It seems that most people find it difficult to judge where the legal fees they have paid are spent, especially in criminal cases. The fees for civil litigation are relatively transparent, and everyone can basically guess the same. In contrast, the fees charged by lawyers in criminal cases are relatively unreasonable, and sometimes they can scare me. Some are too high and startled me. For example, there are cases where the price is 50w for three stages, and the parties sign the contract on the spot, saying that the lawyers consulted before charge no less than 80w; some are so low that I don’t understand, I quoted three for 10w for small cases At this stage, the client turned his head and left, saying that yesterday’s lawyer 20,000 yuan had also been included in the second trial. Back to this question, the lawyer is not worth it, the key depends on the level of business. There are not many meetings, maybe because there is not much time left before the trial, or the lawyer is really not very concerned. Our team’s normal meeting frequency is three to four weeks, which can be used as a reference. Recently, I took a second instance of a foreign underworld case, which was also 8w, and the court also notified that the court may not be held. What are the jobs? Meetings, reading files, communicating with prosecutors and judges, writing applications for court sessions, writing materials to family members, writing defense statements, no more. But to begin with, there are more than 300 files and hundreds of pages of first-instance judgments. To verify evidence, you need to meet many times in a row. Inquire about relevant precedents and opinions, find advantages, avoid weaknesses, and talk to the judge with 10,000 words of defense. The prosecutor communicated several times. However, these jobs are often not seen by the client or are not considered to be the cost of the lawyer’s work. I often change the quotation in the process of handling a case, because the impact of the epidemic makes it impossible to meet, or when I think the lawyer’s workload is lower than expected, I will take the initiative to adjust the charging standard for the client. Everyone will compare their hearts to each other, and happy cooperation is the most important thing.

Some people think that if things are too easy to solve, the value of spending money will not be reflected, so people who do things will find ways to make things more difficult and then solve them. For example, if he fills the pot, he secretly knocks the hole big, and then takes more effort to fill it, but the victim will be extremely grateful. For example, if the king asks to suppress the bandits, the generals will support the bandits, and they are considered to be a generation of famous generals. Good fighters have no great power, can solve the problem, and the charge is reasonable. You have to calculate the price according to the working hours. If the subject is the boss, it is also the boss of 996.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

In criminal cases, the value depends on the lawyer’s defense ideas and strategies, not the number of meetings. If you are looking for the number of interviews, you can find a lawyer at the gate of the detention center. It only costs 1,000 yuan for one visit. In this case, you can see 80 visits for 80,000 yuan. You can count as 22 working days in a month, which can be almost every day. The meeting continued uninterrupted for more than 3 months. Don’t think I’m joking. In a “triad-related” case in Taiyuan, the family members commissioned a criminal defense team from a law firm in order for a few suspects to come out. The family’s request was to meet daily. As a result, the first-year lawyers of this team took turns to run to the detention center every day, spreading the words of dedication for a while!

9 months ago

Speaking of criminal cases, I don’t want to see this in meetings. In the day-to-day work of criminal lawyers, in addition to the parties who are outside on bail pending trial, there is no need to meet with them. Whether it is a client detained in a detention center or a client under residential surveillance, the criminal lawyer will meet according to the needs of the case. As for the specific number of meetings, it’s really bad. Generally speaking, when you first take over, you will go to a meeting to show that the family has entrusted you and ask whether the parties agree, and if you agree, sign the power of attorney. In addition, there will be a meeting before the trial to provide pre-court counseling on the trial process, disputes, and key issues, so that the parties can feel at ease and do not panic and talk during the trial. Other meetings are arranged according to the needs of the case or the requirements of the parties and their families. If there are indeed many problems that need to be confirmed to the person concerned during the scoring process, then the interview is indispensable. If the case is relatively simple, the number of meetings may be relatively reduced. Attorney fees are related to several stages of commissioning, the lawyer’s personal ability, local prices and other factors… Therefore, 80,000 lawyer fees will only be seen three or four times to the question of whether it’s worth it, and it’s not good for the case itself. , But one thing can be said-the lawyer’s court is over, the client (family) has raised the issue of whether the lawyer’s fee is worth it, indicating that the lawyer may not give the family a full sense of “participation” in the process of handling the case. As for the family members, the lawyer’s fee is too much.

9 months ago

First, if it is an ordinary case, the criminal defense attorney fee of 80,000 yuan is already relatively high. Second, if it is possible to sentence the death penalty or life imprisonment, or other criminal cases with major circumstances, 80,000 lawyer fees still have a certain reference value. In other words, lawyers have to pay a lot of work for this. Third, criminal lawyers can meet 3 or 4 times. In the defense of ordinary criminal cases, there are already a lot of them, and they should be regarded as more serious and responsible lawyers. Fourth, in criminal defense, interviews are only a small part of all work. Communication with the procuratorate, studying and reading case files, and searching for corresponding laws and precedents is simply a vast work. Fifth, in large-scale criminal cases, consecutive court sessions are held for more than one day, so the energy and brain power consumed by itself is very large. Sixth, the key question remains in one sentence, whether it is entrusted to others, the key point is whether an effective defense has been carried out.

9 months ago

Many people like to ask, like the subject of the subject, why some lawyers charge very low fees and some lawyers charge very high fees in the same case. What is the difference in value? Today’s article analyzes from the perspective of appraisal opinions and cross-examination capabilities. What is the value difference between professional lawyers and non-professional lawyers? In the criminal cases I handled, I was able to achieve very satisfactory results, basically since I found a breakthrough in evidence. Expert opinions are often at the core of the evidence in criminal cases, which can directly affect the conviction. For example, whether the injured person reaches the level of minor injury in an intentional injury case determines whether it constitutes a crime, and the value of stolen items in a theft case directly determines whether it can be denied. Crime, whether the ability to fully cross-examine the appraisal opinions directly determines a lawyer’s criminal ability to handle cases.

9 months ago

According to the “Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on the Management of Judicial Expertise”, judicial authentication refers to an activity in which an expert uses science and technology or expertise to identify and judge specialized issues involved in litigation and provide expert opinions in litigation activities. The main categories include: (1) Forensic appraisal; (2) Material evidence appraisal; (3) Audio-visual data appraisal; (4) According to the needs of litigation, the judicial administrative department of the State Council shall consult the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate to determine other relevant Appraisal items that are registered and managed by appraisers and appraisal institutions. Forensic identification and physical evidence identification are common in criminal cases. In addition, there may be other identifications based on the specific issues involved in different crimes. Here we take the forensic appraisal as an example for analysis. The specific cross-examination method can also be used in the cross-examination of other appraisal opinions.

9 months ago

Examining whether appraisers and appraisal agencies have the corresponding qualifications. Appraisal agencies are divided into two categories. One is the appraisal agency established by investigative agencies based on the needs of investigation work. Such appraisal agencies shall not accept commissions from the society to engage in judicial appraisal business; the other is the market Appraisal agencies on the Internet, after obtaining judicial appraisal qualifications through application for approval, these appraisal agencies can accept commissions to issue judicial appraisal opinions, or they can conduct business judicial appraisals for the society. According to Article 6 of the “Decision on the Management of Judicial Authentication by the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress”, individuals, legal persons or other organizations that apply for judicial authentication shall be reviewed by the judicial administrative department of the provincial people’s government, and those who meet the requirements shall be registered and compiled. Enter the list of appraisers and appraisal institutions and announce them. The judicial administrative department of the people’s government at the provincial level shall, based on the addition and cancellation of registration of appraisers or appraisal agencies, regularly update the compiled roster of appraisers and appraisal agencies and make an announcement. Therefore, the first step of cross-examination of the appraisal opinion is to go to the local Provincial Department of Justice to check whether the appraisal agency and the appraiser are in the public appraisal agency list, as well as the qualification time limit and qualification type, and check whether the appraisal agency and appraiser have the corresponding qualifications, whether During the qualification period. We have really encountered the situation that the appraiser’s qualification certificate expired and forgot to renew, so we directly attached the copy of the expired qualification certificate to the appraisal opinion. This kind of appraisal opinion is definitely not usable.

9 months ago

The legal industry essentially makes money through information asymmetry (in fact, most industries do this), including making money by using information asymmetry between yourself and others, and saving money by eliminating information asymmetry. The reason why the question of “whether it is worth asking a lawyer” arises because the client does not know what the lawyer has done from it, whether or not what the lawyer has done is useful, and how useful it is. This is also a kind of information asymmetry. The “worth” of a criminal case depends on whether the lawyer has tried his best to get you the best result within the scope of the law, but a party who does not understand legal knowledge cannot judge this. It’s not like going to the hospital for treatment. Although I don’t understand medicine, I know that my whole body feels well, which means the disease is cured.

9 months ago

Whether the lawyer is doing his best or not does not depend on the number of meetings (of course, many meetings will make the client feel valued). Sometimes the lawyer has tried his best to achieve the best result, and the client still thinks that there is a big gap with his own expectations. Therefore, I feel that the lawyer does not collect the money, and the money is spent in vain. This is all normal. I think that the lawyer is worth it. You can ask the prosecutor and judge who handled the case. If they think that the lawyer is responsible, it is generally true. Whether the lawyer is serious and responsible can be seen at a glance from the legal opinions he put forward. To put it aside, this lawyer represented the case, and as a result, the client had such doubts, indicating that the publicity work was not in place. In some cases, everyone knows that you can’t afford to turn over any splashes, but some lawyers can make the client feel that the money is worthwhile, and have no gratitude to the lawyer, and some lawyers can make the client feel that the money is in vain. This is also the lawyer’s personal brand. The gap in the level of image shaping. The work must be done well, and the words must be well-spoken.

9 months ago

Of course not worth it! In fact, in our industry, you have to pay 80,000 yuan. In addition to the matter of litigation, there are also bonuses: night patrols, collection of express delivery, house cleaning, glass cleaning, beauty salons, scraping and cupping, bone pedicure, ear picking and knocking. Back, mobile phone film, car waxing, English training, homework counseling, emotional escort, downwind transportation, leather care, wedding emcee, home appliance repair, food delivery, water and electricity payment. Didn’t he mention these things to you? Then you are at a loss, remember it next time!

9 months ago

In a criminal case, the client only saw three or four meetings, and there were so many things in the second court, the criminal defense lawyer’s subsequent efforts did not see the client. First of all, after receiving the entrustment, the lawyer immediately understands the case and sorts out the evidence. If the case is still in the investigation stage, he will first exchange opinions with the public security department. If necessary, he needs to write an application for bail pending trial. When the case has reached the stage of reviewing and approving arrest, we exchanged opinions with the prosecutor and submitted a legal opinion not to approve the arrest, so as to fight for the parties not to be arrested. Then when it comes to the review and prosecution stage, the lawyers will immediately go to the procuratorate to retrieve the files, divide the thick stack of files into categories, simplify the complex, and sort out relevant evidence and materials that are beneficial to the parties. Then the lawyer will submit a legal opinion to the prosecutor based on the situation of the case, and submit an application for non-prosecution. At the trial stage, the lawyer has to exchange opinions with the judge for the trial, prepare for the trial cross-examination, ask questions, defend opinions and so on before the outer trial. I only talk about the work of lawyers that the client cannot see. Sometimes in a criminal case, we will work overtime as a team to sort out the evidence and revise the documents. It will never be as simple as a few meetings or a trial. Finally, please respect this profession.

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