E-sports rely on strength to speak. Since childhood, with the FPX of bo, it seems to have seen the champion team of S9. In the early stage, the teamwork is closely linked, and the execution of team battles is like five people using the same brain. Operation, the most obvious one is lqs. There are two people with bo and no bo. With bo, it is the LPL first championship support. Without bo, it is the active S8 championship support. Netizens ridiculed it as a guarantee. Bo pie, but I have to say that bo’s playing has a different chemical reaction from lqs. Do you remember the previous IG? When King Ning’s status is problematic, he will have to rotate with Le Ye, even for a while. Ye is sitting firmly in the starting lineup, and every time because of who is on the issue, it can cause a lot of scolding wars. When the Le Ye field was rotten in the early stage and the team battle was afraid to start, the barrage would say, “Although Ning Wangcai, But at least dare to operate and look for opportunities, so as not to wait for death like Le Ye.” When King Ning played with Beng Sanlu, the barrage would say “King Ning is a householder, why not go to Xiao Leyan?” That’s it, basically IG In every game of the game, there is a debate around which jungler is better. Fans of one family are eager for the other to go wild and come to the conclusion that the one who doesn’t play is always the strongest, but Xiaotian who is also an Fmvp is different. It was because he realized that he had dragged down the team, and even had serious psychological problems. He voluntarily retired not to fight, and the fans of FPX and Xiaotian thought the same way, so Bo’s FPX played The wild position is the most important thing that the righteous saying goes, bo is with the FPX winning streak, e-sports, everything is imaginary, only every victory is real, if you can bring it with the original music After the sluggish IG streak, you can see if anyone will argue about who will play. This is also the origin of the term “coupling”. FPX also knows how important bo is for the current team, and for the current FPX. Said it is indispensable, so FPX wants to keep bo. It is reasonable to say that a fake match is a fake match. No matter what the reason is, as long as the essence is a fake match, then it must be blocked. FPX is indeed the optimal solution. Last night, when I played RNG, I changed to Beichuan, the national service passerby king. Then, to no avail, the team could not be activated at all, and even the mid laner was broken. Therefore, FPX can only guarantee Another thing about bo is that the reason for bo’s match-off will make many netizens sympathize and feel that they are forced to be helpless. Later, he was reported because he refused to continue the match-off. So now he is finally executed. Bo has been suspended for three months. In other words, in the Summer Split, FPX still has the possibility of impacting the World Championship, but it is different from the beginning. At that time, the public opinion environment of Bo was completely different. It’s ridiculous that when I used to say “e-sports strength speaks”, it was mostly because a player’s status and performance followed his public opinion. For example, Jackeylove, when the transfer period was exposed last year, how bad the public opinion environment was, hit IG How many people were waiting to watch a good show, waiting for him to lose to his old club, and then online It was another carnival, and a small composition was presented. Jackeylove just withstood the pressure of public opinion and won the IG. At this time, you can say “e-sports, the ability to speak”, but now, when I said this sentence But it was because a professional player in the fake match was saved because of his strength. Maybe this just proves that the LPL environment has really changed. This article does not mean to wash the ground. The fake match should be blocked, just because of the problem itself. Analysis, I feel that I can see my other answers for washing the floor. Although my ID is a pure passerby, I am considered half a water ghost, and the ingredients are not pure, but objective and fairness is still not lacking.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Brother Meng, let me take a look at the difference between the previous lspl and the current ldl. The previous lspl has a promotion system. You can enter the lpl if you win in the promotion competition, although most of them are experienced babies. The current LDL is the backyard of LPL. There is no way for the LDL team to qualify for the LPL. It can only gain the attention of the LPL club through the performance of a certain player of its own, and enable a certain player to enter the LPL to play the game through trading, as we know it. Players are generally from lspl or club youth training, and the ones who really come out of ldl are all newcomers after the cancellation of lspl in 2017. The new audience in the comment area knows no? First, the bo player has performed very well since he stepped on the lpl stage, and he is young. FPX bought Niu Bao again, which has the potential to hit the next s championship. Secondly, he reported the counterfeit match to the club himself. You can’t play if you don’t listen to the coaching and management arrangements at ldl, let alone go to lpl. The word coercion is very interesting. Everyone fights like this. I also fight like this. This is called coercion. Now I don’t want to play a fake match. , No way. We are not a pity, but hate. We gritted our teeth with hate. He can’t play without a fake match. If he can’t play, no LOL team will notice him. Without the LPL team noticed him, he will not be able to enter the LPL arena. There are only two in the LPL match. One way, one followed by counterfeiting, one blew up. How many good seedlings an LDL spinach has killed? They are young, energetic, high-handed, well-conscious and unwilling to compromise. They will never be able to play in this life. Compromise is the day when they will never look back. If the foundation of a house is rotten, what good is it for?

7 months ago

Because public figures like Bo are not very popular. It can even be said to be a small group of people. They are often one-sided in front of ordinary people. People do not have so much time and energy to understand such a person. Understand his life hobbies, character and personality. Bo was lucky at the beginning. He stayed in the FPX with a relatively high flow rate. It happened that Xiaotian was in poor condition and he had the opportunity to start. And he does have this strength, grasping this opportunity, shine in the big game, let people who don’t know him remember him. But the time of the game was too short, and there was no big news during the game. There was no stalk on his body, people only had time to remember his strength, or that only the strength was shown in front of people. He doesn’t have many black fans, nor many fans. He has only a simple passerby and a good jungler. When the fake match event appeared, Bo was in people’s impression that only the game was superb and he was a genius as a jungler. Bo is his only and last nickname. Now the fake match event continues to ferment, and Bo bears the brunt. With his departure, FPX also suffered a second-game losing streak. This will also affect how people think about Bo. There are many factors that make people feel emotional. Oh, it’s a shame Bo, if he doesn’t do this, then he must be so in the future. As for blaming him, how to blaming him, match-offs are all fixed, and it is useless to say more. It’s like a classmate was found to have stolen class fees. Everyone talked a lot. A classmate said that last time I had a ballpoint pen missing, but found it in his drawer. He said that it accidentally put it in. I didn’t doubt him. My classmate said, I heard that his father went to jail because of theft. Some classmates said that I also heard that he lost a gambling outside last time and owed others hundreds of dollars. Then you say: “He stole the class fee.” Your words are worthless. Ordinary people don’t know much about Bo. And they were struggling to elaborate on different points of view, and “unfortunate” came into being. It was not created by Bo, but from us. ps: No fan, no black, no washing, no black, just answer questions from different angles. ps: The game is very new. If there is an error, I will correct it in time.

7 months ago

First, there is a public relations team with the rhythm of the second. FPX is the former champion team. There are more fans and extremely popular. Many fans tend to keep the first-hand players third. The hard power of bo players is really strong. E-sports. If the dish is the original sin, then the strong is the fourth truth. The FPX team has just taken off and is called “Wuyun Changlong” by the barrage. Once the bo is removed, the FPX’s winning streak is ended. After the bo is bound to the FPX Many people can’t tell whether it’s FPX or Bo fifth. Some people have a mentality that the law does not blame the public. They think that ldl has fake matches all over the place, and there is no evidence that bo has fake matches on lpl. They feel that if the official does not thoroughly investigate and rectify it. , Bo shouldn’t just let Bo carry all the scapegoats and blame others for the past. However, this effect is very bad and must be punished. As a spectator, in the past, when watching a game, a player used the limit of operation to pull the blood to escape. I would feel very passionate. I sincerely admire this player now. When watching the game, a player is not dead in team battle. There is no fluctuation in my heart, staring at the full screen of “Cha!”, which makes sense.

7 months ago

Some things don’t know if they should be said, or if they should be anonymous…no more hiding. Fanquan Yan is justice, two-dimensional cuteness or seduction is justice, what about e-sports? The current situation on the Internet is like this. As long as you are strong, the game can be won. In fact, everything is easy to say… For example, I love turtles, and Xiaotian sounds comfortable because of how yin and yang are strange. But your cat king and Park Zeyuan are in the dining room, and I’m not comfortable… Xiaotian scolds fans every day and starts a group every day. Fans love to watch it. Explain that you try to start a chaotic group? Is the private message closed? Strong in the e-sports circle is justice. The game is played well, 1V5 is called shy father, and 1V5 is called to send, which is called sick. If the gods descended to the world without effect, it was a crime, losing the dragon and losing the game. Bo people say it doesn’t burn? This is the hope for FPX to take off, the last piece of the puzzle for the high-probability champion, but it’s a pity…Who doesn’t watch the birth of a super strong team? It’s a pity that a large part of LPL players only pay attention to the player’s strength! This is the point

7 months ago

Some things don’t know if they should be said, or if they should be anonymous…no more hiding. Fanquan Yan is justice, two-dimensional cuteness or seduction is justice, what about e-sports? The current situation on the Internet is like this. As long as you are strong, the game can be won. In fact, everything is easy to say… For example, I love turtles, and Xiaotian sounds comfortable because of how yin and yang are strange. But your cat king and Park Zeyuan are in the dining room, and I’m not comfortable… Xiaotian scolds fans every day and starts a group every day. Fans love to watch it. Explain that you try to start a chaotic group? Is the private message closed? Strong in the e-sports circle is justice. The game is played well, 1V5 is called shy father, and 1V5 is called to send, which is called sick. Most people are not professional players and have not experienced the fake match. Let me make a metaphor that is easier for everyone to feel personally. You are a college student. Almost all the classmates around you don’t study, eat, drink and have fun every day, and cheat when you get to the exam. Many people are ignorant, but you not only get good grades but also get scholarships through cheating. Even the invigilator encourages and even cooperates with you to cheat. And you study hard and have excellent grades, but those who cheat never study, but get much better grades and a lot of scholarships than you, but you have nothing. They live a more comfortable life than you. And show off in front of you every day, and some people laugh at you, saying that you are stupid not to cheat, and persuade you to participate in cheating with them, and say that cheating will give you a lot of benefits. You want to report, but no one from the school leader to the teacher is in charge, and even threatens to expel you if you report it. Excuse me, in this case, would you cheat? If your answer is no, then you are qualified to scold bo

7 months ago

There is no doubt that the fake match was suspended and the probable career is destroyed. FPX with bo is too strong, not to mention the benefits of the new jungler who just entered the league, the key is that he can activate the coin brother and the tear brother. FPX was originally Why win the S9 championship depends on the perfect linkage between Ye and Su in one hand, Xiaotian rhythmic jungler, coin brother tool man in the laner, tearing brother invincible hook. Up and down development. This can completely activate the jungler of a champion team, and it actually involves the red line of the league-a fake match. It would be a pity for anyone to change. It would be great if there were no counterfeit matches. Maybe this year’s final LPL champion would have an extra chance of winning. If there were no counterfeit matches, it would be great. LPL has another “slum” kid who comes forward and will give more youths. The trainers see hope. It’s just a pity, it’s really a pity.

7 months ago

I may be one of the few people who watched his fake match video. As far as he is smiling so happy, I think the word coercion is too subtle. As everyone said, people with EQ or even IQ problems such as Hahuang, Zou A, Le Ye, Huanfeng, were pushed in the drinking fountain, thrown luggage, and online debt collection did not fight fake matches. I don’t know one. People with top IQs blame the environment for this step. Is the power of public relations so strong now? I also said that I want to check the lpl’s death, the damn p, who wants to see what the bottom teams are playing, it’s not as good as the top ten teams in the double loop, now I don’t check it out, wait for the s game to be beaten by lck again? Or is it that some fans are already confident enough to loan the s11 champion with a bo?

7 months ago

1. Some people just jump to conclusions about how much they know about BO? What kind of low-key personality, how many days did you know this name? Have you met him? 2. Many of the new jungler’s welfare periods have passed. How many of the opponents that FPX played before have strong bottom lanes? Let Fang Ruiel go down and let LWX mess with it, not the Welfare Bureau? Yesterday, when RNG’s down lane suppressing force came out, why didn’t it link up? Can you move? 3. What kind of coercion words are really cunning, and the corresponding sessions have been picked up long ago. Go and see for yourself. How happy is the BO who completed the task after sending it off? Tell me this is coercion? Anyway, there is no way to prove what kind of shoes it is, but it’s for sure that there is a fake match. There is a problem of principle that you can’t commit it, no matter how strong or handsome you are. I really want to stop this trend is that no matter how strong you are, even if you want to win the World Championship tomorrow, you will be suspended for life. Only in this way can there be deterrence, you know? Of course, under the funny system like LPL, it will be banned for a few months.

Last edited 7 months ago by strongman
7 months ago

I’m an FPX fan, and I really like this guy like Bo. If you want me, Bo fights a fake match, suspends the game, and lets him retire on the spot. But the FPX tube used the term coercion, which is very subtle. Both acknowledged the fact of the fake match and hinted at the involuntary helplessness. The key point also directly pointed out that he was more than one participant. This is interesting. First of all, Bo is banned and he deserves it. But the result of this is that fpx suffers from a shortage of people and money. Bo must have confessed all the causes and consequences of the matter to the club, everyone involved and who instigated it. You still don’t care about these people in the league, fine or impunity. If you only punish bo and don’t punish these people, let alone bo unwilling, fpx unwilling, I have suffered a dumb loss after doing it for a long time? If there is a penalty for all of them, then it is estimated that the club where Bo originally belonged is cold. Let alone whether the league can provoke the owner of this club, or that the relationship between the league itself and the owner of this club is unclear, even if it is The league is really determined to govern, and the owner of this club is definitely not willing. Why is it aimed at me, so no matter who? In this case, it is estimated that the whole ldl is cold, and even lpl’s melons can be found. Some spectators still have to die if they fight counterfeit matches. In other words, they want Bo to die. As for others, it doesn’t matter. Is this the so-called justice? If only the bo is found this time, then there will be a second and third bo in the future. Who can guarantee that your next favorite player will not be coerced? The fact is that this is the truth. If the roots are rotten, you feel the fruit is sour, that’s useless. If bo is very good, and fpx did not spend any money on the substitute, maybe it would be finished by punishing bo. The key to the problem now is that fpx has spent a lot of money to hit the jungler that fits the team’s jungle, and it is just like this. Now, can people be willing? If people don’t want it, the alliance will have to investigate the people behind the ghosts, and the alliance behind the ghosts can’t afford to offend them. Doesn’t it freeze? Otherwise, a fake match needs to be investigated for so long and there is no conclusion? In the end, this matter will definitely be over, and a symbolic punishment will be given to bo. Because the three parties are in a tacit agreement, no one can go to the stage if they need to be strictly investigated. First of all, fpx only wants people. The black hand behind it doesn’t matter. The alliance doesn’t want FPX and BO to start chaotically. The dealers originally wanted to kill the monkeys. Unexpectedly, the monkeys are not only not afraid, but also learn to kill the chickens. So it’s not that the audience blames him or not, but it’s that he can’t handle the king, and the act of using the kid to operate the knife makes no sense.

7 months ago

It’s a pity, but it’s just because fpx finally encounters a jungler whose play style is quite suitable for the team. I don’t mean to blame Xiaotian, but I have to say that this bo makes me vaguely see what fpx looks like in 19 years. I also didn’t like fpx very much, but their smooth rhythm of the game at that time was really interesting. If it is a pity bo, at most it is because he is currently very suitable for fpx. But to be honest, I don’t know him at all. A player who has just been brought up from ldl, I don’t pay attention to ldl at first, what’s the pity for me to go there? Moreover, people from all walks of life picked up the video of his counterfeiting match at the time. It was said that he was being held hostage. The breadth and depth of the Mandarin language was really too good for face. I really can’t see that the video was being held hostage at all. And who knows if it is possible that he will not be able to keep up with the version in future seasons and bring these fake game spinach into fpx? There is nothing to blame, do it yourself, and bear it yourself. From the perspective of the fpx team at most, it is a pity that such a suitable jungler for fpx actually played a fake match before, so that fpx is now in a dilemma, leaving me without a team that is very smooth watching the game.

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