I always meet an angry teammate in the rankings, and I can’t help but imagine: If you can team up with your four clones and have a heart-to-heart relationship, this team would have won.
I would like to ask everyone, if you have the opportunity to team up with four of you, what rank can you reach?

Top order: This is a mess. Jungle: My male gun is okay, let’s have a lot of control. The top one second locks the stone, the middle one second locks the ice girl, the AD second locks Senna, and the second second locks the day girl. AD support for upper order mid order: It’s up to you. Jungle: Send. At the beginning of the game, the blind man in the red party chose Super Three, but what he never expected was that the opposite line was invariably making tower knives, like a well-trained army. The blind man squatted on the road for 5 seconds, watching the stone man repeatedly sell his ass back and forth, and go to hit the river crab in depression. At this time, he ran into the jungler. He did not hesitate to launch the sky sound wave, the male gun did not seem to see it, and did not use e to avoid it. The blind man snickered and kicked it with the confident smile of the version of the son. However, just like the design, the ice girl’s paws were stuck out of the wall almost at the same time, and a whack kept his footsteps. The blind monk yelled badly and looked at the mid laner Pan Sen for help, but he was desperate, not because Pan Sen did not come, but because two red pillars lit up beside him. “Why do you think there is a support with tp in this world?” The blind man said to Pan Sen who was lying on the side in the spring water. At this time, the male gun was kowtow to the Japanese girl and the ice girl at home. For fifteen minutes, the blind man was sitting on pins and needles. It was not because his record was not good. After many excellent midfield linkages, even though the blue team was stable with five defensive towers, he was still playing some rhythm, not to mention that the opponent did not operate. Excellent, they also make some low-level mistakes, but their cooperation and awareness are amazing. They can always regain some advantages without knowing it. Especially the opposite Nakano, like his mother’s conjoined baby, makes the blind man lost. Two dragons, two canyons and red buff. (This is the daily rhythm of my brother and me. The difference is that I don’t know how to curry, so I can only use ice girl instead.) “Don’t panic,” the blind man typed to stabilize his military spirit. “The ice girl on the opposite side is used to driving, but there is no gold yet. Body, we disperse the formation and break them one by one. When we are in a group, we will first drop the ice girl first, and then rush them in the back row. The stone is a fleshy stone. If he is alone in the battle, it shouldn’t be a worry.” As expected, the ice girl really did. Given the opportunity, the blind rushed into the enemy line first, and Pan Sen followed closely. The goal was the fattest male gun. However, they had not had time to lose the male gun and Senna. The hot sun and a few teammates turned into ice slaves were looking for Fuck them. “Why the ice girl didn’t die!” The blind man was furious in the spring water, “Don’t tell me you can’t even handle a stunted ice girl and a stone man!” Lava Behemoth-Oath of Licking Dog Lava Behemoth-Licking Dog Oath of the lava behemoth-the dog licking oath the goddess of dawn-the dog licking oath the goddess of dawn-the dog licking oath the goddess of dawn-the dog licking oath blindly looking at the buff at each other’s feet, the Japanese girl licks the male gun, the stone licks the ice girl . Although the ice girl is just a hard-control tool, as long as the ice girl is not dead, she can create ice slaves to provide slowing down and damage. He is ashamed of this understanding. Twenty-five minutes, the crispest on the other side may be the ice girl. Facing a strong forward lineup, the male gun chose the shield bow to collect the black cut, half of the endless, Senna was the black cut of the ice fist and the sheep knife, and there was a small serious injury. He really, really has never seen such a stable group of people. The blind man lit a cigarette, smoked silently, and lit to surrender. Pan Sen came over and patted him on the shoulder: “It’s okay, brother, we are not ashamed to lose to such a stable opponent.” The blind man nodded and added the opposite friend. I really want to be teammates with such a stable person, he thought. The other party accepted the friend, but rejected the blind man’s invitation to qualify. The blind man didn’t ask, maybe the other five black people were full. A few days passed, and the other party never got on the number again. The blind man looked for their ID in the friend list in doubt, and found that their ID had changed, and changed it all to: If you don’t play in the ranking, you are afraid of losing rank 1 and you can win the gold. Why not write down the losing game? Because the losing round was fifteen or even ten. SF Express does not ship as fast as I am.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Then I must be real money. I have imagined what the situation is like in the mid laner: What about teammates? Help me, my mid-lane vampire doesn’t have the ability to line up. I want to go home to jungle. Come and eat a wave of lines. (Too many on the road, the result is always the habit of A players not A pawns, and no line power). Wild me: Did you go down in the opposite mid lane? I’m going to go down and reverse squat (Jungler can only swipe and reverse squat). Top lane me: I am a unique vampire on the road. You just want to hit it, although in this version A single vampire is more powerful, but you have no use of the line ability to have a hammer. The other side of the robbery is killed by you, and it is not a wave of WQE that disappears (relying on the single vampire and the diamond to hit the thigh and touch the diamond’s ass) Supporting me: Don’t make noise, don’t make noise, don’t make noise, this wave is very important. When I arrive at E, you can directly go to AD, E+ passively hang two layers of passive, and then connect to WQA, even if the Thresh is gone, and I have electrocution ( I assisted the Raven ADC Kai’Sa) ADC: Don’t fight, don’t fight, I’ll make up the knife slowly, the opposite is Draven + Thresh, the risk is too great, and the opposite will be abandoned if it grows slowly (I am very intimidated by the AD, support I’m very brave.) I’m the jungler: it’s okay, I’m here, I will assist you when I get to E (the catch must be online first) ADC’s ​​I: Don’t fight, I don’t know where the midfielder is, maybe I’m anti-squatting ( High EQ: Good consciousness) Supporting me: Jungle. Your nightmare is directly opposite to AD. We follow (to cooperate with the jungler, the jungler must go up first), then the auxiliary field starts to wrestle, and the opposite bottom lane cooperates with the midfielder to catch the bottom lane, and then The jungler was late and sent three kills for 15 minutes. Auxiliary field me: I ordered the top laner me: I initiated it

8 months ago

Bronze, my mid-single-playing Jicai, the kind of dish that Annie can be beaten by Yasuo in the same rank; the top-single is also so-so, the kind that can be played with the meat and it is absolutely impossible. I have a very clear positioning of myself: the jungler will honestly produce meat for the big guy as a dog, and he will break the opposite C-position mentality by frequently catching the same road; with ad, I don’t need me to support the output and use Senna to beat and slow down. To recover, I need to use mice to play late AOE, and I need to play output in the mid-term and use armor-piercing female guns. In short, it depends on the lineup. The auxiliary is either the gem female tank top or the Senna. But how does the upper middle class be a dog for teammates? Especially for this kind of teammate who is dedicated to being a dog? I’m afraid it’s not 5 guarantees.

8 months ago

Coincidentally, I also thought about this problem. I think it should be no problem to get diamonds. It should be difficult if it is higher. My current qualifying win rate is 56%, mainly ad and mid lane. I have two advantages in playing lol. One is that I can be more or less able to play any way, and the other is that it is very stable. After all, I have played more than 7,000 games. I have also summed up the reasons for my defeat. 30% lost to the lineup, 30% lost to match a teammate, it was too bad to be beaten, and 20% lost to the opponent with Xiaodai or fried fish (that is, higher than this rank). People play in this rank). 20% is really inferior to human skills. Since it is me and my four clones, first of all, we can eliminate the failure factor of matching teammate Taicai. As I said above, my advantage is that I am very stable, even if the line is better than me, I can hold back. As for the lineup factor, I can also rule it out. Most of the reason why the lineup is not good is that other players you match will play what they are good at and will not consider the lineup. Since it is a copy of me, I will definitely arrange a front row on the road, jungle, and support positions. Strictly follow the lineup with meat, big control, and ap and ad output. Now let’s talk about the specifics: I play Qinggang Ying on the road, and I can choose Lava, Captain, and Galen. In the middle, Syndra, Huo Nan, and Ari play as the prince, and the alternative is the clown, Amu, and spider. Bottom wheel mother, Lucian, Kai’Sa, policewoman, I will assist the main player to play Morgana, Senna, I play Qinggang Ying, most of the heroes are not very virtual, except for the bear and Bobby, but these two are unpopular. And my Qinggang Shadow will always be a Separator + Giant Nine + Gloves, with an indestructible half-meat play. If Qinggang Ying is banned, I will choose lava and stay awake all the time. On the opposite side, choose Qinggang Ying, and ban lava, I will play Captain or Galen. Jungle is my weakness, I have the prince to choose the prince, to start a team. In the middle, I, Syndra, Fireman, Ari and everyone can play 55. If you ban the moon and robbery, I will make up for it. If the support position is the first hand, I will play Morgana, the anti-hook hero. If Morgana is banned, I will play Titan. If the opponent chooses Morgana first, I will play Senna. If Senna is banned, I will choose Xerath. If it is the opposite Senna, I will be Mesera + Japanese girl, Mesera + Penson, Mesera + Titan down the road, I am basically not afraid, if I don’t help my wheel mother + nanny, I will chant to the development. What are the five advantages of your own? One is that the ban is highly operative, and you can target the opposite hero. The second is that some people are willing to do dirty work, let “I” play with meat and play with meat, pure tool person. These two points alone greatly improved the winning percentage.

8 months ago

I should be able to hit drill one. The master dare not think that he just played drill two two days ago. After six or seven rounds, I came down. I played on the lan, and played mid laner Kosselas and Bright Moon in those two days. Drill two. Heroes that I can take out c on the road: Bear, Werewolf, Gnar, Ornn, Silas, Knok, Crocodile, Blind, Rambo, Sword Demon. Heroes that can be mixed: Jace, Monkey, Sec Well, Stone, Sword Girl, Tomb Digging, Bobby, Sword Ji, Barrel Jungle Can C: Praying Mantis, Blind Can C occasionally, Most of the time mixed, Widow, Morgana can mix Jungle: Zach , Pig Girl, Blind can c and can mix in the middle (there is less play in the middle, the data is insufficient): Silas, Moon, Jie, Murloc, Kassadin, Blind, Xerath AD can c: Xia , Big Mouth, Mouse, Kai’Sa, Calista, Verus (special effects flow), Senna can be mixed: ice, wheel mother, female gun auxiliary selected useful: Parker, crow, Thresh, female Tan, Bullhead, Senna, Jinfu, Lulu, and Feng Nv have all played three drills and four rounds above. They are not a sense of superiority from abusive food. If they cooperate in place, I will be confident. Keep the drill two, drill one

8 months ago

Say a word to you, it is invincible! Don’t tell me anything about the four guarantees, the division of pushes, and the use of resources. We want all five of them. The bar must be a perfect lineup. Whether the rhythm is right or wrong, it is in the same step. It will not really mess with each other to vent their emotions. The result is how to fight team battles, no matter how outrageous time we can make, we can win no matter how impossible the duel, why? Just keep pace. Is it difficult for passers-by? Difficult, not how five people who are familiar with the version do it. Is it difficult for us? It is also difficult, because all of our decisions will only have one kind and no other options. But we can definitely win, why? I don’t think you have been dominated by the double TP on the bottom road, the three-man teamwork in the river, and a wave of team battles in the wild. Don’t talk about resources or aligning. We are just one word for teamwork, stud. Where did the gun go off, hey! That would have to be five. Can’t catch the opposite! My words

8 months ago

I can play the silver. At present, I can only play jungle in the platinum one crossing the catastrophe. I can fill the position and go to the line with a high probability of blowing the line. I like to brush. The most interesting thing is that I see the stone man 6 that the bird can’t walk. The most interesting thing is in my hero pool. All things like Kayn, Nunu, and Widow crashed online. I don’t have to play anymore. Then the five dirty ratios grab resources from each other. The top order eats stones, the mid order eats birds + blue, the ad eats toads, crabs red, and assists in car stealing. +Dirty soldiers and then stay in jail in the main field and hold on to 15 points. The button is considered to be successful. jpg To tell the truth, the barriers between each position in this game are quite big. I have not seen the five specializations in multiple positions and copy them together. weaker

8 months ago

The top laner in the casting stage: Kenan/Rambo, when the jungler is at level 3, this is my c jungler: (I like to catch it the most) Okay, I pressed the prince mid laner: (there is a prince, anyway, I Fuck, clockwork) Lock the clockwork down: (em…how did you make up an ad) Select a policewoman, (make a good knife) Support: Second lock Leona, (I Leona, you know, let you see Liu Qingsong. 2) Enter the game, the blue prince and the red buff are turned on. After the game is finished, the blue and toads are quickly collected and then lean up. At the same time, Rambo controls the temperature and consumes blood. Opposite the promise, the prince eq shot a blood. The prince: I will collect a river crab and wait for him to catch another wave of tp. He will blow up Rambo: Good luck. Just after tp came down, the prince cooperated with Rambo and caught another wave of princes: the rhythm is right. At the same time, Leona Aiming at the opposite ad, he went up and was beaten up by the two opposite people. Looking back, he saw that the policewoman was still making up her troops, but she didn’t follow at all, so she had to flash back and retreat. Leona: Ad you and ah, the hands are so long. Policewoman: Oh, ad go up and point someone to be hooked by the opposing Titan, and the opposing female gun cooperates with the Titan to kill the policewoman, but the policewoman flashes the treatment and does not press it out. . At the same time, Leona bit her scalp to help the policewoman block hooks, but she didn’t help. She flashed that she had just handed in the last wave, but she was also charged and taken away and sent a double kill. Leona: ad you play for the first time? Policewoman: Stop arguing, let me make up for a while. Rambo: After that, I met the sb teammate. Mute all saw that the next road was a breakthrough. If you come frequently, the policewoman will dare to die if you dare to catch it. The prince wanted to help catch the middle road, but his own clockwork was too Buddhist, and he was pushed by the male sword on the opposite side and kept hanging under the tower. After the male sword finished pushing the thread, he went to the road to withdraw money. The prince had no choice but to take in the vanguard, and continued to expand his advantage on the road. The clockwork finally finished pushing the thread, thinking that the pressure on the bottom lane was too great. I have 6 and go downstream for a wave. The face probed into the grass was taken away by a male knife. Clockwork: Who am I? where am I? what happened? At the same time, there was already a quarrel on the bottom road. The policewoman only ate 63 swords in 10 minutes. Policewoman: Let them push, go swim, I will reduce the second tower to make up for the sword Leona: Double c is sb, I Go on the road to find Dad. I went on the road, but didn’t buy real eyes. The opposing duo pushed down the tower and turned into the center. Before the clockwork, they were stunned by the second, and the soldiers under the tower did not dare to clear them. Seeing that the middle road was precarious, Prince Rambo had no choice but to come to the team. At this time, the policewoman rushed here after clearing her soldiers in Xia Lu, passing by the grass and was taken away by a male knife. The Japanese prince opened and cooperated with Rambo Clockwork to win the team fight, but the prince Rambo died to give the advantage and the clockwork blood went home. At this time, the opposite promised Rambo is not on the road to make up for development. Our prince Rambo has been perfectly integrated with the team. The policewoman Leona sprayed each other and finally the policewoman chose to hang up. Clockwork: Click it, let’s get the next one. Prince Rambo: I can play again. Try the middle road. The disadvantage is too big. Our bottom half of the wild area is all lost, and the opposite side won two or three dragons. Prince: Help go with me, be careful of the dragon. Leona was impatient to go to the dragon’s place alone and was caught. Opposite to take advantage of the situation to take down the dragon. The prince: Didn’t you let you wait for a wave of me… The pressure on the opposite side is too big, and the prince Rambo doesn’t have the advantage of team level equipment. Own ad hangs up, the clockwork is well developed and lack of confidence. At the same time, the opponent’s single-handed single-machine time development has also made up for the giant flesh. This prince’s meat costume, the policewoman is not in our side, and there is no ad output. The next crystal breaks the opposite side and turns to the prince: Can’t wait any longer, drove a wave of prince Leona first, Leona’s stunted growth was melted instantly, Rambo’s big move flashed and the opposite female spear flashed, and the clockwork was discouraged. The cold walk error was taken away by the opposing Titan. Opposite Kayin waited for our big move to control and hand over, as if entering no one’s land. In the end, our side changed to two and ended the game. Rambo: This game is really difficult. Prince: Next time I’ll double-row with the big daddy. Clockwork: Still play or go wild. Policewoman: afk Leona: Report the policewoman for afk and intensive feeding. In the future, low-end games will not be assisted. Up. You ask the rank, oh, if there are five clones like this, silver two

8 months ago

Now I am flexible. The strength of passers-by who drills three singles and doubles and drills four singles and doubles is no worse than that of my teammates in the fifth row. On the contrary, the five of us are flexible. The biggest reason is that I am more flexible in playing, and I can often play mechanically when I have communication. My strongest is the 5v5 teamfight, followed by the line-up, and the weakest is the invasion. On the whole, I can double guard the tower on the road and even the upper half of it is my home, moving the defensive tower. The average coating layer can get 2 to 3 layers of bottom road ad to be stable on the line, and the auxiliary backhand can be used. The first hand can’t control people at all, so no one can break my tower unless four packs of two. The grasshoppers in the middle road cover the fig leaf. If the jungler doesn’t come, I can’t get to the river. I can hold it at $180 for 20 minutes. The problem of not moving the coating layer is to play wild. Scorpion walks sideways in the wild area. Invasion will always be trapped. So the key jungler, as long as the jungle is not broken by the invasion, after 30 minutes, I will not panic at all for the rest of the team, at least I will be the master? Emmm also has a certain problem. The heroes I play are basically dumb heroes who play group. They encounter five purely operational heroes and are frantically teased. And the early game was weaker than the wild area. The Diamond Bureau was still able to hold on, and was completely beaten up again

8 months ago

Now it is the second in the suburbs. He used to rely on the sword to go to the master, but since the monster hunter came out, he retired on the spot. I always fantasize about what I should do if all four teammates are me. Personally, apart from the mid-lane hero pool being a little less, the other four positions should be more than diamonds. And the more you hit the top, the more you need to cooperate in the rank game. If there are five copies, it should be able to cooperate very well… Wait a minute. I seem to see my jungler passing by the middle route to help push the line. I secretly eaten the sports car. I saw the middle single again. I seem to see that my top laner was caught and pinged wildly. I saw that the adc and the support both wanted to rush forward and no one noticed the tp that lit up at the back. I almost forgot that all five of them were me. Everyone thinks that C is also a shortcoming of a team…

8 months ago

Top silver game: can the jungler look at me, can the blue not eat it? Will you play? I’m almost rotten by the sun, I vomit, what kind of trash jungle. Jungler: Gou Ba can’t resist pressure on the top lane. Can you have a little field of vision in the bottom lane? I’m here, you don’t fight. You’ll give it away after I’m gone. Can you write your homework and don’t come to harm me. Mid laner: Did I fuck him hurt so much? I’m fucking in seconds? Fuck me. This teammate is all good food, this one is gone. Bottom Road: (missing two knives) How about assisting you to drive your horse? I haven’t made up the knife, can I play it, do my vision! The bottom road was dark, and I was beaten up when I was weak. How to play. Auxiliary: I got up, hit the hook, and was seconded. What is there to say? The control is full of ads and can’t be output. What garbage ads. These are five of my time.

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