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Netizen Xu Keyi Shirky posted:
At 7:08 tonight, Fuyang Red Cross made a group visit to the media for emergency rescue.
The key points of his reply are as follows:

  1. It came as soon as I received the notice at 9 o’clock today;
  2. The second leopard was anesthetized, the dog did not bite, the dog barked, and 4 dogs were injured;
  3. There is also a leopard at large. The third round of search may be conducted tonight.
    I asked a question: Why did he use a stubborn dog to search and rescue, he said no to answer.
  4. Locals, the drone finally found the last leopard in Zhuantang in the early hours of last night. The search team hounds and the gathered villagers went up the mountain to be surrounded, the drone stared in the sky, and then? The eyelids are gone, this level of concealment against the sky. The local Wuchao Mountain used to be the only provincial forest farm with a forest coverage rate of over 98%. It is separated from the West Lake Mountains by a small road, and across from the Lingshan Mountain on the opposite side by a national highway. Leopards can easily run to other forest areas in the opposite direction. At the foot of the mountain is Xiaoheshan University Town, where there are many college students. Towards Fuyang, it is even more hilly, and it is full of evergreen broad-leaved forests. You can’t see the specific topography of the mountain from the foot of the mountain or from the heights all year round. , Cliffs, waterfalls, karst caves have various terrains. Now in May, the temperature has just climbed up to 30 degrees, which is the most active time for local venomous snakes (5-pace snake, bamboo leaf green, cobra, coral snake, etc.). My father and all the natives dare not go to the valley in summer. Humid place, and almost 10 years have passed since the last wild boar cleaning. May I ask you to expose the local people, militia, special police, and volunteer search and rescue teams to the dangers of poisonous snakes, mosquitoes, cliffs, and wild boars just for the experience of when a leopard was caught? This kind of terrain does not rely on stalwarts to rush up and fight to delay people’s time to keep up with the narcotics, and use the hounds to contain them? Or take the keyboard? Last year, I took my Labrador and Fox Terrier to climb the wild trail. Do I have to climb up with the dog on my back and grab the rocks in some places and live in enclosures? Today, the helicopter has not only searched the Wuchao Mountain area, but also flew over the Lingshan Mountain on the opposite side, hoping that it did not go to other forest areas. There are so many studios around the school, so grab it as soon as possible. Panic I have now begun to suspect that 50w of the Internet is fanning the flames. Has it risen to the national level of government? This matter is obviously the problem of the safari from beginning to end. After the first leopard appeared in Zhuantang, the Safari Park did not recognize it. The second leopard was found in Silver Lake Silian Village at 8 pm on May 7. The street grid staff immediately sent the emergency notification to each household in the surrounding villages using WeChat. At that time, it was not confirmed that it was a leopard. Co-authoring this kind of regional issue is not sent to the keyboard man in your other regions, it means that the government is irresponsible, right? For commercial reprints, please contact the author for authorization, and for non-commercial reprints, please indicate the source. On the second day, each village set up a duty station at each intersection and repeatedly discouraged that doors and windows should be closed at night. Also starting from May 8, helicopters began high-altitude patrols of surrounding villages and residential areas throughout the day, calling militias and volunteer villagers to round up the mountains. As of today, the Hangzhou public account has released: After the escape of the captive young leopard in Hangzhou Wildlife World, the main leaders of the province and city have attached great importance to it and made important instructions. The city and district levels set up special work teams to station on-site offices to deploy emergency response work. In the past few days, more than 4,000 people including public security, militia, village (community) cadres and masses have been organized to patrol and patrol the surrounding areas where leopards appear. More than 270 person-times of special police, rangers, professional rescue teams, zoo staff, etc., more than 70 sorties of thermal imaging drones, and 37 hunting dogs (search and rescue dogs) were mobilized, and a dragnet-type investigation was carried out on possible areas. Implement special personnel to guard all entrances to the mountain, and promptly persuade people and tourists to return to the mountain. Up to now, 2 of the 3 escaped leopards have been captured, and they are now in good health. For the remaining 1 escaped leopard, a full search is being carried out around the area analyzed and judged by experts. At the same time, the Hangzhou Wildlife World was immediately ordered to suspend business for rectification, control the main person in charge, and investigate and analyze the reasons. Where is the co-author of the government working hard to protect the people’s property, and where is the keyboard man chanting love for animals? Then all the firepower ran on the government and search and rescue teams? can not read it

By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The answer is definitely unreasonable! What kind of dog breed is a Pitbull? Many respondents have already popularized it. I believe most people understand it! Let’s not talk about the unreasonable use of bits in search and rescue. First, investigate whether the bits owned by relevant agencies are in compliance! The search and rescue team uses bits. After all, they are not so professional. They are afraid of being injured by the leopard. It is understandable! (There should be a dog’s head here). As for why not looking for a more professional one, let’s not say! Say something else, I found that the online discussion is a bit biased, and the search and rescue team seems to be a back-up man! In the whole matter, shouldn’t Hangzhou Wildlife World be the one with the greatest responsibility? (I didn’t mean to wash the search and rescue team, and the search and rescue team has a big problem.) During the whole incident, Hangzhou Wildlife World was full of lies, jumping from side to side, and screaming constantly, treating netizens like monkeys they raised. It’s awesome! Think about the so-called wild animal world, wild animal kingdoms, various indoor zoos, and various cherished animals that have been kept in various places in recent years. Well, I probably understand!

8 months ago

Life is the first as long as someone has the rhythm, no matter what it is, it is wrong. If you use an ordinary search and rescue dog, public opinion: It’s a matter of life, how can you use an ordinary dog, which has no attack power, can you catch a leopard? If caught later, someone may be injured because the leopard is outside! Use fierce dogs, public opinion: Oh, so cruel, use such a cruel dog to kill the leopard! This is a national animal! Regarding the severed palm, I feel that I should sympathize with and regret it, but I should not condemn it excessively. Because the leopard will certainly not be obediently given anesthesia injections in the wild, if necessary, losses can be allowed. Fortunately, this didn’t hurt people. If it hurts people, even if your country is still the world’s No. 1 protected animal, it is not an exaggeration to remove your leg. People are the first thing that matters to human life! Don’t put the cute words of Bunny and Leopard on such cuteness, I just vomited when I saw such words! I personally feel that the discussion method has been magnified by the Internet. Back to the basics, what should be discussed is why the leopard came out? And there are three, the direction of the obvious problem is deliberately guided, and the secondary contradiction is placed in the main contradiction.

8 months ago

As a former wild animal protection volunteer, I didn’t think it was wrong! It is nothing more than some netizens feel that Bit bites the leopard to death and cannot accept it in their hearts. It is so cruel! When wild animals invade human habitats, conditions do not allow it, and it is understandable to take decisive measures to kill them. People are the greatest protected animal! (Yes, Wandashan No.1, what about you! It’s a good thing to live!) The point is to pay attention to whether humans invade animal territory or animals invade human territory! So in this search, if it is purely to find leopards, it would be too simple! Going deeper, its purpose is to find leopards to prevent human casualties and other vicious consequences! Including searching people! In the end, I think this problem is very nutritious! how dare you?! (Rather than taking the commanding heights and questioning searchers, it is better to condemn Hang Ye’s series of negligence!) Let’s just step in! A little off topic, some people say that using professional hunting dogs will be much better. Actually, I have really paid attention to the domestic falconry and dog hunting culture (not respected) before. On the one hand, there is actually no domestic dog hunting culture like that in the United Kingdom. Very professional hunting dogs; secondly, from my own experience, the vast majority of domestic dog owners who have hunting dogs! There are all suspects of illegal hunting in our country! (I didn’t wash the ground for Bit, Bit is not a good dog, so what do you need to raise fierce dogs in residential areas!)

8 months ago

Otherwise? Shall you go? A sliding shovel, use your hands to subdue the big carnivorous leopard? This question really made me laugh. Leopard is running! Leopard! Leopard! If you have no idea about this animal, I suggest you go back and see the animal world. This is not a chihuahua, not a puppet cat. This is one of the top hunters on the planet. It’s not too late for the Virgin to be bitten by it, okay.

8 months ago

I think the fate of those leopards is different from that of Wanda Mountain. It is not a so-called terrain problem. No matter how deep the mountain is, even the snow-capped swamp, the dog can just search, just encircle, and only humans can shoot. Although it is said that the tiger is bullied by the dog, even the sub-adult Siberian tiger cannot be dealt with by the “search and rescue team” composed of a few fighting dogs (the hyena group does not provoke the lion, but Dolby is not afraid of pain, but It will be shredded, and it cannot break the tiger’s life like biting a leopard, so the dog can only be assisted by a hound, and the output must be human), and the Siberian tiger is more cherished than the leopard, and the wild one is more Since the zoo is more valuable (whether it is tracking scientific research, breeding, etc.). One who is strong, cherished, and valuable, his fate is impossible to die from the beginning, it is absolutely the greatest manpower to save. And the moment the zoo leopard might ran out, his death was worth more than being caught back, and as mentioned above, it was indeed not an opponent of professionally trained fighting dogs, and could not change his own destiny. . . I am not feeling the issue of maternal credibility of all parties. People are like animals. If you are not strong enough, you will easily become an abandoned child. The more developed the place, the faster you will be abandoned.

8 months ago

I think it is reasonable. Because he is official, he is a search and rescue team, and he is experienced. Those who question him, don’t need to interview the search and rescue team, but try to rescue them by themselves. It’s like losing your own cat and wandering downstairs to find a few laps to try. They are facing a leopard, not a cat. A bunch of reporters are there with rhythm, why is there blood on the dog’s mouth? Whether the dog bites the leopard or the leopard scratches the dog and gets injured. What is the purpose of the search and rescue team? 1. Take the leopard back with handcuffs and ankle chains. If you can do it without anesthesia, the anesthesia needle will easily cause sequelae or drug dependence on the leopard. Catch back to the zoo and continue to let tourists visit. 2. Give an anesthesia needle and intramuscular injection. After confirming that the leopard is asleep, transport it back to the zoo in its supine position and wake up in the recovery room before returning to the exhibition viewing area. 3. No matter what method is used to get him back. 4. If you can’t catch it back, if you resist, you will be killed on the spot. 5. It is not allowed to injure the people and the staff of the search and rescue team. You must see a leopard in fire and a dead body in death. In order to catch hot spots to interview the difficult search and rescue team, it is better to catch the leopard by yourself, or to interview the zoo on how to make up for it.

8 months ago

unreasonable. But the real goal this time is not to search and rescue leopards, but to eliminate danger and protect people’s safety. Although the name is “search and rescue”, the order actually received must be to protect the safety of people’s property as the first priority. Bring the leopard back while trying to eliminate the danger as much as possible. I also like animals, but there are things I can’t do. Blame it on the leopard and the man who concealed it. Moreover, it took too long for these leopards to run out. When the personnel who handled this incident knew that he had been hungry for a week, no one dared to say what the hungry leopard would do, even if one was hungry. Wild dogs for a long time, who can guarantee that there will be no danger. (People dare to throw stones at wild dogs and threaten to retreat, who dares to throw at leopards?) The death of leopards is at most unsuccessful in search and rescue, but casualties are major safety accidents. Don’t ask for nothing but no fault. But I also admire the buddies who take Pitbull too. After all, what if the Pitbull runs away too? Isn’t that compliant?

8 months ago

unreasonable. The hunt for protecting animals is to protect people, and we must protect animals as much as possible. If you don’t have the professional ability, you can only protect people, and you don’t have the professional ability to protect animals. Not that the leopards have been controlled, surrounded, collapsed, and bite are allowed to bite. Can a controlled leopard hurt or eat people? No measure? Wandashan is still attacking people, do you think people killed them casually? Besides, the little leopard didn’t make any hurtful actions. People are important, but hunting and protecting animals requires professional competence. First of all, it is not that dogs are not allowed. To protect personnel and search for locations, professional working hounds can be used. They are born for hunting. The so-called working dog breed hound is to go to work. It is not that a bulldog goes into the mountains to fight with its prey, it is not that the dog can bite and bite more fiercely, and it is not that it has been seen and beaten. The professional ability of the hound is “siege but not attack.” Lock the prey, surround, trap, and wait for humans to come and deal with it. Humans and dogs cooperate to complete the hunting work with people instead of putting dogs on it. The Pit is not a hunting dog. It has no quality of besieging but not attacking. It is a famous fighting dog and goes up to fight when it sees an animal. A dog breed specially bred for fighting dogs in the United States, born for fighting. The fierce dog among the fierce dogs, the fighter among fierce dogs. There is fierce aggressiveness and fighting in the blood of this fighting dog. Bits that have opened their mouths red eyes when they see an animal, and their fighting power instantly rises. It is extremely unstable. If you don’t know when you go crazy, you will fight to death, biting to death, biting red eyes is hard to control, immortal, and the owner doesn’t necessarily listen. of. It’s hard to stop it from above, so I won’t let out a bite. There are fewer painful peripheral nerves, and the beating is bloody, and it doesn’t feel anymore. Keep beating until you die. Many bits fight themselves to death. I was exhausted from fighting myself, and died when I got home. Therefore, this kind of foreign unstable dog fighting is not a working dog. You can’t be a police dog, you can’t be a search and rescue dog, you can’t chase fugitives, you can only fight dogs, fight when you see animals, extremely violent species, and you are not qualified to be hunting dogs. It is an absolute ban on dog breeds. It is extremely threatening to living animals. If you keep a bit, the surrounding animals are in danger. The owner didn’t control it well, and killed the neighbor’s dog, cat, or other animals every three to five. It is also dangerous to people. Many bits are cross-breeded, and they are also unstable to humans and will bite. And one bite is very tragic, bloody. There are many records of biting people to death and biting people with disabilities. This thing is generally raised by an individual and cannot be proved. The hunting team raises, there are also sideballs. In short, you can bring a hound, but if you bring a bit, you will be confused. This is not a round-up, this is called a round-up. When the little leopard is surrounded or anesthetized, the bit still cannot stop, and it is very easy to cause the leopard to be siege. One in case, if the owner can’t control it, it will be a bloody end. Don’t grab the job of the hound. Isn’t it good to bring a professional hound?

8 months ago

Let’s talk about the future instead of now. I think every zoo should install a positioning device on each animal for large carnivores, just in case, if the funds are not particularly tight. Besides, how many such animals there are in each zoo should have this economic capability for a zoo that is relatively well-run. In other words, the more well-run the zoo, the greater the number of such large carnivores, and vice versa, the less. In short, it is directly proportional to the operating results.

8 months ago

I feel: This question of why the use of fierce dogs for search and rescue resembles Lu Yu’s question. Obviously it is a public safety issue. Why is the discussion about where the leopard is injured, or what happened to the leg? Isn’t it true that whether the masses are harmed, and the progress of the pursuit is the key point of the problem? If Leopard No. 1 was found wounding, he was shot dead by the police on the spot. No. 2 appeared on the street, captured by an anesthesia gun, and No. 3 was absconding. What the media should do is to guide the public’s attention to public safety rather than the issue of where the leopard is injured. If you can ask: how many spots are there on that number 1 leopard? I can call you Luyu second. Capture as soon as possible is the greatest guarantee for the safety of the masses. That thing bites people, it’s not the Erha and the cat who are always cute. Reasonable, very reasonable.

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