1. The resignation has been proposed to the leader, but the leader also arranges important and difficult jobs (it is a major problem left over from the history of “difficult and miscellaneous diseases”. This problem has always been there before, but the leader has only recently paid attention to it. Then I threw it to me and did it. The morning before I threw it to me, I had already talked to him about resignation in person, but he did not agree with him at that time. He did not agree to my resignation), and asked about the work progress and completion time very frequently. deal with?
  2. In the last month of the resignation handover, the leader compelled to work overtime until ten o’clock in the evening, and threatened to write on the resignation certificate if he did not execute it.

I know that if I have been dismissed, I have the right to claim compensation, but considering that I want to take public examinations in the future, I don’t want to work overtime until ten o’clock in the evening. I signed a flexible working contract at the time, and I didn’t specify it. Specify the specific commuting time, but the company defaults to check-in and commuting time from 8:30 to 5:30. Is there any better solution?

I have to say that today’s young people are still simple and kind. When I was in a human resources company, I saw workers who had received full compensation and asked the company for a few more months with gasoline. I also saw executives who sent death text messages to hr every day after being dismissed. Companies are often confused: the so-called barefoot are not afraid of wearing shoes. Why are we talking to a lunatic? You are more barefoot in this scene, and you can be blackmailed by a lunatic wearing shoes… It’s incredible. I suggest you learn from your leadership and think about where the opponent’s weakness is. Your leader immediately grasped your weakness, fearing that a bad resume might affect the future. You have to learn the way of thinking of leadership, who is he afraid of? Judging from the fact that he is so anxious that even leaving employees toss, there is a high probability that his leadership and his performance are his culprit. Well, specific analysis of specific issues, what is your own situation? Get the offer, or leave it naked? If you get an offer and do a good job of back-adjustment, what should you do? You can say hello to the next family: I wanted to get together with the previous family and go to work early, but I didn’t expect that the leader would not only refuse to let it go, but also ask for it. I work overtime until 10 o’clock every night, otherwise, write down the reason for my dismissal. It may be that the company has been under too much pressure recently. I only have to come back to work in 30 days… (pay attention to my words, only tell the facts, without emotions) In this way, the next hr will definitely understand your situation, and you will lead Once the attitude is exposed, the next family will also compromise the credibility of the leader’s back tone. If it is an enthusiastic HR, I will give you more ideas based on the local situation. If it is a bare resignation, go directly to the company hr: Although the resignation was mentioned, the leader said that I would fire me if I did not work overtime. I want to ask what should I do ? Are you here to collect liquidated damages? Normal HR will appease you, and normal companies can’t pay for this injustice. Then he talked to your leader and tried to be a peacemaker. If hr does not dare to intervene, talk to your leader’s leader, and then to hrd, and some guilds find the union chairman to let more people know how unreliable your boss is. But remember to use the tone of asking for help, showing yourself weak and pitiful. Weak but…resolutely find high-level talks frequently, and once a day if necessary, talk about my worries… Waiting for them at the door of the high-level managers. The executives are very busy, and they will be very “grateful” for the increased workload your leader has given them. For you, you have to go. Get to know some senior executives and talk to them more without losing money. Also learn the communication skills of executives. Normally to this point, your leadership is already a bag, and I will definitely seize the time to appease you. If you are resigning naked, then it should be relatively empty in the short term. After all the above things are done, you can have a good chat with your leader: If it affects my future employment, I will come to the company downstairs to find you for coffee. If the boss doesn’t believe him, accompany him off work on the first day, where do you go, find the best address for his home, and then ask him to go to work the next day and see you downstairs waiting for him with a good coffee and smiling. Comparing your heart to your heart, anyone who sees such coffee will feel soft. Note: The above method is not applicable to the local black society. Finally, I would like to say a few words to the leaders that when you leave your job, you will see the pattern, and it is often aimed at companies. It’s a very cost-effective thing for leaders to gather and disperse. Don’t add obstacles to employees when they leave. When employees leave, thank them for blessing them. In the future, these employees may become our nobles. What’s more, we still have to figure out our position. You are the wealthy (weak) petty bourgeoisie. People who have a family, a house, a car and make enemies for themselves every day. Do you feel that your life is not thrilling enough?


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Solution: 1. First check whether the company has any illegal acts as stipulated in Article 38 of the Labor Contract Law. If so, you can immediately notify the termination of the labor contract and leave on the same day. 2. If the company does not have those illegal activities and it is impossible to negotiate to terminate the labor contract, then it will give 30 days’ written notice and resign at the expiration date. 3. There is no responsibility for resignation due 30 days in advance, and resignation without reason. Within 30 days after the notification is issued, what should be done at work, and overtime should be refused. 4. The labor contract stipulates a flexible working system, which may have an impact on the determination of your overtime pay, but the basic statutory standard of working eight hours a day and no more than 40 hours a week must be followed. Moreover, you can still claim that after the signing of the labor contract, the two parties have actually changed the working system agreed in the contract with actual behavior, and you may not absolutely get no support. 5. I’m going to resign, so I don’t have to be afraid of wolves and tigers. Regardless of the reason for resignation, the company is obliged to provide proof of resignation. However, what can be expected is that your patience and humility will not necessarily be exchanged for the unit’s understanding and support for you. You will still be stuck on the certificate of resignation. Perhaps it is precisely because you revealed that you have to take the civil service examination and worry about the certificate of resignation that the company has seized on this weakness. 6. For the content that can be indicated on the resignation certificate, Article 24 of the “Labor Contract Law Implementation Regulations” clearly stipulates: the certificate of termination or termination of the labor contract issued by the employer shall specify the period of the labor contract, and the termination or termination of the labor contract. The date of the contract, job position, and working years in the unit. It is not something that the unit can play at will. 7. It is really written as being fired, and it is really possible to get compensation. Even if the compensation is not supported, if the resignation certificate written is illegal (not true), you can still request a reissue. 8. To find a new job to provide proof of resignation has become one of the reasons why many workers have to compromise with the unit when resigning, but there is no need to worry too much. If a unit refuses to provide or provides a resignation certificate that is illegal, in addition to applying for arbitration, it can also resolve complaints through the labor inspection department, which is more efficient and has a more direct effect. 9. If you understand this, you are still worried about the unit’s resignation certificate that is unfavorable to your new job and choose to be patient, then there is nothing to say.

8 months ago

The more fierce he is to you, the more he is flustered. This is my personal resignation experience. In general, most bosses think that employees’ ranks are inferior to them. If it is not for special reasons, they will not turn their faces because of the employees’ personal comings and goings, because the employees underneath are all small, so they can’t make a big fuss. Fighting against Xiaoloulou will make the boss look unattractive. Even when he meets an employee who he doesn’t like, the sooner he leaves the job, the happier he is. Your boss treats you to such a degree and can’t wait to peel you off. This is abnormal. There is only one truth about turning your face. You are very irreplaceable. Your resignation has caused him losses, and it is a major loss. He needs to try his best to let you do more work while you are still working to minimize the loss. When I mentioned leaving, my boss then assigned me a major and difficult new project. But when I asked to take annual leave and adjust the leave, I turned it down instead. The reason is that he can’t be allowed to leave without finishing work, and his attitude is still very arrogant. Why is it so easy for other employees to ask for annual leave? Generally, the boss is afraid of leaving employees to dig holes and mine mines for the company, so he will send as little work as possible to the leaving employees, but my boss’s bizarre reverse operation makes me have to think about his motivation for doing so. Then I suddenly understood that although my rank is average and my salary is still low, I am not an ordinary employee. I am an employee who once helped the boss to win tens of millions of projects. And one of the characteristics of our industry is that the cycle is relatively strong. Generally, within one year, the first few months are mainly for project planning and application. After success, subsequent projects will be implemented and then money can be made. . In other words, the work in the first few months of the project determines the company’s overall revenue in the new year. I have experience in project completion, and I am serious in doing things. I have strong business skills and strong foreign language skills. I can think of many things that customers can’t think of. Although the leaders are more picky and always think that I can’t do this and that’s not good, but in the whole team, I am the only one who has really made big projects. At the moment when I left my job, it was the stage of application for new projects. Ordinary leaders raised their noses and eyes to me. They didn’t like it, and they didn’t like it. When I asked to leave, he realized that no one under his hand could stand up to it. This means that if he wants to apply for a new project, he needs to re-train people and teach them how to do the project. The prime time to apply for a new project is just one or two months. The people under his hands are either not as good as my foreign language, unable to communicate with customers, or have a perfunctory attitude, do a messy report, or have poor business ability and cannot do things independently. Among these people, it is impossible to pick a suitable successor and raise the leader within one or two months. Recruiting in society requires a long entry period, and training can only be slower. This means that this year’s performance is basically going to be yellow. That’s why he just grabbed the life-saving straw, grabbed me tightly, and even refused to give me a fake. Now that I think about me, when I was staring at those small details and forced me intolerably, why didn’t I think of me as important? Can’t tell me about my holiday now, to force me to finish the work? I really want to take over, can I still have a holiday? At this point, I’m still afraid that you won’t make it? The condition I put forward is that I must be granted leave, and the statutory holidays are not granted to me, which is a flagrant violation of the labor law. I can ask to leave immediately after resigning without waiting 30 days. Until this time, he was really scared. If I leave immediately, he will lose even more. Then the leader began to talk to me. This time, his attitude was obviously relaxed. They talked about ideals and life. In a friendly atmosphere, they revealed a little bit of caution for fear that they would suffer. They still emphasized again and again that they can’t do the job. After that, leave is not allowed. As always, the boss just wants the horse to run, not to graze the horse. Isn’t this why I left? Draw big pie every day, and don’t give me anything practical, and I’m so disgusting to mention the resignation. Later, I decided to work for 30 days and just hand over the tasks at hand. No new tasks will be accepted, and people will leave at the end of get off work. Later, the leader almost asked me to continue to work with an attitude of begging. I will definitely ignore it. Even if I treated me a little bit better before, would I be forced to quit? I now go to work every day to play games, play on my mobile phone, and swipe my knowledge. Can you take my breath away? After all, the life of a leaver is so plain and boring.

8 months ago

Your lord, you think too much! You, your intentions have been decided and you are already in the handover state, but you are afraid of the head and the tail, the two ends of the head, looking forward and backward, why do you see the father Jiangdong, how will you straighten your waist and make a comeback in the future? Once the big husband decides to do this resignation, he can no longer care about the three-seven-two-two. They are all barefoot, and labor and management are still afraid that you will wait for this shoe-wearing kidney to touch? Directly express to your perverted leader (deviation from the normal leader image) that you have already decided and are absent. Doing extra things may be detrimental to your company. Hope that the leader can face up to the common feelings of people and conscientiously, there is no need to be right A person who has been away from being too stubborn… This means that if the “leader” is still obsessed with understanding, then don’t blame the people of the rivers and lakes for doing the rivers and lakes affairs! In fact, he should understand that he is still a warm leader after you go out of this door! (HVAC fake egg).

8 months ago

The most fundamental question: Is he still your leader at this time? Only those with power are called leaders. Power can determine your income, determine your performance, and determine part of your future. Because of power, you bow your head to the leader and don’t chill. But they are all determined to resign, and power can no longer play any role. Is the leader still the leader? African indigenous village chiefs are very large in their villages, and you can’t kill them too much. Are they led by you? If you have a good relationship and the leader is really kind to you, then you will be helped. This is personal cultivation and virtue. If not, who is he? As for back-tuning, to be honest, most jobs are not worthy of true back-tuning, and the cost of back-tuning is higher than the value that work can generate. The back tone of a formal company or a large company is mainly to confirm the authenticity of the resume: Have you lied? This is a question of integrity. As for your good or bad, strong or weak ability, do you not need an interview to enter the company? So, in the face of this situation, don’t refute it. He says everything is good, and then he doesn’t have to do anything except handover. Leave at that point. What can he do? How does he want to issue the resignation certificate? Then he is not harming you, he is harming the company. What’s more, he just bluffed you, just as your leader is so stupid and bold, as long as the company does not intend to close down, he will not be allowed to open the resignation certificate.

8 months ago

This leader doesn’t talk about martial ethics. Arrange the issues left over from history to you who are about to leave. At first glance, I’m making things difficult for you. For the leader, it is advancing but capable of attacking, and retreating but defensive. You can’t do it well (there is a high probability that you can’t do it well), you can use this to talk about things. Well done, the credit is his. This bad old man is very bad. Why does he dare to do this to you? It is nothing more than two points. Either you are usually weak and can be bullied, or he has grasped your weakness-your back-to-back influence during the public examination. In either case, the main problem is its own. Don’t worry about gains and losses if you don’t have desires. Since he doesn’t speak martial arts, then you can let him rat tail juice. 1. Communicate with the leader in private. You are the person who is leaving, and your heart is not here anymore. It’s good to get together and relax. I’m barefoot, I’m not afraid of wearing shoes, so I don’t need to fix this moth. If it goes on like this, it will not benefit both parties. If he still doesn’t converge, then move on to the next step. 2. Major issues left over from history refuse to accept this task. You just put this task straight. It’s a problem left over from history, and the difficulty is beyond your ability. The task assigned by the leader is unreasonable, and there is a suspicion of deliberately making things difficult. It’s best to go back in public. Let him know that you are not an easy master. 3. Regarding the problem of working hours, it takes only 8 hours. You should clock in and clock in, do things, and fish. 4. As for the problems that affect your public examination, don’t worry about it. Do you think you can give you a good deal if you compromise? Stop dreaming. Only by power can you get what you want. Relying on grievances to seek completeness, in exchange for only humiliation. He doesn’t talk about martial arts anymore, you still have no promise, can you do well? The more you sneer like this, the less you can achieve your purpose, and the less you will look down upon.

8 months ago

This is a method, really useful, I hope it can help the answerer and those who are being squeezed. After you clearly mentioned your resignation, your leader still arranges overloaded work for you. He is really inhumane, and he will get together and disperse as normal. He will not increase work because you leave. It is beautiful Say this is your original job. Since you have mentioned leaving, you don’t want to take on this extra job to teach you. You worked overtime until 10 pm or later in the first two days, but you have to eat something to fill your stomach first, but don’t let your leader watch it. When you eat, and then you may work overtime late at this time, your leader should have left, or he hasn’t left, but it doesn’t matter. God’s operation is here. Remember to take photos of the company’s work when you post to Moments in the past two days. It is another day of busy work and overtime. Come on! It almost means that you are working overtime again [the copywriting can be changed by yourself] Then two days later, you wake up in the morning and call your boss, saying that you are not feeling well, you are going to see a doctor, take a day off, and then you go to the hospital to go to the psychiatric department. Recently, I have been stressed and have always had heart palpitations. I got a certificate from the hospital and asked for leave. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the proof or you don’t go to the hospital. It’s just that you make your leader feel that he arranges these extra perverted jobs for you, causing you to have physical abnormalities and you can’t do a good job. Don’t be afraid that he won’t approve. Your circle of friends has evidence. If he doesn’t approve, you should ask him to report to your superiors. You will report this situation. You say: “I recently worked overtime and I feel very sick and want to ask for leave. Let me tell you the leader, I really can’t go to work at the company today” [Remember to record, keep the evidence], it’s best to sync it with WeChat. Basically give feedback to the superior. The leader thinks that if there is something, he will not be able to take the responsibility and will give you a rest. Then you rest for two days. When you go back, you say that I really can’t take the job, so don’t take it anyway. If you ask you to pick it up again, you will ask for a few more days of leave. Formally, because the last month is not counted as performance, you will be given the entire coefficient of salary. Don’t be afraid that he will dismiss you [It is better to dismiss, and get more compensation directly. Don’t worry about the impact on the next company, as long as you explain it], remember to record when you are threatened. Although we are a hitman, we don’t cause trouble, but we are not afraid of trouble. First of all, I hope I can help you

8 months ago

Talk about two core issues. 1. The legality of flexible working system A unit signing a flexible working system contract does not just sign it if it wants to. Which positions can be signed? Need to report, the report is legal, if the report is not filed, the privately signed by the unit is invalid. There was an arbitration case in which an employee signed a flexible working system with the company to work overtime. Later, when he left his job, he asked the unit to pay overtime. The unit said that it was the flexible working system that was signed at 10:9 in the evening. Overtime is not counted because you are working flexibly. Later, the employee filed for arbitration, provided the job agreement, and proved the work content. In fact, the employee cannot implement the flexible working system, but requires an eight-hour working hour system. After this material is obtained, The arbitration is based on his actual work, so the flexible work contract itself has problems, and the company must pay overtime. Therefore, the flexible working system is not a random sign. 2. Write “dismissal” in the resignation certificate, who are you bluffing? What should be written in the resignation certificate itself, basically contains several pieces of information: when the employee is working in my work unit, from when and when to end, what work is the employee engaged in, and when does the contract end? If the company writes something messy to you, employees have the right to request a resignation certificate.

8 months ago

I can say responsibly that your leader’s mind is flooded, really. What he is doing now does not point to the intersection of you with a dime in the future. So, are you worried about wool? The faces are given to each other. My team and the entire company have not left many jobs, but many have retired. Basically, it started a year before retirement and was in a free-range state. During the first six months of retirement, I came to order a 卯 almost every day, and then disappeared. There was such a backbone who handled the resignation. I tried every possible means to retain. In the end, the other party was indeed unable to continue because of salary and family problems. It was indeed my right-hand man at work. All I could do was to get together and to disperse and arrange for people to take over. , Including myself, was involved in the transfer of work. Before the backbone resigned, I personally paid for a farewell banquet at my own expense. At that time, the backbone was also very powerful. I formally resigned on the 25th. I was surprised to get me up to the 31st. He also told me that if I needed to watch for another 3 or 4 days at the beginning of next month, I was moved. So, this is a matter of giving each other a step, and the other side kicked the step down. What else do you think? Retirement and resignation are all barefoot, and the current management of the company is wearing shoes. This time period is not to quickly find someone to take over the job, coaxing to hand over everything that can be done, on the contrary, it still has to play official authority. , Are you not afraid of smashing the cans barefoot and making these shoes-wearing people disgraced? ? ? So, your leader’s decision on this matter is unclear, and your head is flooded. As for you to go to and from get off work on time now, there is no need to pay attention to him, there is no need to do some work, but there is no need to work overtime to do it. As for the so-called dismissal, do you think you will be concerned about these issues when you apply for the next job? Only executives or high-end people in the industry will companies spend the money to do background checks. You, really want to do a simple interview, just leave a colleague you have a good relationship with. It just proves that your resume is not falsified.

8 months ago

There is no way to be soft by yourself.
You have left your job, are you afraid that he will do little tricks? Are you too timid?
The confrontation between people does not mean you have to do something or fight a lawsuit. Sometimes everyone knows it well with just one look. This is why some old rivers and lakes have no one to make things difficult for him, because everyone knows that he is really not afraid.

8 months ago

There was once a colleague who had been involved in such an act by a leader. He usually seemed to be joking and he didn’t care about the bullying appearance. However, after half a month, the system collapsed and many people tried their best, and they couldn’t do everything for a while. Will solve the loophole. Remember that at that time, the big boss sent a fire and the system crashed, which caused great losses to the company. After all, the leadership of signing a guarantee agreement with those big customers, let alone say, it’s not much better. What I want to say is to be a human being or to be kind. You feel that you have taken advantage of it, but you don’t know that those advantages you have taken will be taken back.

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