Let me talk about my personal situation first, the middle and low level 985, I suddenly feel that the classwork is actually mixed and a surprise at the end of the term can also have good results. This has led to the fact that so far I have not brushed up on algorithm problems, and have repaired data structure c c++ java and computer-related. Course, the score is high, but I feel that the computer industry looks at real technology.When I was just in the sophomore year, I wanted to be forced to catch the ducks on the shelves due to the output of a project. I learned some basics of js. Then I learned that I wanted to export the app, and then I learned flutter (first time), and used flutter with a few friends of the same level. I made a simple app with only a dozen UIs on the back end written by nodejs on the mobile terminal. In fact, the middle is quite big. After all, I haven’t contacted the computer network before. Those network requests cross-domain are quite awkward. I finished it at the beginning. Be happy, and then I feel that we don’t have any talents and are very low. I feel that people will do a special nb as soon as they do it. Then try to watch some code on Github (heavy effort)The most outrageous thing is that the teacher asked us to use Android to develop maps natively (there is a section needed). We are currently in the second year of sophomore and have no clue and are very confused. Now consider using webview nesting to try it.I feel that I’m doing AI when I learn CS now. I once asked a friend some js questions, and he replied: I don’t do this anymore and I’m doing AI.Also due to the needs of the project, I ran through CNN image classification, LSTM, and time series related code, but I don’t feel like anything. In addition to the python basics, I can adjust a parameter at most. . . .I am very confused about the correct way of learning and what to do. In addition, the basic courses will be studied well 5555The writing is messy, everyone who can read it has worked hard 555

how to say. I think this question should be asked like this: What are the abilities to be able to enter a major factory? In my opinion, no matter how you learn something in your school, fresh graduates have no experience in textbooks, and there is no point in accumulating them. It is important to lay a good personal foundation, but when we actually recruit fresh graduates and interns, we mainly look at their learning ability and attitude towards work. The basic knowledge of graduates such as 985 and 211 will not be bad. It is important It depends on whether they have a clear vision and plan for the future. When the school recruits you to recruit you, we are actually mentally prepared. School recruiting is not a social recruiting. I do not have high technical requirements in the professional field. In my opinion, when interviewing you, you only need to show the following points, I think can. Clear future plans: Can you clearly know what your future path is, what you want to do, and what preparations have you made to achieve these plans? Have a strong thinking logic: What did you do during school, and what does it have to do with your development direction? Why did you do this, what did you get and what you learned? Smooth verbal communication, a little humor is best: I am in an Internet company. I welcome new students who are more cheerful and active after joining the team. I actively participate in company activities. I can express my views and attitudes in the project. Dare to stick to your own good ideas, and occasionally some activities inside and outside the company can enliven the atmosphere is the best. In summary, if you are a freshman, you only need to learn the basic skills and let the recruiting company feel that you are a plastic talent!


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8 months ago

In terms of employment, I am most afraid of having a wide range of skills, but I am complacent. Front-end, mobile, algorithms, machine learning, etc. are all fields as deep as the ocean. It is far less simple than imagined. It is a fact that “I feel like I learn CS now and do AI”. It is human nature to follow the trend, and there are various marketing accounts to hype AI, it is normal to squeeze in this direction. In fact, a large number of AI graduates have to learn Java from scratch to find R&D positions? Back to the question itself, sophomore year has your current level is actually very good. It’s not difficult to recite eight-legged essays and brush algorithmic questions. With a 985 status, it’s not difficult to go to a big factory for internship, and it’s not difficult to do things seriously without catching a fish. But have you chosen your direction? Which way to go? This is the important question

8 months ago

The same as the subject, the middle and lower reaches of 985, graduated from Tencent, Baidu and other big factory offer seniors to answer this question. Let’s take a look at the question of the subject: When I was just in my sophomore year, I wanted to be forced to catch the ducks on the shelves due to the output of a project. I learned some basics of js. Later I learned that I wanted to export the app and I learned flutter (first time). I made a simple app with only a dozen UI interfaces with a few friends of the same level using flutter as the backend written by nodejs on the mobile terminal. In fact, the middle is quite big. After all, I haven’t contacted the computer network before and those network requests cross-domain are pretty good. Confused, I was happy at the beginning when I finished it, and then I felt that we didn’t have any talents, and it was very low, and I felt that people would do a special nb as soon as they did it. It seems that the subject has been entangled in which application direction to choose: flutter, JS, etc., in fact, this is really a different story, and the focus of Dachang’s assessment of fresh students is not here. As a senior who has been an interviewer for Dachang for many years, I know the key points of Dachang’s assessment of corresponding students. I am very responsible and say that it is enough to learn the following: Algorithms and data structures: arrays, linked lists, binary trees, stacks, and sorting algorithms. , B+/B-tree, DP (Dynamic Programming), etc.; Crazy questions, Sabi algorithm questions, Leetcode, etc., are all pretty good, brush up the computer network: HTTP, DNS, ARP, TCP, IP, ICMP, UDP, etc. ; Operating system: IO, memory, multi-thread/multi-process, synchronization mechanism, processor scheduling and deadlock, device management, channel, etc.; computer composition principle: von Neumann computer composition, computer hierarchical structure, computer performance indicators, etc.; Choose a major basic language direction, such as Python, C++, Java, etc., and really conquer it; you can take a closer look at this 1000 likes answer, which contains the full route of my current impact on the big factory: what are the major issues for computer science and Suggestions for freshmen in technology majors? ​Www.zhihu.com In addition, if you want to graduate and enter a big factory, the following 6 points are very important: 1. Consolidate the basic knowledge of the computer system first, don’t build a high platform, many students start learning when the foundation is not solid The upper level applies language, so that not only a lot of background knowledge will become an obstacle, but the recruitment at school will also be in a disadvantageous position. Let’s just talk about the written test recruited by Dachang School, the algorithm must be tested, and it is the key point for pulling points. The basic knowledge of computer system includes the following directions: algorithms, data structures, operating systems, principles of computer composition, databases, and computer networks. In particular, the algorithm is the most important thing, the recruitment of big companies is mandatory, and even many interviewers will ask for handwriting. Arrays, linked lists, heaps, stacks, binary trees, B+/B-numbers, hashes…bubble, fast sorting, binary search, kmp, dp… these knowledge really determine you at a critical moment fate! When you have the opportunity to study, you need to do more questions. Brushing questions include basic data structure algorithm questions, and some routine questions (similar to sword-finger offer questions). The former is the basic and the latter is the kind of abnormal question that requires you to beat100. The idea is actually not difficult, and it is easy to do it. It can be passed, if the answer is not up, it will basically hang in seconds. When I graduated and interviewed for Tencent, the algorithm questions from the interviewer happened to be the ones I wrote on the PKU website of Peking University. At that time, I could only pretend to think in a panic for a few minutes, and then passed it perfectly. Also show you the questions I have written on the PKU of Peking University (I have two accounts, this is a small number, and the large number is about 500) Sword Finger Offer”, “The Beauty of Programming”, “Programming Pearls”, and “Crack over” “The code interview” TopCoder Leetcode, these are all arranged and put together! In addition, by the way, I will send a hard-core material to the younger students. If you want to enter a large factory, it is a good way for students who graduated from the computer major to start with the algorithm. It is very easy for people with strong algorithms to enter the large factory. The girls sent a notebook of algorithm brushing written by Ali P8, and many friends around me joined the big factory through it: Github crazy! The most powerful in history! Ali boss “LeetCode Handbook” is now available for download! ​Mp.weixin.qq.com 2. Read more classic computer books and classic books + practice is the fastest way to grow, especially for students majoring in computer science. The first classic book I read is: “C++ Primer”. It can be said that every example above has been machine-built. Then began to gnaw “Effective C++”, “More Effective C++”, “C++ Programming Principles”, “Deep Exploration of C++ Object Model”, “STL Source Code Analysis”, “Computer Network System Method”, “TCP/IP Detailed Explanation”. In addition to crazy self-study, graduation is also very stressful, but the more things you master, the more sure you are about the future. The process of crazy learning is boring and painful. It makes you crazy when you fail to pass the compilation report, and you doubt your IQ when you can’t learn the knowledge points. Some of the books I have read: In fact, the time gap for learning is not particularly large. The watershed is the utilization efficiency of unit time. We want to study with high value-added, and the added value of reading computer classics is extremely high. Here I also recommend a list of classic computer books that I have compiled (including data structures and algorithms, operating systems, computer networks, databases, and other classic books): I put the classic e-book library used in university and work (including data Structure, operating system, C++/C, web classics, front-end programming classics, Java related, programmer cognition, career development), a summary of job interviews and job hunting materials are all packaged here. This resource is not the usual kind of online search The resource is a complete package that accompanied me from a student to Tencent senior development engineer, 360 technical manager, 360 technical director, and CTO of small and medium-sized companies! Very precious! 3. Choose the right main attack direction. Don’t listen to your friend, and run to the AI ​​until he vomits blood. Whether to choose a Java back-end or a windows C++ front-end, or Android development, still needs to be determined as soon as possible. Make comprehensive preparations in such a targeted manner, including the usual practice and the goal of finding an internship, so that you will not panic when you are recruited in the spring and autumn. At the same time, I determine the main direction of my own, and I can also select the direction I am really interested in. Take myself as an example. The direction I chose during my studies is: C++ game development, so whether it is normal study or internship, it is always in Deliberately lean in this direction, and finally successfully joined Tencent Games on the occasion of graduation. Many friends will follow the trend and have not determined the main attack direction. This will not only not be able to gain additional advantages, but will also lead to find that the direction is not what they like after work, which is too embarrassing! In addition, let’s talk about the difficulty of the current technology job competition: Algorithm >>> Back-end/back-end development> Front-end> Client> Test development. If it is not particularly good, it is not recommended to go in the direction of algorithm. Basically, it is difficult for ordinary people to participate in fairy fights. Everyone should evaluate their own strength, and don’t squeeze the favorites if they are not particularly good. Imagine how fierce the competition is for popular positions in BAT, and why did you finally admit you? Some time ago, BAT’s machine vision and recommendation algorithm broke the admission ratio of 100:1. The point is to join the big factory first and land first. At this time, client and test development are also good choices. Everyone knows after work that the gap between positions is not that big, but the gap between large and small factories is really huge and difficult to make up. 4. More hands-on practice only learns, it is difficult to be really proficient without hands-on. Let me tell you a hands-on trick: computer programming itself is very boring, but things made with it can be full of fun! During the university, after I mastered C++, I also used it to make a lot of interesting things, such as: perpetual calendar, gobang, Tetris, etc. As the saying goes, interest is the best teacher, and I suggest you also use it in the process of learning coding. Dig up some interesting things:

8 months ago

I have to answer this question. It’s the same in the middle and lower reaches of 985. I only started to wake up around sophomore year and began to study seriously. I got a lot of BAT offers in my third year. Let’s take a look at your personal situation: middle and lower 985, suddenly I feel that the classwork is actually A surprise at the end of the mixed one can also have good results. This has led to the fact that so far I have not brushed up on algorithm problems, and have taken data structure c, c++, java and computer-related courses. The score is high, but I feel that the computer industry is based on real technology. . Key words: 985CS course, this is actually a good starting point, you can get a lot of offers from big factories with a little hard work! In fact, you have already realized that simply high performance points are not very useful (except for the research). The computer industry looks at technology. What is technology? I will give you a requirement/function. Can you implement it quickly, efficiently and accurately? Essentially it is programming ability. Programming ability is a skill in the final analysis, and skill is something that makes perfect. In addition, you said that you feel that you are doing AI when you learn CS. Once you asked a friend some js questions, he replied: I don’t do this anymore, I am doing AI. I strongly recommend that you don’t believe this friend, and now go to an undergraduate program to engage in AI. Except for some top schools, it is estimated that you will find it difficult to find a job in an algorithm post. Many 985 undergraduates can’t be found without papers and competitions. What are undergraduates going to squeeze? I would like to reveal some data to you. Some big companies, algorithms, and back-end positions have an investment ratio much higher than 30:1 (investment ratio = number of resumes: number of positions), so the lower the investment ratio, the less competition and more Good offer. Computer vision, recommendation algorithms, NLP, and back-end are all 30+: 1. In contrast, SRE (Operation and Maintenance), iOS, Android, data development, and test development are only 2:1! If it is easier to want to enter a big factory, let me tell you a few directions: front-end/back-end/client should be easier to enter the big factory, especially the client, now very few people learn. Regardless of the direction, look for one: brushing algorithm questions + basic knowledge (eight-legged essay of computing network operating system database) + language features/runtime (JVM, JDK container source code, STL source code) + projects, you should prepare for these. Do the following, graduate to become an offer harvester, 20k+ is not a big problem: algorithm questions, technical interview written examinations are all tested, so Leetcode has to brush at least two or three hundred questions. Of course, ACM is better. If you don’t review the questions, it will only be waiting for you. After all, it is very difficult now, and the interviewer can only increase the selection through algorithmic questions. Here is also a copy of the algorithm notes that helped me get offers from major manufacturers such as BAT. It was written by an Alibaba god. It is very useful for students who have weak algorithms or need to improve. Algorithms must be the top priority of computer learning. Heavy: Leetcode brushing notes written by BAT boss, after reading 80% of the algorithm questions! The data structure of mp.weixin.qq.com does not require you to hand-write the red-black tree, but the simple data structure of the AVL hash table must be implemented by yourself; linked lists and linear lists must be familiar enough that they can no longer be familiar, the standard library of the language Realize it, right? What Java hashmap, C++ vector, you have to know the implementation. Computer system knowledge, memory, stack, function call, number representation, etc., at least “CSAPP” has to go through it? (PS: This book is really suitable for programmers to complement the computer foundation. Operating system, you must know these things: what constitutes the operating system, process status, switching, scheduling and inter-process communication methods (shared memory, pipes, Message), the difference between processes and threads, the implementation of threads (one-to-one, many-to-one, etc.) mutual exclusion and synchronization (semaphores, monitors, locks), deadlock detection and avoidance of concurrency classic problems: reader writers , Philosopher’s dining problem, why virtual memory is needed, how does the MMU specifically do address translation, why is the memory segmented, paging, and page replacement algorithm how the file system is organized, how the virtual file system (VFS) is abstracted, it is best to combine Linux implementation Take a look, I recommend “Linux Kernel Design and Implementation”. For example, there is no distinction between threads and processes in Linux. It is a task_struct. In addition, I also highly recommend MIT6.828 to learn about the operating system to implement some thread management, file system, etc. , Isn’t the computer science class doing these. You can read more classic computer books during the learning process. For example, I organize the e-book library myself. It is definitely not packaged and downloaded on the Internet, but I need to learn something. When you have knowledge of direction, you need to look at it, find one by one on the Internet, and finally summarize it. A collection of programming languages ​​(Java, C++, C, Python, etc.), operating systems, computer networks, system architectures, design patterns, and programmers Mathematics, testing, middleware, front-end development, background development, network programming, Linux use and kernel, database, Redis… and other mainstream programming learning books. I will continue to improve this part as my own small The e-book library is not much, but the price is refined. The books I have compiled can be obtained here. They are very helpful for students studying computer and are very systematic: computer network, this feels relatively simple, but the knowledge of computing network is more complicated. Many students reported that the network is difficult to learn. After learning a lot of network protocols in turn, they still don’t know how the network is constructed. This is the useless learning method, which leads to only seeing the trees but not the forest. When studying, it is recommended You seize the main line “How is a data packet sent?” With this question, go to learn the application layer, the transport layer, the network layer, and the link layer in turn, and think about how these layers are connected in series. This is the self The top-down thinking is naturally recommended: The book “Computer Networks: Top-Down Method” starts with the application layer protocols that we most often touch, such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and can clearly see the introduction of each layer. Function. When learning each layer of the protocol, it is best to capture the packets yourself and see what happens if wireshark captures packets with three fast retransmissions? This will make the image more profound. In addition, if you need to find computer books, don’t go to CSDN Downloaded from these places, search it directly in this Github open source repository, you can go to star to find it directly next time: imarvinle/awes You can read more about ome-cs-books. 3000+ High praise: What level does a programmer need to reach 20k without pressure? Looking for projects, you can look at this: After learning C++ Primer, what projects can you practice or see the source code of good open source projects? To learn operating systems, you can read this: How did you learn the course of operating systems in the first place? Looking for a job, choosing an offer, and choosing a company, you can read this: Which Internet companies are worth joining in the computer school recruitment in 2022? It’s boring to learn programming in college. If you want to make some money, you can look at this. You can make money while learning programming. It’s cool: What are the ways for college students to earn living expenses by programming skills?

8 months ago

Psychologically speaking, you can realize that you are not good enough and have the willingness to improve your abilities. This is what the seniors here want to see. At the same time, there is also a little worry. If you can’t get the correct guidance in your sophomore year, it is easy to fall into the knowledge trap. Especially the shaking in the direction of future learning is the most terrifying. Basically, your predecessors have made similar mistakes. It took many detours to understand the truth. Does not give you specific output of which book to read, which learning path to follow, etc. As long as you can understand a few truths that we have summarized in our work and believe in them, we will be very happy. 1. Dachang’s requirements for school admissions are still very relaxed, because they hope to have fresh blood to do some ordinary work. Because these jobs were left by the batch of recruits last year, that batch of people either got on or got off. The corresponding skill requirements are not so strict. 2. It seems that college time is very abundant, but it actually flies by. Then the only thing that needs to be done is to only exert force in one direction and don’t move around. Remember one sentence: Bo two rabbits, not one rabbit. 3. The development speed of programming itself is not as fast as imagined. Now the mainstream is still the mainstream after you graduate. Don’t be distracted by the nihilistic “If you study for a long time and have no place to use it, it will not be wasted”. 4. The idea of ​​solving problems will always be more valuable than coding beautiful codes. Various problem-solving schemes on the Internet will at least work harder than before the college entrance examination. If you can’t cultivate the habit of solving problems, when you enter the company Later, you will find that there are really many people who type faster than you think. 5. Technology is a tool! Technology is a tool! Technology is a tool! 6. Don’t do things beyond your ability, just like github you said. You think you can get inspiration from others, but in fact, you basically didn’t understand what it meant after watching it for a day. Put yourself down a bit, and lay the foundation is to lay the foundation, there is nothing to be ashamed of. I would rather play the known unskilled concept thousands of times than try to challenge the difficult ones. 7. There is a particularly awkward movement, so I hesitate to say it. To broaden the horizons of computers means to sort out the theoretical systems involved in the entire program design. Only expand the concept derived from a certain point, and cannot fall into the ocean of knowledge because of obsessive-compulsive disorder. This degree, to be honest, is realized when solving practical problems at work. It is necessary to have a large and comprehensive expansion, but also not to give up a little bit of the foot because of the pursuit of the surface. Special reminder: If you really can’t understand this concept, please give up expanding the scope of knowledge and focus on what is in front of you. 8. Python is very popular now, and I believe it will not be bad in the future. May be used as a starting point for learning. 9. No programmers from any big factory rely on one language for food, are they all gods? Can learn? In fact, the reason is very simple. If you have thoroughly studied any one, you can see that the others are younger brothers, and you can learn quickly. Nine is the extreme number, just write so much, the truth seems ordinary but it is bitter tears.

8 months ago

A senior old dog answered. I am studying for a computer major in 211. I feel that there are many answers at the bottom of the question and a little sales anxiety, so I can’t help but answer a wave. Entering a big factory is really not that difficult, as long as you are determined and willing to work hard, you can definitely enter. Take the people around us as an example. We are a professional buddy who has middle and lower grades (looks like 2 or 3 subjects). The code ability before is also average, all of which are at the middle level. In the second half of the year, I decided to find a job for my undergraduate degree and started to read books. Now I have gotten an internship offer (Java back-end) from Tencent headquarters. There are not many people who decide to find internships in the same major, and most of them are preparing to study for a master’s degree. Find internships from NetEase, Tencent (both in the headquarters and local branches), and other professional Ant Financial, Byte and so on all have internship offers. Needless to say, the difficulty of internship conversion is compared with school recruitment, right? Don’t make a big mistake and it’s basically stable. In terms of what effort can be made to enter a big factory, I think the most important thing is persistence. Although the guy from the Tencent headquarters I mentioned above played all the games in the past two years, he really worked hard before finding an internship. I read 100 pages of books every day (Java, netty, JVM and other related books), type code to understand, and brush questions. I don’t go to class every day but spend a day in the library. With this perseverance, you can be successful in anything you can tell the truth. If the subject wants to enter a big factory, I suggest to determine the employment direction from now on (Java background, C++ bottom layer, etc.), and then start to learn related knowledge. The deeper the knowledge, the better. For example, Java’s netty, if you want to learn, you must learn the low-level source code level, or don’t mention it on your resume. If you mention HR, it will lower your impression. The other thing is to brush up the questions. Stick to these two things for a year. When the subject finds an internship next spring, you will find that Dachang is actually not that difficult at all.

8 months ago

In the summer vacation of non-science class (Mathematics Department), I found an algorithm practice in the direction of machine learning and learned statistical learning methods. Watermelon book reinforcement learning has entered a deep learning direction. Stanford Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing have two open courses and homework. Hongyi’s gan vae has worked in some things in the laboratory for three or four months, and I have gone through the pytorch document, computer basic data structure, basic sword finger offer, and saw less than 20 questions, leetcode, and 20 linux instructions and vim are all after entry. An atypical example of studying on the subway. At that time, the visa couldn’t be obtained all the time. Then I asked about simple data structures and algorithms while looking for an internship. The computer network operating system asked directly about the knowledge in the project. How did the thesis experiment work, and how it looks improved now. Except for the good answer in the thesis experiment, the others asked about the directions after entering the job in a mess. According to these directions, I designed the network structure and experiments. I just prepared a little before the face. The answer was okay, and then I was confused into the group. I felt that the luck component was quite large. At that time, the competition was not very fierce, and it is estimated that the interviewer saw that I was not a subject and only sophomore gave me water. Reading papers every day, I was not able to code at that time, and then I kept fishing, and after the end of the summer vacation, I started my junior life. It is estimated that I should not be able to find an internship at this level.

8 months ago

The subject is currently a student of 985 colleges and universities, and is still a class student. This starting point is already very good. It is a good ticket to enter the big factory. Of course, just having a degree is not enough. The subject himself has said The credits and grade points in school are actually not very helpful to our employment. The main thing is to pay attention to the technical level. In addition, the idea that the usual schoolwork is mixed and the final assault can have good results is very incorrect. The course standard of the professional teacher during the university study itself is quite full, and I can’t wait for a big lecture. After finishing half of the book, the remaining half will go back to study on my own. Of course it’s a bit exaggerated, but it’s true. It’s not as easy as trying to get into a key local high school when you were about to enter the entrance examination in junior high school. It’s like the college entrance examination. Could it be that it’s significant to study near the college entrance examination? Has it improved? too difficult. Therefore, it is recommended that the subject of the subject should be patient and find out the one direction that he is most interested in from now on. He knows a lot and is complicated, but is not precise enough. This is the problem. You must have the ability to be able to do it, at least To be proficient in a certain direction.

8 months ago

Middle-low level 985, I suddenly felt that the classwork was actually mixed and a surprise at the end of the term could have good results. This led to the fact that so far I have not brushed up on algorithm problems, and have taken data structure c c++ java and computer-related courses. The computer industry looks at real technology. The subject’s academic qualifications are indeed very good, but I feel that the psychology that mixed courses can also have good results at the end of the course is not agreeable, and it is not recommended that there is such a fluke mentality. After all, it is still a comparison to miss a course during college. For serious matters, make-up exams or retakes are needed, no matter what, it is undoubtedly more troublesome. After reading, I found that there are indeed a lot of things that the subject of the subject covers. This is a very classic one, and nothing is good. In fact, what computer students are most afraid of is this, at least they must be proficient in one subject. , If you want to enter a big factory, you must at least have your own direction, so how should those who are not proficient choose the direction of entering the big factory? Therefore, the first task at present is actually to find one’s own position, see which direction you are more interested in, and then focus on learning. Clear goals can improve learning efficiency.

8 months ago

As a sophomore, you must find the direction and stick to it, and you must be the third year at the latest, so that you feel that the direction needs to be adjusted, and there is a buffer for the fourth year. Of course, the direction should not change. For the question of direction, you can see the requirements of recruitment software and the status quo of the industry. Take me as an example. For Coban, I found an embedded direction myself. Later I found that this piece is mainly for writing applications. The board and drivers are the responsibility of the hardware brother (even provided by the original manufacturer). I simply transferred to software development, although I always The goal is to develop in the direction of the operating system. But there is always an entry point, isn’t it? So give up the in-depth study under the development of MCU driver (the legendary change register, write timing algorithm), application (write sampling and filtering algorithm if necessary) development (such as manual boot boot code), and transition from embedded linux ( It is not in-depth, it is just a brief learning and guiding process, compilation process, tailoring process, and transplantation process), and then to the development of higher-level Linux applications (really adding, deleting, modifying, and checking). Fixed four hours a day, concurrently learning unp, c++ and qt, the general plan is to learn c++, qt, unp, apue, operating system principles (make up lessons, because the undergraduate is too watery), database principles, data structures (enhanced , This subject needs continuous hard work), network principles (make up lessons, because the undergraduate course is too watery), and there are no arrangements for the design mode and soft engineering for the time being. (Rus is still waiting and watching, and I may learn it after I have mastered some level in C++) I can’t say in more detail, I feel that I am a little far away from the subject of the subject. My experience is only for reading, but you can think about the ideas. If you want to enter a big factory to tell the truth, you really need to plan ahead. Fortunately, you still asked this question, and the programmers will give you a lot of useful experience.

8 months ago

It is recommended to have more interviews and more internships. First determine what position you want to do, front-end, back-end, front-end, client, etc. Go for an internship when you are roughly ready. As far as the interview is concerned, it is not very different from the autumn recruitment/spring recruitment. They are all algorithmic questions + projects / internships + foundation. 1. Algorithmic questions suggest Niuke + Leetcode. 2. The project prepares one according to the delivery position. 3. Basically, you can sort out the questions on Niuke by yourself, or pay attention to some people or public accounts, get the corresponding interview questions, and recite them directly. It is not recommended to read a book. Reading is slow and the back is fast. Find an internship first and then slowly learn to read books to learn the corresponding knowledge.

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