“Wang must die”, whether it is serious or playful, at least proves that this is currently the most disgusting role for the audience, and there may not be one of them.

Many people hate King Union because he destroyed the spirit of the old man, and some even say that this is murder.

But according to the situation of the generals sent by Gu Ling, the master under control is a tool, a tool without thinking, that is, not a “soul body” like the Sun God, but also a snake fairy with the ability to act and think. There is an essential difference. For the Feng family, the spirit of the old man is meaningful, but this can’t change the fact that he is a tool.

For example, Feng Xing Tong has a relic of an old man. It is a matching sword. In a battle, this sword was destroyed by his opponent. This sword is very important to him. It is a relic, a kind of sustenance and memory, but This doesn’t mean that the opponent will be heinous if he destroys the sword, let alone murder.

If the spirit of the old man can be regarded as killing, then Bao Bao Feng killed a bunch of zombies in the first sentence. The spirit can be regarded as human, why can’t the zombie be regarded as human.

Let’s talk about the double standard issue.

Some people say that Wang did deliberately, he took the initiative to destroy the old man’s spirit and acted badly. Then we look at the whole story under one person. Lu Liang and others secretly dig and insult the body of Grandpa Zhang Chulan. During the game, Bao Bao Bao, There have been many sneak attacks, kidnapping and burying of people, the old teacher prescribes drugs to manipulate the game, temporary workers help Xiao Zizai to conceal the killing, Chen Jinkui illegally detains the king, etc., so many crimes, the nature should be even worse.

Wang He is indeed not good at character, but this is a moral issue in the final analysis, and it does not involve the law. The law is the lowest moral requirement for people. Under one person, more people are clearly breaking the law and have not been punished, but they are not opposed by the audience. Only Wang He is being scolded. Isn’t this a double standard?


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Your argument itself is wrong. The degree to which a person is disliked does not depend on whether he violated morality or law. Murder violates the law, but the fact is that not all murderers are spurned by others, and more depends on subjective will and objective influence. Wang Bin’s subjective will is too bad, just to vent his anger, he will destroy the other party’s heirloom, in your words, and torture Feng Xingtong who is about to surrender. This person is the main act of evil and has caused extremely bad effects. At this time, the author also described the feelings of Wang Zizhong and Feng Xingtong and Wang Bin’s bad childhood. Between one positive and one negative, the hatred of Wang Bin rose sharply, and finally the inner monologue after the battle with Zhang Lingyu completely eliminated this. The image of man has plunged into the abyss. So the matter of destroying the soul is just a clue to Wang Bin’s character. Everyone hates Wang because he is annoying. There are only black spots on his body, and he can’t see it at all. It is annoying for this person to be shaped. As for the other things you said, if the zombies had human rights, the Xiangxi corpse group would have been wiped out by the company, let alone Liu Yanyan took the initiative to attack. Zhang Chulan didn’t pursue Lu Liang’s corpse. Feng Baobao buried someone, Shan Shitong investigated, Zhang Chulan apologized, Shan Yutong accepted. The king didn’t pursue it either. Zhang Lingyu did not pursue the medicine when the heavenly master prescribed medicine. Xiao Zizai kills people with no name and no surname, and killing in fantasy novels or comics and killing in reality are completely different things, not to mention that it is more or less the same as accusing a person of a natural homicide. Chen Jinkui was detained, but Wang didn’t go into it. None of these things caused serious consequences (I personally think that the death of a dragon is not a serious consequence). The perpetrator’s motives are understandable. And people have black and white, not as translucent as Wang Binhei.

9 months ago

There are many perversions in “Under One”, psychological distortion or unsoundness. But they knew alive that Lu Liang knew that it was not right to steal the body. Xiao Zizai knew that it was wrong to kill. The old master knew that he was wrong to prescribe medicine. Knowing that I’m not detaining Baby Feng is a special case of being sad and mentally unsound, but with the help of the two generations of Xu’s family, he has established respect for life. Only Wang He is a stupid der who thinks he’s all right. Do you think the audience should be special? Hate him

9 months ago

Father Prince Zhong is a national player. He had two wishes before his death to save more people. Even if he does not enter the cycle of reincarnation, what kind of mentality is this? The wind and rain are as peaceful as a mountain! I’m not as good as hell who goes to hell. A great doctor with this mentality, let’s see how Dr. Tao Yong’s hand was chopped off. How many people will not be able to cure their illnesses for the rest of their lives because of his injuries. The same is true for Wang Zizhong. If he is alive, how many people can he save? I want to meet my wife Duan Muying, even if she is in a spiritual state, I don’t want to sing love much here. In conclusion, the loss of his soul and the loss of his soul is a huge loss to the alien world and the entire world. And this loss was caused by Wang He.

9 months ago

Because the role of Wang Bin is too real, this kind of person exists in reality; and even if Feng Baobao Xiao Zizai Wang Zhenqiu does exist, you will never encounter it for a lifetime, and the comics weaken this sense of reality, so I don’t hate them. If Xiao Zizai appeared in reality, no one would think that he had to dress up before killing and dismembering the body as “Brother Xiao is too cute” (barrage in Tencent anime), just like comedy movie characters were bombed by the audience. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but if the damage is very real (such as getting a beer bottle headshot and bleeding), the audience will not accept it.

9 months ago

Compared with murderers, punks are harder to understand and more offensive, because their evil is more frivolous and aimless than serious and serious killings, which makes people disgusting. This is justified. Of course, it’s hard to say that the murderous bastard may be more understandable and acceptable because of his hemorrhagic nature, or it may be like a mediocre evil that people can’t wait for delay. And, the social harm is still killing people.

9 months ago

One of the purposes of this plot of Wang Bin’s forced wind and Xing Tong’s dispersal of the spirit of the king’s father is to expose Wang Bin’s values and worldview to readers, as is the voice of Wang Bin’s defeat to Zhang Lingyu. So (* ̄m ̄) The reason why most readers hate the king is that they hate people with these three views. The answer to the Lord’s analysis of Mr. Wang’s loose spirits seems very rational at first glance, but it is by no means rational, otherwise he will not hide the king and beat Feng Xingtong, who is no longer able to fight back. From this point of view, the answerer is really proficient in Tao Yuanming’s “not asking for a deep understanding.”

9 months ago

Even if every answer is written “Why do I hate Wang Union” and “Why do I think everyone hates Wang Union”, the subject will still be “very confused” and put forward a rebuttal: It is obvious that someone has done something worse, why don’t you I hate that person, why do you have to target the king? I roughly scanned a few comments written by the subject himself. how to say? There is a feeling of looking at children’s moral development level through moral dilemmas. The moral dilemma is a “tram-car problem” for most people. It is like crashing one or a few people, or crashing a few or overturning a car, and so on. In children’s education, we will choose some similar questions to ask children. By looking at their answers and the reasons they have stated, we can estimate where the children’s moral level has developed-under this test, the children choose Which option is not important, the point is to look at the “why” the child said.

9 months ago

Let me talk about my subjective feelings: I was bullied when I was a child. I will hate that bully for a lifetime. I don’t want to take the initiative to deal with him when I grow up. If he dies one day, I will be very happy. Wang Bin is very similar to the bully. We may have similar emotions in it when we yell “The king is bound to die.” I really hate a person and don’t want him to be good. I hope he will die soon. Does this kind of feeling apply to moral judgment?

9 months ago

First of all, we must clarify a setting in “One Man”: There is no law in the alien world. The activities of foreigners in the circle cannot be judged by secular laws. Intuitively speaking, even if you burn, kill, loot and do no evil in the alien circle, as long as you do not affect the lives of ordinary people and can withstand the encirclement and suppression of you by other aliens, no one with a national background will be successful. Do it on you. In a world where there is no law, the world does not collapse. It depends on the limited ability and restraint of the strong. That kind of stranger who is strong and does not know how to do anything, has long been destroyed by the state apparatus. So those who live to this day are all foreigners who are low-key people and do things, and won’t cause too much trouble. In a circle without legal constraints, there is no major turmoil because the multi-polarization of power groups hinders each other, and different people have their own basic codes of ethics. The behavior of the grandfather and grandson of the Wang family is full of human evil, and they act unscrupulously within a certain range. They are often stepped under their feet for morality and other things. They are all annoying masters, although their behavior cannot be judged by the law. , But using moral criticism is enough to get them scolded to death three times. You said that spirits are tools and not humans, so it’s okay to destroy them. But in Feng Xingtong’s eyes, they are family members. It is not us but Feng Xingtong that you want to convince. You have to tell him, “This old man’s spirit is just a Tool, even if he breaks it, you shouldn’t hate him so much.” You see if he beats you.

9 months ago

First of all, let me talk about the first point. Although the zombie is essentially a corpse, you can understand that if he is just a simple corpse, Feng Baobao will of course be disgusting to do that, but it is already stiff. And if Bao Bao Feng didn’t attack the zombies, would you let Bao Bao Feng get beaten? You insist on saying that the zombies attacked Baby Feng before. Then why can’t he fight the zombies? As for Lu Liang, it was because of his unclear background. There are many mysteries hidden in him now, such as the pair of boxers, and whether he killed his sister in the end. Moreover, Wang He also indirectly killed Grandpa Wang Zizhong. If you insist on forcing you, if Feng Xing Tong did not let the prince’s soul fly away, he might have been swallowed. Can you understand the feeling of the soul returning to the earth and being eaten by the corpse? Who is more disgusting in comparison, don’t you count? There are also the so-called celestial masters controlling the game. They are the same. What they want to do has nothing to do with outsiders. This is their family affair, so we have no right to say that they did not interfere with outsiders after all and did not cause losses to others. Finally, a good doctor wants to benefit more people after death, so he lets Feng Xingtong control it, but don’t you understand what the king does not want in the prince? It will only be swallowed, how humiliating it is, if you don’t understand, then I can only say that the grave is robbed or the corpse is eaten by the grave. Which one do you think is more insulting to the dead.

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