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In the era when there was no windshield, the first-generation drivers wore goggles similar to those worn by airplane pilots at the time in order to keep them from being stuck on their faces by insects, stones, leaves and the like, and some also used scarves to cover their faces. This is also the source of the actor and actress distribution when we watch European and American movies and play various games. And when the engine is more advanced, it can provide faster speed. The drivers’ goggles and scarves began to be unable to withstand the pain of muddling their faces, so car manufacturers finally realized that they needed a windshield. However, since the beginning was to use ordinary glass to do this, the glass could be broken when the back was clicked, until Henry Ford, the founder of Ford, was broken by the glass once, and the plastics industry at that time made a lot of progress. Ford sandwiched two pieces of glass, separated by a layer of PVC to make a sandwich glass. The plastic interlayer prevents the broken glass from falling on the person in the car like a shower, helping to protect the passengers in the event of an accident. And up to now, the windshield is still made according to this principle. Today’s car windshields are generally made of a large curved surface, with a certain arc up and down, left and right. The function is to block the wind and rain to block foreign objects, and the film can also filter light to improve the driver’s driving environment. But it definitely has nothing to do with speeding or not. If you drive with a naked face, you can try a motorcycle. When it reaches a speed of 70KM/h, you can’t open your eyes. However, on many road sections, the speed of cars at 70KM/h is not considered speeding at all, and even on the highway, it is a violation of traffic regulations that it cannot reach the minimum speed of some lanes.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

What about the car on the high speed? I felt that when I was learning to drive, I felt as fast as 60 kilometers per hour, and my heart was beating. What kind of feeling out of control is too scary. You even said now that my handsome face without a windshield is going to be blown apart? Isn’t the hairstyle I just made messy in the wind? Another rain and snow, the extreme weather like hail smashed directly into my face? I? ? Not allowed! The speeding pot, the windshield means it does not carry it! Speeding is a problem with the throttle, and the throttle is manipulated by humans, and the main problem lies with the driver! Restrictions and restrictions on the driver are the key to effectively avoiding overspeed problems. It is not a problem that can be solved by removing a windshield today. Why don’t you remove the steering wheel tomorrow and the accelerator the day after tomorrow? In fact, the windshield of a car is like human skin, which blocks all kinds of dangers and viruses from the outside world. Then how can you choke and stop eating because of speeding problems! It’s trembling and cold, when will the windshield stand up?

8 months ago

I think
If the car doesn’t have wheels, it shouldn’t be speeding.
If the car doesn’t have an engine, it shouldn’t be speeding.
If the car doesn’t have a throttle, it shouldn’t be speeding.
If the car does not have a driver, it should not be speeding.
As for the absence of a windshield, isn’t the motorcycle speeding?
Read more books, watch less videos, and learn more.

8 months ago

If the car doesn’t brake, will everyone stop speeding? If a car has a speed limit of 80 in the urban area, and if it is on a highway, apply for an increase in the speed limit at the toll gate at the highway intersection, and the engine speed limit will be increased to 120 by the technicians. Will everyone not exceed the speed? If speeding is sentenced to death, will everyone stop speeding? If you pass the probe overspeed, the airbag will automatically explode. Isn’t everyone going to overspeed? If the GPS system detects that the vehicle is speeding, the White House will send a SEAL team to accurately behead the driver. Will everyone not be speeding? If the Beidou system detects that the vehicle is speeding, Dongfeng Express will lock and crack down on the speeding vehicle through the Beidou system. Will everyone stop speeding? Yes, everyone really will not speed.

8 months ago

You can never stop a person who wants to speed. For example, does the WISP boy riding on the exhaust pipe have a windshield? If it doesn’t exist, the freshly dyed yellow hair can only prove the unruly youth. For example, I once rode a permanent bicycle and galloped on a country road. Even the painful collision of pens, compasses, rulers and so on in the stationery box could not stop me from rushing towards the imaginary freedom of heart on the memorable road. School and home are not my destination, but I can only enjoy the fun on the road. Taking a step back, even if the car does not have a windshield, humans can still wear a helmet! I thought about it seriously. If my car doesn’t have a windshield, the only thing that can stop me from speeding is getting older and getting older, and if some hair is blown off, I’m afraid it will never grow back.

8 months ago

Bring a helmet and still speed.
I ride a 150 motorcycle with only more than ten horsepower, normally in fifth gear, and soon will be able to exceed 60, (the urban area is not an expressway, the speed limit is 60)
The car started off with 100 horsepower at every turn. Speeding is too easy.

8 months ago

I think speeding is not speeding, and it has little to do with whether there is glass! Look at us riding trams, riding bicycles, racing cars, even children, will have speed and passion from time to time! This is a behavior that boys often have! It is not a problem that can be solved without a windshield! Even if there is no windshield, people sitting in the car can wear a series of equipment such as windshield masks, hats, scarves, eye masks, etc., not just limited to the glass! If the windshield has a great advantage, that is… it can do some small movements in your car without being seen, it has the function of protecting personal privacy, and the other is that when we fall into the water, the car inside the car Space can be used as a tool for escape. With air, we have the possibility of surviving! Finally, the windshield of the car can not only block the wind and rain, but also provide sun protection. For women, this is a fatal temptation! For a better car, the windshield is very practical and bulletproof, so the windshield is simply king.

8 months ago

Wouldn’t it be safer to simply unload the wheel too!
The windshield is so important! The windshield is gone, and a small grain of sand blows over. The driver’s eyes can’t be opened, and one hand rubs his eyes subconsciously. At this time, the steering wheel shakes, and it hits an adjacent car in the slightest, and drives out. Driveway, car crashed and killed. Which is more important than speeding?

8 months ago

I have a friend who rides a motorcycle. He was scared when I drove the car. He said that I didn’t slow down when I turned a corner. I said I drove normally! I was scared when he was driving me on a motorcycle, (without helmet) I: “Did you drive to 90km? He: “No”! I: “Slow down!” “Then I looked at the display and it was only 50km away. I felt that the car didn’t feel fast even after driving 120, but he usually got 130. You can make up for it.

8 months ago

Allow me to introduce you this Aston Martin V12 Speedstar super sports car! This car will remove all the facilities on the car that have nothing to do with speed! Accelerate from 100 kilometers in 3.5 seconds! The top speed can reach 300km/h! What windshield? If allowed, the two rear-view mirrors have to be broken off. Perfect interpretation of what is meant by “windshield has nothing to do with speed”. No piece of glass can limit my speed! The blacklisted personnel of the Akinayama Traffic Management Detachment remain, so speeding is a problem of thinking and people, not a windshield problem.

8 months ago

First of all, we must understand the term speeding. The concept of speeding is relative. What kind of speed is overspeed. On the highway or in the alley? Different road conditions are suitable for different speeds. Even if there is no windshield for speeding. Do you mean that you can’t run at that high speed without a windshield? So there will be no speeding. F1 cars really have no windshield.

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