Purely curious. . . Because the former Canadian roommate saw me washing clothes by hand, she was stunned, and after careful observation, in fact, the foreign classmates basically throw everything in and wash them together, from childhood to adulthood, in the apartment at home and school. But I just checked the other similar answers on Zhihu. They all said it was unsanitary, but I didn’t seem to see any problems with foreign students. .
In addition to feeling psychologically troubled, is this reasonable from the perspective of hygiene?

Answer the question first: it is hygienic.
This is a question of being hooligan when talking about toxicity without a dose. The washing machine is a complex environment. In fact, this environment has pathogens, plus the pathogens in the clothes, plus the laundry detergent/powder, so it is difficult to quantify. But there are several conditions that can be determined-

  1. Detergent has a strong ability to remove grease, protein and other attachments, far stronger than ordinary soap. Therefore, it is almost certain that the reproduction environment required by most common human bacteria does not exist on the washed clothes, and most common microscopic pathogens are difficult to retain.
  2. The washing process is mainly repeated beating and squeezing. With the addition of detergent, this process can remove most animal pathogens. Therefore, clothes washed under good conditions (that is, a relatively clean washing machine, sufficient detergent, and ordinary dirty clothes) are clean enough. It is not possible to completely disinfect, but generally enough to completely lose the ability to infect the pathogens in the clothes. Because pathogens need a certain scale to infect the human body, it is not just a bacterium that can breed a plague. But the scale of this need often depends on your resistance. However, there are still pathogens on the clothes that have just been washed, and the environment is suitable for pathogens to multiply-there is water and a little nourishment (the clothes themselves and a small amount of protein and carbohydrates in the environment). If left alone, pathogens that are still alive in clothing may multiply to the point that they are capable of infecting. If the conditions are worse, such as exposure to dirty air, it is likely to be contaminated with more pathogens. Therefore, drying in a clean environment in time is very important, even more important than using disinfectant water, because disinfectant water only kills the existing pathogens, and drying in time or in a dirty environment will introduce more pathogens. Therefore, generally speaking, clothes that are cleaned normally only need to be dried in a clean environment in a timely manner so that there is no need to worry about the additional risk of infection. How to achieve such an environment?
    1) Wash the washing machine frequently.
    2) The washing powder/liquid should be put in accordance with the instructions, do not save or excessive. If it is hand-washed, pay attention to the soaking time not too short or too long. (Thanks to @shand Demon for adding)
    3) Wash the clothes according to the water temperature required by the clothes. It is recommended to wash clothes with different washing temperatures separately.
    4) Take out the washed clothes and dry them as soon as possible. Do not leave them in the washing machine for a long time or even overnight.
    5) Dry indoors or use a dryer instead of drying outdoors. If you use a dryer, you must clean it up as required as a washing machine.
    These methods are much better than using disinfectant.

If you are really worried about cross-contamination caused by mixed washing, I personally recommend using protective gloves and using laundry detergent to wash clothes separately, which is much more effective than soap. At the same time, it is still necessary to dry in a clean environment in time, otherwise the effort will be wasted. Many people have expressed doubts about indoor dryness, mainly thinking that sunlight has a sterilization effect and questioning the effectiveness of indoor dryness. Sunlight in the outdoor environment does have a good bactericidal effect, but there is also a lot of dust in the outdoor environment. Dust is not only dirt but also often includes a large number of pathogens. These pathogens have been tested by the sun. They attach to the clothes to kill the sun. Can’t drop. The bactericidal effects of sunlight are mainly two, one is ultraviolet light, and the other is high temperature. Although ultraviolet light has a strong bactericidal effect, its penetration is very weak, and a denser fabric can completely block it. The effect of high temperature is more in-depth and significant, and it is indeed effective for sterilization, but if the clothing itself is already clean, it is of little significance to use high temperature. On the contrary, there will be dust contamination outdoors. So if the indoor sun can be dried, the natural effect is very good, but it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t. Unless your indoor environment is dirty, for example, the house is too old, mold grows everywhere, the drying is too slow and the dust is not less than the outside, it is indeed not as dry as the outdoor. However, if the conditions are so bad, my personal recommendation is to use a dryer. Add some answers to the questions that appeared in the comments. ——Can the washing machine wash shoes? Shoes and clothes are labeled with cleaning instructions. You will find that most of them say that you don’t need to machine wash, but only allow hand washing, dipping, and natural drying. In other words, washing shoes in a washing machine does not necessarily wash them cleanly, and it also hurts shoes. Of course it hurts the washing machine. ——Is the disinfectant useless? It is not that the disinfectant is useless, but that the benefits of using the disinfectant under normal conditions are small. The general condition here is that the clothes themselves are not contaminated with many highly pathogenic, high viability pathogens, and the washing process is reasonable. If you are worried that your clothes are contaminated with pathogens that are difficult to remove, or a large number of pathogens are contaminated, it is useful to use a disinfectant. But the same, please strictly follow the instructions on the instructions.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

For a long time, people have debated whether underwear and socks can be washed in the washing machine at the same time. Some people think that the washing machine is clean, and the washing process itself is a disinfection process. When underwear and socks are washed together, they are all disinfected. There should be no problem. Most men hold this view— –The best example to support them is that Europeans and Americans use washing machines to wash clothes, and never shy away from washing underwear and socks together. Some people think that if underwear and socks are washed together, the dirt on the two will affect each other, which will cause the underwear and socks to be unclean. Therefore, underwear and socks should not be washed together. Most of the people holding this view are girls. For a long time, the two sides have been arguing, each insisting on their own opinions, and the mother-in-law said the mother-in-law is reasonable. But this issue should be analyzed in detail. Different individuals and different families may draw different conclusions.

7 months ago

Generally speaking, in theory, if the following strict conditions are met, washing underwear and socks in the washing machine will be no problem: 1. Healthy people living alone, or having their own washing machine although living in groups; 2. Feet Keep your skin healthy, free from foot moss and other diseases 3. No infectious diseases of the urinary system and reproductive system, no infectious diseases 4. Good personal hygiene habits, underwear and socks are changed daily, clothes can be dried quickly after washing, or even dried . Looking at the above conditions, it can be clearly found that if you live alone (not sharing the washing machine with other people), are healthy, have normal immunity, and have no related diseases (skin infections, venereal diseases, etc.), and pay attention to drying after washing, then put your socks and There is nothing wrong with washing the underwear together.

7 months ago

So, under what circumstances should we be cautious when we wash underwear and socks together? First of all, when sharing the washing machine with others and do not know the health of the other person, avoid washing underwear and socks together. Secondly, when suffering from infectious skin diseases and skin breakage or other discomfort, or suffering from genitourinary system diseases and anorectal diseases, you should also avoid co-washing underwear and socks. For example, as mentioned above, although athlete’s foot is difficult to cause vaginal fungal infection, the dermatophytes that cause athlete’s foot pose a certain threat to the skin of other parts. If healthy people’s clothes are washed with athletes’ foot, socks of athletes’ foot The more than 100,000 fungi on the list may come to the door-some people will suffer from tinea corporis or tinea cruris, or even itching all over the body.

7 months ago

Compared with socks, the underwear is even more dirty. There may be urine left on the underwear, or there may be feces and secretions that have not been wiped clean. Studies have found that a pair of dirty underwear has an average of 0.1 grams of feces, and the excrement may contain bacteria and viruses such as hepatitis A virus, rotavirus Salmonella, and E. coli. If people with low immunity mix with it, it may also be possible So get infected. Finally, for people with immunodeficiency diseases or children with imperfect immune development, it is also necessary to avoid washing underwear and socks together, just in case. Reading this, some people may be surprised: “Since underwear and socks are not suitable for washing in some cases, in European and American countries, it seems that there is no such or that particularity. People are still accustomed to all kinds of clothes (including Underwear and socks) are thrown into the washing machine, why are they not infected with the disease?”

7 months ago

In fact, the reason is very simple. The reason why some European and American countries can wash clothes but rarely spread related diseases is mainly because they also add professional disinfectants (bacterial liquid) in addition to washing powder and liquid detergent. In our country, most people have not yet developed this habit. Disinfectant refers to a preparation used to kill pathogenic microorganisms on the media to make it harmless. It is different from antibiotics. Its main function is to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms from the human body, cut off the transmission route of infectious diseases, and achieve the purpose of controlling infectious diseases. It is also called “chemical disinfectant”. Disinfectants release active oxygen during the washing process, which can kill bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic sources in large quantities. After the underwear and socks are soaked together, they can be washed together safely. If you have concerns about the hygiene of co-washing, you can consider using these products. The formation and development of modern disinfection concepts originated from the rise of modern science and the needs of clinical medicine.

7 months ago

In the middle of the 19th century, Semmelweis made a comparative analysis of the mortality of puerperal fever in two obstetric patients in the Affiliated Hospital of the University of Vienna, and created the first example of clinical medical disinfection. In the second half of the 19th century, Pasteur and others discovered bacteria, laying the foundation for modern microbiology. The development of epidemiology has accelerated the formation of modern disinfection concepts. The development of new technologies in physics and chemistry provides favorable conditions for the updating of disinfection methods, and disinfectant products are constantly updated. Among them, the effective ingredient of the first generation disinfection product is sodium chlorate, and the common product in life is the 84 disinfectant that we are familiar with. 84 Disinfectant has a high disinfection and sterilization rate, but it is more irritating and highly corrosive. 84 Disinfectant was developed by Beijing Ditan Hospital to prevent the epidemic of hepatitis A, named after the year of its invention “1984”.

7 months ago

Cross-spreading of germs and infections are the main reasons why people insist on washing underwear and footwear separately. Those who hold this kind of view believe that (indescribable) excretion residues will remain on underwear, and a large number of E. coli have It may hide in it; while footwear, especially socks, may have fungus and horny residues. Once it is “mixed” with other clothing, the bacteria will contaminate other clothing, which may infect other parts of the body. In fact, for a healthy person, if there is no skin infection in swimming, bathing (all parts of the body are mixed) before these clothes are mixed, then their own clothes will be mixed, causing skin infections. The possibility is also extremely small.

7 months ago

Washing machine is not as good as hand washing. Because hand washing is more targeted than machine washing, people always think that hand washing is cleaner. In fact, the principle of pulsator washing machine is similar to hand washing-the purpose of cleaning clothes is achieved by rubbing and friction; drum; The principle of a washing machine is to clean clothes by beating. Regardless of the principle of washing machine, the laundry function that simulates the hand washing mode has now been developed. People can reasonably choose the washing time and intensity according to the material and the degree of soiling of the clothes. The cleaning ability is completely comparable to or surpasses that of hand washing. As for the shoes, washing them in the washing machine will indeed cause the problem of uncleanliness. For some stubborn stains, it is inevitable that they will need to be manually treated with a brush. However, with a Haier household shoe washing machine, this problem can be completely solved. It can be used with washing machines and dryers up and down. It does not take up space, and realizes washing in partitions and washing in time, and no longer worry about brushing shoes. ~

7 months ago

It’s unbearable that the picture of underwear and footwear mixing is spinning, jumping, and I close my eyes… The thought of the close-fitting underwear and the footwear churning up and down, that kind of picture does make people feel weird, especially It’s for the little cuties who are obsessed with cleanliness. This kind of psychological discomfort can’t really be blamed on the lack of cleanliness in machine washing~ But for friends who want to wash shoes in the washing machine, Xiaohai recommends that the pretreatment work must be done in place (never get a pair full Throw the muddy shoes into the washing machine).

7 months ago

What is a washing machine? The washing machine is something that frees your hands and really makes life easier. But the washing machine is not convenient enough. Wash underwear and outerwear separately, wash clothes and socks separately, wash children and adults separately, and wash dark and light colors separately. Ha ha. Do you think the washing machine is not perfect? It doesn’t matter, you underestimate human beings too much. I started to use laundry disinfectant many years ago. A bottle of Dettol kills 99.9% of bacteria. From then on, I wash my underwear and socks together. Later, using Willows, the effect was the same. Is it troublesome to use detergent and disinfectant? You underestimate human beings too much. Now I use Willux disinfectant laundry detergent (not an advertisement, but I don’t know if there are other brands), and the laundry detergent with its own disinfectant kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Afraid of clothes fading, dare not wash them together? You underestimate human beings too much. There have been anti-staining papers for washing machines for a long time. Every time you wash clothes, put a piece in the washing machine, and wash the dark and light colors together, and will not cross the color. Human beings will definitely develop in the direction of infinite convenience. For those who will raise this question, I can only say that you are separated from the development of society.

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