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In fact, each student has a few kilograms and several taels, and the teacher probably knows it in his mind. The teacher knows how much students can do with their homework. Just like a money junkie, who counts money every day, don’t you know how many money you have? The teacher deals with these students every day, can you not understand these students? The teacher does not know the students in his class well, but their learning level is still very clear. Who can answer to which level and how many points can be scored, the teacher knows in his heart. The most important thing is that the current students are too lazy and too stupid. You can’t even copy the answers. The answers in two or three books are the same, and the answer is no different from the standard answer. You can copy the answers wrong, and the teacher can answer all the points that the teacher can’t think of. You can see if you are not blind. It depends on whether you want to deal with these people as a teacher. Sometimes when I hand in an assignment, I find a lot of copying answers when I am marking it. At that time, I was in a really bad mood. I sat here and worked so hard to correct the homework for you. The results were all copied and I felt that it was not worth it. I remember that at the end of last semester, I gave the students in my class a test, and they were not allowed to copy the answers three times before the test! Don’t copy answers! Don’t copy answers! No cheating! No cheating! No cheating! Enough class time was given for the exam. This was the first exam after the new class last semester. The main purpose was to get the bottom line and see the students’ mastery, so as to assist in the formulation of a review plan. Then when I changed the papers, I found three papers put together. The answers were exactly the same as the standard answers. I took out the three papers and asked the class representative to call the three classmates to my office to find them. I. After they came to me, I asked them to copy the papers by themselves. I also didn’t call the name in the class, because I think that the children now have strong self-esteem, and I am afraid of hurting their weak and fragile hearts. After I finished commenting on this set of papers last night, I mentioned that I asked the students who copied the papers to hand in the copy to my office before the self-study tomorrow night. One of the boys directly questioned me in class, what’s the point of copying? I said, it doesn’t make sense, then why don’t you do it yourself and copy the answer? When cheating, you should think that there will be punishment for being caught by me. Unexpectedly, people will directly attack me. I can’t do it and don’t copy the answer. Wouldn’t it be a waste of paper? I didn’t copy the answers to make you feel better… Then they said it again, and more than the three of us copied the answers, why you only arrested us, just to find a reason to target me, just deliberately Hey, it turns out that if the teacher is in a bad mood, he can ask the students to vent their anger. Then I explained a bit. I didn’t expect that people would not buy it. The more I dealt with him, the more arrogant, the more ugly and mean. Finally, I was also angry and asked him directly if you are not convinced. If you are not satisfied, you can go to the school leader. You can go to the Education Bureau to sue me, I welcome it, or you just hold back. Then came more weird, he said, I just don’t agree, then can I beat you? ? ? ? ? ? ? I said, you can, as long as you can afford the consequences. He said again, then you should go and tell the school now that you let me beat you, don’t you want me to be responsible? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I was really speechless than angry at the time. Was this kind of student kicked by a donkey in his brain? ? ? Then I just said directly, you think it’s not wrong to be caught by me for cheating. I’m targeting you. You can sue me, you can come and beat me if you don’t accept it. I’ll just sit here, as long as you can afford it. Consider the consequences for yourself. After that, I didn’t even bother with his various low voices, but I was speechless and really angry. Now students are already like this? ? ? I was caught cheating. The answer is the same as the standard answer. If the evidence is conclusive, how can it be? ? ? ? Tell me about the age of that student. Sophomore, it should be around 17 years old. It shouldn’t be unreasonable anymore, for such a simple reason can be against me. And there is more than one such weird student, there is more than one weird thing, and there are a lot of times that make you cry angrily. At this time, I want to give up and feel wronged. I want to ask myself why I teach this group of students? It’s really easy to see that students cheat, it just depends on whether the teacher wants to catch you out.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

The main reason is that the teacher keeps too many homework, and some homework doesn’t have time to do. If you do it one by one, you will definitely not be able to complete it. In the morning, there are usually four classes, and then generally math + English + geography + chemistry, let alone the four subjects, the teachers of the four subjects have to leave homework, and when there is no monthly exam, leave a chapter to practice after class. Four subjects are four chapters, and then the Chinese teacher and history have to come in. . . This noon requires six papers, which is equivalent to making six papers in one hour. Ah, ah, except for a few well-studied ones, the rest are copying. Then did you know? Our teachers generally don’t bother to look at other students’ homework. They usually look at a few well-studied homework, and some do it by themselves. The rest is swept away directly. And if you think about it, you don’t care about copying anything when copying homework. . It’s impossible not to see it. Anyway, it’s all copied. Why is it necessary to be fancy, wrong a few deliberately haha

9 months ago

How can a new teacher who has been employed for less than a year come to occupy a building can’t find out unless they are just new students, the general level of each student, the state of class, and the learning habits, the teacher is very familiar, and individual teachers even I can roughly judge whether my homework is in my first situation through handwriting. Classmate A goes to class every day, either sleeping or jogging. The questions and exams are all in the cloud, but the homework is done very well. Unless the teacher is silly, he will definitely be able to do it. See through (of course, the situation of sudden resuscitation is not ruled out, but this situation is almost impossible in politics and history) The second situation, student B has always been excellent, and suddenly there are many loopholes in the homework handed in one day, it may also be Copy (don’t doubt, I did have it in my class before, Xueba forgot the homework, and temporarily found the same desk to copy it, but the result was revealed) In the third case, the answer submitted by class C, every answer is It is correct, but the answers are written serially, all of them are not in the position. I believe that as long as the teacher has glanced at the homework, he can find out (this situation is especially obvious in the history subjects I teach). The fourth situation is in mathematics, physics and chemistry. It often appears in the middle school. The answer to each big question of D is correct, but there is only the answer, no process, and some students are even more excessive, just write a little (I don’t know if I am joking with the teacher or I really think the teacher can’t tell) Of course, there are some that can’t be seen, but not many. After all, the teachers are also from students, (especially junior high school teachers like me who are only seven or eight years older than their own students) Ps. When I went to school on the first day of the new semester to report , Was stopped by the guard, the uncle of the guard asked me: “Which class of your kid, why don’t you wear a school uniform” I explained for a long time before the uncle believed that I was a teacher hahahaha

9 months ago

It is mainly because some students have no brains to copy the answers. I don’t know if I have copied or not copied. In other words, there are basically very few students who are never asked by the teacher and copy the answers again and again, which leads to more or less teachers knowing the students’ abilities. Then students who copy the answers are often too lazy to do their homework, or sometimes they just want to call homework and just copy them all. Then the teacher took a look, okay, you didn’t know how to ask this question before in class, why do you do it now? Not to mention that some questions have different ideas for solving problems, and students copy them, don’t they tell the teacher that they are copied. On the other hand, some students, such as me, have to see if they can make the copy, or they have deliberately copied it wrong. Of course, I actually copy less homework and don’t do much homework. In other words, people copy my homework very often, and I was afraid that the teacher would know at that time, so I often instructed others how to copy it. It’s a pity that I’m old now, and my brain is stupid.

9 months ago

This is really simple. My teacher told me two things. 1. The simplest one, choose. The multiple-choice questions you copied down are really the same letters. It is more obvious if there are two questions with the same answer. The simplest is the previous English. A set of papers is almost all choices. You write down multiple-choice questions in order. The least need to think between the two questions. This thinking will change the shape of the letters. If there are three Cs, then the three Cs are not the same, but if they are copied, the answer is really exactly the same. very obvious. 2. A bit difficult, big problem. The things I chose earlier were said by my junior high school English teacher. This is my high school geography teacher. Our geography teacher said that they cheated when they were scoring the papers because, really, this rather subjective question is highly similar to the answer. If you have not read the answer, no one believes it. (I am a science student, I don’t know much about this subjective question) So the scoring teacher told the patrol teacher and caught one cheating. 3. It is more difficult, considering the students’ own situation. If a question is relatively difficult and the teacher understands the students better, do you have to explain why you can do so many difficult questions? Just like the test abroad, the teacher left a question that no one knows, and then posted the answer on the Internet. In the end, all those who wrote the answer were not counted. After all, homework is hard to say which is more important, meaning and function. My high school teachers have uneven homework requirements. Some don’t pay attention to homework but pay attention to the weak examinations of students, so they focus on improving their ability; some are serious and responsible. Old teachers who have a solid foundation in correcting homework; some pay much attention to homework, but also hope that students can find the points they don’t know how to ask themselves questions (there are really teachers chasing students to ask you why they don’t ask me questions good teacher..). There are also novice teachers who are clinging to homework but the class is a mess.

9 months ago

First, your usual grades and levels of teachers are clear. Second, it is too conspicuous when there are a lot of identical answers when correcting homework or test papers. Third, a qualified test paper, or a qualified assignment itself should have inherent logic…you can’t answer even more shallow questions, and your handwriting is rushed and scribbled, and in the end the big questions will be… cheated. Where’s the ghost? Even for homework, you don’t know the homework you posted in the previous section. The content of this section is clearly new content based on the knowledge points of the previous section. The result is that the homework is so beautiful?

9 months ago

Seeing this question, I think of the teaching quotations of my class teacher in earlier years.······Student·”Teacher, how do you see at a glance that my homework is a copy of the answer?” Teacher·”I have been a teacher for so many years Now, what big storms and waves have not been seen? Do you think carefully, and are ready to hide the teacher from me? Why do you need to see at a glance, the moment you touch your homework, I understand more or less that there is your abnormal behavior. As for borrowing or plagiarism? I think you know better than me.” Maybe when you first came into contact with a class, there was no way to analyze a student in three points. But once the time changes, once a day, five days to understand, ten days to go deep, one month to the end. If you haven’t worked out your level for so long, then I must be an unqualified and unconcerned teacher. The teacher saw the questions you wrote while marking the papers in class. The teacher thought to himself, “Your level, the basics are still not understood, so you have already written the question? Hey, I don’t know whose homework to copy.” However, even if he knows all the possibilities of you, the teacher said, “A classmate, this I did a great job in the second question. I feel that I have in-depth thinking. I hope that I will continue to work hard next time and get better and better!” So you asked me how to tell if it was copied? Sometimes your level is better than you. I know yourself better than you. You said you didn’t copy, can I not know? No need to glance, just touch.

9 months ago

Bronze: Do not hand in homework. Bai Yin: Copy other people’s work, only change the name. Gold: Completely plagiarize other documents. The text includes but is not limited to full-width English, strange spaces between consecutive sentences, etc. These are common problems of copying and pasting directly from CAJ format files. Platinum: Modify the format of the copied and pasted text to meet the requirements of the job. However, there are inconsistencies in the style of writing throughout the text, incoherent logic, inconsistent individual sentences, and almost all the textures are screenshots. Basically by this time, although the answer is copied, it can barely pass. Diamond: Process the material in chapters, sort out the logic, and unify the expression. The charts have standardized figure titles and table titles, and some tables have been reworked. This kind of basic can give seventy to eighty. Wang Zhe: Build your own understanding of the material of each chapter, break away from the original narrative structure, be able to discover the main context, have unique insights, and be able to ask innovative questions. Although there are still traces of copying, compared with the diamonds before, it is difficult to see at a glance, and it can be given to more than 80. Of course, it is best not to copy the answers, quote a reference in a sentence, and start to summarize it by yourself later, so as to develop writing skills. Many essays copied by students have been read by the teacher himself. Which group wrote it can be guessed right away, so it is too untechnical.

9 months ago

Because the teachers have all been students, and they may have been more clever and opportunistic students. The current tricks of the students may be left over from the teacher’s childhood. Furthermore, as the saying goes, when you tell a lie, you have to spread countless panics to make up for the lie. Cheating is the same. You will do a certain question type in this homework. Why can’t you do it after the exam? The teacher can tell at a glance there is something tricky. After the U.S. switched to online teaching, cheating problems emerged one after another, and various cheating methods were detected by university teachers.

9 months ago

The teacher’s three basic professional skills, the first is to see if the homework is copied, the second is to see if the invigilator can see if he wants to cheat, and the third is to judge whether the student is telling lies! The first item is actually relatively simple. Copy assignments are usually completed in a short time, so the fonts are usually scribbled, and the whole is uniform if it is not scribbled in time. You can tell at a glance whether the writing process has been thought or not. Copy it directly! Normal homework questions are an answer obtained through thinking and calculation. Multiple-choice questions are particularly easy to judge. ABCD can basically tell at a glance without the process of doing it! The second item is not difficult. Students know that cheating is not a good thing, so it is inevitable to have a guilty conscience. During the exam, most of the invigilators who frequently look up for a short period of time are ghosts! Students with better psychological qualities who seek to cheat will also reveal their own problems through some inadvertent actions, so as long as the invigilator is serious about it, it is really impossible to copy! The third item is relatively difficult. Now children are smarter, and sometimes the falsehood is more true than the truth. How to judge? I think one method is better, that is to be more true to him! One of my children was late for class before. I asked him why he didn’t admit that he was late from home because the subway was broken. I asked him in front of the class on the spot, which line did you just make? I will call the subway company now. I will ask if there is any bad subway. I really took out the phone to make a call, and he immediately persuaded him! So as long as it is true, there is no lie that will not be exposed! In many cases, I will not be too hard with the students, and I am afraid of hurting the self-esteem of the students, so many times as long as I do not violate the principle, I will open my eyes and close my eyes, or beat and beat! But I usually let the students know that it was not you who lied to me but that I let you go!

9 months ago

What level are you at? The teacher can also see that your handwriting can reflect your attitude towards homework. Copy the answers intact. There must be a problem. Do not mark the answer. The answer is still correct. Suspicious. The answer is all wrong. You still go wrong with him. The outrageous answer process is not standardized, you follow it, and it is also very awkward. In class, you can’t talk about the homework and do it right. It’s not foolish, or copy it. It’s exactly the same as your back desk. Copy the multiple choice questions and copy it. It’s very outrageous. I got the online answer, but the order of the options is not the same.

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