The shy was willing to choose the tank, and successively chose a handful of Orne and two handfuls of Thayne. Is this a good thing? This is a good thing, at least he is no longer obsessed with those weird top orders, but I have to admit that the shy’s line pressure has plummeted from S9.

Speaking of Thain of the shy, the most famous scene is the solo kill of EZ.
In 2018, it was unbeaten. Even including two super decisive battles with the KT quarterfinals, the shy also took out Thain in the decisive game. You must know that he was facing the crow, and he was not hit by the knife. It can be seen that the shy does not know how to play tanks, and even his tanks can play an anti-counter effect. It is just the team’s play style and his own positioning that allow him to choose more heroes who dance on the tip of the knife. But today’s performance of the shy is an interpretation: the hero who has chosen to resist pressure has not chosen a resistive play style. After their own line-up suppression power, after the rise of LPL’s new generation of operational top laners, it is really difficult for the shy to become a line-up demon like S8 again. How did the first snowball on the road roll up? It is this wave of kills, but the avalanche effect is not achieved overnight, there is always a process of accumulation. The shy got a blood with the help of xun, but still chose to exchange blood with the crocodile frequently (not yet), and directly lost the whole wave of pawns. Imagine if the shy was aligned normally, it would not be too early to lose this wave of pawns. At level 6, is there room for a crocodile to poop and pee on his head like this? It was the shy who had not reached the sixth level and was blasted by a blasting wine barrel. The shy did not change afterwards, but refused to resist the pressure. He died and died again and again, and directly became the SN Ueno cash machine. . The second one was even more outrageous. It was the familiar xun who caught the road to death, and the familiar the shy sent the advantage back.
Abin glanced, you cleared all the skills in front of me, who do you look down on? But the shy’s death did not change, TP came back and continued to die, xun finally opened the breakthrough on the road and was closed by the shy again. Second, why did SN accumulate three dragons so quickly? Because xun doubles up on the road again to take the rhythm, take the lead on the road, and naturally there will be loopholes in the bottom road. Although the fans have problems during operation, their consciousness is still top-notch. The three little dragons are easily included in the bag, forcing IG The four dragons must come to fight the group, and then the tragedy of the IG Dragon Soul Group occurred. So the same sentence: I chose a hero who resisted pressure, but didn’t choose a resistive style of play. I feel that there is no essential difference from the appearance of his illness some time ago. He still didn’t recognize his position. Either choose a hero like the Tsar with strong laning and strong in the late stage, I can’t support it, at least it will make your mid laner also unable to move, or choose a hero like Zoe, Syndra, and Card who can play strong laning or support. But today’s two Victors, I believe that all the audience can see that Song Yijin can’t take advantage of the middle lane, and he can’t move, even if it is forced to move. Just like the second one, the Czar will directly put you in the middle lane. The blood tower was pulled out. Why did the second IG stand up for so long? Because Xun is really awesome, a Udyr played Galio’s effect, and his shadow is on the whole map. But to be clear about one thing, when IG can only rely on junglers to maintain its rhythm, IG itself has already had a problem. So in the final analysis, I really didn’t understand. What’s the point of choosing Victor and Thain for IG’s two games today? One can’t liberate rookie, and the other keeps the shy from getting worse. On the contrary, the bottom lane and the jungler had a good time, and both of his thighs were actually turned off. If IG intends to choose this mid-up to procrastinate, then it’s a procrastinating style of play. Victor is relieved to develop and waits for Nosuke to bring the rhythm. In the early and mid-term, he has been dead on the road, and he has to support it in the middle. What is the style of play? In general, what IG showed me today is a really unsightly game. It’s a pity that I played such a wonderful quality round of EDG a few days ago. Hey…When will IG maintain a stable state?


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Combining the two games of ig playing edg and ig playing sn, they proved how unsolvable the czar is in this current version of lpl, especially in the duel of strong teams. In the generally late midlane ecology, the czar is the line tyrant who can push the line, and the hand leader can keep the line, can open and defend the team, and can develop single belt. The most terrifying thing is that he is also very strong in the late period Hand length). In this version, his hero curve has almost no weak segments. These 2 igs are a bit like the edg that they defeated. Because of the problem of the middle route, ig is almost on the more passive side in resource competition. Regardless of the number of czars who died in the early stage, as long as it replenishes troops normally, it will be able to play very well. Relatively speaking, Victor is very embarrassed, and can almost only be used for harvesting, unable to cause too much influence on team battles. Even Song Yijin’s Victor still can’t change this fact. In addition, the czar has one of the most disgusting points, it also has a lot of restrictions on adc. Especially in the bot lane where the short-handed approach is now the main goal, the czar poke the adc twice before the team battle, and the adc operation in this wave of team battle is not very mobile. Because of the long hand, you can’t open it again, and you can barely get beaten passively. The Tsar’s point is too critical, and only one clockwork is left that has similar attributes to him. Just look at the winning percentage after the year to see how strong the Czar is in the current version.

9 months ago

IG, who was still like a rainbow the day before yesterday, was hung up and beaten by SN today. So far I have fully realized that at my level, trying to predict the outcome of the game is basically a idiot. The current LPL is simply the Warring States model, and it is all ruthless. One of the most confusing things about the shy is that you want to have a line-up advantage when you play meat, and you want to be aggressive and hurt when you play meat team battles. It can be said to be a typical example of abandoning everything. Therefore, resistance to pressure is also a science. Being able to play fiercely, being able to play laning advantage, being able to play with long hands and short hands does not mean being able to withstand pressure, it is a science, team-based ordering is not easier than carry-type ordering. If the shy didn’t want to fight that much in the end, and stood honestly in front of Longkeng, there might be a slight turnaround in this round.

9 months ago

As a new fan who only became a fan of ig in 19 years, I have to say a few things I don’t really want to say. What was the most fundamental problem with ig last season? Everyone knows that Nosuke can’t do it. Then, why did ig change to Nosuke, but the record did not rise but fell? The reason is cruel, because the upper middle and upper class, which was originally the cornerstone of ig, is not working anymore, or in other words, it is not working that much anymore. As a ts fan, I have to say. The biggest problem is ts. The most terrible problem: the hero pool of ts, the real damage ig. Currently, among the seven heroes with an appearance rate of more than 10%, Crocodile and Qinggang Ying, he is not used, at least not this season. Even if he couldn’t take out the confidence to grab Qing Gang Ying, he couldn’t take out the crocodile to counter Qing Gang Ying. In addition, the barrel is not very clear, resulting in him only 4 regular heroes can use. And when xun selected Lilia, in order to avoid the three aps of Ueno, he could not choose Aoun. Then at some point, ts will fall into a dilemma where no hero is available. For example, when sn presses Jess and Quinn and chooses the crocodile, he did not grab the crocodile, and the counter chose the culprit Thain. . At least half of the failure in the first small game is due to ts. Part of the problem with the hero pool was due to the version, which caused Kenan, Rambo, Akali, and Swordsman, the heroes he had used so well before, to be extremely weak and unable to play. And because of the version, the sword demon, who could not decide in the first place, was not so easy to use. However, once in the world, I couldn’t get out of the Qinggang Ying, the crocodile on the two regular orders, half of the spring game, never used it once. It can only be described in two words, which is outrageous.

9 months ago

He really did it, fished it, not as strong as before, and lost his dominance level. Here, it’s not that he is weak, but that he doesn’t have the kind of outrageous strength that can kill the crocodile with an Aoun. Coupled with the frequent care of the jungler and the loss of the well-known canyon raising D person back squatting, the data of ts, except for the average damage and the percentage of damage, is almost nothing to see. After talking about ts, talk about rookie. It has little to do with rookie itself, or because of the version, the influence of the mid lane on the game is declining, which directly leads to the decline of rookie’s influence on the game. In this era when the mid laner is more inclined to support his teammates and his injuries accounted for an average of 20%, the mid laner has far less influence on the game than before. Rookie’s knife gap is often flattened by a wave of successful walks from the opponent. It’s not a big problem, it’s very simple. As you get older, your repressive power drops. Over half of the same season, rookie’s various data are much better than ts, but they only belong to the upper-middle level of lpl. This is good enough for a veteran, but not good enough compared to himself in previous years. At least, it is not good enough to directly affect the situation. Rookie has been eating grass and squeezing blood for so many years. Finally, the blood is about to dry, and it’s time to squeeze something out. When the main ig of the upper middle field, the upper middle voice is not loud, or even there is no sound, what will ig win? Do you rely on the miracle group again and again?

9 months ago

One win and one loss, the record is solid. On the road, Song Jiang went online, and Brother Ji in the middle road was invisible. Poor playing, the team rhythm is crushed is one aspect. On the other hand, the middle and upper drivers used two old drivers and electric welders in a row. The old drivers thought it was to supplement the team’s role in the front row, but the middle order can’t blame Brother Chicken for being invisible. The electric welders are really useless. Especially when compared with the Tsar who is more capable of finding opportunities. Especially for the second one, two double-c’s with no displacement were selected. In the second round, bp also banned two ads to release the czar. Isn’t this looking for a push? The team battle also saw, Riel and the czar entered the game over. Brother Ji is not very suitable now. Victor is a hero who is purely online and can’t bring rhythm. If Brother Chicken can’t move, it will be difficult to play the ig game. The second one is very obvious, a very classic lineup, with two late big cs, Ueno is the front row team, and the auxiliary can put the lantern to save people. From the bp, it can be seen that in the first round, Yuenan and Thresh were directly locked, and they were directly betting on the road. It seems that ig is not very suitable for this lineup, it still depends on the whole team to work together. The richest man is still 6, and the barrels are looking for opportunities. The second Olaf directly df grabs Xiaolong very decisively. By the way, I didn’t expect that these two teams would work hard for a playoff spot.

9 months ago

TheShy used to be my hero. He almost relied on his own power to make the spring, summer and autumn of 2018 so interesting and so enjoyable, so that I always yelled in the dormitory, so excited. Theshy was also the hero of many heroes. He asked Thain to wash away the title of the bastard, and made the crab unstoppable like a tank. His Carmel and Sword Fairy were so light and agile, both wearing butterflies and flying immortals. What’s more commendable is that his mage is also at ease, the mainstay Ryze, the vampire who tries to repair the sky…Of course, of course, there is also the crocodile who took the two away calmly, the almost unbeaten Rambo, the angel who turned the tide. , The unparalleled Akali, the Kenan who reproduced the sky thunder… In 18, or even 19, he was simply an omnipotent god. No, at the time, he surpassed the gods, but a monster that broke through the limits of various imaginations. You can do your job at any moment, turn defeat into victory at any moment, and create miracles at any moment. He was not the Almighty King from the beginning, but a superb

9 months ago

Xun should be the most respected person in this BO3IG. Xun didn’t expect to be the dean just now. TS is really outrageous now. It’s so diligent to play Sion and exchange blood with the crocodile. The first one is to get a blood first and then be taken. Is there really no one to thread the thread? Did he not recognize his current situation? Even the doll realizes that TS only needs to keep the state steady. He is going to exchange blood, and then he is killed, pushed the thread, and the tower is dismantled. The breakthrough broiler has also fallen sharply. It is more fascinated than the game against EDG, but the Czar is really strong now. Two and half a catastrophe. On the contrary, SN is stupefied. Two little suspenseful crushes have to come back.

9 months ago

ig Schrödinger’s top-level pua master is involved in pushing and pulling, so I let you gather in Incheon the day before yesterday. Today makes you want to swim halfway back. It’s harder than modern physics. It’s harder than modern physics. The heart of a woman is harder than a woman’s heart. It’s harder to predict the state of the ig game when you play edg. went? Today is line-to-line, I can’t beat a team, I can’t beat a team, I can’t beat Mr. Shy. The day before yesterday, the gods went down to the earth. Today, I have to live in the ICU. Yesterday, Xiaohu Saien didn’t watch it. I haven’t eaten pork and I haven’t seen a pig run. Xiaohu just came here. All of the top laners know that when you put the line in in the early stage, you will feel at ease with the knife. Good guy shy directly presses on to beat Jace and then gets single-killed…

9 months ago

I thought that playing edg was ig’s awakening, but now it seems that edg takes the shy too seriously. In fact, edg’s two igs are both early advantages, and the economy is the advantage, but it is the team battle that can’t beat ig. And sn’s teamfighting ability should be one of the best in the world, sn’s style has always been to use the late lineup to drag, and use teamfight to solve the opponent in the middle and late stages. I mentioned the comparison between the shy and bin in my other answer to the shy. Many people disagree with my view that bin is better than the shy. Today’s game everyone should be aware of it. This is normal, British. The empire still misses the glory that never sets. The first sn is banned Quinn, Jess, this is to tell ig to use the crocodile, ig can grab the crocodile in the fourth hand, but the shy just doesn’t play the crocodile, there is no way, and then sn chooses the crocodile, the shy There is no hero to fight head-on. The conter chooses a Thain mixed. If it is replaced by a bin, if Qinggang Ying, Quinn, and Jess are banned, the crocodile is chosen first, and the bin can choose a weapon, a sword demon. , Captain, but the shy can’t work. I guess someone will say that the shy just used the Sword Demon to play edg. Let me answer first. The last one used the Sword Demon because the Holy Spear first chose Thain, and then he chose. The pressure of a sword demon hitting Thain is different from that of a backhand selecting a sword demon hitting a crocodile, not to mention the short-handed glory bin on the opposite side.

9 months ago

At the beginning of the game, xun caught at level three, the shy got a blood, but the line was still beaten by the bin, and then the crocodile’s advantage radiated the whole team, and the ig was quickly penetrated. The second one, ig is on the blue side, and the shy is playing Cheyenne first. At this time, the crocodile is still outside. My heart feels cold when I see that ig plays Cheyenne first. Bin can use the crocodile if the other side plays Cheyenne first. Sword Ji, Captain are heroes, but the bin chose Jace, I understand his psychology too well. If the second bin continues to choose the crocodile, ig will lose as quickly as the first one, but bin is a young man like this. In the face of the shy, it is understandable to want to use Jess to show the hero pool. Then he was also caught in Jess, and Thain was still single-killed. In the team battle, Thain kept pretending to chase people, and Yueman was not protected. , This is too ridiculous, choose a Thain laning period to pretend, if you are killed, you need xun to help you, teamfights do not protect the c position, then why do you choose meat? In these two games, the shy has the biggest problem, bp is the second, and the top single is the meat. Rookie has to choose the strong heroes in the early and mid-term to have the rhythm. It is useless to choose Victor between the two. Why not use the mid laner Lucian? Xun’s ap hero plays better, isn’t it a perfect match to match the single Lucian? And Lucian of rookie is more reassuring than Lucian of the shy. Now it seems that ig is really hopeless.

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