On February 27th, Beijing time, the well-known Hong Kong comedian Wu Mengda died of illness in Hong Kong.

Wu Mengda was born in Xiamen, Fujian, and moved to Hong Kong with his family at the age of 7. Wu Mengda is a well-known comedian in the entertainment circle. He applied for the third Hong Kong wireless artist training course in 1973 and officially began his footsteps in the film and television industry.

Many of Wu Mengda’s works have been accompanied by the growth of a generation. His cooperation with Stephen Chow has become a classic in the minds of many people. For example, “Play Back to School”, “Journey to the West”, “Shaolin Football”, etc., have made Chinese films famous overseas A rare contribution.

Wu Mengda’s acting skills and influence have been recognized by the audience. He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards for his films such as “The Holy Gambler” and “Play Back To School”. Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards.

In recent years, Wu Mengda has been active in the mainland film scene. In 2017, he appeared in the domestic science fiction film “The Wandering Earth”. When filming “The Wandering Earth”, Wu Mengda was 66 years old and suffering from heart failure, Wu Mengda fainted repeatedly due to lack of oxygen due to too much exercise. But Wu Mengda pointed out that “The Wandering Earth” is an excellent domestically produced script that can contribute to the development of Chinese science fiction films. Wu Mengda finally insisted on completing the filming. (Source: CCTV News)

This is due to the characteristics of the liver—what I summarized is that the silent model worker, on the one hand, has visceral nerves distributed on the surface of the liver, which are insensitive to pain and cannot be positioned accurately. Our pain is an important protective mechanism. Wherever it hurts, there is a problem. For example, if your hand is pricked, you will feel the pain immediately (the nerves on the skin are particularly sensitive to pain, and the positioning is also very accurate). I will also look for the cause, what caused the pain in my hands. But in the early stage of liver cancer, the pain is not obvious, perhaps only the discomfort or swelling of the right upper abdomen. On the other hand, the liver is powerful and its compensatory ability is particularly good. Even if the liver is half damaged, it can still maintain the normal needs of the human body. Therefore, a mother cuts the liver to save her son, cut half of the liver for transplantation to her son. It also means that even if the liver is damaged, there are often no symptoms, or the symptoms are very mild and difficult to detect. Therefore, when the symptoms are more obvious, the tumor has grown larger or has been involved in peripheral invasion or distant metastasis. For early detection, it is mainly through regular physical examinations, abdominal ultrasound, liver and kidney function and alpha-fetoprotein (but it may not be possible to find) the following categories of people are high-risk groups of liver cancer, we must pay special attention to 1. Drink alcohol frequently, especially People who drink big alcohol 2. Hepatitis B patients. An important reason for my country’s liver cancer is that there are many patients with hepatitis B. Patients with hepatitis B must be checked regularly. They should take medicine to keep the virus at the lowest level. 3. Patients with liver cirrhosis. 4. Often eat moldy food (aflatoxin). Hormone secretion and immune suppression are related). Let’s start with me, stop drinking and stay up late, let’s check in together. I want to go to bed at ten o’clock every day! February 28, the first day, good night everyone, don’t wait until the illness comes to regret

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9 months ago

In the later stage of hepatitis B, liver cirrhosis is often combined. The risk of death in patients with compensated cirrhosis is 4.7 times that of the general population, with a median survival time of 12 years; the risk of death in patients with decompensated cirrhosis is as high as 9.7 times, with a median survival The time is only 2 years. When suffering from liver cirrhosis, the liver cannot effectively remove metabolic wastes such as ammonia and thiols, as well as the imbalance of the ratio of branched-chain amino acids to aromatic amino acids in the body, and the formation of pseudo-neurotransmitters, which can cause abnormal brain cell function and hepatic encephalopathy. . It is one of the important causes of death.

9 months ago

There are no symptoms in the early stage of cancer. Once there are obvious symptoms, it is basically in the middle and late stages. This statement is not limited to liver cancer, but also includes many other cancers. If you are a high-risk group and a hepatitis B patient, you must remember that you must go to the hospital for at least half a year to check for color Doppler ultrasound, alpha-fetoprotein and liver function. It is best to do it once in March, and once in half a year for the worst. Early detection of cancer lesions in the internal organs is not easy. Because when cancer first occurs, a small number of cancer cells cannot be easily detected, and the body may not feel abnormal. When cancer cells gradually develop into tissues and symptoms appear, they are often in the middle and late stages and are treated. It is difficult, such as stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc.; relatively speaking, cancers close to the body surface such as breast cancer and skin cancer are easier to find and the treatment effect is better. It is impossible to check every organ of the body in a regular physical examination, and there are various types of cancer, and every organ in the body is likely to suffer from cancer. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a regular physical examination and always pay attention to yourself. Do special inspections for your body and the possible impact of the external environment on your body. Your body is yours and you must take care of it. Busy work and no time can not be a reason to ignore your body.

9 months ago

How much does liver cancer cost? Liver cancer is known as the “king of all cancers”, and the survival time from the late stage to death is generally no more than 6 months. At present, the average cost of liver cancer treatment in China is around 400,000. The actual cost depends on the individual’s condition, ranging from tens of thousands to several million. In 2020, the national median per capita disposable income of residents is 27,540 yuan. In other words, with more than half of the Chinese people’s hard work for more than 10 years, a liver cancer will be wiped out. The current treatment methods for liver cancer are mainly divided into four categories: surgery, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and interventional therapy. They are often used in combination and each has its own characteristics. Take targeted drugs as an example. They can perform “precision strikes” on cancer cells with good curative effect, but they are very expensive.

9 months ago

From the perspective of practitioners in the past, liver cancer is actually not that hidden. Instead, many symptoms or potential risks are often ignored by patients and eventually lead to catastrophe. Alcoholic liver, fatty liver, long-term use of drugs that may cause liver damage, abnormal liver function secondary to hepatitis: abnormal liver function-liver fibrosis-cirrhosis-liver cancer, this is a common path for chronic liver disease to cause liver cancer. At present, the number of hepatitis patients and hepatitis virus carriers in our country is astonishing. Fortunately, the symptoms of most of them have been relatively effectively controlled, and the hepatitis B vaccine has been popular for more than ten years, so there is no need to worry too much. However, with the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, the incidence and severity of fatty liver have been increasing year after year, and sometimes it is quite hidden-it is not that thin people will not get it, and it is not necessarily that fat people have it. Severe fatty liver not only affects various indicators of liver function, but also indicates a large accumulation of visceral fat, and also hints at the potential risks of many other diseases from the side. Aflatoxin: A deadly killer hidden in all kinds of moldy grains, beans and nuts, especially in areas where the local method of oil extraction is popular or where a lot of beans or nuts are eaten in daily habits. Because it is very stable and difficult to decompose under high temperature, cooking cannot effectively remove the residual aflatoxin in food. Therefore, we can only recommend that if you find that the rice noodles and beans in your home are moldy, peanuts, melon seeds and nuts are bitter and sour, you should throw them away as soon as possible. , Throw it up and rinse your mouth. Don’t plant an untimely bomb on your body just because you feel distressed for a few cents and a few dollars. Staying up late or overworked: It can be said that it is a difficult problem that young people can hardly avoid, whether it is only a little time left to sleep after get off work, or it is really busy because of work. Excessive fatigue is likely to cause abnormal liver function. I myself used to go to work during the day and class at night for a period of last year, and the severe lack of sleep caused the transaminase to burst. Maybe some young people have become a habit of staying up all year round, but at least on weekends, they should take a good rest and regain their energy, and usually try to ensure regular work and rest time. Many patients with liver cancer have reported that they have had a history of hepatitis infection or close contact with hepatitis patients, but they have not been dealt with accordingly. There are also some patients with alcoholic liver dysfunction and severe fatty liver for many years. There are also some patients who have reported symptoms of digestive system abnormalities such as liver discomfort, indigestion, and not thinking about eating. This is not to say that everyone has to be suspicious because of a little physical discomfort, but if some symptoms have recurred for a long time, we still need to pay attention to it. The current liver-related physical examination items are also very mature and inexpensive, including liver ultrasound. (Usually abdominal ultrasound items including liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen and kidney), liver function tests (usually biochemical items that include common indicators of liver and kidney function), infection screening (two and a half hepatitis B, or five common infectious diseases Admission Screening Project), these tests can quickly identify possible liver problems, and once a problem is found, there are currently more mature coping strategies.

9 months ago

Wu Mengda died of liver cancer. Recently, several patients were found to have advanced liver cancer in their 40s. China is a major liver cancer country with many new cases and deaths. The main reason is the large “stock” of hepatitis B carriers. There is also chronic alcoholism. Because 85% of liver cancers are related to hepatitis B carrying, and the older the age, the higher the possibility of cancer. The stock of middle-aged and elderly carriers is large (70 million), and interventions must be made and regular follow-ups must be made. We cannot absolutely prevent the occurrence of tumors, because everyone is not a fairy, but what we can do is through regular review (the interval is generally not more than half a year), early detection of liver cancer, early treatment, relatively good results, and improvement of our lives quality. However, some people do not check for a long time and wait until the symptoms are obvious before going for check and treatment. It is a pity that they often miss the opportunity. Uncle Da went all the way well.

9 months ago

Liver cancer is indeed a very dangerous and terrifying disease. A considerable number of patients are diagnosed in the middle and advanced stages and die within one or two years. At present, the 5-year survival rate of liver cancer patients in my country is only about 12.5%, which means that less than 13 of the 100 patients diagnosed with liver cancer can survive 5 years. The “Healthy China 2030 Plan” issued by the State Council puts forward the goal of increasing the five-year survival rate of liver cancer patients to 15% by 2030. Liver cancer is still a predicament of “nine deaths and a lifetime” in China. Liver cancer is dangerous, mainly because the special status of the liver in the human body determines its high metastasis rate and great damage to body functions after cancer. The liver is one of the most important metabolic organs of the human body, involving functions such as energy conversion, nutrient synthesis, blood storage, digestive juice secretion, and the decomposition of toxic substances (such as alcohol). In short, there are many responsibilities, heavy tasks, and very fragile!

9 months ago

Current status of liver cancer The symptoms of liver cancer are not obvious in the early stage, and when perceptible symptoms appear, the course of the disease has often progressed to the point where it is difficult to contain it. Primary liver cancer (referred to as liver cancer) causes about 700,000 deaths worldwide each year, and more than half of the deaths come from China. Its fatality rate ranks second among all cancer types. Liver cancer is mainly divided into three types, hepatocellular carcinoma (~80%), intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (~15%) and mixed liver cancer (~5%) [1]. The early diagnosis rate of liver cancer is only 30%. In 2015 [2], there were 4.292 million new cancer cases in China and 2.814 million deaths from cancer. The five-year cancer survival rate was only 36.9% (Chen, etal 2016CA Cancer J Clin66:115-132), which was not as good as that of the United States fifty years ago. Level (49%, 1970, USA; 70%, 2020, USA).

9 months ago

Progress in early cancer screening Chinese people have been suffering from liver cancer for a long time. Therefore, Chinese scientists have worked hard in this field and have made a lot of valuable research results. The current main methods for early cancer screening are to detect cancer cell-related molecular markers (biomarkers) or imaging. In recent years, various detection methods based on liquid biopsy (liquid biopsy) have been greatly improved with the development of second-generation sequencing technology. For example, by sampling the surrounding blood to extract small amounts of free DNA molecules (cell-free DNA, or cfDNA) ), and then by sequencing to determine whether the cfDNA comes from a tumor or a normal body cell. Although this technology shows strong market potential, its ability to predict early tumors, like traditional methods, has been unsatisfactory for a long time. The reason is simple: early cancers are usually confined to very small epithelial tissues, without a large number of apoptosis or vascular proliferation, so they do not inject large amounts of cancer-related molecular markers or genetic material into the surrounding circulatory system. In the early stage of cancer, the trace amounts of cancer-related molecules that are free in the blood are submerged in a large number of proteins or DNA molecules produced by other somatic cells (mainly white blood cells), resulting in extremely high sensitivity for detection, which greatly increases the difficulty and difficulty of detection. cost.

9 months ago

People often ask, why is liver cancer at an advanced stage as soon as it is discovered? First, liver cancer has no obvious symptoms for a long time. According to the introduction of the World Health Organization WHO, more than 60% of liver cancer cases are due to advanced detection and treatment of viral hepatitis B and C infections. Two-thirds of these cancer cases are caused by hepatitis B and one-third are caused by hepatitis B. Caused by hepatitis C. The chronic infection of hepatitis B and C viruses may not show symptoms for a long time, sometimes for several years or decades. The virus slowly and silently damages the liver, eventually leading to cancer.

9 months ago

All pregnant women should be routinely tested for hepatitis B, HIV and syphilis, and treated if necessary. ③The diet should be balanced and lifestyle should be adjusted. Eat more whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes, limit red meat, processed meat, sugary beverages and alcohol; don’t eat moldy peanuts, don’t buy ground-squeezed peanut oil, don’t drink alcohol, and don’t smoke; exercise properly to maintain a healthy weight. Prevent overweight and obesity. ④ Stay up late. Although there is no definite evidence that staying up late can directly damage the liver, there are indeed some studies that indicate that lack of sleep will have some impact on the liver’s transaminase value, especially when there is chronic underlying liver disease. Moreover, staying up late is not good for health, so I still recommend that everyone try not to stay up late and sleep well.

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