At 18:49 on May 9th, 2021, a student died from a high fall in 49 middle schools in our district. After receiving the report, the public security organs attached great importance to it. Geng organized police to arrive at the scene and found that the deceased was Lin Moumou (male, 16 years old, 49 high school sophomore student) and carried out investigation and handling.

After on-site inspections, visits and investigations, read-out monitoring, electronic data inspections, documentary evidence, and autopsy, it was determined that Lin Moumou was dead, and criminal cases were ruled out.

On the afternoon of May 11, the public security agency had notified Lin’s family of the investigation conclusion according to law, and the family had no objection to the investigation conclusion. The public security agency expressed deep regret to Lin Moumou. At the same time, we call on citizens not to believe in rumors and not to spread rumors, and to jointly create a clean cyberspace and maintain good social order.

You can refer to the article of this Chengdu media person, who made a detailed telephone interview with the mother of the deceased. Main content: 1. On May 10, the mother of the deceased did not go to the school to see the surveillance. It was the father of the deceased. That “one piece is missing” is not true. 2. The ambulance is a school just after seven o’clock, not half past eight. The car in the funeral home is past eight o’clock. 3. The remains were not cremated at all. This is pure disinformation. 4. The so-called “the water is very deep”, the child’s mother said that other reporters told her that “the water is very deep”. This is seen on Weibo. Before the announcement, the People’s Daily, CCTV News, and Xinhua News Agency all issued questions. Now the whole country knows that no one has such a large amount of energy to control the investigation report of the police, right? To act against the wind, unless the future is undesirable, besides, will it take such a long time to ferment with such a large amount of energy? Moreover, family members No objection to the survey results. The child is underage, personal privacy, video information, etc. cannot be published. This wave of school operations is too bad, it’s not your own business, come out early to clarify, come out to the line (maybe the superiors have arranged to prevent you from talking)! Bring out evidence, what are you afraid of. Also, if it were the public security announcement in the morning, it would be more powerful, and there was too little information to the outside world. This wave of public opinion is being used by foreign organizations and is being scrutinized everywhere, and some people are scrutinizing the Qipu press conference. Suppose, the power behind the child’s death only covered the sky with his hands, and he would not hang on Weibo for a whole day. It would be gone for a long time, so I withdrew the hot search. It’s impossible to mess around behind the scenes under the pressure of public opinion.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

“Families have no objection to the results of the investigation”? Is there a complete monitoring? The key is monitoring! The report should be more detailed. Everyone knows that the death of the high fall, why is the key to the high fall? The result should be no problem, but everyone is very concerned and hopes to issue a detailed report. After all, there are too many doubts before, and everyone feels that “the wolf is coming”. To quote the words of CCTV News: “There is one piece of evidence to say one thing,” a logical “closed loop” is formed. Only by striving to be impeccable in the supply of facts can doubts be eliminated to the greatest extent.

8 months ago

After on-site inspections, visits and investigations, read-out monitoring, electronic data inspections, documentary evidence, and autopsy, it was determined that Lin Moumou was dead, and criminal cases were ruled out. No one suspects that the cause of Lin Moumou’s death was not high, but just relying on a list of nouns, how can we get the conclusion that “criminal cases are excluded”? ! I don’t believe that my mother who was still in distress a second, believes such an official article the next second, and I also don’t believe that a young man in the mood for life can easily give up his life. Before the disappeared surveillance reappeared, it would be too far to talk about the truth.

8 months ago

I have no objection, but just as other friends have said, you can’t just write the answers in the college entrance examination paper, right? So from my superficial knowledge, if a big math problem only writes the answer, not the process. You ask me if I can score, I think I can, but maybe the full score is 12, which can only get 2 points. How can you get full marks? I don’t know, but at least write the process first, right? After all, the process is the most critical scoring point. Sometimes I really feel that you and I are all ants, and helping others is helping yourself.

8 months ago

Today at noon I was still arguing and arguing with my elders about this matter. He said that it’s bad to keep up. They are all in the same group and have a unified mind. This matter will be over after two days. Whoever makes a sound will have a hard time going forward. Or you can’t make a sound at all. I’m talking about the hope that this matter will be fermented. Everyone pays attention. When the matter is big, there will always be fairness. The fact is that we should do our best to make this matter ferment. The first thing I do when I go to work in the morning is to go to Weibo and go to Weibo. Zhihu, if you can like it, you can pay attention to it, but if I lose, the elders will say tomorrow, you see I told you a long time ago, what’s the use? What I believe, what I believe in, has no meaning.

8 months ago

The result may not be satisfactory, but I still hope that the result is that the child’s family gets a better coordinated result, rather than being forced to bow our heads without a trace of compensation because we don’t know the pressure. Only by talking about the facts can the rumors be crushed. The complete logical chain can withstand scrutiny. Face every suspicious point and not let go of every detail. It’s not difficult to say a conclusion with your mouth, but there are reasons why it’s hard to believe. He left suddenly at a young age and couldn’t accept it on anyone. However, the relevant departments do not follow the formal procedures and look indifferent. They are merely procedural expressions and will not compare their hearts to their hearts. The credibility of the results is naturally low. The young life left abruptly, leaving the family with painful and unbearable blows. It is important to explore the truth, and it is equally important to actively deal with the aftermath. Please take up your due responsibility!

8 months ago

A good child, people say nothing is gone. It is human nature that no one can accept it. Whether it is the school’s announcement or the police report, if the cause and process of the fall are determined, it is still possible to make a detailed interpretation as much as possible. You can’t use the sentence “No objection from family members” to pass it all at once. If it is said that the cause cannot be determined after the investigation, you can also frankly confess that “the specific cause has not yet been identified”, there is no shame in this. On the contrary, it will dispel many thoughts of wild speculation. As Ms. Lu said, her appeal is actually very simple: she doesn’t have to be like the school, she just hopes to understand the whole thing clearly from beginning to end.

8 months ago

The incident is not just a family affair, it has evolved into a social incident, and even seriously jeopardized the credibility of the Chengdu government agencies. The police have an obligation and responsibility to respond to online doubts instead of just throwing out the words “family approval”. 1. Obtain parental consent, hide sensitive personal information, and announce the events in a timeline order. 2. Explain the school’s behavior and reasons in the entire incident. Are there any cases where students were taken to the funeral home without parental consent? Do you declare to parents that the surveillance has disappeared? What role did the school play in the incident? 3. Is the surveillance in the announcement a surveillance declared by the school to have disappeared? If not, where did the disappearing surveillance go? If monitoring is not resumed, where is the monitoring based on, and based on which witnesses/evidence to judge? Is it an eyewitness or something? Waiting for a stronger response, I also hope that higher-level agencies can intervene. Just knowing that the heat is tens of millions or even billions, you can imagine how many people are paying attention to this event. How to convince the public with such a perfunctory response? It is difficult to restore the lost credibility. In this type of incident, the most incapable of losing their voices are related agencies.

8 months ago

It doesn’t feel very good, but there is nothing I can do. The heat of this incident is destined to dissipate, and it will be quietly covered up by the next hot spot. Unfortunately, the people are gone, and the parents’ life will continue. Perhaps for them, not disturbing is the best help. Recently, I am also dealing with some problems. Some awareness has been strengthened. In fact, this feeling has always been there, but the feeling is particularly obvious recently-you have to work hard, you have to kill your life, and sometimes you even think of yourself as a person, and fight and fight desperately. Don’t be poor, let alone be weak. The poor and the weak in any era are crushed by life, especially the feeling of powerlessness that will swallow you all. After you have achieved something, don’t compare your love and hate, and do your best with a kind heart. Life will gradually come to completion during this period and return to you with gentleness.

8 months ago

It is true that there is no need to openly monitor, but when things have developed to this level, it is obvious that the five words “family has no objection” can solve the problem, and the public also needs an explanation. It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain a good social order, and it is recommended that a complete and detailed report explain the many doubts in this matter.

8 months ago

The family of the truck driver who lost contact with Beidou also had no objection. Hainan car owners whose Tesla brakes failed also had no objection. There is no objection to the processing result of sea urchin steamed egg. There seems to be no objection to Xu Xin’s processing result. But I have. Anything that has attracted public attention and is controversial. Government departments should forcefully come up with various facts to clearly explain the ins and outs of the matter and the results of the treatment. There is no privacy in public matters, and it is not the private matter of both parties, but the public matter of everyone. If everything is in this way, then no one will be willing to help shout so much in the future.

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