions in this book. . Categorize the wrong questions into question types and question-making skills. Note: I have integrated all the notes, skills, and wrong questions from 1-3 points in a notebook, that is, knowledge points for each chapter, question type classification skills and wrong questions. , It was recorded at the beginning of the second time, and supplemented in several reviews afterwards. 4. When I do the first time of different books, I will mark the question types next to the question numbers of the practice questions, and also mark the similar question types in the same chapter. Logic recommends teachers: Yanzi, Rao Sizhong 1. Do not buy the sub-books. Logic is a brand-new course, and detours will affect the progress. 2. Formal logic listen to Yanzi. I feel that the argument logic is almost the same. It is best not to lose points for formal logic, because there are fixed formulas to look for. There is no other way in argumentation logic, it is trained by doing questions. In addition, there are no fixed rules for comprehensive reasoning, so you need to sum up your own experience. For example, you can draw tables for one-to-one questions. 3. Formal logic scores are relatively stable, but time-consuming. Argument logic is the opposite, scores are unstable, but it can speed up disputes. In the past few years, the amount of formal logic and comprehensive reasoning questions has increased, and the training should pay attention to time. 4. Mathematics and logic are the same. Give up decisively when encountering a difficult problem. Don’t hesitate to get points later. When I took the test, I also had a few bad suggestions because the teacher didn’t give me draft paper, and the drawing on the test paper was messy and I couldn’t see clearly. But it does not affect the overall score. The topic depends on the key words, because the logical reading volume is really quite large. Look at the end of the question first, determine the type of the question, and then catch the keywords. The learning method within 50 minutes of logical allocation does not have to think about shortening the sleep time to learn. Good sleep is the key to ensuring efficient learning (when you feel that you can’t get into the book anyway. In fact, it may be insufficient sleep. You can try to adjust your schedule or drink a cup of coffee) In fact, you can have 12 hours of efficient learning time a day It’s all enough. (Preparation period) Get up and drink some water four hours in the morning, four hours in the afternoon, and four hours in the evening. You can set a rule for yourself: when you realize that you are distracted, as long as you drink water, you will immediately re-adjust and enter the learning state. I put a bottle of spray on the table and took a squirt. Cool and refreshing. In short, it is to give yourself a psychological hint. In addition, you have to know when is the most exciting time of the day? Just as athletes have periods of physical excitement, so do brains. In addition to school time, my most energetic time is from 8 to 10 in the evening. This time must be used for learning, and the efficiency is very high. So after going home for dinner, I will let myself relax. I will either play or sleep. In short, I will start studying at 8 o’clock in the evening, which is especially ritual.

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In fact, there is no need to blindly pursue a specific score, because everyone’s foundation, school choice, preparation, and the purpose of the postgraduate entrance examination are different, and there is no way to directly use the score to measure. Just like questions such as “How to lose weight to 90 pounds”, everyone’s height, weight, genes, and eating habits are still different. How can they be easily measured by the same standard? We can only say what we do in the process of preparing for the exam, so that we can maximize the efficiency of review, and then strive for more scores, and finally get admitted to the ideal college. Many respondents directly throw out their own particularly detailed experience posts, specific from a few months to a few months, and even what to watch and how to learn every day, which is quite meticulous. But I want to remind the subject that no matter how good someone else’s experience posts are, it is not feasible to copy them directly. No experience post can be applied to everyone’s situation. Therefore, the purpose of reading experience posts is mainly to understand the ideas and directions of exam preparation, learn from the failures of others, sum up successful experiences, and finally sum up the most suitable test preparation method for yourself. The main difficulty of the management exam is that it is the three subject exams. The time is tight and the amount of questions is large. It is easy to fall into the vicious circle of “blindly brushing the questions” but not being able to do it. In addition to the mathematics part, the two exams of logic and writing are all It is the content that most of the students did not have contact with and did not understand during the university. To some extent, if there is no good introductory guide, it is easy to make detours by fumbling and reviewing by yourself. Therefore, it is particularly important to organize a set of review methods that suit you in the early stage of preparation for the exam, and then combine the plan to go step by step. Putting the review into every day, I believe that quantitative changes can produce qualitative changes~ I myself was preparing for the exam and I was following the old Lv and Kang during the whole process, and I felt that it was quite suitable for me. For details, please refer to the previous test preparation experience post and write It is quite detailed, I hope it can be helpful as a reference~

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It is not easy to take 240+ in the written test. This is not just a question of methods, but also requires a proficiency in knowledge points. Asking this question should be planning to prepare for the mpacc exam. After all, if you want to take 240+ for the MBA exam, it is really rare. Every year The number of people taking a written test of 240+ is also very small. Anyway, it is really difficult for me to take a written test of 240+, so the next thing I want to talk about is how to achieve a high score with a low score, and even more secure. Everyone knows that usually the schools with higher academic lines are prestigious schools, but in order to select outstanding candidates in advance, prestigious schools usually set up early interviews. Why is it called early interview? In fact, it means to advance the interview in the re-examination before the joint examination of the written test. As long as you pass the interview in advance and get the offer, the requirements for the written test will be reduced. For example, for CUHK, the national line of MBA in 2020 is 175 points, and the university line of CUHK is 210 points. As long as you get an early interview offer, the written test only needs 175 points, which is basically no problem. In other words, the written test requirements are directly reduced by 35 points (from 210 points to 175 points). In the same way, even for students applying for mpacc, more and more colleges and universities will set up early interviews, so if there are early interviews, then the editor recommends that you must not miss it. Of course, many people are also saying how far is my gap from the MBA interview selection and assessment criteria? Click on the card below to self-assess the management cognition level of 985/211 MBA interviews in 5 minutes! Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei, JD and other big companies are all participating in the ↓↓↓MBA interview-management cognition level test! Secondly, having said so much, of course, it is necessary to share some written test preparation methods. You can take a look and learn from it if you have any suitable ones. The written test is divided into two subjects, English II and comprehensive ability (mathematics, logic, writing) must first provide a solid foundation. For logic and mathematics, you can look at the free basic part of a certain APP, and at the same time cooperate with its exercises, and do one chapter of exercises after reading a chapter. English is the vocabulary of the APP (such as scallop, Hundred Words), 300 words per day, and you can set goals according to your personal situation. Secondly, we must brush the real questions. After the foundation is consolidated, at the same time, after completing the real questions for a year, some apps now have free real questions to explain. After finishing, you can combine analysis to improve your mastery of knowledge points. If there is a lot of pressure to study later, you can also choose a sprint class to focus on training yourself. Of course, the editor also recommends to take a look at some of the preparation techniques for the written test.

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