Background: A baby is one year old and two months old, can’t speak, but can understand most of what an adult says, and knows the meaning of nodding and shaking his head.

When I was preparing to go to bed tonight, I repeatedly confirmed with the baby whether to drink milk, she nodded cooperatively, and licked her tongue. Both actions meant that she was willing to drink. But when I soaked the milk and looked for her, she lay on the bed pretending to be sleeping. I called her up and put the milk in front of her. She immediately shook her head and slapped the bottle with her hand. She didn’t want to drink. . I asked her why she nodded just now since she didn’t drink, so she just looked down and didn’t look at me.

A similar situation occurred a few days earlier, but I did not confirm with her again and again like today.

I’m really depressed today, what is the baby like this? Lie? What should I do? Thank you all.

We don’t know if it’s a lie, but I know that my little boy will be watching the dishes when he is two months old. His muscle tone was a bit high and he needed to do rehabilitation exercises, that guy, I know what it means to watch the dishes. When he lay down, he started crying, wailing, his voice was the loudest in the entire department. After watching it for two days, it was too anxious to hear the crying, and I simply ignored it, out of sight, and went directly outside the department to wait without worry. Then it was weird and stopped crying after a while. After going in and out and repeatedly observing a few times, I can see the clues. Boy, this is looking for a backer, cry for us to see! As long as I saw the family members, we cried immediately, and we came as soon as we said. Our little eyes rolled around. We hid behind the doctor. The boy screamed and opened his eyes to see if there was no one, and then screamed again to see if there was no one. Do not cry. We came out from behind the doctor and saw that we started again. Now this kid can play more than me. After my little boy went to Tuban, he once came back to sing nursery rhymes, “Little chickens and little chickens meow meow, puppies and puppies bleat, cats and kittens are barking, calves and calves cooing… …” At first, I didn’t feel anything, but I was very happy. The kid can sing nursery rhymes. The more I listened, the more I felt that something was wrong, none of this damn could match the number. I pulled him over. “How did the little chicken call?” “Quak” “Furthermore” “Wow” “You tell me well” “Meow meow” I caught him with my leg and started to scratch, “Little How did the chicken call it?” The little boy giggled and shook his head like a rattle. “Don’t scratch, don’t scratch, I am teasing you, the chicken cooing.” So I don’t think of you. This is a lie to the child, it is possible that he is teasing you, after all, you always tease him. Don’t be too angry, think about it from another angle, it will tease you to prove that you can think with your head.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Haha, my answer is yes. My family’s real experience is that the baby was a little over one year old, and once I fed him something, and the bite was a bit hot, he hurriedly opened his mouth, ah, I quickly helped him take the food out of his mouth. Then I gave him the second mouthful and gave it to him. As a result, he still opened his mouth and ah. I was wondering if it wasn’t cold enough. Help him take it out again. In the third mouth, I made a very cold blow. He was still ah Up. Sometimes some behaviors and actions of the baby are trying things, such as the nodding of the head of the subject, the baby may just want to try whether the mother will get milk. He may just ask for the milk, and he doesn’t know that nodding means to bring the milk and drink it. So the baby is already learning to communicate. It’s not cheating, it’s just some practice and exploration. After all, the language of an adult is different from the language that a child understands. Many things have to be repeated many times before the child can understand the specific meaning, and the child will also try to change to see if your reaction will change. These are all the baby is exploring. Then it’s the situation of our kids. Seeing that mom and dad react so much, he thinks it’s fun, and then he tries again and again. This is also the interaction and play with mom and dad. very interesting. First of all, don’t ask babies to fully understand what the adults mean. They need time to explore, and parents need a lot of patience and encouragement to support their exploration. mutual encouragement!

8 months ago

How could it be that my family’s Tongbao is less than one year old! 11 months! It will be a lie! Holding a toy in her hand, she pretended to give it to me. Every time I touched it, she hid the toy in her arms. Then give it to me and hide it again. Seeing that I don’t want it, she cautiously looked at my face, winked at me, and gave it to me seriously. If I want it again, she…he hid it again and giggled loudly. In the evening her father came back and wanted to hug her. She held my clothes tightly. As soon as her father reached out, she hid in my arms. Then her father stopped reaching out, and she leaned out again in a humble manner to find her father. As a result, her father’s eyes were quick and he swiped her away. Then she was dumbfounded in her dad’s arms.

8 months ago

A 1-year-old baby will not deceive, but will behave like a “liar”. I know it’s a bit circumstantial, wait for me to speak slowly~ Many respondents have cited life examples, so let me talk about it from a scientific point of view~ When will children deceive? The general view of developmental psychology has always been: children generally don’t really start cheating until they are around 2-4 years old. The specific age varies from person to person (the kind without the quotation marks) ~ because they want to deceive, children Our “theory of mind” needs to be developed first. “Theory of Mind” sounds quite mysterious. We can simply understand it as: understanding that other people’s thoughts, feelings, and expectations are different from our own, and our own is different from others. Think about it, if the child thinks that your thoughts are the same as him/her, then why do they have to deceive others? Just do it generously and you’re done. When you think about us adults cheating, don’t they also think that others think differently from us, so they cheat. For example: Husband deceives his wife to say that he is doing housework, but he is actually playing games. why? It’s not because if the wife knows that she is playing games, she will definitely be scolded… If the wife and her husband have the same idea, and both think that playing games is good, then the husband will not lie to the wife. It is precisely because I understand that others have different ideas from myself, that is why I want to deceive people. If others have the same ideas as yourself, there is no need to deceive others. Whether it’s an adult or a child, the truth is similar. Take another example of a child: a little girl wants to eat cake, but she knows that her mother will not let her eat it. If her mother knows that she has eaten the cake, she will be unhappy. So, when my mother asked her: Did you eat cake? The little girl lied and said: No food! But as far as children are concerned, they don’t realize right after they are born that people and people think differently. This ability does not develop well until early childhood, that is, around 3 years old. In other words, a 1-year-old child does not yet have the fundamental basis for deception. But even for young children, their deceptive skills are not fully developed. This has led to their fraudulent tricks being easily spotted. Just like this cute little girl with cakes on her face, she shook her head and told her mother that she did not eat cakes; although it is a lie, it is so cute that people feel completely forgivable~~ The baby’s behavior is similar to “deception” from From life experience, both parents have a deep understanding of children’s cunning, and this phenomenon is actually common. A British study showed that [1], babies around 1 year old do show some cunning behaviors similar to “deception” (pay attention to the quotation marks here) ~ For example: a 11-month-old child hates vomiting very much. Division. When his mother gave him the toast, he would keep eye contact with his mother while secretly touching the toast to the ground~ Another example: some 1 year old babies will pretend to cry to test their parents’ reaction. But why are these reactions similar to “deceptive”? Because the reason why babies of this age make this behavior is not to know that other people’s ideas are different from mine and want to avoid trouble, but to arouse an emotional reaction from adults. They also say that they are not easy to move, and their actions are not very flexible. They just want to interact with adults more in this way and attract their attention. In layman’s terms, what can your baby be wicked? The baby just wants to play with you! So, little babies will not deliberately deceive people, they just need more attention and more emotional care~

8 months ago

Yes, but the example of the subject is not appropriate. It’s normal for children’s needs to change quickly. I often get up in the morning when the baby has a fuss. It takes two minutes to fix it, because once the time is over, the milk is ready and he doesn’t drink it. The one in my family is now 18 months old. He started to be careful about his words and opinions six months ago. For example, I went to my aunt’s house. My wife and I were not there. He was as good as a white rabbit and let my cousin hug him. As long as my wife and I arrived, he immediately turned into a wild bunny. My cousin would like to hug him and he would also reject it fiercely. If my auntie betrayed him, he would go to the door to pick up my wife’s shoes and put them at the door. In front of us, then walked to the door by himself. Means: Put on your shoes and go home. At home, he has more similar operations. In my heart, my grandma, grandpa, mother, and I have different positions and assessments. Who can beat and who can’t, who can threaten by crying and who can’t be like a mirror in his heart. The most classic is that as long as you pose to hit him, he will call you, and then smile at you. It’s probably this expression. How did I find that he could deceive people? One day when he took him out to play, he saw that another kid had a bottle of drink, so he picked up a branch from the ground, slowly approached the house, and handed it to him. The kid didn’t understand what he meant. He was confused when he took the branch, so he picked it up. The drink ran away. The picture is as follows: The joy of the human cub after deceiving others. Anyway, after seeing his operation, I realized: This stinky cub has to be beaten.

8 months ago

Yes, my son is about one year old, and I can’t remember the exact age. He walked very well when he was only one year old. He was walking tremblingly at the time. Once I took him to play in the living room, and my grandma was on the sofa. Using the scissors, he ah yeah motioned grandma to hug him. Grandma placed the scissors on the window sill behind the sofa and hugged him on the sofa. The point came. While he watched grandma babble interacting with grandma, his little hand was on grandma. Push the scissors behind the back and push the scissors under the curtains. Then grab them. He looked at grandma all the way, and looked at the scissors. In his understanding, the scissors were not allowed to be held. They were blocked by the curtains, so grandma couldn’t see them. So I caught it with a successful smile. The feeling is the same as when we sit in class and pretend to be listening to the class, in fact, we are secretly doing small movements.

8 months ago

Hahaha I don’t think the baby is a lie. He is instinctive. He wants to drink but can’t drink it. That’s why. What can a baby be wicked? My son is 26 months old. He is really going to lie, because he lied to me on the premise of a certain purpose, such as turning off the lights at night, and he wants me to turn on the lights, and he will say mom pee. When I turned on the light and brought the urine bucket to pick it up, he clutched the little dick and ran away with a smile, and while running, he said not to pee or pee. A lot of things like that

8 months ago

My baby is just one year old. Drinking water is deceptive: I don’t like drinking water. I have to give her a drink. She just licks the straw to prove that she drank it. Eating deceptive: She often picks up small things and stuffs them in her mouth. After the stuffing, I have to crawl over and smile at me. I know that she has eaten as soon as I look at her expression. I quickly let her vomit, but she now learns to pretend to use two fingers to take things from the ground (actually what I didn’t even take it), stuffed it in my mouth, and then smiled at me bashfully. At first I was worried. I hurriedly broke her mouth and made her vomit. There was nothing at all. After a few times, I saw her lie to me! I knew this was a little liar! It’s just been a week! Little liar!

8 months ago

Our whole family are honest people, one thing is said and the other is inconsiderate. But when my baby was one and a half years old, I found out that he was really going to become a fine child. The one-and-a-half-year-old baby did not give him snacks. Our whole family had a consensus, except for Grandma. Soon the baby knew that Grandma could offer snacks. One night before dinner, I was going to help him take a bath. When the water was ready, I ran after the baby to undress, and saw him poking his head in front of Grandma’s door, holding a little yellow duck in her hand. Seeing me following, the baby returned to his senses and stuffed the little yellow duck to me, gestured to let me put in the bathtub, and I went without thinking about it for a while. I didn’t take two steps. I didn’t think it was right. This baby usually puts the little yellow duck water to scoop the body wash by himself. How can I be allowed to do it for me today? I turned around and took a look, okay, the stinky boy was lying on my grandma’s lap, ahhhh, he wanted tofu to eat. Co-authoring is that I was too close to committing the crime, so he should distract me first. I rushed into the house, and the baby and grandma were stunned. Grandma was a little bit embarrassed. When my baby fell to the ground, she started to scream, disappointed. Stinky boy, you actually learned how to tune the tiger away from the mountain. When you go to school in the future, you stupid mother can still control you, sorrowful sorrow.

8 months ago

My daughter is more than one year old, so she can count on fake crying. He took a piece of paper and I told him to throw it into the trash can. He opened the trash can and shook the paper hand on the trash can. Then Run quickly, the person hides behind the curtain, of course the paper is in his hand, does that count?

8 months ago

Babies around one year old can already say some simple sentences, for example: Mom and Dad. Children of this age are at the peak of their imitating and thinking development. They are keen to imitate the people around them and try to attract the attention of others. They are not deceiving, but want to attract the attention of parents. At this time, the response and guidance of parents is very important. 1. Communicate with your baby more, even if they may not be able to understand, insist on communicating with your baby. 2. Pay attention to the baby’s details, their instructions, speaking, and slowly guide the opening and hands-on ability. 3. Sometimes the baby’s behavior will make the adult angry. Don’t show it, but point it out and communicate with him. Pay attention to the public account: Rye Field Young Miao Training Center. Improve children’s comprehensive ability and protect every family.

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