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I personally think that a particularly great boyfriend has two meanings. One is that as an independent individual, he is excellent in himself. This is the first meaning of greatness. The second is that when two independent individuals are together, you get along very well. This is the second meaning of greatness. My boyfriend and I have been together for more than 200 days now. The opportunity we got together is purely coincidental. The day before I was interviewing for a company, my boyfriend added me. We chatted and found out that he had also interviewed and got an offer. I was very shameless and asked what he had experienced… So, my boyfriend was discovering When WeChat didn’t understand it, I reviewed the operating system for more than two hours for me, who was just met at the time. The full academic temperament made me worship him like Yuan Xiangqin and Jiang Naoshu, so we have ours. story. About the boyfriend, first of all, the boyfriend is super excellent in his profession and study: TOEFL score of 118, full scholarship of the top five CS schools in the United States, grand slam offer in the recruitment season, 5 papers for the master in two years, and a few more articles are being voted… In addition, the boyfriend’s continuous learning ability is very strong. He usually reads Medium’s technical blog during his mobile phone time. After graduation from summer vacation, he keeps reading a paper every day. There are two large boxes of professional-related books at home, all of which are in English. ; This kind of excellence, how can I say it, is not a compelling excellence. Without me asking him, my boyfriend never mentions his achievements, even he thinks these are not “achievements”, but on the contrary. I have always made a fuss about the TOEFL score of 118. This kind of excellence seems to be his innate light, not dazzling, but will warm others. Just like when we first met, he was willing to spend two hours reviewing knowledge points for someone who met by the water. In addition, from time to time, I feel that my boyfriend is like an ascetic god, because he is extremely self-disciplined and has good control over desires, emotions, and self. He loves fitness very much, and he works out at least 3 to 4 times a week. The first time I met was a big winter. There was a short sleeve in his jacket. It was vaguely visible that his biceps seemed to be telling me, “Brother has practiced.” People”. After being together, it turns out that he is indeed in good shape^^ His daily work and rest time is extremely stable and healthy, and he sleeps between 11 and 7 in the evening. He never loses his temper, we have never quarreled, but once he had some disputes with others, I know he was very angry, but he has always been very restrained when facing me. About the relationship between us boyfriend It’s good for me. I wore high heels when I went shopping. I was too tired to sit on a chair and refused to move. Our hobbies are also very similar, love to travel and love to take pictures. The opportunity we met was that we had a mutual friend meeting together to go on a cruise in the Caribbean Sea. After seven days of wandering on the sea without a net, the more we talked, the more speculation. More than two hundred days after we met, we walked through Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico, Japan, France, Germany, and the Netherlands together. We would go skiing together. At first, my boyfriend could only double board. After I taught him a little snowboarding, my boyfriend made great strides. He would fall into the snow and wait for my boyfriend to help me up. My dream is to go skiing in a wedding dress. When we don’t go out to play, we will go to the supermarket together to cook together and watch American TV series. Our boyfriend’s cooking skills are very good but occasionally make a joke. . My boyfriend thought about me very much. Before graduation, a professor asked me if I would like to do TA in school during the summer vacation. I always wanted to be a TA but never had the opportunity, but at that time we had already agreed that we would drive to California together during the summer vacation, and the time just clashed. , I discussed with my boyfriend, and he said, “I want you to do what you want to do.” Emotionally, we are all frank and rational people. If we are unhappy, we will take a walk and take a walk. Will also rationally analyze why there are problems. We all respect each other’s personal space, and don’t want to stay together all the time, but when we are apart, he will say “I can’t bear the baby, but the baby needs personal space”. So being comfortable with each other is not only because of the similarity, but also because he loves you, so he will love you the way you like. As for, what is the experience of having a great boyfriend? Because of his excellence, I will There is a bit of reluctance to admit defeat, and I want to be better and brighter. Because two people always want to do the same things, I feel that everything in life is accompanied and supported. He is a comfortable travel companion, a photographer who can grasp angles, my chef and pastry chef, an exclusive fitness trainer, a TA when I can’t write homework, a good friend who understands me, and can make me faceless and skinless. When a child grows up with me as a lover.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

I have to answer this question. When I first decided to be together, I just fell out of love. To be precise, I was cheated and I was in a very bad state. I stayed up all night and stayed up all night. I washed my face with tears every day and beat me in a trance. I met him by mistake, he is not the type I like, and I can’t immediately retreat from the last relationship. The straightforward Aries of course told him clearly, I don’t think I like you so much, maybe to you It was unfair, but he said at the time that it’s okay. When I see you so poor, it feels like seeing yourself who was once broken in love. When I think of myself struggling, I think I should give you a hand. You see that you are even right. Scum’s ex-boyfriend can be so sad. I believe you must be a good girl with a strong relationship. I think I have the confidence to make you fall in love with me and treat me so well. When I met him, the person who was drowning hugged a piece of driftwood and never let go-he has a particularly upright view. I am by his side and I have never lacked a sense of security. He is a pilot, and every time I mention it to others This profession, the first reaction of most people is that this profession seems to be very carefree and sentimental, but in fact, since he was a student pilot, he has now become a flight co-pilot and we have been in love for nine years. In time, I have never encountered a rival in any sense, except for me, he has never liked others. There is no shortage of people who want to give or give up, and there is no shortage of people who have bad intentions, but every time he will justly reject others, he said. , Sorry, I have a girlfriend, I have a wife. Once I was at an age when I loved to “make”, and he complained to him that many of the girls he came into contact with were too beautiful and I would feel insecure. He said that you said to your man that you are insecure, and you are mocking his incompetence. I think I haven’t looked at any girl more, and I won’t be tempted by anyone. Why are you insecure? I really have only you in my eyes. ——Shengsheng was spoiled by him and became a disabled patient. He lost all his ability to take care of himself and fell in love. When he was by my side, my shoelaces have never been tied by myself, whether it is on the street where people come and go, or At the narrow porch just before going out, he would immediately squat down to help me tie up. I belong to the type of person who sleeps and dreams, and most of the time my dreams are nightmares. When he sleeps next to me, he will be the first time every time. He took me into my arms for a while, patted my back and told me that I was not afraid that my brother would be there in the bath, he would help me rub the mud, and I had to hold my hand when crossing the street. Drinking water would help me plug in the straw and wash me. Underwear and socks, steaks will be cut first and then handed to me. Actually these are trivial things, but it’s not an exaggeration to say “every time”. It is probably that I am omnipotent when he is not around. A superwoman who can’t. And when he’s around, I’m probably a waste person in clothes to stretch out his food and open his mouth—a very powerful double-labeled lion man with special fat feeding skills. I was 163, 90 kilograms, he thought I was too skinny. I was very distressed and told me that it was unhealthy and now I am close to 120 kilograms. Every day I am worried about whether to lose weight, but he tells me, no, I think you are very cute even like this. After my Samoyed was fed fat by him, he would be said to be so cute. Other girls smoked and drank and went to nightclubs. He would say, “Social society, but to me, he thinks every tattoo of mine is cute.” Maybe it’s blindness. Others are fat or fat. When I’m fat, I’ve become soft and glutinous, and my face is particularly comfortable to pinch. I have a handicap. I won’t make up. I will praise the natural beauty. If I am greedy and love snacks, I will praise him. It’s good to feed too much clothes and I don’t like to tidy up. He will say, um, maybe our closet is too small to fit. In the future, we can just make a cloakroom and all kinds of things-accompany me to experience the impermanence of life, together in the years We have been together for so many years. We have indeed experienced a lot. It seems that we have added a very thick safety rope to the relationship. In the year of the Lushan earthquake, we played until the early morning when we were woken up on the 24th floor and saw the room light. He almost fell down before he was fully awake. His first reaction was to pounce directly on me. He said that he was afraid that I would be injured. My little uncle died accidentally. He never witnessed the death of my whole person. He took a leave of absence, staying with me day and night, holding me to comfort me every time I cried, and I didn’t realize that he was sick with a cold and had a high fever until the night before the funeral. I never told me about it, and it was like a bridge in a third-rate idol drama. I ruthlessly broke up with his mother’s opposition to the marriage, because I felt that this contradiction was completely beyond reconciliation. He and I may never be him again. I landed in the early morning and drove a few hundred kilometers of highway. He came to see me and said that he would not let me go because of his mother. He took the account book and asked me if I wanted to go with him. To meet such a person and be loved by him wholeheartedly. This year is our ninth year together and the third year of marriage.

8 months ago

When we first got together. Traveling. During the menstrual period, hug and sleep well. Then I teased him to kiss him. The result was a nosebleed to him! My face is cold and bloody. His first reaction was. Either of us was injured. Turn on the light immediately to check if I am injured. Then he discovered that he had a nosebleed himself. Tugged me and ran to the sink. I have a nosebleed and I want to scrub my face first. He can respond in one go! ! I have loved these two details for a long time! I love him too. Quickly pat cold water on his forehead. He is still a little embarrassed and his ears are red (the idol’s burden is still there). Usually I am a daughter of steel. On that day, he suddenly opened up, hugged him from the back and said: “You are so considerate. I know that I am bleeding during my period. You are bleeding with me on it. Let’s get together.” Bleeding cp’ (I said this at the time). “This rescue is absolutely impossible!” At that time, he held me in turn. Put the chin on my head. Hold me tightly. Well, at that moment, I can feel that he really likes me.

8 months ago

“What’s the experience of having a great girlfriend?” There are a lot of people who answered “What’s the experience of having a great boyfriend?” So I might as well make up the number; 1. Never gave birth to me. I am angry, no matter what weird things I do, I always listen to what I say and watch me do it patiently, and sometimes help me with it 2. Never refuse my request, follow! Come! No! Have! Buy if you want to eat, go if you want to play, hug if you want, kiss if you want to kiss, whatever you want, it can’t be better. 3. Refreshing and refreshing. This is more important than looks. After all, the face is given by parents. For boys, cleanness really wins favorability. I always smell good soapy, not laundry detergent or perfume, but real soapy smell. The clothes are all basic, simple, influenced by him, I have been rough for 18 years. I’ve never seen what I wear and don’t talk about how to wear it, so I start to pay attention to how to wear clothes that look good. 4. As a girl of 170, fortunately, the boyfriend has 180, so I, who have been carrying girls with umbrellas and leaning on shoulders to beat gangsters, can also realize that the bird spreads its wings instead of the big Peng. 5. As a man, it’s normal to be taller than me. If you are so white, it’s too much. Forget it, what does it mean that your legs are longer than me and thinner than me? Isn’t it a foul to have a collarbone that looks so beautiful and sexy? Ok. This is my leg. There is no photo of my boyfriend’s leg yet, so let me fix it by myself; 6. How does it feel to have a boyfriend in Hunan? I can’t tell the difference between old age and adulthood. I can’t tell the difference between fleeting years and durian. I can’t distinguish between purpose and termination. I don’t know how to pronounce it. By coincidence, I learn Chinese and speak very honestly. Every time I hear him, he works very hard. If you insist on your pronunciation and practice it over and over again, you will feel, well, this guy deserves my liking. 7. How does it feel to have a Hunan boyfriend? I really like spicy food and I have to hold back. I can’t get used to the taste I like, or it’s okay. It’s all because I am having a good time. Every time I ate, I ate so fast, and then quietly watched me continue to eat bite by bite, without playing the phone or doing other things, as if I was the best looking person in front of me. If you like this kind of thing, if you don’t say it, it will come out of your eyes. 8. Will praise me with my friends around me, of course my girlfriend is very good and everything is good, absolutely no negative comments on me. I have never spoken ill of others secretly. I like this kind of person the most. 9. I won’t be ambiguous with other girls, I’m super assured, I can flip through the phone at will, I am the top message, and I am especially concerned about it. The message will be returned in seconds, and will tell me what to do if I do not reply. I definitely can’t wait for a long time. Of course, I did not ask him to do this at all, it was all he wanted to do. 10. I have only been in love since I went to college, so I basically know nothing, so I seriously know “how to be a good boyfriend”, “what to do when my girlfriend comes to my aunt”, “where do couples go on a date in winter”, etc. Waiting for these things is really cute. 11. In winter, I casually said that I wanted to drink yogurt. Just when I said that people were already on the road, I said casually that I had already arrived at the canteen. I asked why it was so fast, and he said it was too cold to run over. This mentally retarded person will run out with so little cold wear. Are you afraid of getting sick? 12. I walk on the outside, and I won’t grab meat when I eat (I’m going to cross this out. I recently discovered that he relied on himself to eat fast, so he ate all the delicious meat first, huh), I Complimenting other beauties for their good looks, and answering me seriously, “It’s not you”, makes people can’t help but laugh. 13. The way I sleep while holding me is obedient and cute, like a child, holding me tightly, maybe it’s insecure. It hurts a little bit, and a little bit lucky. If you are insecure, I will be your hero. 14. Willing to spend money on me. Because we are still students, we are actually quite poor. Of course we can’t afford to buy those luxury goods, but I want to give me the best, and I want to eat delicious food. Before falling in love, use his words. In terms of living in luxury, after falling in love, I don’t want to be willing to do anything, because I want to save money to buy food for me and take me out to play. 15. I have short hair, and my hair will get oily if I don’t wash it for two or three days. I’m a super lazy person. Once I didn’t wash it for a few days, I told him that I didn’t wash my hair. This guy actually hugged me, put his nose on top of my head, smelled it, and said, it’s okay, it doesn’t taste much~ I also admire it. 16. I think I can still answer “What’s the experience of having a crazy girlfriend?” Everyday I get lost. The most common thing before I get together is to send him a message. I am lost again, where am I and where I am going. What? Then he will tell me to stay where I am and come over immediately. Hehe, but sometimes I will deliberately say that I am lost, and then I can see him; 17. Probably like this, in the eyes of others: I have ideas, temperament, and talent. My boyfriend’s eyes: mentally retarded, road idiot, rice bucket. I don’t know why, I feel like I don’t have anything left to eat in front of him, and I can’t do anything. It’s embarrassing for my boyfriend. I have to bear with me for so long, and I have to bear it forever. 18. Not machismo. This means that they will not impose their own values ​​on me, will not force me to do anything, will not feel that women should do whatever they want, will not force me to listen to him, and will not have the final say on everything. Will worry about my feelings, give me enough respect, understand gender equality, and know what is the difference between men and women. 19. Not a mother-in-law, not Mommy, nor straight male cancer. He is a straight man, after all, not every man doesn’t know what eyeliner is. 20. Too much in sync. We were able to get most of the points from each other. None of us chose to study in the province. We all chose this place thousands of kilometers away from home. We all decided to learn English. We all participated in training institutions. We all went to sing that day. Both participated in the urban survival challenge, and you happened to insist on the late reading until my issue. There is a little change here, and the two of you may be in a different situation. Fate is really a wonderful thing. 21. Although the time of acquaintance is not long, and the time together is not long, there is a feeling of acquaintance for many years, which is wonderful. 22. He is afraid of dogs, I love dogs. My dog’s relationship (?) is very good, and every time a dog comes over, he can feel his tension. In fact, the dog is very docile. Every time I touch the dog and look at him, he always accompanies me to play with the dog. When I go to the coffee shop, there is an Alaska. He seemed more afraid because it was a big dog, but seeing that I like it so much, he still fed the dog cake with me and took pictures. That’s right, my greasy hair, that’s right, my red autumn clothes, that’s right, I don’t have a habit of makeup, I don’t accept vomiting, I don’t listen to my cutest hum; one day when I walked on the road and remembered a joke, I said to him, “I like you, do My dog!” I thought he would smile dumbfounded or helplessly. Unexpectedly, this guy happily answered “Okay!” So, from a girlfriend to a dog owner? ? 23. Don’t smoke or drink, don’t indulge in games, don’t go to nightclubs or clubbing, wow so well-behaved, I want to have a kiss. 24. Love makes people fatter. Make people fat! 25. Want to spend a lifetime with me. 26. Will help me analyze when I am at a loss, show a calm and rational side, but will not take care of everything about me. Will say you decide for yourself, let me think for myself. 27. Know how to play the guitar, I feel that I can sing any song, walking on the road together, he will sing whatever is in the small shop next to him. I would run into the corridor of the teaching building at night, and the two would sit on the floor, and he would play the guitar for me. Although I sang out of tune, I would sing along. Anyway, I would not be disgusted. If only my likes are as many as my boyfriend’s

8 months ago

If someone asked what kind of man you would like to marry in the future, I would say with a girlish heart that you should be handsome and tall, treat me well, and spoil me forever. But now I want to say that it should be the person I admire and love in my heart. He is knowledgeable and motivated. He is always very smart in my heart. He speaks English fluently to me. He introduces me to all kinds of good music, finds ways to choose suitable movies and books for me, and looks forward to my ordinary feedback, full of patiently. I often think of me as an ordinary and somewhat silly person, but he likes me, is patient with me, and tells me how to work hard. I feel even more that I want to be mature, cute, worthy of the love that the man next to me gives me, to give more love to him, and my heart is firmly full of strength. Before I met him, I had a very failed love experience. My whole world revolved around him. I lost my interest and pursuit to cater to him. In love, I always worry about gains and losses, often crying, and I love to ask him if he doesn’t love me anymore. The final ending was split up. After meeting him, I still have these problems. I cried for a long time because he said his ex-girlfriend had thick lips and very sexy, and mine was thin. There have been many times when I was troubled by one of his unintentional words and got angry with him. Countless times, I asked him if he would not want me one day, and if he fell in love with other girls. Because he behaved badly in the dream, I woke up and got angry with him. But the most classic question of whether you love me or not, I rarely ask, because he tells me every day that he loves me very much. I am always very unconfident in my relationship. I think he is good in many ways, I feel bad, and I feel that I am a person who will be abandoned at any time. When I say this, he will tell me how good I am and how ordinary he is, tell me that he is lucky to meet me, tell me that he believes in me, I can achieve my dream, and we will be happy in the future. . I am now a lot more sensible. By his side, it was the first time I truly experienced a beautiful love full of trust and security. The days with him are the happiest days in my life. Because my heart is filled with love and firm thoughts, I feel that the road ahead is full of colors. As for me, I want to use my own sunshine to warm my celebration, so that he can accompany him when he is not sleeping well, when it is raining, when quarreling with his parents and when he is bored, to make him happy. I want to be a person who always accompanies Qingqing, cooks for him, and takes care of him, making him feel that life is good. I want to use my own efforts to become independent, be a kapok next to him, and stand with him as a tree. In the future we will stay together until the whirlpool of death swallows us.

8 months ago

My boyfriend is not very good, very good, very interesting, very rich, very handsome, so I can’t answer “What’s the experience of having a good/fun/looking boyfriend”, but my boyfriend is great, great Until I couldn’t help answering for him. I have been with my boyfriend for more than three years or almost four years, and I still feel like I have just been together. I am very happy to see him every day. I have experienced a lot together, have a lot of memories, and I want to remember so many things forever. So The next points do not matter in chronological order, and write what you think of. 1. When I first got together, I went out to play together. In summer, I was bitten by a mosquito and picked up a big bag. From then on, he carried toilet water in his bag. 2. Go to the public restroom and ask him if you have any paper. He said: “How can I be a big man with paper towels?” Then he took out a pack of toilet paper. 3. Cook for me. He gets off work at 4:30 in the afternoon, and then he will go to buy vegetables and cook when I come back to eat together. 4. I like small animals, especially cats. When I meet wild cats on the road, I will go up and play twice, and I have a pair of eyes that can spot cats. Oh, by the way, he kissed a wild cat last time, and now the child is five months old (fog) 5, his personality is docile, although he likes cats, but his personality is like a dog, docile and loyal large dog, I am the most Like to pet his dog’s head, the dog is good. 6. Very kind, but not like a white lotus, nor will it look like a hank. 7. Fear of ghosts. When I was young, I was irritated by watching the grudges. Now I see the posters of the grudges. I am also afraid of ghosts. So we will hurt each other and hug each other and tremble (it doesn’t seem like a great point, but it’s very cute). 8. I have my own ideas and three views of integrity. Sometimes I am upright but not too pedantic. I often exchange my views with me, discuss poetry, poetry, life, philosophy, politics, history, fantasy, game world, unsolved mysteries, etc. and many more. 9. Never be stingy about sharing what you have, and don’t care whether you suffer a loss or not, thinking that giving is more important than rewarding. I really admire him for this. 10. Respect women. His hometown is a place where machismo is more serious, but he never devalues ​​women, materializes women and disrespects women. 11. Like to laugh, giggle, and was stunned by the old man who has a working relationship saying “You are very sunny, I like it”, and I stay away from this old man (just kidding) 12. Save, buy things that shouldn’t be a waste of money, must The stuff doesn’t care about the price. (Yes, all I like are necessities, buy, buy, buy) For example, I really want XX, but it’s expensive. He will say, buy it if you really like it, and I will buy it for you. However, after thinking about it again and again, I still won’t buy it hahaha. 13, peace of mind, not to be humiliated, know what you want. No material desire. I adore it very much. 14. Sometimes I am shy when facing strangers, and sometimes very generous. I take the initiative to help strangers who are moving downstairs move things, and also help people jam the elevator door to prevent the elevator door from closing. Later, I found that it was a neighbor living on the first floor. He also wants to invite others to play mahjong. . I served this guy. 15. Do all housework, cook, wash clothes, wash dishes, mopping the floor, and mopping windows. I like to do my own work. 16. Filial piety, but because I am more independent in my heart and do not depend on the family, but I am worried that my family is worried about him, so I will be more entangled and contradictory. 17. Willing to go to my city, even if it is 2000 kilometers away from home. 18. Scold the person I hate with me (just verbally curse) 19. I will never leave. When there is an accident at my home, I ask for leave, take a three-hour flight to my home, face it with me, and stay by my side. 20. My hair loss is more serious and my hair is thinner. I took a photo of severe hair loss and asked him what to do if I became like this. He said to buy a wig. 21. I am still very oily. I belong to a big oil field. He always blurs his glasses when he kisses me, and then he will say, come, rub all your oil on my face. 22. Will squat down and tie my shoes. 23, I praise my beauty every day, fancy praise. 24. I asked him why he liked me 1,000 times, and he answered me 1,000 times. 25. I used to tell my mother how good my boyfriend is, and listed more than 10 items, but now I have more than 20 items listed. 26. I chatted every day in a foreign country for two years, and I couldn’t finish talking every day. 27. Support all my decisions, but only if I like them. 28. When I couldn’t find a job, I was discouraged and said that I don’t want to work. He said that I will support you, even if I only pay a few thousand yuan a month. He also said that if he could not find a job, he would go to Japan to study for a Ph. After I listened, I was very touched, and then I went to find a job obediently… 29. I worked two years before me. Almost all the money saved was spent on me except for being scammed by telecommunications. When I see something good, I will say, I will give you a year-end award, such as the ip7 that year, I said forget it, it’s too expensive, he said that you like it is worth more than anything, and I was moved to tears. 30. It should be the best person in the world who treats me best, with both the strong love and the selflessness of family affection. I really am so good, I often say how good I am. 31. When quarreling, I will be silent, will recognize counseling, and will not stay overnight. 32. Trust me immensely, and of course I trust him immensely. 33. Sometimes like a father, sometimes like a son, sometimes like a lover, sometimes like a dog. Is my best friend, lover, relative, comrade-in-arms. 34. Be able to speak with a strong heart, and be coquettish and cute. 35. Like my mom and dad friends. 36. Too much, I can’t finish talking, so be it. My dog ​​will always be the best dog.

8 months ago

Experience~ There is always a shy rush; I think it is a fate that I met my boyfriend. I met him in elementary school and I lived alone when I returned to China, without their family members taking care of them. I really can’t make it through. He and I were in the same class. At that time, our relationship was very good. We were also a class in junior high school~ Under the hard work of God, our relationship began to become abnormal when he was in the third year of the junior high school. I have written a very short love letter. The English sonnet seems to be Shakespeare’s. I can’t remember exactly what it is. It’s a pity that although our high school took the same exam, we didn’t get a class but it didn’t. It affects us to spread dog food. He is really good to me. Although I haven’t bought anything, I don’t care about paying, but I only know to ask for it until we pass the exam at the same university. I originally rented a house outside. (I don’t want to stay in the dormitory; later, we secretly cohabited together. Concord is an eight-year system. You know, he asked me to get the certificate several times. I didn’t agree. Now both of us are 28. I still don’t agree. But he I still don’t abandon me, and my life is no different from that of a couple. I feel embarrassed to occupy someone’s good years. He cooks really deliciously, he is careful, he is humorous, and he has full marks. Then I asked him to work at home for labor and management. I raised him. His expression at the time was really like. He was surprised with contempt and despair. Hahahahaha. To be honest, my earning ability is still top-notch. Then we saved enough money to buy. I think it’s really very happy to grow flowers, grass, and small animals in a small house. I think I’ve done too much. He will only say a word under the contempt of the neighbor’s uncle. “My female ticket is really good.” So. At the end of the year, we are planning to get married~ We have known each other for more than 20 years to give him a small reward.

8 months ago

1. Although he has a lot of things, he helped me think about the small and small things in my big and small things 2. Catch a doll madman, every time he can’t catch a doll, he will die 3. He wants to cry when he sees me crying , I laugh whenever I see me 4. I like photography and I have collected a lot of my photos, all of them are good-looking and funny, printed out for me at Christmas 5. In winter, I take the initiative to knit a scarf for me, and the knitting is very good 6. He There are no special requirements for eating, but because I like to eat, I study eating with me. 7. Playing games is very good, bringing me from bronze to diamond 8. I like to play games with me, and only play games that I play. , I don’t play if I don’t play it 9. Smart, high IQ, he always comes up with ideas every time 10. Tell me a story every night 11. I like to buy me food and milk tea, but I don’t Eating or drinking 12. Discuss with me when going out with girls. After I agree, I’m not happy. He pushes. 13. Know how to repair computers, people are like code, and the code is good, and people can’t make mistakes. 14. Every time you go out, you must Holding hands, sweating and holding 15. I like to go to various places to play, library, museum, park, exhibition, concert, live house, KTV, art gallery, various campuses and Beijing’s streets and alleys. 16. He was very happy when I dissed him. 17. I have never been unhappy when I go out to play, and he will never bother when I am annoyed. 18. I like to be dissed by me, and even like me to tell his shortcomings. In fact, I thought about it all night and didn’t come up with a few. 19. Pay attention to all kinds of festivals and go to various places to play 20. Pay attention to learning and self-motivated, although I am a programmer, I am not dull. 21. I don’t like to evaluate and talk about others. I like this very much. 22. In front of others Talk less, talk endlessly in front of me 23. Good voice, good figure, handsome, strong boyfriend 24. Good temper and patience, never lose my temper 25. Don’t use maturity as an excuse for laziness 26. Take me Treated as a marriage partner 27. I can make trouble at will, I know it’s not good. 28. He understands better than anyone in the world that I have no will to survive in the face of difficulties, my pessimistic nature, and always mean things. Exposed in front of him. I don’t know where this trust comes from, but I can’t imagine saying this to anyone again.

8 months ago

When it came time to show affection again, I was still invited by the stupid boy to answer, which was enough. Um, although I always disliked each other and provoke each other, in fact, to be honest, I really always think he is a great, great person. Hmm, I kept writing the beginning and didn’t write it down, because he would talk a lot about it, which is great. Hahaha I still have vision. I finally finished the exam today and I decided to fill the hole. I’ve seen a problem on Zhihu before. It was a sophomore girl who listed about 20 criteria for finding a boyfriend, and was bombarded by all kinds of attacks. In fact, I silently compared it at that time, eh, it turns out that the person I despised all day is basically consistent. Hehehe. But these are all objective external factors, that is to say, it is a standard that everyone generally recognizes. I don’t know if this is great. If you want to ask about experience, I think being able to maintain admiration and appreciation for him in life is the deepest feeling. In fact, there has always been one of my so-called mate selection criteria that there must be certain aspects that are better than me, and there are still quite a few. Pretend there is a gorgeous dividing line here. The exam is completed on January 21st but now it is February 13th. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I think I have to force it to finish before tomorrow. Tonight, I was touched by the story of a ten-year crush around me and decided to show off. Okay, then I’m going to answer it formally. The following points are in no particular order. It looks pleasing to the eye. This word is used wonderfully. Alas, he has always been honey and self-confident that he feels invincible and handsome in the universe, so I have to take advantage of the trend and praise him. After seeing the photos of him when he was a child, I told him that he was a disabled man with a serious face. In fact, I didn’t ask too much about my appearance, I just wanted to look pleasing to the eye. The height is more important, and the boyfriend who took the physical test of 180 and the baby of 163 is also cute. The figure is also great, one evening I said that I was sleepy and asked him to give me something to refresh me, and in the end he sent a half-naked picture of his upper body. . . Hey, I really want to release it for you to lick the screen. Anyway, there is muscle but it is not exaggerated, there is no excess fat but it is not too thin. Oh, by the way, and the small dimple he is proud of, hahahahahaha, I really want to be on the picture. If I were to force me to say what kind of experience it is to have a good-looking boyfriend, it is probably to accept his self-confident brainwashing bombardment every day, and then sincerely or reluctantly praise him for being handsome, hahahaha. Anyway, it is pleasing to the eye, and the photos are also zero negative comments, just Jiangzi. Loving. I like babies and animals, and it’s not just talking. In fact, boys at this age don’t like children much, and I would chat with him as if it was because my avatar was a cute photo of my nephew when I first joined WeChat. . Because I also like children, I really feel lucky to meet him. Seeing his soft side will make me a little more gentle with him. Have dreams. To be an excellent neurosurgeon is his shining dream, and I also see his hard work. Men who have dreams and fight for it are the most handsome. I dislike those who only know how to play games all day long. Having my own pursuit is also a factor that makes me feel at ease about the future. Feelings. He has his heroic dream, he has his feelings. In this complicated society, many people have lost their faith and feelings, but he still maintains a clean heart. I think every boy should have a heroic dream. Anyway, I like and cherish the look in his eyes every time he talks. capable. I really don’t want to say more about this, it’s a show if I say more. It’s better to talk about his honey hands-on ability, because I really admire him because my hands-on ability is too bad. Aha, anyway, I’ll leave it to him if there are practical problems in the future. Of course, there are learning ability, work ability, etc. I can’t think of it except to describe it as super awesome. Being rigorous and conscientious is also the quality that a medical student should have. Anyway, I also kneel to his obsessive-compulsive dormitory, so I really want to hire him to clean up the table for me. Responsible. It’s not easy to make an insecure baby feel at ease. His sense of responsibility keeps me warm. Be honest with me and don’t have to please or do anything deliberately when we are together. It’s very real and comfortable. Learning is also very good. Why don’t you want to talk about this separately, probably because I remembered the super high number questions I asked him this semester. Always urge me to learn although I will urge him. It’s a wonderful feeling to make appointments and make progress together. Childish and simple. Maybe some people think this is not an advantage, maybe it feels a little naive, maybe because I am a relatively simple person, also childish, and naive, so two naive ghosts are really happy to stay together. humor. Life should be fun, at least we all appreciate each other’s fun. There are also various boyfriend force max. Not detailed. I’m so sleepy, let’s do this first. There is a great boyfriend who wants to ask his opinion on many things, because he can always tell you the answer objectively and reasonably, and he believes in his aesthetics even when he buys clothes. Of course, his aesthetics is also invincible in the universe, otherwise, why would he like my baby? Have a great boyfriend, just hope that he can become as good as him, and shine with him. In this way, my life is more than just me and me, but I also have the goal and motivation to struggle when I gain love. I am an insecure person. At this moment, in the drizzle south, I hope so much for a secure future with him.

8 months ago

1. The sense of security is overwhelming. He will reply to you in seconds. He will consider things for you. He will be afraid that you will be wronged. He will be afraid of giving you less love. He will tell you what he is doing. He will do all kinds of things with you. Find a topic, he will share life with you, he will think of you everything he sees, he wants to take you to eat, play with you, and take you home… 2. If spoiled so unscrupulously, he will help you solve all kinds of problems, and he will be you His life mentor, he will tolerate your little willful temper, he will be willing to please you, he will tolerate any shortcomings of you, he will… he seems to do everything, as long as you want, as long as I have, give me everything To you 3. He understands that you don’t know if it’s because of rich experience, high emotional intelligence, or strong empathy. Anyway, he understands you very well. Sometimes he understands half of what you say, and sometimes you are euphemistic and implicit. Expressing that he will understand, as if living in your stomach, it will save you a lot of trouble, and you don’t have to spend your tongue playing the piano. When I was angry, I would be wronged, and I would want to break up, but thinking that he was so good, it would pass by inexplicably, and then smiled. 4. It seems that there is a weakness, and there is a softness in the armor. In the corner of, as long as he thinks of him, he will become gentle; at the same time, he is very brave, as if he is not afraid of anything. It may become the driving force to move forward and become the armor of resistance to the world. When writing these, his mind is full of that People him! ! It’s so…

8 months ago

What kind of experience is having a great boyfriend is probably just being spoiled with peace of mind. When I first fell in love with him, I actually didn’t expect to love him so deeply. At first, I just thought he was cute, but I couldn’t find any special reason why it attracted me. Later, an opportunity was the fireworks of American Independence Day. There was a fireworks display near our village that night, so I dressed nicely and went to watch the fireworks with my friends. Chatting with him while waiting for the start. He was having dinner with his roommate. Then when I was about to start, I dialed a video to the past. I had never used a video before, and he was taken aback by me. I explained to him that I wanted to broadcast the fireworks to him. He was silent for a while, then called me over, turned the camera at his desk, and didn’t show me his face. In this way, he broadcasted (very boring) fireworks on 4G. Did not say anything special to me at that time. When I was about to rest in the evening, I saw him posted a circle of friends and said thank you to the little angel for showing him the fireworks~ When we were chatting in the evening, he was very shy and told me that he felt moved and wanted to wear a wreath for me. Because when he was in Xiamen, he kept seeing boys wearing wreaths for his close little sisters, but he never found anyone who would let him wear wreaths. Then I snickered in my heart, this shy kid confessed? At that time I thought he was so innocent and so cute. In fact, I was moved too, but I didn’t say it clearly. But I have always been very proactive, and even booked a ticket to go to Dallas to find him. But his attitude is more reserved. The reason is that we are not necessarily suitable. He feels that there is a gap between our family and our hometown is a bit far away, so I don’t know if we can go on. After a week, I suddenly broke down. Probably because the internship is very tiring, I kept saying negative things that day, saying that we should break up in a week. He was preparing to eat at the time. According to what he said, the rice was put in his mouth without chewing, and two tears of quotation flowed on his face. Then he proposed to book a plane ticket to come to Philadelphia to find me. The feeling at the time was that my heart was hit in an instant, maybe because I was also very innocent. I think he can do this for me, and I must be with him. (His school is a military-managed school. If he is found to run out of school, he will be dropped out. He took a big risk.) Then we met for the first time, and he was worried that he would be put on the airport by me. , Never talked to each other, but I took him back home and loved him so much that I have been in love until now. This is how I fell in love with him, from the good impression at the beginning, to slowly liking, and then being shot down all of a sudden. After he was with me, he did everything possible to treat me well and surprise me. I saw each other’s parents some time ago. My parents treated him like a son and asked me to treat him well. Meow meow meow?

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