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Don’t, I am from the Chinese Department. My teacher is a Mandarin tester. She said that there are too many templates for scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Then our teacher said that this is a digression. Also, it’s best not to memorize poems, lyrics, book titles, or repeat a paragraph. If you want to say something, just quote a few sentences. Don’t say it throughout. This is what you say. Those sentences will be regarded as invalid segments, and the time occupied by these sentences will not be counted as three minutes, and then points will be deducted if the time is not enough, so it is best to say it yourself. The Putonghua test is quite simple. Don’t be too nervous. You can pass the second class with a word by word and a more rounded tone during the test. One B is more difficult, but it should be simpler for northerners. Anyway, I am a southerner who can’t distinguish between the front and back nasal sounds, so I can only pass the second class. , The second question reads vocabulary, the third question reads the text segment, and the fourth question speaks according to the given topic. The first three questions are all scored by the machine. The last question will show the audio of your speech recorded on the computer to the Mandarin tester, and then the Mandarin tester will give the score, and then calculate the total score. If your score is more than one B, it may be reviewed. The review is that the Mandarin tester will listen to your audio from the first to the fourth question again, and then give the score again. Of course, it may be different in different places, and different Mandarin testers give different points, so I don’t know if it is inconsistent with what I said. The suggestion I can give is that it’s best to talk about the propositions by yourself. You can search for several propositions on Baidu and prepare them in advance. If you really don’t want to prepare, then immediately start to use your imagination to compile it when you get the question. Don’t worry too much, anyway, you can take another test if you don’t take it once. Come on!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

1. There is too much content to recite. Although the last question of the Putonghua test is propositional speech, and the scope is generally listed in 30 articles, the randomness of the questions is too large. If it is for the last question, all 30 sample essays should be memorized. , Too much time and energy was wasted, so don’t! At the same time, there is no guarantee that what you memorize will definitely be tested. In addition, by squeezing all of these areas into one’s head, some of the content is easy to confuse and may have a counterproductive effect in the test. At the same time, memorizing manuscripts is likely to inhibit our thinking and cause jams in the process of speaking. 2. It’s too similar. Many friends choose to memorize the model essay and use it directly when the time comes. This makes the tester sound a lot of “familiarity” and directly reduces the tester’s score on your score. 3. This is a propositional speaking, not a recitation of the last question in the Putonghua test. The purpose of the last question is to test your ability to speak Putonghua on the spot, not your ability to recite. Because the third question has been examined. At the same time, in the eyes of the tester, one of the points deducted for the last question in Putonghua is-the content of the speech is less than 3 minutes, digression, and the content is the same. Therefore, Xiao Mengxin recommends that friends not directly memorize the model essay. So how do we make the “propositional talk” well? Intrusion and deletion must first know the purpose of the last question in Putonghua. Many friends treat this question as an oral composition, worrying that they will have nothing to say for 3 minutes. In fact, this question really examines the ability of the friends to speak Mandarin without any text assistance, not the ability of language organization. 1. Understand the common sayings of the test: “Don’t fight the battle without preparation”, “Know yourself and the enemy can survive a hundred battles.” Before the test, you must know what you will test for this proposition. General examination: 1. My ideals 2. My study life 3. The people I respect 4. My favorite animals (or plants) 5. My childhood memories 6. My favorite profession 7. Unforgettable travel 8. My Friends 9. Literature (or other) art forms I love 10. Talk about hygiene and health 11. My spare time 12. What season (or weather) I like 13. My experience of learning Mandarin 14. Talk about clothing 15. Me My holiday life 16, my growth path 17, talk about the development of science and technology and social life 18, the customs I know 19, I and sports 20, my hometown (or familiar place) 21, talk about food 22, I like Festival 23, my collective (school, institution, company, etc.) 24, talk about social ethics (or professional ethics) 25, talk about personal cultivation 26, my favorite star (or other famous person) 27, my favorite Books 28. Talk about the understanding of environmental protection 29. Where I yearn for 30. My feelings about shopping (consumption) Usually it will give two questions, choose one to talk. These two questions will not exceed the scope of these 30 chapters, so friends must understand these 30 questions and know what the scope of this question is. Second, classify the questions to understand which major questions are being examined, the second step is to classify these answers according to their difficulty; for example, my XX is biased towards oneself, which is relatively simple. It is a bit more difficult to talk about other opinions based on individuals. Xiao Mengxin simply divides them into two categories: simple: my ideals, my study and life, the people I respect, my favorite animals (or plants), childhood memories, my favorite careers, unforgettable trips, my friends, my favorite stars (or Other celebrities) my favorite books, my hometown (or familiar place), my holiday life, my growth path, my spare time, my favorite season (or weather), difficult: the remaining topics three, choose simple Generally, the last question usually chooses one from the simple and the more difficult, and lets you choose one to speak. Naturally, we have to choose from the simple ones. 4. How to prepare the last question quickly when a profession solves it. Xiao Mengxin suggests that friends use one word to run through most simple topics. For example: Teachers are so “My Ideal”-to be a teacher; “My Study Life”-how the teacher learns; “The Person I Respect”-a teacher; “Childhood Memories”-related to the teacher ; “My Favorite Profession”-Teacher; “My Friend”-a teacher; “My Favorite Star (or other famous person)”-Teacher Zhang Guimei; “My Holiday Life”-how is the teacher’s holiday Spend. 5. Total-Score-The last question of the general structure If the friend feels that my speech is unorganized, or the logic is not clear. Then according to the “total score total” structure.

8 months ago

Try not to memorize the model essay directly. The essence of propositional speaking lies in speaking, not reading. If you find a recitation, it is no different from reading aloud in the third question. Our accents are different when we read and we speak. When we recite, it is easy for others to hear it right away, and points are easily deducted. It is recommended to find ideas for organizing language through online articles, and then add your own life to enter. The most important thing is that your pronunciation must be accurate. In summary, like my hometown, you can summarize according to the article: where is my hometown, what are the characteristics of my hometown, the special traditional culture of my hometown, the memories my hometown has left me, I am The feelings of my hometown, what I plan to do with my hometown and so on

8 months ago

No, can you suggest that you write a small essay of three to four hundred words before the test, and then repeat it after polishing. I do it myself. The question I picked during the exam was my favorite plant, and then I was talking about the sunflower that I had prepared before. I said it in terms of practicality, ornamentation, and medicinal spiritual representation, because it’s my own. I prepared it and wrote it myself, so I have a deep memory, and I was relatively organized when I said it, and then I finished it smoothly in three minutes.

8 months ago

I think the model essay memorized sounds like memorized. Because the last proposition is different from the previous three questions, it is a manual evaluation rather than a machine evaluation. The memorized article feels different from the article I want to say afterwards. If you memorize the sample essay, you will be very nervous when you get stuck. It is difficult to save the scene at that time, and points will be deducted if you recite a long time between events. I think for the last proposition, you can look at the sample essay, understand which aspects of various propositions can be started, and then enrich his frame structure according to your actual situation or what you know. This will be much better, just It’s like talking and telling stories, so I won’t be so nervous anymore.

8 months ago

Advise the subject to find the sample essay first, then change it by yourself, change it into the tone of speaking by yourself, and then string two sentences into it, usually practice more at home, and prepare the sample essay as long as possible. Generally, it takes only 2.30 seconds after the memorization. Then I think of a way to say a few more words, it’s almost the same.

8 months ago

The last question I am a student at school is listening to my school teacher + listening to the machine. The teacher will add his own understanding to the deduction requirements. It is similar to counting sheep. One listening with zero points is a template, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and deductions. Points are deducted, but you can say it if you really don’t chatter, but you have to say it for three minutes. I have a voice defect. I only passed the Putonghua test twice. The first time I wrote each of the 30 articles. It came out, the last question said it was old, a little stumbling, it just happened to be stuck for three minutes, but the thing is still, my roommate said that he did not know what to say, and it stopped for half a minute (no I know if it’s an exaggeration), but it’s the second time I have to take the test on Friday, and I didn’t know my phonetic defect until Thursday night. My roommate helped me find a pronunciation method, and it’s all right. It’s a magical proposition. I took a brief look at the few who were talking, and they fell down. It’s time to go to bed. It doesn’t matter. It costs 25 yuan to take the test again. A few days ago, you have passed the top two. You don’t have to worry about the last question. He will give you ten. Prepare in a few minutes in advance. At this time, you’d better read the first three questions, and then think about the fourth question. When you take the exam, think about chatting with your friend, just chatting on that topic. He is not writing an essay, so don’t ask for it. The sentence is perfect and rigorous, as long as your pronunciation standards ah, ah, these will be deducted, but the problem is not big, and the stay time is too long, but the problem is not big. The premise is that you can believe the first three questions. I, as long as you speak Mandarin well, the fourth question is not as scary as you think

8 months ago

No! According to the relevant regulations of the Putonghua test, candidates are absolutely forbidden to carry sample texts to read. If the test taker reads according to the words or speaks according to the prompts, it will be regarded as cheating. This time the score is 0 and will not be allowed to take the Putonghua proficiency test within three years. . The punishment is quite severe, and candidates should not cross the red line lightly. The purpose of the test of propositional speech is to test the candidate’s ability to speak Putonghua without written support. Focus on testing the level of phonetic standards, the level of vocabulary and grammar norms, and the level of natural fluency. If you want to take down the proposition and talk, prepare an article in advance and polish it for each test question. Prepare a “sample essay” for yourself. You need to pay attention to replace the inaccurate words in the article, and use as few repetitive words as possible. After the “Pan Essay” is ready, practice more, read and recite more aloud, and you can perform normally in the examination room. Finally, the small translation reminds everyone that when preparing for the exam, pay attention to whether you can speak for three minutes when you practice on the mirror.

8 months ago

It is a little useful, can help you familiarize yourself with the answering rhythm of the last question, control the time and sense of language. If you learn more, you can speak better;
If you are a little white, it is recommended to memorize a few articles to find the rhythm and sense of language;
However, don’t memorize the question when the questions are different in the formal exam. Isn’t this wrong?
Of course, there is a more scientific way to test Mandarin than memorizing a model essay.

8 months ago

Not possible. In the proposition-speaking test, if the examinee is found to have obvious reversal, digression, difficulty in speaking, etc., the examiner should prompt or guide in time. —— “Mandarin Proficiency Test” back to Baidu model essay is prone to back drafts and digressions. Recitation refers to mechanical language without thinking, thinking, and emotions. People without language professional training can easily have such problems when reciting articles. Digression, generally speaking, it is the example of “tomato scrambled eggs” mentioned by many people before, and all topics are extended to tomato scrambled eggs. Ashamed, this so-called technique was spread from Zhihu’s answer, and it still harms many people. To understand the nature of the Putonghua test. The Putonghua test is to allow you to have a standard Putonghua voice appearance in real communication scenarios, not just one test. It is the fastest way to improve the standard of general test by improving the standard of Putonghua. I know that many people disdain this sentence and always feel a little clever. Less cleverness during hard power polishing is greater wisdom.

8 months ago

When we were in college, we had to take an exam, and we had to class II (Chinese Language Teacher Major) who were less confident in themselves. All of them wrote a small composition on 30 topics, and then read it several times and memorized it by myself. At least memorialize it. Similar to your method, it seems more time-consuming, but it is actually more cost-effective. Because the sample essay is not written according to your thinking logic, but the essay you wrote yourself must be. Therefore, it will be easier to remember and keep in mind. You can also exclude words that are difficult to read, error-prone, and unsatisfactory (for example, some nl is unclear, some fh is unclear, and some n and ng are unclear. Can’t distinguish… You can eliminate weaknesses when you write by yourself). Everyone’s error-prone points are different, and it is impossible for the model essay to consider all aspects. Therefore, it is better to memorize the sample essay than to write the text yourself. Because the final composition does not test how you write, it is to test your normal speaking standards~~~ps: I was too confident in myself at first, and I was completely unprepared. As a result, my brain was confused when I took the final exam. I think The composition I played by myself is at the level of the second grade of elementary school, but because I don’t know what to say, I speak slowly and have clear pronunciation (because I have to speak slowly and consider what to say in the next sentence). It’s still past haha

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