It is getting more and more difficult to apply for undergraduates in the United States. The randomness of university admissions policies/the pursuit of political correctness, more time allocated, and dissatisfaction with existing schools have caused more students to focus on transferring. You can record your transfer application process under the question, and also provide a reference for other students who want to transfer.

I will do this! Invited the little sisters who just transferred from the top15 liberal arts college to the U.S. University of Ivy League to share. The following is her summary: everyone can use this sharing as a “transfer application manual”, the purpose of which is: after reading it, you can also DIY your own transfer! As a student who has just finished the DIY transfer from Meiben, I will share with my personal experience the specific process of transferring from Meiben. This sharing is explained in accordance with the timeline of the transfer application. General description: transfers are generally applied for in the first or second year of the university. The transfer application channel of most major universities is still through the common app (you should know about this application if you have experienced mainstream US), but some apply through other methods , Go to the official website to see clearly! This article will specifically explain the application of common app. At the same time, the application deadline of most schools will be slightly later than that of Meiben, but the specific school is still different, so it is really important to go to the official website to find information! I applied for a transfer when I was in my freshman year, which is equivalent to going to a new school in my sophomore year. The original school is the top 15 liberal arts college, and the college that I want to transfer is the top 15 university. The motivation for transferring is simple, that is, I think I can go to a school that is more suitable for me. But I really like the original school, the professors and classmates are super nice! The first step: make up your mind. DDL: It is recommended to decide whether to transfer before the beginning of the new school year, that is, before September. Personal experience: Since I was not very satisfied with the results of the application season, I had the idea of ​​transferring schools very early. This also provided sufficient preparation time for my subsequent application process. Important note: This is actually the most difficult step in transferring. This determination must be firm, firm enough that nothing will shake your idea of ​​transferring. Deciding before September will give you the motivation to learn a full semester. From the beginning of the semester, you must study each subject carefully. Ask your seniors and sisters in advance about the selection of courses, and avoid choosing courses that are too difficult and get low scores. P.S. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to transfer, and transferring is another lonely journey of fighting for themselves. But now that you have made this determination, you must continue to move toward your goal. Step 2: School ResearchDDL: It is recommended before November. Personal experience: After two months of learning and adaptation, I already know roughly what kind of learning atmosphere and location I like. Whether you like big lectures or small classes, cities or villages, ice and snow or sunshine, these are all important reference factors for school choice, not just school rankings. Important note: School Research recommends learning from three channels: the school’s official website, sharing by students, and personal visits to the school. School official website: Be sure to go to the official website to know the transfer requirements, application channels and deadlines. At the same time, it is recommended to go to the official website to learn more about the specific courses and research of the school. When writing the essays of why school, the more specific the reason, the more the admissions officer will see your enthusiasm for transferring to the school. Sharing with students: Sharing with students is another aspect that allows you to better understand the school, because after all, the official website is still an ideal description. The best way to understand the academic atmosphere, after-school activities, and room and board conditions is to consult the students. Visiting the school in person: In the end, visiting the school in person is not necessary, but sometimes it will directly determine whether you want/don’t want to apply to a school. Some school visits will allow you to communicate directly with the admissions officer, which is also a good opportunity. [However, due to the epidemic, many schools have also stopped their school visits. You still need to learn more about updated information on the official website. 】


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8 months ago

Come to take up the pit! Freshman in a UC school, major undecided, planned major stats/applied mathfall gpa 4.0/4.0 (A+*4), no honor, high school gpa 3.97/4.0 SAT 1520 (only the first exam is written and written 7/6/7) TOEFL 113 (score 114) SATII Mathematics 800 High School ALevel is scumbag I don’t know if I can submit mathematics A Economic A csB Just finished the aclist with the agency. It is roughly as follows: High school: 1. Diving certificate 2. Piano ️ Any performance/certificate is pure Self-entertainment for ten years 3, Euclid mathematics competition (the only competition… I am scum 4, ND two credits summer school 5, German exchange student 6, the school’s five-star volunteer association cofounder + mathematics group responsible People University: 1. CSSA Propaganda Department intern + Zhihu group leader 2. MSF (Mathematics Society) Academic Department intern3, independent research (studied the soaring depression between me and my friends during the new crown network class x) Conference announcement 4. Mirror contracted reporter 5. I created a SAT TOEFL tutoring agency with about 15 students. 6. SAT TOEFL assistant internship selection schools: reach: Colombia, Upenn, Uchi (ED), NU, JHU, Rice, Brown, Cornell, WUSTLmatch: ND, Vandy, Emorysafety: I finished writing the papers of USC and Umichumich, and I plan to hand them in on Monday. The usc is almost written, and it should be ok to change the language. Last application season documents, filling in materials, and submitting applications are all supported I gave it to the intermediary. When I decided to do my own work this year, I thought it was a very solemn, careful and ceremonial thing. As a result, everything came too simple. The documents were basically changed two or three times, and the teacher changed it superbly. It suits my appetite (Ah, I really love my clerical tutor), and all the materials are filled in an hour. This has caused me to be particularly anxious when I am waiting to submit it, and I am particularly afraid of repeating the mistakes of the last application season. I have to pass this hurdle! In addition, I want to say that the mathematicians of the quarter are really difficult. There is a quiz a week. It feels like the midterm is about to start this week. After this week, I will come to an end. Come on. Come on.

8 months ago

After thinking about it, I came to update, but I refused. I originally wrote a small essay, but I deleted it all. There is no need to reinforce the emotional impact of failure on oneself. It is also normal life to go against one’s wishes. After seeing the refusal, I listened to the end of the world for a few days, but there is actually another song called The End of the World. I will not fall in full view. good luck. The original answer has been deleted.

8 months ago

final school list: Duke (3/15 submitted) –> 5/7 rejectedNorthwestern (3/15 submitted)Columbia (2/28 submitted)Brown (2/28 submitted)UMich (1/30 sumbitted) –> 4/ 2 admittedUPenn (3/15 submitted)Stanford(just for fun) (3/15 submitted 90 dollars application fee for money…) –> 5/8 rejectedCornell (3/15 submitted) Major: sociology/science and technology studies /anthropology basic information: a top 25 US school in 2024, freshman to sophomore, high school gpa Taishui + not completely sure what I want to learn, end up an extremely partial school. After more than half a year of inner struggle, I decided to start preparing for 21fall/22spring transfer, but 22fall is really not possible. The intended major is estimated to be related to comparative literature/sociology/cultural studies. High school gpa: 3.9/4.3 (laughing to death) freshman gpa: 4.0 w/ dean’s list mounting: TOEFL 111, sat1500+, there are a few sat2 and ap, which have nothing to do with the major you applied for. Timeline: 2020.9 .22 update: school list: Will definitely apply for Rice, UMich, JHU, Cornell; may apply for Vandy, Duke, Columbia. I have basically finalized the application for sociology/anthropology…Because the high school STEM grades and activities are more prominent, I will also write statistics if there is a minor to fill in (in fact, if the result is not ideal, it should be first in the school Reading Stat track to get enough wool, sophomore year transfer again, if it doesn’t work, transfer to social sciences at grad school). Generally speaking, I still hope that I can chill a little bit. I have a way out anyway. Don’t panic. 2020.10.27 update: The mentality and work and rest have collapsed together… I haven’t thought about it before. Now I just want to go to Kang. Kang is in my direction. There are too many cows, and I am still jealous. I knew I would have rushed to Kang during the application season last year. Hey. 2020.12.28 update: Freshman is on gpa4.0, but the essay is still staggered… Now I just want to go to Michigan, and the sociology program is great. Modified the narrative, now the first, second and third majors are sociology, science and technology studies (if the school opens this major), anthropology, and may be stuffed into statistics/applied math as appropriate (none at the end). I don’t apply for rice and jhu. I added Northwest, Wesley, and Brown. The prof with a good relationship suggests that I apply for upenn and stanford. After I finish writing the essay, I will add it. 2021.2.2 update: I submitted the Michigan application at the end of January, and I’m now in struggle3. /1 As of that batch. I found two wrong places in the online application, and realized that after submitting the first application for commonapp transfer, no information can be changed. I am discouraged. It’s numb, the school writing center might have to kill me. Update of 202.2.16: TOEFL retake the test, but still an embarrassing score, 111 (30/29/24/28) Update of 2022.24: I am really anxious to sleeplessness! at last! The mid-term report scared me to sleep. 2021.3.2 update: I won’t apply if I can’t finish writing the stf. I feel that I’m going to reject the 2021.3.12 update: there are still four school essays that I haven’t finished writing. .17 update: midterm report submitted. After thinking about it carefully, I found that the possibility of a rejected head is still quite high. After all, I am a freshman to a sophomore, and high school gpa and activities are very ordinary (. I feel that I don’t have the energy to turn again in the sophomore year. Yes, after the results come out in May, I will probably do my major directly at our school’s commit stat+global studies, and strive to graduate in three years. 2021.4.2 update: Recorded in Michigan, and it’s done. Anyway, I don’t have any psychological pressure, I can be happy soon. Le Shui fell in the second half of the semester 4.7 update: Almost a month, the Northwest portal showed that I still have three materials missing, so I was scared to send another email reminder, I’m like: Okay, Northwest sent me an email in the morning I said that the portal was completed, so I guess they haven’t updated the portal status after receiving the materials. Friends who have relevant information (missing college reports, high school transcripts) can send an email toremind me, I have been I sent an e-mail reminder to undergrad admission, so I didn’t receive the news. I regret that I didn’t apply for Wen Li…5/7: Duke refused, but he was relieved. After all, this is the only result I have waited for since I received the offer from Michigan. The mentality is really a little broken. I haven’t received any news from the school that started rolling in mid-April. If I wait another week for a dozen rejections, I really don’t feel good. reject me soon so i can move on

Last edited 8 months ago by greatword
8 months ago

I have thought about a lot of things since the beginning of school for more than a month, and now I am a little hesitant about whether to transfer, and whether it is a freshman or a sophomore. Feeling lost every day, it’s a long story. Gpa is going well. That’s it first. Now it seems impossible to retake the SAT. Take the time to retake the TOEFL. I have ddl and quiz every day, so tired, six courses really can’t stand it. I would have taken some water lessons if I knew it. A lot of things have happened at home during this period of time, and the wish of the new school year has changed from a successful transfer to everything safe. Pray that the haze of the epidemic will dissipate soon.

8 months ago

All applications were submitted at the beginning of the month. The agent advised me to apply for upenn, thinking that it is slightly more likely to enter upenn on my terms. In my own opinion, I still don’t think it fits well, so I finally decided on cornell, duke, rice, nw and jhu. Duke heard that very few Chinese are recorded in transfers, so I just try to make up the number. Last semester’s gpa was full, and I did a charity internship, business analytic, during the winter vacation. I wanted to retake the TOEFL test, but the home test was half of the time out. The opposite was repaired from 3 pm to 5 pm, and finally gave up. I called ets to reschedule and asked to wait for the reply. I haven’t been able to retake the exam until now. I wrote a few emails and didn’t reply. I guess it’s hopeless. Now I just hope to refund me. I’m very curious that several living people in ets America have become more entangled in the future during the past six months, and I am afraid that they will walk along the planned life path in such a dazed manner. I have been in online classes for almost two semesters, and I am not doing well. Coupled with the fact that I haven’t seen a classmate living at home for a whole year, I’m a person with no social needs, and I can’t stand the recommendation letter. It’s really hard to get a recommendation letter. I don’t even have the opportunity to brush my face in online classes. I finally got two of them, and now I heard the beep of Outlook, and I got a conditioned reflex. But recently I learned that the professor who wrote me the recommendation letter actually graduated from the dream school. I don’t know if it counts as fate. The CEO of the intern company also sent me a letter of recommendation, which makes three letters in total.

8 months ago

4/6 I was rejected by umich and speechless. Do you know what it feels like to be rejected? I really don’t know what went wrong. Is 4.0 not high enough? Really, really speechless, I can only accept reality, right? I’m really mad at being rejected by uchi. I’m not at all sad to be rejected by this thing or by lsa. I really calm down and analyze it. First of all, our school ranking and Michigan are not much different. There are even some high-level professional courses with GPA, and then separated this semester TA The prof that writes the reference letter is also familiar with me. The score is 97+, so it should not be an academic problem. The language score is a small score of 7 total 8 plus duolingo135 as auxiliary materials. It should be no problem. We do not have a gpa alevel system. 3A*2A standardization. AP SAT2 did not pay credits for some sats. AP changed 12cr last semester 16cr, this semester 24cr winter session 4cr, if you change it, it should be around 36cr (but um is a three-point system and multiplied by 3/4, which is about 27cr) may be due to this reason but In fact, it’s okay. I wrote my potential research field completely from academic perspective. Our school lacks necessary support. School research has been done for a long time and even I wrote about which prof I want to do research with… I don’t think it should be. This question. I think it’s really seeking truth from facts, and it’s not fabricated at all. This year, many very powerful friends have been rejected. I don’t understand why… I’ve consulted many people, and I think that um has a probability of 80%+. But in the end it is the 20%. Maybe it’s the reason for the freshman. It’s impossible to catch wustl hahaha rice. In this case, I will fight again next semester (sophomore transfer will not affect my research plan). I saw the result yesterday. I drink whiskey vs. vodka until I just finished the stats inference test in the morning (the test is okay). I still have a headache. I named this wine “endless pain” hahahahahaha wine is like life UR 24Math major freshman gpa4.0/4.0 first semester basic The difficulty can only go to this point (3 math and 1 cs). Unfortunately, our school does not have A+. I especially want to go to UMich (Financial Mathematics and RM). In addition: WUSTL(CS+MATHS combined major)NU(MATHS)Rice(stat)Uchi( TED, MATHS) Scratch Le Hahahaha Admission to any one is enough. Hahaha 2.3 Duolingo scored 135 points in the exam, which is considered to be up to the standard haha ​​3/19 Uchi rej There is no turmoil in my heart hhhh4/17 Because I am considering going to Singapore visa, I am considering applying for the current I20 appointment visa as soon as possible. The next few points are considering giving up. Under the current situation, the smooth completion of the study is the most important transfer, but it is not so important for the final exam. After I plan to go to Yunnan Tibetan area or Lhasa for a while, I feel a little confused. I feel more and more that I shouldn’t be too utilitarian and change to a stronger competitor to have more resources and opportunities. I don’t think I don’t want to wait too much. It’s boring, so boring (I feel like I was re-planned after being rejected by Umich, and suddenly I feel that I was too naive and utilitarian…)

8 months ago

Purdue 2023er doesn’t talk about majors anymore, it’s a niche major. If you say it, you will know who the gpa is not high. The first semester overturned too much and I can’t pull it back. Purdue is very good, but it’s not suitable for me. , Set up a flag, if I didn’t get Quanjude, I would talk about some very detailed and wonderful things about Purdue.) Many things happened in the first semester. I was exhausted physically and mentally. I just want to escape from this place, but I can’t escape because The GPA in that semester was too low, and there was really no way to apply for a freshman to a sophomore year. It is estimated that the result will not be as good as the first time. Under various stress and weakness, I was diagnosed with moderate anxiety and depression and then I worked hard to pull GPA. Pull it to a normal level. I’m quite confident about the future gpa, so it won’t be harder to get the gpa as many people say. For me, I haven’t studied any ap, ib, a level, the content of the college entrance examination because I was sick in high school (physical, not depression) and I didn’t learn much (otherwise I would not go abroad), everything It’s all new to me. It’s just a little struggle with the good foundation of this junior high school. In the future, it’s not that difficult because many things are added now. Transferring for me, I don’t need it and it’s impossible to make a leap. That kind of leap is just an ordinary person who wants to take a step forward. Umich (white moonlight in high school, I found out that I don’t deserve it during the application season) UT (white moonlight in the last application season) UW (rejected me once, please record this time I) Madison (safety) will add, I don’t know what to apply for, I don’t feel anything about popular dream school bu nyu usc, etc.

8 months ago

In fact, it’s not that I don’t know what to apply for, but I’m afraid that it will be embarrassing for people to recognize it (after all, I am pretty sure who the other Purdue 2023er in this post is). The remaining one is the dream school (lottery), the other is the last application season. Do you want to apply for not applying? Now I regret the existence of the last application season. I don’t want to apply too much. One is that the gpa is not high, and the other is that the last application season has too many applications and the lesson of overturning has been learned. It is determined to retake the TOEFL.

8 months ago

I did not expect that the academic advisor would refuse to write me a recommendation letter. What she said was “We never write a recommendation letter to anyone. Ask the professor for a recommendation letter.” Fortunately, I considered this question when I chose the course, and I chose it specially. Small class. Purdue is basically a big class for freshmen and sophomores, with 400 people. The professor is basically impossible to have any impression of an ordinary student. One professor agreed, and the other was a research professor at a domestic university after the epidemic. I hope I can do it again. Persuade a Purdue professor

8 months ago

Umich sent me a portal, expecting the result that Purdue cannot send points to the common application through the website, but can only send it by mail. I vomited UWM and sent it. The two schools that were not mentioned have applied for the college report and did not settle the test tomorrow. Several sets of questions, listening is better than before, reading is not as good as before, no one showed me the spoken English, but the speaking is smoother than before, and writing is easy, not too bad. Why can’t UT waive TOEFL… If you want me then I will take it Nothing happened. I carefully read the transfer credit policy of each school. I’m angry. The degree of recognition of our school does not seem to be so high. UWM read my transcript.

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