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There is a long way to go. To make a truly new world requires everything to conform to the worldview. Judging from the 23 tasks of the Sea Lantern Festival alone, Mihayou still uses the design concept of linear tasks, and even picks a pure heart to go to a specific mountain. The amount of 23 missions is absolutely sufficient, but there is not much correlation between them, and they can’t be used as a double line of light and dark. The overall play is the same as doing 23 daily missions. Secondly, there is the issue of worldview. The important thing about the open world is a worldview. On such an important holiday as the Sea Lantern Festival, the only way to exchange tokens is to play a passerby npc tower defense game… Personally, I don’t like this logic very much. There are two ways to solve it: 1. It feels like doing a fireworks show. A new street is formed by many small games. Each small game is relatively simple and has a token exchange. It can be played by single or double players. It is all free. Yes, every night (time can be adjusted in the game) fixed fireworks show. Two: The significance of directly upgrading the tower defense makes people feel that hey, there is nothing wrong with my chess playing throughout the Sea Lantern Festival. This is the most important thing. For example, this chessboard has an extremely long history (similar to the Chuhe-Han realm of chess). According to legend, after the port of Liyue Castle was established, Emperor Yan Wang, in order to commemorate the soldiers who died in the Demon War, and to encourage future generations to think more, simulated the most important and thrilling 7 battles in the Demon War into 7 rounds of life and death chess. It is in harmony with heaven, which is both perilous and vigorous. Chess players cannot use the same method or learn from other people’s chess records to solve it. And this last game of chess simulates the most important battle for the completion of Liyue Port — (the one where Yixiaodao Zhenzhenjun sacrificed). According to legend, cracking the last game of chess on the seventh day of the Lantern Festival can attract the spirit of the true monarch to reappear Liyue, and at the same time open the sealed ancient battlefield under the guidance of his soul, and gift the wishes of the predecessors to the talents of future generations. (It coincides with the scene where Zhenjun’s lamp is alive) Normally, Liyueren only plays a simplified version of life and death chess after tea and dinner, just for entertainment. In the Sea Lantern Festival, the General Affairs Department will use the Liyue River and Mountains map left by the emperor to let the chess players enter the world in the painting and truly experience the cruelty of the Demon God’s war. The performances of the players will also be projected on the photo stone in Sendai for others to observe. Seven Stars and the Department of General Affairs also used this to find plastic talents (similar to the Liyue imperial examination). For this reason, they are willing to allocate part of their finances to encourage everyone to try more. And every time a game of chess is passed, the players will get a certain amount of generation. Currency, consumption of these tokens will be exchanged for prizes provided by the Department of General Affairs. (In this way, the logic of why tokens can be exchanged for prizes can use the world view circle to return) Then Fontaine opens a dark line at the same time, such as Fontaine who took pictures suddenly appeared in Liyue, and the purpose behind it is to swallow the Liyue treasure. As a well-informed thief, he knows that the traveler has strong strength and is very busy and nosy (to defeat the wind demon dragon, participate in defeating the whirlpool demon). Ask the traveler to take pictures, so that you can disperse the traveler and let Liyue Harbor set up traps that hit the west, and you can also use the traveler’s photos to quickly grasp the terrain of Liyue and make it easy to escape. This entire line will be ambush behind the main line. And after defeating him, you can get a ship search, (with treasure map and hidden achievements, you can also take a shortcut to cross the sea to Daoji)…


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

As a slogan, it’s okay, but it’s boring if it’s true. It’s not that people don’t like romantic feelings or grand visions. It’s just that the three views between people and people, circles and circles are so different now. Maybe everyone uses the same word but the meaning is very different. Maybe this kind of dialogue will happen frequently in 2030: “You are a new new human living in a virtual world?” “No, I’m just a dead house watching a frozen eel rubbing game, the virtual world? Not familiar, really. Unfamiliar”

9 months ago

It’s not surprising, mhy’s ceo said 10 years ago that he wanted to travel to the world of the second dimension, but he couldn’t think of a way. By the way, there was no mhy at that time. The real two-dimensional element will not conceal the second update on the 28th. I did not expect that there are so many people who follow it. First post the source of the sentence that I want to cross to the two-dimensional element. The time is 10 years. , Mhy is still in the embryonic stage of the university fan club. After that, mhy made two stand-alone games, deeply aware that the market could not survive if it did not meet the market, and started the journey of krypton gold and all benefited from the gambling road of Stud’s next work. Secondly, in this speech, Mr. Cai added some attributions in describing the matter. First, it is the premise of not self-made hardware, and then the time span is also 10-30 years (here to criticize the questioner, just put a picture and not give it. (Link) It can be seen that this matter is not a complete pie, but a kind of vision. In fact, to understand it broadly, WeChat is already a one-billion-level spiritual online world. Cai Miao, you have changed. Before, you used to open your mouth to save the world. Now it is enough to live as long as 1 billion people.

9 months ago

There is only one picture on the subject. I will add some information first, and then talk about my own views. This sentence was said by Cai Haoyu, one of the founders of Mihayou. On February 20th, an event organized by the Silicon Valley Alumni Association of Shanghai Jiaotong University appeared on the zoom platform. Cai Haoyu attended as a sharing guest. At this conference, Cai Haoyu shared the development history, current situation, thinking on the game industry and plans for the future of Mihayou. “Building a virtual world in which one billion people are willing to live in ten years” is not a statement at a public conference, but more like an internal sharing of the game industry’s future plans and thinking. And this kind of planning and thinking only occupies part of the content shared. I did not participate in the sharing session, and I am not sure if this sentence is Cai Haoyu’s mention or one of the main content of the sharing session.

9 months ago

Ok? What is the “technical house save the world”? slogan? From the perspective of VVM (Values, Vision, Mission), I think this may not even be enough for Mission, and can only be counted as a target (Target) According to statistics, the number of domestic pan-two-dimensional users in 2020 Already close to 400 million. Adding the next-door country of origin, this removes half of the 1 billion. So this one billion is probably the size of the pan-two-dimensional group in the world in 2030. So the real vision hidden behind this sentence may be “to create an ideal spiritual home for global pan-two-dimensional users.” Then as a phased goal, it is this one of the topics. As for how to look at it, have a dream, and strive to pursue it, it’s good. (But as a company propaganda PPT written in the art of hanging up to the sky, it should be praised that the company is really flat, or should it be said that the bosses like the simple style)

9 months ago

On April 12, 1961, Baiknur Space Base. Sergey Korolev stood by the blackened launch pad. Although it has been almost an hour since the rocket lifted off, there was still a heat wave gushing out of the diversion trough, bringing the feeling of midsummer to the early spring here. He looked up at the blue sky, and the wake had disappeared. In that invisible space, the first astronaut of mankind had already orbited the earth for more than half a circle. “Comrade chief designer, please accept the congratulations of an ordinary person!” Korolev looked back and saw a middle-aged man in work clothes reaching out to him, judging from his clothes, he was the lowest-level worker in the base. Korolev shook his hand. The man took out a bottle from his trouser pocket and fetched a small metal wine glass from the other pocket. “We have to have a drink, Comrade Chief Designer, but I only have one glass.” He bit the bottle cap and filled the glass. liqueur. Korolev took the dirty cup. He is now sick with a tumor on his colon and is not suitable for drinking. Besides, at this great moment, he can completely ignore this person, but Korolev can neglect officials and generals at this time, but he will not ignore this lowest-level person. In Siberia, his identity is more than this person. Low, hungry to move stones in the mine. The man took the bottle and touched the glass with the chief designer, then took a sip. “At this great moment, can you allow me to tell a joke to celebrate?” Korolev also drank the wine in the glass, and the vodka spread the warmth throughout his body like rocket fuel. “You come here a little more.” The man filled Korolev’s glass. “Thank you, your joke?” the chief designer asked with a smile. “I’m an alien, you just call me… G, I’m visiting the earth, my interest is an important festival on the earth.” “Oh, then your harvest must be not small, as long as the scope of your investigation is wide enough. Every day of the earth may be a holiday.” “I have done a lot of investigation and research before, and those are not important holidays. In fact, I have not discovered any really important holidays.” “Isn’t Christmas important?” “Of course not, especially for the Bolsheviks.” “What about the New Year.” “It doesn’t matter, this planet has just revolved around again.” “Then what do you think is a major holiday?” Korolev had some Absent-minded, he turned and walked towards the military jeep not far away. He was about to return to the control center. The Vostok spacecraft was about to slow down and began the process of reentry. “Split Festival, for example.” “What?” “The first division of life cells on the earth, of course, was a long time ago, billions of years ago.” Korolev, who was about to get in the car, stopped. , Leaning on the car door and looking back at G. “For another example, the Landing Festival, which is the day when life climbs from the ocean to the land; the Tree Down Festival, the first day the gibbons descend from the tree; there are also the Upright Festival, the Tool Festival, the Fire-making Festival, etc.” “But these festivals , We cannot know the specific date.” Korolev said. “Then you can set one at will. In fact, Christmas was set randomly by the church in 300 years of AD. There is no record in the Bible when Jesus was born.” Korolev was about to get in the car, and G stopped him. “Comrade chief designer, I want to say that today is a major festival for mankind. I named it the birth festival.” “Who was born?” “Humanity.” “Humanity was born.” “Oh no, if You are at the position of Captain Gagarin, oh, he seems to have just been promoted to a major, right? You will find that the earth is a blue womb, and a baby can only be born out of the womb…Oh, Comrade Chief Designer , I’m sorry that my joke is not funny.” Korolev shook hands with G again: “Very interesting, thank you, comrade, I will celebrate this holiday every year in the future.” “Oh no no,” G shook his head, “Whether today can truly become a birth festival, we have to wait and see, and we have to wait and see to know, Comrade chief designer.” After the chief designer’s car drove away, the communication unit in G’s brain A message is sent to the transit communication station on the moon, from which it is sent back to the parent star: Blue Star Years, April 12, 1961, may become the birth festival. The current estimated probability is 52.69%, and it is under continuous monitoring. On October 5, 2050, Beijing Research Center for Brain Science and Ergonomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

9 months ago

The company is willing to realize such a second-year dream and is happy to see it come true. This world is not necessarily a virtual world. The Buddhist concept of 9th heaven or even nth heaven may not be the truth. Planck time is the fixed frame rate used by the upper universe to simulate our universe. However, I think that Mihayou’s best job is to join the team. Although there is a virtual world, it still needs a brain-computer interface for virtual life. Other devices are too convoluted and the physical composition of humans limits the way of life. For example, a person with two hands cannot imagine the operation experience of six hands, and the human brain has a large margin, and the brain can completely. Do something about the cerebellum or spinal cord.

9 months ago

Either redefine “life”, otherwise it is almost impossible. (“Almost” is just to appear rigorous, in fact, it can be completely removed) If you don’t redefine “life”, people will really live in the virtual world created by computers: the current computing power is far from enough, and Moore’s law is ineffective. , The feasibility of new technological directions will not be seen within ten years. The current biological clock technology is far from enough, let alone uploading the brain. Even the real brain-computer interaction version of virtual reality technology is not a word. It will hardly be seen within ten years. The feasibility of landing. Software technology is far from enough. When modern times talk about the “virtual world”, everyone’s first reaction should be games. However, it does not mean that modern games look realistic in pictures, which means that the future is coming. Modern game technology and the virtual world that allows people to live in it The world is not the same technology at all, and the latter does not even have a theory. This ten years of work will not make it possible, but it will have to wait until the previous infrastructure is available before it can start work. In ten years, it probably won’t wait for the day of construction

9 months ago

In other words, Boss Cai’s goal should be similar to “Sword Art Online”, the kind of high-substitution panoramic VR. It is not a flat game that is operated by looking at a screen on the market now. Well, this matter seems to be unfinished in the next 10 years. The current VR game is far from the “Sword Art Online”, and now there is no test sample of a panoramic VR, let alone the technological advancement required to build 10E people to play at the same time. However, a test sample of panoramic VR will be released in ten years, and it should be expected for a while.

9 months ago

His so-called virtual world that can accommodate 1 billion people refers to a server that allows 1 billion people to be online…otherwise, I think Mihayou seems to be a bit more difficult to do this, and it is Microsoft Google that is doing similar things I’m all engaged in it… I think, in comparison, Mihayou’s hopes are not great… Maybe he meant a VR game that allows 1 billion people to be online… I thought about it again… .It seems that the game was originally called a virtual game in the past few years…. Mihayoude means that the total registered account of all his games has reached 1 billion…

9 months ago

Vision is a Chinese word, pinyin is yuàn jǐng, which means the scene you want to see. The vision is a kind of image depiction of the future scenario that is formed by the organization leader and the organization members, and has the guidance and motivation of the organization members. In an uncertain and unstable environment, it proposes a directional long-term orientation and focuses the organization’s activities on one. The core focus of the target state enables the organization and its members to persist in the face of chaos or structural inertial resistance, and continue to follow clear directions, steps and paths; and through the vision, effectively nurture and inspire all within the organization Members enhance their functions, stimulate their personal potential, and urge them to do their best to increase organizational productivity and achieve the organizational goals of customer satisfaction. Therefore, the vision is influenced by the beliefs and values of leaders and members of the organization, and the purpose of the organization. It is an idea to achieve the future vision of the organization and the future development of individuals. It will guide or influence the actions and behaviors of the organization and its members.

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