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You have to say that one or two domestic films have caught up, and those international awards that have won can testify. However, you have to say that the overall level of catching up with the Long March is just the beginning. why? Because the economic foundation determines the superstructure, because of Hollywood’s complete film industry chain, various professional assembly lines, various orderly divisions of labor, some people are responsible for commerce, some are responsible for literature and art, every road has skilled operation experience, and they have also gone through many years of exploration. Here. What about us? We are all responsible for moving towards business, we only see the results of others, and we don’t see how others are moving towards results. It is unscientific to put all the responsibilities on the film classification system. Nowadays, the various self-made movies are not so inferior and inferior to the plot, no matter how low the movie classification system is, it can’t be so low. However, the film industry uses this as an excuse to basically move into the world of traffic. According to the current situation, the real level is worse than in previous years, and it is said to catch up with the United Kingdom and the United States? Our greatest enemy is ourselves. After “In the Mood for Love”, do you have any better extramarital affairs movies? Do you have a better stream of consciousness movie after “Evil and Poison”? Do you have any better emotional movies after “The Best Time”? It’s Zhang Yimou and Old Monster Xu has been exploring and innovating. Although there are a lot of criticisms, where are the younger generations who are very ambitious and present their works? I humbly thought that this kind of question should be raised with confidence when our own film industry is in a booming state, and when will we be able to catch up with the United States and the United States! It’s embarrassing to ask at this time. Those movies that cost hundreds of millions of dollars are about our population. They have nothing to do with strength. They are a commercial illusion. But so dancing with shackles is indeed true. Because the big environment is a tightly opened pocket, few can file out. There is no need to be anxious. Judging from the development of human history, once the economy has developed to a certain level, it will be loosened.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

First of all, you need a Hollywood. Secondly, you need a professional team. Then, you must have an actor who has a deep heart and works hard to polish his acting skills. Finally, innovation is indispensable, special effects, high-tech modeling and editing techniques must keep up. (Digression: Why do you have to compare with Hollywood blockbusters? Don’t you know that Gao Fang is always inferior to the master? The Chinese people work together to find a unique road that belongs to the Chinese film and television industry. Isn’t it fragrant? I don’t know that it will never be behind others. Are you in your early days? It’s the same question of intellectual disability as asking if you have worked hard today. It’s better to talk about what should be done in the moment to let the Chinese film and television industry leave the same or even more than Hollywood footprints in the world.)

8 months ago

The subject of the question is about the level of Bollywood, right? The Hollywood level is the top level… Progress and goals are good, but don’t rush into it. Young people can catch up with South Korea in certain genres first, oh no, Thailand will do! Our domestic market is big enough, but it is only part of the world market. Big Brother Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Master Xing, (and other actresses such as Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Yeoh, Li Bingbing?) After these aging, will the new generation have the influence and appeal to the world? Well, the mysterious power from the East, Jing Tian… Li Ang, Wen Ziren, Lin Yibin or Wu Yusen need the soil environment of Hollywood to make their masterpieces, and they use the powerful propaganda system to take advantage of the American economy. Only by endorsing political, technological, cultural and military influence can one’s own work be promoted to the world. It is impossible to stay in Taiwan or Hong Kong. The Chinese people are very obsessed with surpassing Britain and catching up with the United States and striving for world number one. When will PLA Navy catch up with U.S. Navy? When will CBA catch up to the NBA level? The national football team…For now, it feels that Huawei is more likely to catch up with Apple, which is really embarrassing.

8 months ago

First or first, and first, it can be said that there are two major systems in the world, namely, the Eastern system or the Eastern world, and the other is the Western system or the Western world! There are also differences, differences, differences in social system, economy, history, civilization, and culture! So international trends and standards are different! Beauty blockbuster lies in vision, sensory impulse, special effects or high technology are used more, suitable for beautiful extroversion, hot\self personality, etc.! And the interior, connotation and 6,000-year-old civilization of the Eastern system, the Confucianism and elegance formed by the culture, the elegant and reserved, light and far-reaching films, aesthetic scales and sizes, etc.! The Nobel Prize in Literature and Film and Television are mostly in the Western system, while the Eastern system is rare. So don’t blindly curry favor with the Western system without choosing, but maintain nationality, independence, autonomy, and struggle! At the same time learn the excellent results of the Western system! It is a bit wrong to raise this question or topic in itself, but a hundred flowers bloom, a hundred schools of thought contend, the past serves the present, and the foreign serves the Chinese.

8 months ago

Simply put, there will be no play in thirty years. So, what is the pain point of the current development of Chinese film? There are many reasons that hinder development, such as censorship, classification, and other issues, are all core obstacles? But this time I don’t want to talk about this. I want to talk about the training system of Chinese film talents. Many people think that China has to produce special effects movies to prove the development of the film industry. In fact, it is not. In the era of globalization, as long as the money is in place, Weta, Industrial Light and Magic, and even Disney are very willing to help you make special effects. Hollywood first-line movie stars I am also very happy to act in your film. Therefore, the core of Chinese film development should be the issue of film talent training. The construction of a training system for directors, screenwriters, photographers, and capable actors is very important, even including the training of professional filmmakers. How to get new directors to take the lead, how to improve the status of screenwriters, and how to let young people who are interested in film and television enter the industry with a lower threshold, these are the core issues that need to be resolved. The film and television industry also needs the inspiration of genius. Excellent directors cannot be cultivated, they are born. Movies are the same as football. It is also necessary to have a large enough practitioner scale to form a pyramid system. Only if there are enough directors who can make excellent low-cost movies, such as romance, comedy, horror, and drama, etc., then directors who can make big investment blockbuster films are not a source of water.

8 months ago

The current gap between domestic films and Hollywood is not a problem of special effects, but a problem of overall script quality and actors’ acting skills. Anyway, I gave up spending money to watch domestic movies long ago. Domestic movies are now in a similar situation to Chinese music. There are no high-quality works that can be obtained. The actors’ acting skills are hard to say, and they blindly pursue appearances, ignoring the most important thing to be able to perform correctly. People who play movie roles, forced sensationalism and certain moral kidnappings, rarely have works that express ideas from an objective perspective. In my impression, the works that can restrain subjective emotions and express objectively as much as possible in recent years are “I am not a medicine god” and “Flow Earth”. Of course, Hollywood has a lot of bad movies every year, but there are always a few movies every year. A good work worthy of scrutiny. This is what domestic films need to solve. Domestic films are too impetuous, they blindly pursue fast consumption and commercialization, blindly pursue external packaging, domestic films have a long way to go, rather than special effects, this aspect is an urgent need to solve .

8 months ago

There is not much space for film authors to create freely. Now it is more about the output of ideology, and the content is not very promising. We have a large market in the market, but the people still seem to prefer a single mainstream form. From a business perspective, most filmmakers are unwilling to take risks, and there are not some industry insiders who form an authority to guide the audience to appreciate it. As for the technical level, we can achieve it, but the problem is to use it, whether from software or hardware, but this is the easiest to break through, if there is commercial value. The most important thing is that worldwide movies are declining. We media, mobile phone videos, etc., have enriched everyone’s lives. Movies are no longer the only visual stimulus. Hollywood has almost become a thing of the past, I think.

8 months ago

Maybe the social system is not suitable for film development. . As far as the censorship environment in mainland China is concerned, have mainland films improved compared to the 1980s and 1990s? The golden age of Hong Kong films in the 1980s and 1990s surpassed Bollywood, second only to Hollywood, and was the best film market in Asia, but the level of film production was still much worse.

8 months ago

What’s the level of Hollywood? Movie stunts? This will catch up soon, as long as the film industry is prosperous. In other respects, Hollywood is scum. The theme of Hollywood’s theme is the simplest. The theme of “superhero” is just to satisfy people’s desire to incarnate or to see superheroes change the world or counterattack. Due to the cruel reality, people resort to religion when they are helpless, or want to obtain superpowers to achieve reversal. “Langya Bang”, “Zhen Huan Biography”, and “Celebrating More Than Years” are all models that combine power struggles with superheroes. They are all to satisfy people’s desire to defeat evil and to counterattack and reverse their mentality. This subject matter is the simplest. In terms of story depth, Hollywood superhero movies are far behind the category of “Langya List”. Their advantage is superheroes in movie stunts and comic mode. This aspect is indeed the shortcoming of these people in the Chinese film and television industry, but it will not take long to reach it. Hollywood movie stories are worthless, and some tensions are also a mode of losing appetite. They are all outstanding. Different movies are based on this mode and are the same. If you watch too much, and you want to watch it, it only means that you are going to catch up with the fun and you don’t like drama. You can choose to watch British dramas, German dramas, Russian dramas, even Korean dramas. Just don’t watch American TV shows, it’s boring. What’s the meaning of the story, the same way of expression? Repeatedly creating tension and critical situations, what else can there be?

8 months ago

First of all, the educational environment must be changed, otherwise the relevant top directors, special effects, actors, etc. will not be cultivated… How much progress do you think this kind of education in China can bring to the film industry (and even other industries)? Education alone can take a few days and nights. This is the root, how to catch up with the root unchanged? Eat leftovers from others and play with what others are tired of. If you are making progress, will others not be making progress? Secondly, industries need to change and industrial technology needs to progress. Hollywood blockbusters are based on large-scale industries, high-tech industrial technology, aesthetics, light and shadow, mechanics… etc. Many blockbusters cannot be shot without the support of the upstream industry. In terms of scientific and technological innovation, it really can’t keep up. Let’s catch up with the chip before discussing it. There are still many areas that need to be improved and changed. Finally, there are many excellent Chinese movies that are not inferior to Hollywood if they are not evaluated in terms of special effects, picture effects, and audiovisual effects. After all, there is no single specific criterion for good or bad. However, Chinese movies seem to have nothing to do except for the so-called “culture”, “charm”, “atmosphere”, “Oriental beauty”, and “artistic conception”. Therefore, unless there are essential qualitative changes in many of the above aspects, it will never catch up.

8 months ago

Is “Parasite” and “A Place of Nowhere” a good movie-too good to be true; does the content of the movie involve discrediting us-not involved; is it suitable for the taste of Chinese audiences-almost. But it can’t be shown here, how can this problem be solved?

You are an unstable factor, how do you want to develop stably?

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