Guan Yu Ma Chao is resident at T0, I know, except for these two Meng Tian Charlottes are also very good, the rest of the feeling is really not very strong, Hua Mulan should be the unique skill brother to use, Sikong shock is also powerful, but easy to die, old master It’s also very strong after playing well. The rest of Yang Jian, Dharma Sun Ce, and Li Xin have never met for a long time (I have played for more than half a year, but only gold). Kuang Tie is a little bit more, Yao has also seen it, Nezha basically not. I’ve seen it. Most of the ones Miyamoto saw were junglers, and Li Xin even jokingly said that dogs don’t play.

In the opinion of the teacher, the tools are Xishi, Zhang Liang, Mozi, Wang Zhaojun, method of assassination, Huowu Wan’er Fort, and Shen Mengxi. They have their own characteristics, so are the shooters, and the same stand-up shooters have their own differences. Gongsunma also has their own. Features, also have the opportunity to play

You are right, there was a style of play before, where Mo Zi or Diao Chan walked against each other. Many people have actually thought that if the fighters have short hands and they didn’t hurt before level 4, wouldn’t I end up with long hands and short hands? Fortunately, Mozi said that one season he was able to be a warrior when he came out of meat. The other long-handed and short-handed ones I have seen exploded in the basic midterms. Long-handed fried. why? Because of the confrontation road, he is not just on the line. For fighters, laning ability is only a small part. If a tank is selected at the start of the confrontation road, then this player is basically ready to die in c position in the later stage. If he wants to play some manipulation, he will probably choose a fighter. The warrior is the most balanced position among the kings, with all abilities a little bit, and no abilities strong. The output is not c position, the meat is not the tank, the control is not the auxiliary. This also caused a soldier to do everything. A qualified combat fighter needs to do the following things: cut c with the jungler, protect the back row with the support, lead the line, quickly support the small group, explore the field of vision, and start the group when the teammates do not have the ability to open the group. and many more. Take Diao Chan as an example. Diao Chan hangs ninety-nine percent of the soldiers. This is generally accepted, right? I also like to play the trumpet against Diao Chan, but when I play the tuba, at the beginning of the season, I didn’t dare to play that way. why? Diao Chan, a hero, needs a backhand to enter the field to harvest. Although he plays fighters casually during laning, he starts to fight with towers in the middle and late stages. If you don’t see your vision, don’t start a team, and you can’t take the first wave of damage with your support, then you guys This group can’t fight. Everyone is the King of Stars, and no one is a fool. In the early stage, a fighter can be a jungler and a support agent at the same time, but Diao Chan is really a c, no control and no body, you really dare to take Diao Chan against the tower, people dare to beat the tower in the middle stage. Open you, you will not be able to enter your mid-term. When your later equipment takes shape, you are almost gone. You have to fight against a shooter, unless you are really two big tiers higher, otherwise, just open you on the opposite side. It’s normal to fight against tanks, but in the middle and late stages, you will find that you don’t dare to take it alone. The old master on the opposite side smashes over, and you lose half of your blood with a few strokes of the last days. Or if Sun Ce comes over, he can’t beat you, but after clearing the line and driving the boat, he will go to the middle to fight the team, and your teammates disappear on the spot… At this time, you have to fight around the c team. In the middle and late stages, it is generally the stage for fighters. You will find that even a tank that can play is tightly hugged by the c position. The warrior who can play will roam like a jungler looking for opportunities and open up people at any time. We consider whether a hero can take which way, is to look at the role he can play throughout the game, rather than the strength of the line. Ten hours ago, my sewer, Sun Ce, encountered a confrontation with Lu Diaochan, a king. Sun Ce knows, well-known sewer heroes, except for the second-level small strength period, few side fighters are afraid of him. I killed this Diao Chan twice before Level 4, and for the first time he robbed me of the line, I lied to him with two skills, one stun, two a, two a kill. This is normal. The second time I pretended to consume blood with him and killed it again. In fact, it’s not easy to die if I change a fighter this time. The fighter either has a response or a displacement. I didn’t hit him with the first skill at level 6, and he almost killed me with the second skill. I ran back to the tower in blood. . Sun Ce really couldn’t beat the equipped Diao Chan on the lane. However, after the eighth level, the laning period was basically over, everyone began to fight against the tower, and the problem of fewer fighters on the opposite side emerged. I followed the four teammates to press the tower in the middle road, and the opposing cadre showed up in the tower to clear the troops. I directly triangulated a set of cross-tower to take away the cadre, and then withdrew from the tower under the cover of Sun Bin. Diao Chan had actually supported the Gan Jiang, but she couldn’t help but threw a flower. If the opposite of this wave is Lu Bu, Dharma, Hua Mulan, Meng Tian, ​​Charlotte or even Arthur, etc., I would definitely not dare to cross the tower. Either they have the skills to keep me, or they can control me when I jump off the boat, or they can face me. I slammed into c position on the opposite side, and he also slammed into c position on our side. I climbed the tower, I must die faster than him. But the opposite is Diao Chan! It would be nice if he wasn’t beaten to death by me even the generals. He was not passive, so naturally he couldn’t keep me. When Diao Chan destroys the world and beats five, he is usually filled up passively. The speed of light is like a boatman’s triangle jump, and he can dodge with the second skill, and he reacts quickly. Without the warrior, you will find that surpassing the tower is not a problem at all for the opponent. Many junglers and fighters do not dare to cross the tower. In addition to being afraid of the control of the mage, they are also afraid of the retention and pursuit ability of the opponent’s fighters. You choose a Diaochan and I will kill you and go. You can’t be passive, who can keep? But the opponent’s jungler jumps to the tower and tries to open our c position? I set him directly under the tower. Throughout the middle period, Junyelan and I were basically in a fancy way. By the time Diao Chan’s equipment had taken shape, we had already broken their three-way high ground, and I even went straight up the high ground tower to take away the opponents. Here to explain, most fighters’ ability to suppress crispy skin is extremely terrifying. Because the fighters in the old version were used to fight against shooters and assistants at the same time, when fighters are singles, they are more threatening to crispy skin than other professions. A Marco who can play may be able to show off a Monkey King, but he can’t show off against an old master who has a lot of flashes, and his skills are full of dizzy Sun Ce. The fighters are stiff, and most of them have dashing, control and acceleration skills. Once they stick to the crispy skin, although they will not “instantly kill” like a jungler, they are even more terrifying. “Can’t fight, run and run.” However”, cutting meat with a blunt knife is also true. In many cases, the jungler cut c is blocked by the opponent’s support, and the fighter must make up for the “second cut c”. Other positions do not have this ability to advance. The low-end game often sees the jungler assisted against all dead, and the four c-places are fighting passionately. However, in the high-end game, the c players of the two sides have almost no chance of direct confrontation in a team battle. They are busy fighting against the opposite jungler (or escape). The reason why the fighters fight against the lane and line is also because of the fighter skills. There are too many kinds, and the abilities are too balanced. Only by relying on various details to kill the opponent, otherwise the opponent has a strong ability to control and escape, and it is difficult to kill alone. ——Which soldier doesn’t have the ability to save his life? Arthur also has a skill to accelerate silence, and Yang Jian also has a big move to regain his blood. Soldiers are killed by tanks before level 4, and they usually want to kill the opponent too much, otherwise they won’t die at all. The result of this round was that Diao Chan got up and was very good. In the later stage, we didn’t dare to play a group. We were shown by Diao Chan’s second hand after two games. But the opposite highland was gone, and it was delayed until 27 minutes of victory. Going out to see, the silver brand Diao Chan, definitely can’t say that he can’t play, but in a confrontational way, it is not bad that they can drag it for 27 minutes without our side. When your strong period comes after the team crash, and you are a short-legged dumb man, your strong period is meaningless. Stupid here means that you can only passively take over the group. The boldface is what I want to tell the subject. 5.12 Supplement, in my other answer before, a buddy said don’t tease long-handed and short-handed, it is a cow batch, Baili can suppress a single vomiting blood, and a soldier can’t do it. As a result, my last hand today was bilateral, and my Sun Ce took the development path to Baili and Lianpo. 9-1-12, a very high sense of security in the early stage. In this game, Charlotte and I didn’t want to let him. He said I was in the sewers and I said he had no brains. In the end, Li Yuanfang said, Lao Tzu goes to the field with a magic sword, and you two go to each other. I just got off the road to development. When I was promoted to the second level, I hammered Baili to the blood with Lian Po, was charged with a knock-up, and died. During the next five minutes of the laning period, my cloth armor shoes directly made ice veins. The two of them did not even dare to cross the tower to kill a sun Ce who was dizzy and out of armor. At the end of the laning period, our tower was polished in half, and the jungler had never been, and helped Charlotte beat Arthur on the road. I cleared the soldiers under the tower, and Lian Po and Baili wandered around in front of me, but didn’t come in—the soldiers cleared the line quickly, and it was easy to be consumed when changing tanks. This is basically the situation of the old version back then, one dozen two. The difference is that now the defensive equipment is strengthened, and it is difficult for the shooter to wear the blood without the soft assistant. Later, Baili ran back and forth to support. I cleared the soldiers for three seconds and then squatted in the middle. I coordinated with Li Yuanfang and Zhang Liang to kill the generals twice and the monkey once in the same position. In the later stage, I would fight two people alone against Baili Gan. The monkey said it was embarrassed, because the only crispy skin in our family was Li Yuanfang… Zhang Liang came from Bingxin. The monkey knocked twice and didn’t knock. When I wanted to leave, I drove the boat and pulled Li Yuanfang over. The triangle jumped for three seconds. When the control was over, the monkey and Lianpo disappeared together. When the opposing team selected Baili, if your team’s skills are hard enough to make the opposing team’s crispy skin unable to output, then you can use Guan Yu and Sun Ce Nezha who clears the line to play bilaterally, which has a miraculous effect. This answer is no longer updated. Today is the anniversary of the 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake. I miss the people of Sichuan who died in 2008. I mourn for them and pray for their strong families. At the same time, we also hope that our country will become stronger and stronger. God bless China, and the people bless China.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

how to say. In my opinion, the characteristics of fighters are their ability to resist and fight. Most of the fighters you exemplified here belong to “lightly armed fighters” in my classification. They are characterized by being able to resist certain damage, being relatively flexible, and having good damage. It can be adapted to cut-in and other styles of play. Some heroes also have different ways of playing warriors or tanks because of my definition. For example, Bai Qilian and Su Lie point out ghosts such as the black cut and broken army, and people are warriors. Then the question is “Most fighters are not very strong in confrontation.” Here I will arbitrarily understand it as “Most fighters on the road do not actually fit the so-called “confrontation” gameplay of confrontation.” If this is the case, I think you are not an illusion. The king of glory against the road hero is selected, and will give more consideration to the hero’s control of the map. The gameplay of the dual-burning tanks thought it was to grab the line right and then the opposite jungler was disgusting. To pass the horse is to clear the line quickly and then fight the more fights less team fights. In the case of confrontation, from a certain point of view, perhaps lol’s upper road ridge fits such a name. After all, people fight fiercely. However, looking at the description of the problem, I have a high probability of digressing. It is an absolute illusion that the warrior’s profession is not strong. Compared with the tank profession that exists on the confrontation road, fighters can do more in team battles. When choosing, they can also use their strengths and avoid weaknesses according to the situation of the lineup. Lack of harvesting Ma Chao, lack of control of Guan Yu, lack of damage to Sikong Zhen, and so on. Relatively speaking, the tank is not so flexible. The things that teamfights can do are limited by comparison. Perhaps the warrior does not look very strong, but the warrior has miracles. There are tanks too, but they are not so handsome in comparison.

8 months ago

It’s an illusion, because in most games, you can only see the role of the confrontation road if you break through the road (push the second tower). But even if he kept pressing down and pushing down a tower, the opposite middle lane jungler came over 1 or 2 times to confront the lane again and became evenly balanced. And at this time, other roads certainly didn’t know what happened to the confrontation road. In the worst-case scenario, 3 to 4 people have been fighting against the road, turning the opponent road into a negative record. Other roads have more and less fights but can’t beat the advantage. At this time, you have to rely on the confrontation road. In fact, in either case, the essential reason is that there is a problem with the adversarial road scoring mechanism. Like me playing Sikong Zhen, I often get the highest injury and output, but I can only get a silver medal, not an MVP. Only if Ma Chao Guan Yu can frequently go to other roads to support fights, the score will be high and it will be easier to get the MVP. In most games, you will only pay attention to the MVP (of course I am not). In short, there are still fewer heroes against Lu Neng C than the other roads. The jungler will play hard in the early and mid-term, and if the rhythm is good, he will win the whole game. The same goes for the mage. Although the shooters can only exert their power in the middle and late stages (except for Baili Marco), the output is the highest and most stable after a three-piece formation (x+x+breaking dawn). Can you fight against the road? Strong in the early stage, weak in the middle and late stages, strong in the middle stage, weak in the early and late stages, and strong in the late stage, weak in the early and mid-stage. There is hardly a more comprehensive way of confrontation. In addition, the confrontation route is another 1v1 battle, and only extra experience is taken instead of money. Naturally, the equipment is also slow. This is also the reason behind the supporting Ma Chao Guan Yuqiang. While supporting them, they also received extra money to help them reach the mid-term strength faster. In short, to see whether a position is strong or not is not based on the score, nor can it rely on data alone. Ma Chao, who won MVP everywhere but only 20% output, and the other fighter who got the most damage against pressure, who is better? It’s hard to tell. So don’t worry about which position is strong and which position is weak. It is a specific analysis of the specific situation. Heroes are divided into strengths and weaknesses, but there is no way out. Even the strengths of heroes are subject to the subjective factor of people. A fresh example, Sun Bin asked me to play Ma Chao. I found that there were no front row but Zhu Ba Jie. There were a lot of deaths in this round but the output injury was the highest in the team. Sun Bin clicked on me throughout the whole round. May I ask this one? Is it true that Sun Bin has done the best and can’t help me, should I be reported to someone deliberately? In the final analysis, there is a problem with the scoring mechanism, giving this kind of evidence that the consciousness is 0 and that the player who is sloppy in the operation thinks that it is very good.

8 months ago

It is definitely an illusion. Don’t think that now that the purple knife and the red lotus cloak are strengthened, the Tanbian will be able to get a qualitative leap. In fact, only pigs are really qualitatively changed. Common war fronts: Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Ma Chao, Charlotte, Orange Youjing, Hua Mulan, Old Master, Kai, Yang Jian, Cao Cao, etc. Common fronts: Zhu Bajie, Cheng Yaojin, Bai Qi, Lianpo, Su Lie, Arthur , Meng Tian (meat) and other battlesides are divided into three types: strong single-deck ability, strong support ability and strong single-belt ability. The main goal of team battle is the enemy C position. The function of Tanbian is relatively simple, and the main function is to open a group and protect the back row. By comparison, you can see that you feel that the battleside is not strong because of the thick blood in the early stage (except for Cheng Yaojin before the fourth level). It is more cost-effective to exchange blood when aligning with the battleside, but the problem is that you are very strong. It is difficult to single-kill in the early stage. The most important thing is to discuss the line speed. Most of the tank sides are not as good as the battle sides, which means that the front and mid-term support capabilities are generally inferior to the battle sides. Finally, let me talk about the first one of the more special top laners, Yuange. Yuange should belong to the thorn side. He is impossible to resist injury. The purpose of the selection is also for the single kill after the third level and the threat to the back row. . Yuange doesn’t like lanbian heroes. The reason is that they can’t single-kill. Picking a white, pig and the like don’t want to single-kill Yuange. In the early stage, it’s basically clearing the line and exploring the horizon. A strong period can only be played by support. The second kind, Miyue, Diaochan. It is not very appropriate for me to classify these two into one category, because the positioning of the two is completely different in the middle and late stages, but the effect on the line period is almost the same. Both belong to the tank buster. The possibility of Miyue’s early invasion of the wild area is relatively low, and now that Miyue will protect the wild area intentionally or unconsciously. The third type, Nezha, Liu Bang. Full-picture support heroes, the former is for the opposite back row, and the latter is to protect our heroes. It is difficult to characterize these two as tan side or war side, because their functions are relatively clear, and they are basically not aimed at the side lanes of the line (the latter does not count as a team).

8 months ago

It should be more of an illusion, because the confrontation road is too inconspicuous compared to other roads. The jungler had an extremely brilliant wild nuclear era at the beginning. On the kpl game, the jungler position of Menglei three times and Menglei Han Xin. Stealing the house forced the official to change the mechanism has become a legend. It can be said that it was the era of dreams and tears, and it was also the era of wild nuclear. After that was the era of Sagittarius. I still remember that the peak time was to weaken the blood pump combination of Cai Wenji and the violent Houyi, two to five without counseling. At that time, the sentence “Movement is a waste of output” is also reflected. It’s the sky-defense of this combination. Now, as everyone’s understanding of the king deepens, team operations have gradually become the mainstream style of play, so the mid lane has gradually become the center, and the auxiliary position, needless to say, just six pull positions and four or more auxiliary heroes throughout the year are enough. Explain everything. Relatively speaking, the confrontation road is too inconspicuous. There are rarely such amazing moments, and sometimes it is useless for the jungler to catch the confrontation road. But the confrontation road is just confrontation. They resist the pressure alone. It is already commendable to keep the road from falling apart. The road of confrontation is never weak, but calm.

8 months ago

It’s not an illusion, it’s normal. For example, we define that those who fight against roads t1 and above are strong, otherwise they are not strong. Then, according to the picture of Lao Liu Bei, who runs rampantly, we can see that there are only four fighters whose main professions are fighters at t1 and above. In Glory of the Kings, there are a total of 27 fighters whose main professions are fighters (the data may be biased but probably no problem). Therefore, the ratio of fighters fighting against road strong is only 4/27≈14.8%, so of course most fighters fight against The road is not very strong, this is an indisputable fact. In fact, this problem can be understood after thinking about it, and the same is true for other positions, because each version has only a few strong ones, and people can’t achieve balance in a complex game like moba.

8 months ago

Because the warrior has been cut over and over again, this game warrior will squeeze out all other space assassins, but the shooter mage will die when the warrior meets the warrior. You have experienced the oppressive power of warriors in the era of double warfare. Playing as a shooter, unless you get into the wild, you will be scolded for sure. Everyone’s economy is the same, eh, it’s just that they won’t be able to touch the fighters, but the fighters will be second. Then began to change the environment and change the equipment. Raise the side of the tank to strengthen the shooter, the fighter’s post-cutting work is naturally assigned to the jungler, the output work is returned to the shooter, and the responsibility of resistance is handed to the side of the tank, and the importance and the intensity of the confrontation will naturally be gradually reduced. This is normal.

8 months ago

Personally, I feel that it is not that the fighters are not strong in the confrontation, but that the confrontation is more and more not just a problem of pushing the tower. I would like to ask everyone, is there any one of the three routes that has a single-single-strip line? It just so happens that the soldiers are the poorest hitmen in these three paths. Why do you say that? Let me analyze it slowly: 1. In addition to pushing the tower, it also needs support. In the early stage, if the opposite party does not come to our blue buff area to harass, it will be okay. When it comes, you have to help fight. Not only must it contain the opposing fighters, but also help the junglers find opportunities to fight back. In the mid-term, timely support the shooter and mid laner. That’s right, since the map was updated, there has also been an additional teleportation point to support the down road against the road. Sometimes in order to prevent the opposing fighters from supporting it, the teleportation point is also guarded. If there is a pressure in the middle road, you have to run to the middle road. Do you think the fighters are under pressure? In the later stage, this is even worse. You must first be able to resist injury. Sometimes you have to start a team and fight after the dough. Sometimes you have to protect the shooter personally… It is simply the most tiring hitman. . Sometimes you encounter strange teammates. Anyway, if you lose, it’s because you didn’t choose the right fighters, you didn’t play well, you didn’t support them well… it’s too hard to fight against the heroes of the road! It’s not that the fighters are not strong in fighting against the road, but that they share too many roles. I should give you a thumbs-up for playing warriors here, you have worked hard! Not only have to have a big picture, but also protect the crispy skin, push the tower… all kinds of things will trouble you.

8 months ago

I think this question is a bit of a question. Let’s put it this way, if the confrontation road gets stronger and stronger, who will play other roads, the game would have to maintain a similar balance. In addition, isn’t the warrior hero against the road strong? It depends on the hero. Most of the fighters are good at fighting against the road. For example, the cute little Jinjin (Cheng Yaojin) runs around the map with enemies in 1v5. If you don’t care about him, he will push the tower with the line. Yang Jian, there is damage, there is displacement, not to mention Hua Mulan and Kai, even Lu Bu is against Lu Wanjinyou. Therefore, there are no weak confrontation fighters, only players who do not operate very well.

8 months ago

Theoretically, there is no natural restraint, and the three roads and the jungler are all in a 50-50 situation.
A confrontation road sees anyone on the opposite side except the confrontation road, can go up and beat him.
If it is not for a particularly threatening support, two people in the other three positions can also go up and play.

8 months ago

I used to play development road. I was always forcibly caught by four people and then simply turned to confrontation. The first practice was Bai Qi (Xin Bai Qi), which started in August last year. At that time, there was no yellow knife. , I basically took a behead to control the back row and hit it everywhere, and I took the regional mark if I played too much. There are more and more tanks playing later, especially Xiang Yu Arthur Lianpo’s strong control ability is simply a source of happiness (Arthur, I used to be a tank with full body damage), and the meat damage is high. It can be said that with the adjustment of the version, the overall resistance against the road tank is stronger than the war side. The tank side is more fleshy and has more control. The damage to the whole meat is not inferior to the war side. The fault tolerance rate is high, even if it is in the crowd. It can’t be beaten and it’s still out. Of course Tanbian is still afraid of Lu Bu after all. From the war side, there are t0 like Ma Chao Guan Yu and Gu Sha master like Li Xin. Warriors can really say that they are embarrassed when they are produced, and they are brittle when they produce full output, and the fault tolerance rate is too low. Half meat is too balanced and there is no particular highlight. (The health value is low and the armor is not high). The whole meat also lacks damage, which is a test of manipulation. (Especially Sun Ce’s attack and continuous control broke out, and he didn’t have a good time without predicting that a skill would be lost). Looking at most of the fighters, except for Arthur, who is more tank-like, which can reach 12,000 health points, many others barely make up to 10,000, or even not 10,000. Playing side-by-side means having hard support. Of course, some people say that the fighters focus on cutting the c, and don’t hit or hurt them. The meat is to improve the fault tolerance rate, not to say that suddenly the network card is empty and the meal evaporates instantly. The reason for the lack of strong confrontation during the battle is just because of the embarrassment of positioning and the rise of Tanbian. A fighter with confidence can still be able to resist and fight. It doesn’t have to be a side lane, but it is still possible. Open big block and chop c pain, it is also more resistant. If you don’t pursue a critical strike, you can think about getting out of the sky.

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