On May 11, local time, a 13-story residential building in the Palestinian Gaza Strip was bombed by Israel. The Israeli military said this was in response to a previous rocket attack, and Reuters said residents had already evacuated in advance. The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) subsequently fired 130 rockets at Tel Aviv, Israel. In Holon, south of Tel Aviv, a bus exploded and caught fire after being hit by a rocket. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu vowed to step up the attack on Gaza. The BBC said this was the most serious violent incident in the region since 2017, with at least 31 deaths.

According to previous reports, from the early morning of the 10th, Palestinians and Israeli police relapsed into serious conflicts at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the “Temple Mount” (Muslims called “the noble forbidden place”) in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Palestinians built roadblocks, sealed the entrances and exits, and threw stones at the Israeli police outside the mosque. The other side fired shock bombs, tear gas and rubber bullets in return. The live video showed that the police dropped several shock bombs and tear gas into the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The Israeli military said that night that the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) fired more than 160 rockets into Israel. In response, Israel launched retaliatory air strikes, which killed 20 people, including 9 children.

The 10th coincided with Israel’s commemoration of “Jerusalem Day” when it occupied East Jerusalem in 1967. That night, the Israelis celebrated the holiday at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, while the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the other side was surrounded by fire.

The direct cause of the escalation of the conflict: Israeli military police and extreme Zionists beat Palestinian protesters in Jerusalem, so Gerhard fired rockets at Israel, injuring civilians. The Israeli court supported the claims of the extreme Zionists and accepted the evidence provided by the Ottoman era, while ignoring the evidence of the British mandate and Jordan’s occupation of East Jerusalem, ordering the Palestinians to move away from their Sheikh Jala community in East Jerusalem within a time limit. house. The underlying reason: The “Oslo Agreement” granted Israel security and civil administration jurisdiction in East Jerusalem and Palestine West Bank C area. In the low tide of the Israeli socialist movement, the sectarian power and extreme nationalism are on the rise, and there is a tendency to converge, the senior careerist Netanyahu and his factions abused the above powers to embezzle the Palestinian national interests in exchange for extreme tin in Israel and abroad. Anist support.


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8 months ago

The source of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is very complicated, and it is not clear for a while. Why is this round of Palestinian-Israeli conflict intensifying? It was this man who made a fool of it. Benjamin Netanyahu, the 12-year old fox in charge of Israel. The conflicts between Palestine and Israel are fierce, but the Jews are not monolithic. There are more than 100 small parties in the Israeli political arena. This has led to Israel’s self-establishment, and there has never been a precedent for a single party to govern alone. All previous Israeli governments have governed jointly by a dozen or even dozens of parties. Among these parties, the most powerful at present is the Likud Group, a coalition of right-wing parties. The dipper of the Likud Group is Netanyahu. Netanyahu regained the leader of the Likud Group in 2005 and served as Israeli Prime Minister in 2009 until now. However, Netanyahu has not brought any benefits to Israel in the past 12 years. The Likud group itself has a very loose structure, and it is now on a downward slope. In recent years, Netanyahu’s domestic support rate has become lower and lower, and conflicts with other parties have also been great. The Israeli government has been disbanded several times. Netanyahu tried all kinds of tricks and managed to successfully reorganize the cabinet several times. The Likud group itself is a right wing and is known for its tough stance against Palestine. In recent years, Netanyahu has offended all left-wing politicians and voters in Israel, so his stance has become more and more leaning toward the extreme right, and his hopes are pinned on winning the favor of the extreme right. Whenever the political situation in Israel is unstable and Netanyahu’s position is difficult to maintain, he will implement some radical policies, provoking Hamas to create a series of conflicts, and use this opportunity to force political opponents and voters to vote against them, not dare to fight fiercely. Drove him down at the moment. He has played similar games many times before. For example, they called for annexation of the Golan Heights, annexation of the West Bank, and drove the Palestinians out of their homes to build more Jewish settlements. Even Netanyahu bought Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Every time, he succeeded in angering the Palestinians, and then set off a wave of conflicts, using the blood of ordinary people on both sides of Palestine and Israel to keep his power. Returning to the book, the reason for this escalation of the Palestine-Israel conflict is simple: Netanyahu has played off again and again, and the current Israeli government has dissolved again and again. To make matters worse, Netanyahu failed to find a partner to form a cabinet within the one and a half month period stipulated by the Israeli Constitution, and was forced to hand over the cabinet formation power to Rapide of the Israel Future Party. This scene seems familiar. Netanyahu failed to form a cabinet two years ago and was forced to hand over the right to form the cabinet to Gantz of Israel’s Blue and White Party. How did Netanyahu solve this problem back then? Netanyahu said at the time that if he was re-elected as prime minister, he would promote the formal annexation of the Jordan Valley in the west of the Jordan River and the northern part of the Dead Sea. Then the Jewish extreme right climaxed, angering the Palestinians and Jordan at the same time, triggering a round of conflict. Under internal and external troubles, Gantz failed to form a cabinet, and Netanyahu returned to power. Now, we can answer a series of questions: Q: What caused the escalation of the Palestine-Israel conflict in May 2021? Answer: Netanyahu’s prime minister has been suspended again. Question: When will this escalation of the Palestine-Israel conflict end? Answer: Rapidly failed to form a cabinet when Netanyahu returned to power. Question: When will the next round of escalation of the Palestine-Israel conflict occur? Answer: When Netanyahu’s prime minister was suspended again.

8 months ago

1. The Israeli police restricted Palestinians from going to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which Muslims call a “noble forbidden place”, for prayers on the grounds of safety and epidemic prevention, which caused Palestinian dissatisfaction that the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem is a holy place for Judaism and Islam. Israel seized control of the Old City of Jerusalem from Jordan during the Third Middle East War in 1967. From then on, the Palestinians had to pray under Israeli surveillance, making the Temple Mount the focus of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In addition to religious significance, political struggles are also factors that cause conflicts. After annexing East Jerusalem, Israel has been seeking the international community to recognize Jerusalem as its capital, and Palestine has also insisted that it will never give up East Jerusalem. 2. The Israeli government requires Palestinians living in East Jerusalem to move out to make room for Jews to build settlements. According to the plan, Israel will expel Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jala and Silwan districts of East Jerusalem to establish Jewish settlements. . Although the UN Security Council and human rights experts have long condemned Israel’s actions and repeatedly called on Israel to fulfill its international obligations and stop deporting Palestinians, Israel still went its own way, establishing 13 settlements in East Jerusalem and the number of Jewish settlers living in them. More than 220,000. The Israeli government’s move was mainly based on the 1950 “Property Absence Act” and the 1970 “Legal and Administrative Matters Act.” Among them, the former prohibits Palestinians from recovering their land and property lost during the 1947-49 war, while the latter allows Israeli Jews to recover their lost property in the same war. The simple summary is: if I snatch it, you can’t get it back, and if I lose it, you have to pay me. In this regard, a UN human rights expert said: “These laws are discriminatory in nature, regardless of their intent or implementation, and do not conform to the basic principles of international humanitarian law and international human rights law.” Before the conflict broke out, the Palestinians and Israeli police had already There have been many frictions in the Sheikh Jala area, which paved the way for the subsequent rocket attacks in Palestine.

8 months ago

I was thinking, if the Jewish reinstatement was to elect Australia, I don’t know what would happen. Although the United Kingdom and the United States gave three choices at the time, the Sinai Peninsula, Uganda, and southern Argentina. In the end, Israel was restored to the country surrounded by Arab countries. In 1948, the State of Israel was established, with a territory of 14,900 square kilometers; on May 14, 1948, at midnight before the end of the British trusteeship period, the State of Israel officially announced its establishment. After the founding of Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon declared war on Israel and started the Israeli War of Independence in 1948. More than 40,000 Arab coalition forces attacked from all directions and could not defeat the newly independent Israel. Can’t you really beat it? In fact, in the beginning, the Arab coalition forces marched all the way to Jerusalem. On May 17, 1948, the United States submitted a bill to propose a ceasefire between the two sides. The British then stopped supplying weapons to the Arab coalition forces and withdrew their commanders. Israel, on the other hand, recruits troops on a large scale and purchases large quantities of advanced weapons from various countries. On July 9, 1948, Israel attacked the Arab coalition forces and ended on July 18. In ten days of fighting, Israel seized about 1,000 square kilometers of Arab land and improved its strategic position. The second ceasefire agreement began. At this time, Israel began to purchase a large number of weapons and equipment and recruit troops. On October 15, the Israeli army broke the ceasefire order and launched an offensive against the Arab army. This time, Israel continued to fight until March 1949. Israel has signed various armistice agreements with neighboring countries. Israel occupied 4/5 of Palestine’s land, covering more than 20,000 square kilometers, which is more than 6,700 square kilometers more than the area stipulated by the United Nations partition resolution. During the war, 960,000 Palestinians fled their homes and became refugees. After that, there have been 5 Middle East wars and various military struggles and conflicts, and the territory has continued to expand. In addition to disputed territories, including occupied territories, as of 2017, Israel’s actual control of land area reached 27,000 square kilometers. May the world be peaceful. There is no war, no smoke, no refugees. The picture shows the outbreak of civil war in Syria in 2015 and the sinking of a refugee ship in Turkey. A three-year-old Syrian Kurdish child who smuggled with his family in order to escape the war was drowned on the beach.

8 months ago

In the words of a bureau seat, Israel drove around this country in the morning, and came back for dinner in the afternoon and took a bath in the Dead Sea halfway through. This kind of country without strategic depth, the surrounding enemies look around, the desire for territory is extraordinary, and the revenge action is also extremely fierce. So there is nothing worthy of careful study in the conflict this time. This is the normal state of Palestine and Israel. At present, there is no solution to this dilemma, unless one party can completely eliminate the other party.

8 months ago

It is normal for Palestine and Israel not to share the heavens, and each brief period of relative peace is abnormal. There is no legal basis for the foreign territory delineated by Resolution 181 currently occupied by Israel. The fact that all forces prevent Palestine from formally establishing a state is even more naked robber logic. Now the whole world is trapped in an absurd political ecology in which no one can compromise. How do people of insight in Israel view this kind of thing? For example, he personally smashed Rabin in Israel. Who would dare to say that he loves Israel more than this veteran soldier? Anyone who doesn’t think about it knows that there is no reason to guard against people for a hundred days. If the problem is not resolved from the political framework, the Jews will capsize sooner or later. The problem is that if Israel does not engage in trouble, the Middle East will be peaceful. What’s the use of daddy asking for Israel? Rabin, you old thugs want a golden basin to wash your hands? How easy is it? The problem is that your father can make trouble, but his son can’t cry? Now Israel is similar to the original Dongjiang Town. Of course we have to do things for the benefit of Daming, but we have to do things for our own interests. And the backstage and combat effectiveness are stronger than Dongjiang back then. When the United States is dissatisfied with the US-Iranian contacts and the situation in Syria, Israel will jump out. When the U.S. intends to calm things down, Israel often jumps out.

8 months ago

I feel that this kind of thing will not be solved in the next tens of thousands of years. Because of their respective descriptions, the other side seems to be an inconsistent enemy. For thousands of years, no one has been able to completely eliminate the other side, and fierce conflicts rarely occur. The fuse of the escalation of armed conflict in the past few days seems to be that the Israelis are trying to demolish Palestinian villages in the West Bank. The Palestinians have resisted them. Fierce clashes broke out between the two sides. Therefore, Hamas launched rockets and Israeli air strikes. The Jews too, the scars are healed and forgot to hurt. Back then, I was slaughtered and displaced by the Nazis. Thanks to the aid of many countries, as a result, after the restoration of the country, I became a bully again. Doesn’t it feel sad? Several visionary Israeli leaders, such as Rabin and Peres, tried to live in peace with the Palestinians. They were either killed or ousted.

8 months ago

China expresses its position! The Special Envoy of the Chinese Government on the Middle East Issue Zhai Jun: China has recently made every effort to promote the Security Council to hold emergency consultations on the situation in East Jerusalem. On May 12, 2021, the Special Envoy of the Chinese Government on the Middle East Issue Zhai Jun met with the Arab envoys in China and the League of Arab States representative office in China. people. The Arab side reported on the recent Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the relevant resolutions passed by the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, emphasizing that Israel has provoked the conflict, causing casualties and property losses on the Palestinian side, and undermining regional security and stability. The UAE side highly appreciates China’s just position on the Palestinian issue and hopes that China, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and the rotating chairman of the Security Council this month, will continue to play an active role, exert influence to promote the cooling of the conflict, and promote a just settlement of the Palestinian issue. Zhai Jun said that China is deeply concerned about the recent escalation of tension between Palestine and Israel, strongly condemns violence against civilians, and calls on all parties, especially Israel, to exercise restraint and avoid more casualties. As the rotating presidency of the Security Council this month, China has recently made every effort to promote the Security Council to hold emergency consultations on the situation in East Jerusalem, call on the Security Council to reiterate its commitment and firm position on the “two-state solution”, and drafted a draft press statement by the Security Council president. In the next step, China will continue to make every effort to push the Security Council to take action on the situation in East Jerusalem as soon as possible. State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi recently put forward a five-point initiative to achieve security and stability in the Middle East, which includes upholding fairness and justice and resolving the Palestinian issue. China is willing to strengthen communication and coordination with all parties in the international community to jointly promote the early establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital and full sovereignty based on the 1967 border. (Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs website)

8 months ago

Every time the Palestine-Israel conflict occurred at a strange time, this time also, the rocket appeared in an Israeli-controlled area at a time node that the world did not expect, and stunned the whole world. Behind every Palestine-Israel conflict is an extension of the US’s international strategic intentions. Every time the Palestine-Israel conflict, the United States is very anxious, but the United States does not completely resolve it every time. Only Trump wants to resolve this issue quickly and completely resolve Palestine-Israel. The problem is that the temporary violent favors Israel, wins the support of domestic Jews, and allows Palestine-Israel to completely end the years of conflict. Trump’s plan is to allow Palestine and Israel to occupy Palestine as the capital, and Palestine to recognize Israel. Palestine has an independent national army, and the original refugees will not return to settlements occupied by Israel. It is a pity that the leaders of the Israeli authorities understand that once Palestine-Israel is no longer in conflict, Israel’s role as a pawn in the Middle East disappears. With the help of many Arab countries, Israel is not far from subjugation. Therefore, Israel resolutely refuses to make peace and must pull the United States. Fight together. In fact, Palestine is an isolated island, and its connections with the outside world rely entirely on tunnels. It is a nourished power. As the holy place of Islam, every move of Jerusalem affects the situation in the Middle East. If the holy place of Jerusalem is lost, the religious systems of various Middle Eastern countries will go violently. This time, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict seems to be caused by Netanyahu’s unwillingness to back down and stimulate Palestine. In fact, it is Israel’s cooperation with the United States, allowing Trump’s four-year contraction sequelae to be injected with fierce remedies, and the intention is removed from the control of the United States. The Middle East countries have pulled down the negotiating table, and the United States continues to dominate the Middle East. The Palestine-Israel conflict seems to be the quarrel between the two countries over several large villages, and the strategic means of the Middle East policy are always behind it. The more tense Palestine and Israel, the more concerned the United States has shown, indicating that the incident is advancing towards the United States. When the Palestine-Israel conflict ends this time, the United States will return to the state of control of the Middle East before Trump took office.

8 months ago

The Arabic language in Palestine has an ancient Hebrew base. In the classical era, many local conquerors assimilated the local residents, washed away the language of the local residents, and changed to the language of the conquerors. The Peninsula of Asia Minor is typical. There were also glorious ancient civilizations there. In the end, it was completely conquered by the Turks, the language was washed away, and the glory of his ancestors was forgotten. It’s just that Israel is particularly strong, and a group of people persisted. They remembered the glory of their ancestors, and even if the year 2000 has passed, they must revive the door. And Lebanon, adjacent to Palestine, was the territory of the Phoenicians in ancient times. Now replaced by Arabs. Israel was out of place there, only that he persisted and ushered in the restoration of the country. And the people around him did not persist. The world has remembered the glory of the Alexander the Great Empire, the glory of the Roman Empire, and the glory of the Arab Empire. But it is easy to ignore that these glories are based on the destruction of other countries. Some of these destroyed countries have a glorious history that is not lost to the conquerors. It cannot be said that you are only allowed to destroy the country of others and not allow others to revert to the country. I respect the people who have been glorious in ancient times and can remember the glory of their ancestors from time to time to revive the door. Egypt also participated in the Middle East War. If you only look at the word Egypt, he has no reason to participate. It is a contradiction between Jews and Arabs. But the Egyptians are no longer the ancient Egyptians, they have also become Arabs. There is also Iraq, where in ancient times was the territory of the Babylonians, the first time Israel died in the 6th century BC was in Babylon. It was this subjugation that gave Israel a strong messianic trend. More than two thousand years have passed and Israel is still there, but the Babylonians have been replaced by Arabs. In terms of population, there were many more Babylonians than Israelis. Israel’s incompatibility is here, and only his nation survives after his country’s subjugation. The languages ​​and memories of their ancestors were washed away by the conquerors of other nations and nations. But the people are ignorant and forgetful. History will eventually sing the praises of the victors. Sin is in the present age, and merit lies in the future. When all the promised land is taken down, future history readers will sing praises to you. Just like modern people sing the praises of Greece and Rome. The glory of the Roman Empire was achieved just like Israel today. The Roman Empire brutally suppressed the Greeks who resisted the Roman conquest, and the history of the Phoenicians is forever written in the annals of history. The world sings praises to the Roman Empire, but they will not remember those who rose up against the Roman conquest. And slander those who resisted as insurgents. Since history only praises victors, let yourself be a victor. Let future history readers sing praises to you.

8 months ago

Hamas’s Charter: Article 6: “The Islamic Resistance Movement is an outstanding Palestinian movement. It is loyal to Allah and its lifestyle is Islam. It strives to raise the banner of Allah on every inch of Palestine.” Article 7: “Judgment Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind the rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will shout. “Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me Come and kill him.” Article 13: “Palestine is the land of Islam… In this case, the liberation of Palestine is the personal duty of every Muslim, no matter where he is… Except for jihad There is no solution to the Palestinian issue. Initiatives, suggestions, and international conferences are nothing but a waste of time and a futile approach.” If you were Israel, what would you do? Of course, the root cause of the conflict is the religion driven by extremists on both sides. There is also an important driving force: this driving force was initiated by the United Kingdom, after the First World War and the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Britain controlled the land. After the end of World War II, the British suffered from the consequences of the war and had almost no control over their colonies. Therefore, we have seen that most of the British colonies gained independence after the Second World War. Then, the way for the British to withdraw from this land was to allow European Jews to immigrate widely in order to adjust the population distribution among Muslims, Christians, and Jews. At that time, most people lived in peace regardless of their religious beliefs. People just entered a period when there were no external entities to manage the land. The Jews want a Jewish country, and the Arabs want an Arab country. Therefore, the modern conflict began. Now, the Jews claim that they have the historical right to claim lands that were 2000 years ago. They did win the major wars of 1948 and 1967. And continue to annex more and more land. Most Palestinians and Israelis are born in the conflict. The main conflict that exists now is basically the status quo. Palestinians do not have any right to self-determination and cannot enter ports, airports, etc. When they fought back, they were called terrorists (of course, many people were indeed terrorists), but as long as there is injustice in history, there will be resistance.

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