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Little friend, I think it is necessary for me to say this sentence to you “I don’t want you to think, I want me to think”. Captain America, why do you think he can’t beat the Tigers? He couldn’t beat the tiger in the first place. One day Captain America found Doctor Strange. At that time, he said to Dr. Strange, “Old Iron, help me cross it, okay?” Dr. Strange said, “Yes, but only a little bit. So Captain America went through it. But he hasn’t told Dr. Strange where and when he wants to cross. It was night when the American captain walked out of the circle, and the wind was so strong that he was panicked and cursed: Doctor Strange, fucking fuck! But Feng didn’t answer the Captain America, just howling fiercely. He thought, anyway, he came here, so he looked around, after all, I am Captain America who I am afraid of! But he doesn’t know where he is, China! Suddenly! , There were sparse noises all around, and all the birds were flying, and the wind was blowing harder and harder. He was a little surprised, and for courage, he shouted: Hey, Lao Tzu is the captain of the United States, the captain of the United States, the captain of the United States As soon as the voice fell, a big gorgeous tiger suddenly jumped out of the boulder: Damn, where do you say you are? The captain of the United States was taken aback, and he turned up in terror. At that time, he was scared out of his mother tongue: oh my mum The tiger listened: “Hum, what kind of cock talk? It sounds like a foreign breed. The foreign breed is not delicious, it smells like axilla, and it has more hair than mine! “After finishing talking, the two shining tiger eyes showed a look of contempt. At night, the wind was very strong, but the moonlight in the sky was surprisingly bright. Through this beautiful white moonlight, the captain of the United States clearly saw the look of contempt by the tiger. The American captain was very unconvinced. He said: Oh, wait, you, are you racially discriminating? The tiger originally wanted to go, but when he heard him talking, he turned around: racial discrimination… what bird language? You mean? Do I despise you? “Yes, you are a tiger, why do you despise me? “Why, because you have a fragrant armpit, you have more hair than Lao Tzu.” Disgusting. “The American captain got annoyed. At that time, he jumped up and threw the tiger’s shield, which hit the tiger’s belly. Naturally, the tiger is not a vegetarian. He said, “I am not afraid to tell you that you can’t beat Laozi. In this script, you can fight.” Only Wu Song wins me, and Wu Song is sleeping, I want to eat you to fill my belly! So the tiger flew over with a scissor, and the American captain used a shield to block it. Unexpectedly, the power of the deadly scissor was really amazing, and he was not in the United States, the geographical bonus was invalidated, and the prestige was not there, so the tiger quickly crushed the American captain. under. The tiger said: You are arrogant, you want to beat Lao Tzu, you take the pot to beat me, you too look down on our tiger, today I tell you, I want to open the meat, although it is a bit stinky, but I bear it! The salivation of the tiger’s mouth dripped on the face of the American captain, and the tiger’s foot pressed firmly against the neck of the American captain. The American captain only had difficulty breathing. He said: I can’t breathe! Perhaps the captain of the United States should not die. At this time, a voice suddenly sounded from the big rock beside him: Xiao Er, I can still drink! ! ! When the tiger heard it: Why, I triggered the Wu Song plot like this? The tiger wanted to escape, but unexpectedly Wu Song turned over and rolled off the stone in his sleep, and fell directly on the tiger. At that time, the tiger dared not move, for fear of waking Wu Song, so Wu Song pressed the tiger, and the tiger pressed the captain of the US. The American captain exhausted his last strength and shouted: help me! Wu Song woke up, Wu Song was the most jealous person in his life. He couldn’t see bird people, couldn’t stand bird air, let alone bird words. He swore to kill all bird people in the world. This bird word immediately evoked Wu Song’s subconscious mind. Anger. So immediately a carp jumped up: which birdman was talking, came out and died! The Captain of the United States exhausted his last breath. There was no room left to answer at this time. He could only breathe on the ground for a while, and was pressed by the tiger, so Ming Huang Wu Song only saw the big worm in his eyes. The tiger just wanted to say: It’s not me, it’s the foreign devils. But Wu Song was so angry that he took a stick out of his ear and hit him. The tiger died at that time. In the end, the tiger didn’t figure out where he provoked Wu Song and was about to die under his stick. Wu Song beat the tiger to death, and provoked the tiger with a stick and said, “You will fall down before I can’t force it.” The ghost animal turned a dozen circles before giving up. Suddenly he noticed that there was a person under the tiger. He heard that the Panbang was dressed in this way, so he rescued her and said: I think you should be a shaman like this. I came from Qinghe County and wanted to go to Liangshan in the future. Seeing Song Gongming’s brother for a life of drinking and eating meat all day long, why don’t you just follow me in the future. The American captain was hit by this, even more powerless, and there was no way to go back, so he nodded and agreed. But just now I saw that this person couldn’t hear what he said, so he didn’t dare to speak, for fear that he would anger him and took out the bright stick and killed him. Wu Song saw that he was dumb and he was wearing such a weird look, so pitiful, so the macho shed tears, took out an embroidered needle from his ear, and made him a leather skirt after peeling the tiger skin. The captain of the United States wore a leather skirt. Jue fits well, and since then he has been an attendant behind Wu Song and went to Liangshan together. So, this is the truth at the time, Captain America really can’t beat Tiger.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Let me put it this way. Captain America jumped into the sea from a few hundred meters in the “American Team 2” and fell directly at a height of at least 11 floors. Although there is a shield body, the lower body fell down solidly, but the American team Just get up and run, just like a okay person. It means that this is not the limit of the US team. You try to throw the tiger down from the eleventh floor. To be fair, you also tie a shield to the tiger’s head, but can you see if the tiger can survive? Or do you think Tiger can beat a bomber? Was the US team a bomber in 2 seconds? There are many people who say that the US team did not fall to death, and the shield took a lot of credit. Then take the “US team 3”. In the duel with Iron Man, they fell directly from a high altitude without a shield body, and Still fell on the edges and corners, and nothing happened when he got up. He continued to fight Iron Man. The tiger of the same height was killed on the spot, and at least he should lose his fighting ability for a short time. Some people say this has anything to do with whether you can beat a tiger? It must be related. Whether you can fight or not, you must look at your physical fitness and strength. These two points are basic, right. From the perspective of falling from a high altitude, the strength of the US team’s physical fitness must be stronger than that of the Tigers. Quite a lot, if you have strength, whether you pull a helicopter or lift a five-ton start from the US team’s 2 mile serious injury, this punch will protect the two-ton strength. Are you sure that the tiger can withstand it? Not to mention the tiger’s agility, with teeth, the US team’s fighting points are basically full, and the agility of avoiding bullets is not necessarily worse than that of the tiger. It is not so easy for the tiger to bite the US team, even if it bites (too low) as long as it is not the throat , The U.S. team slowed down with a few punches, and the tigers would lose their resistance. (If it is in the comics, the US team has almost 10 tons of bench press strength now, and the Tigers don’t have to compare them. Tiger’s brains cannot be beaten out with a full blow.) So in summary, the US team’s various values ​​surpass the Tigers. The likelihood of the Tigers defeating the US team head-on is almost zero, unless the Tiger succeeds in a sneak attack and bites the US team’s throat, but as long as there is a little mistake, the tiger’s life will not be guaranteed.

8 months ago

That must be because you are too obsessed with tigers, or are too disgusted with the word America in Captain America. The shield in this guy’s hand is said to be a hundred times stronger than the armor on Iron Man. All energy hits the shield and rebounds. This product is no longer the concept of a science fiction movie, and even the Lord of the Rings dare not blow it like that. You can tie Captain America to the head of a jet plane and then crash the jet plane. As long as the U.S. team holds the shield, he will be fine. Do you think your tiger can carry it?

8 months ago

The US team lost in seconds! Because you all overlooked one of the most powerful players in the tiger camp: the tigress! Who says tigers are all male. You are too young. Not to mention the US team, even Iron Man, Super League, and Thanos are all counted. One of them counts as one. Which one will have a one-on-one PK with the tigress and dare to fight head-on? This is not a question of whether you can win, but a question of whether you dare to fight at all. You know, in the entire two-dimensional space, after the protagonist’s aura is full, the most powerful character is not Marvel, Monkey King (Dragon Ball), Transformers, One Piece, these are all not enough to see. The true first invincible and eternal undefeated protagonist is this one: Crayon Shin-chan. Crayon Shin-Chan has defeated all powerful enemies (including those of the Swimsuit Demon King level) in countless wars to save the earth and the universe. It is really powerful enough that no one can compare. But even so, Crayon Shin-chan met the tigress beauty, and only obediently surrendered, there is no possibility of resisting: Do you still think the US team has the slightest chance of victory? Which onion is the US team?

8 months ago

I used to be particularly obsessed with the Super League. For some time, I have been very happy to follow film and television dramas and comics because of the fascinating attraction of the huge universe built. But later I looked at a lot, and the enthusiasm faded away. A big reason is that I found that the combat power value of the characters in it fluctuates and the fate of the characters is at the mercy. Let’s put it this way, the US team can be strong enough to lift Thor’s Hammer and use enhanced mortal bodies to fight against universe-level bosses, but it may also be attacked and killed by a younger generation. Of course, it may also be lost in the process of fighting tigers. escape. To put it bluntly, whoever can be beaten but who can’t be beaten depends on the writer’s pen. The plot needs you to be awkward, you will be invincible, and the plot will let you catch it, no matter how awesome the hero is. Some people say that all heroes are fictitious. The problem is that there is no logic and irresponsibility in many parts of it. For example, if Tiger pounces on the U.S. team, if he wants the U.S. team to win, he will smash Tiger’s head with a shield. If he wants the U.S. team to lose, he will draw the tiger’s advantage. The claws were harder than Edman’s metal and cut a hole in the shield at once. What? Why is the tiger’s claws so powerful? Can it just be genetically improved? It’s the conspiracy of the Red Skull…This kind of routine is very annoying to watch again and again. He clearly has an affection for a certain hero, only to find that he is just an involuntary pawn by the screenwriter. Let you die, you will die, let you live, you dare not close your eyes. If life and death are in a chaotic line, then another parallel universe will be reopened. Anyway, surreal themes can be rounded up, even It doesn’t matter if it’s round. So it’s meaningless to discuss whether the American team can beat Tiger/Monkey King/Batman/Peppy Pig/Calabash Brothers. If he needs to win, he will win, and if he needs to lose, he will lose. If you give the screenwriter an ending, he can draw flowers for you, and you have to cry and laugh about it. Never imagined that the clown was the reader himself.

8 months ago

Because there is no clear concept of the combat effectiveness of both sides. Let’s just put it this way, Thanos’s miscellaneous soldiers, Vanguard Guards, are the thing in the picture below; if this thing does not reach a certain number, it will basically not threaten the American team. Let’s take a look at the comparison between it and the Panthers; Say it can match the tiger, at least not weaker than the leopard, right? In front of the U.S. team, there is one punch in twos. The US team’s left and right arms have two tons + strength. The US Team No. 2 Middle School can jump from two aircraft carriers with a height difference of more than 20 meters. This physical strength is no longer the human limit. The US team has the strength to rival Wu Song and the vigorous shield. It is not difficult to win against the Tigers.

8 months ago

I believe many people have heard of the most legendary story in the “Water Margin”, that is, Wu Song in the Jingyanggang area, three punches and two kicks put a tiger with a white forehead down. However, almost all adult tigers are 2.3 meters long and weigh about 220 jins, and some are even larger. In contrast, with such a small person, can you really be able to single-handedly single-handedly take a tiger and be alright? In fact, as the world’s largest cat, the ordinary tiger is very powerful, not to mention the Siberian tiger, the most powerful Siberian tiger. The body and the tail can be up to 4 meters long and weigh more than 700 kilograms. When you get angry, you can not only slap a cow to death, but also bite a brown bear. This is not only because the tiger’s slap power can reach one ton and the bite force is 1,100 pounds, which is twice that of the brown bear. What’s more terrifying is that the tiger’s limbs are developed and the speed of 100 meters is about 4 seconds, which is the world’s trapeze Bolt. 2 times. The tiger is the king of the beasts. How can you be easily defeated? It’s normal that people can’t beat beasts. Ordinary adults, a big wolf dog is enough for you. But it’s not necessarily. If you have armor, match it with the most popular mechanical exoskeleton. Should be able to defeat him, come on ^0^~ This question itself is hypothetical. Let’s apply Marvel movies to analyze it. With the strength of Captain America 1 and 2, it’s almost impossible to fight a tiger with bare hands. It’s a good fight with a shield. . But if you look at the US team 3 and the reunion 3, 4, the US team is obviously more vigorous, and finally can pick up the Thor’s hammer, this strength should be able to bring the tiger down. It’s all science fiction, don’t take it seriously. Haha

8 months ago

Explain that you still don’t know what the US team is
You can think of the US team as one, in reality the most powerful, fastest running, strongest fighting… and so on. It is a collection of all the strongest humans in various fields in terms of combat, and it is even bigger than this collection. Stronger

8 months ago

I think there is a problem with your judgment criteria for comparing these two things. You may think that some challenges Tiger can easily complete, but the Captain America shown on the screen is not good, but I don’t know what the basis of the subject is. I can’t imagine. come out. I feel that the comparison and logic of normal people are like this. In reality, the heavily armed soldiers with heavy and large-caliber weapons are bigger than the tigers. Obviously the US team is bigger than such a soldier, which is not very rare. Otherwise, it will defeat a bunch of Thanos factions. The modern army has it. It’s hard to imagine that a creature in reality or even kept in a zoo would beat an important demigod character imagined in modern mythology (comic). It was probably similar to “Why do I think Hercules can’t beat it?” Tiger?” That’s weird. The tiger would probably say after listening, “No, no.”

8 months ago

It seems that the cultural invasion of Mold Nation was very successful. It demassified Asia and made a few virtual characters. Someone also commented here that Captain America and the tiger played five to five points. The tiger can still see Mold Nation that has not yet been extinct. Where’s the captain? where? where? You are not the successors of gczy, you are the guide when imperialism comes!

8 months ago

If the two look the same when standing up or crawling, didn’t Captain America take an extra weapon. They still wear a vest. Tigers are afraid of tigers. Besides, there is indeed a tiger in Captain America’s house, which is outside. You can go home as much as you can… Otherwise, it really makes you think that the tiger does not show off and thinks it is a sick cat.

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