On May 9, the members of the Beijing Fangshan Blue Sky Rescue Team experienced the most tiring, most dangerous but also the most sad rescue. After 18 hours, they escorted 18 trapped travel companions down the mountain safely.

When they found the travel companions and learned that they were short of water, the Blue Sky team members gave them their own water, causing them to lose all water in the middle of the night. When he reached the safety zone down the mountain, a young traveler took out two bottles of water from his bag and made tea with boiling water. After the team members asked: everyone has been without water, why there is still water, the traveler replied: you need to keep a hand when you are a man.

This reminds me of a joke many years ago. A resident’s house in Tennessee, USA, caught fire, and then called 911. Firefighters and fire trucks also came. It is reasonable to say that the burning house should be put out. The result was a dramatic scene because the family did not pay the annual fire protection fee. Consumers refused to help them put out the fire, saying that they wanted to protect the rights and interests of the residents who paid the money. Then someone asked, why do the firefighters come? Because the neighbors next door to the residents who should be on fire paid the annual firefighting fee, the firefighters came to prevent the fire from burning to his neighbors… come back to this matter and deal with them. The rescuers are still working hard to search and rescue. In the case of self-interested people, the best way to make tea is to charge, rescue charges, and clearly mark the price; like the current taxi, there is a starting price, and then based on the difficulty of rescue, the length of rescue, and the amount of manpower consumed. Material resources are superimposed on prices. Rescuers have three paths to choose during this rescue, which are divided into the south ladder, the north ladder, and the most dangerous northwest side. The southern ladder is relatively safe, but on the way to the Taiyuan, taking into account the anxiety and anxiety of the travel friends while waiting for the rescue, the rescuers decided to walk the closest distance to the northwest, which also has the highest risk factor. Among them is a female traveler who lost her mobility due to a fractured ankle. The hard stretcher cannot be used, and the soft stretcher is needed, but the soft stretcher has not been delivered yet. Considering that the female donkey is emotional, the soft stretcher may not be available for delivery; therefore, rescuers made a very dangerous decision: walking in the dark night On the edge of the cliff, she went down the mountain with her female fellow traveler in the dark. The rescuer said: “We are tired, hungry and thirsty. Many team members didn’t even eat dinner, but no one complained.” The rescuers used to go up the mountain with plenty of water, but they encountered 11 before that. The “thirst” donkeys, rescuers subconsciously gave them water, and this action caused them to cut off the water in the middle of the night, which led to the most sad scene for them, which is what we are discussing today: selfishness When the rescuers had to work for disaster relief, Li’s traveler boiled water to make tea by himself, and said proudly: You need to keep a hand when you are a human being. For the local rescue team, the rescue operations of the team members are free. The country has also advocated for paid rescue, but after consultation with the rescue team, it was decided not to collect money. The rescue team members are also human beings. They are the most beloved children of mom and dad like us. They are willing to give everything for us without compensation, overcome all difficulties and obstacles, and choose the most difficult path for fear of delaying rescue time. Some people say that this is their duty and this is their task. Yes, rescue missions are their responsibility, but how to rescue them, in what way, how long it takes, and how to pay attention to rescue is their choice. In this incident, they could choose the safest road, but in exchange they delayed the rescue time. They can also call the rescue helicopter according to the request of the female traveler with an ankle injury at the beginning, and not tell her the cost of the helicopter is 200,000, and wait for the account to be settled after the fall to cheat the traveler. “The female traveler strongly requested to use a helicopter, saying that they would pay how much money it would cost. When I heard that it would cost 100,000 to 200,000 to ask for a helicopter, I stopped talking.” The blue sky team member said, but in the face of interests and serving the people In front of them, they chose the latter. I think there is a very good sentence circulating on the Internet: Don’t let the good-hearted people chill. For those who are selfish and only care about themselves, instead of wasting our time to persuade them to correct and reflect, it is better to wait for the Tennessee firefighters to go out to prevent the fire from spreading to the homes of the residents who have paid the fire protection. With their hands, let them hit a wall once, and they will naturally feel at ease. Salute to you, this group of people who are silently guarding our backs, who are obligated to appear in times of crisis~


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Don’t engage in free rescue, things will improve immediately. The rescued Party A, the rescued Party B, clearly marked the price, willing to fight and suffer. As long as the traveler asks for help, the door-to-door fee is paid first, and the fee is calculated according to the difficulty of arrival. Barren mountains and wild ridges, cliffs and cliffs, the door fee for life-threatening roads starts at 5,000. Otherwise, ask them to go to the market and ask them to see how many people are willing to sell their lives. After arriving, pay the fee first. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money around, just press a fingerprint or take a photo orally to express your consent to pay the fee and accept the rescue risk video. Everything used is the same as Taishan Huashan plus transportation and management fees to the original price, and the calculation will be done after the rescue. If the team member has an accident, the rescued travel companion must compensate, and the price shall be agreed in advance. Can’t agree, the rescue team will leave immediately. The suggestion that you have to change your name makes sense and is more actionable. If the process is changed, it is still necessary to save people directly. After the rescue is completed, send the bill directly. If you dare to rely on the account, you can ask for credit. This group of people is not worthy of being called a buddy, they are all used to it.

8 months ago

“Being a man needs to keep one hand”, he is extremely selfish. Is this teaching the rescue team to do things, and keep one hand in the rescue? The rescue team is requested to charge a high rescue fee. This kind of donkey travels all day long and breaks into danger to find excitement. This behavior is selfish in itself. The rescue team spent 18 hours in the high mountains without water and food. It took 18 hours to “leave one hand” in exchange for it. There is even more chilling: a fellow traveler still asked the blue sky team members when he had water. water. A young traveler not only refused to help her fellow female traveler, but also repeatedly asked to send herself down the mountain first. If these people are your fellow friends, I will ask you if you are afraid? It’s normal to sell you at a critical time!

8 months ago

Not surprisingly, crude egoists have always liked to let others pay for their own faults. Martyr Zhang Ninghai Who remembers Martyr Zhang Ninghai? Sacrificed his young life for the eighteen (sensitive words). And what does the eighteen (sensitive word) say? Should the police sacrifice for them (sensitive words)? Ignore the laws and regulations, go to the wild mountain without permission, and finally rely on public welfare organizations for free rescue. why? “The female donkeys strongly requested the use of a helicopter, saying that they would pay how much money it would cost. When I heard that the helicopter would cost 100,000 to 200,000 yuan, I stopped talking.” Blue Sky team members said that they contacted the team members for transportation. Soft stretcher, on the one hand, looking for a suitable way down the mountain, “Tired, hungry and thirsty, many team members did not even eat dinner, but no one complained.” Use the kindness of others to pay for their egoism! I saved one or two hundred thousand all at once, and I feel great. Here, I strongly criticize the Blue Sky Rescue Team! Have you ever heard of Zigong Bairen and Zilu Shouniu? It is because of your free fees that such crude egoists are allowed to act unscrupulously. If it is like helicopter rescue, the money will be collected when dispatched, and the rough egoist who climbs the wild mountain will be reduced by half. Social assistance should be provided for victims of accidents and disasters, not for such rough self-interested people who are willing to take risks!

8 months ago

This issue is far from a trivial matter of “a bottle of water”, but a major issue related to social trust. From the original Peng case to the current Blue Sky Rescue Team, why should a good person be aggrieved? Is it so difficult to be a good person? The Blue Sky Rescue Team is not any national organization, but a rescue organization spontaneously organized by the private sector. In a sense, it uses love to generate electricity. If you come out of this kind of thing today, he will come out tomorrow. Sooner or later, the patience of the rescue team members will be worn away, and they may even face dissolution. After all, there is no true selfless person. Even if you were rescued, you can say thank you That’s good too. People with selfless risks must also get rewards! Even if it is not financial, it must be spiritual. People who are rescued must learn to be grateful! Because this is the spiritual support of the Blue Sky Rescue Team, so as to attract more people to the Blue Sky Rescue Team! “Have I helped you?” “Have I helped” “Did I save your life?” “Saved” “Then why are you so selfish for not even giving me the most basic trust?” “Because you are a good person? what”

8 months ago

The realistic version of the “Farmer and the Snake” story, I didn’t expect to see it here. It’s not an exaggeration to sum up with “Sorrowful God”. In order to rescue the trapped travellers, the rescue team took out their own life-saving water. But you have a cheeky and conscientious bargaining with the rescue team, and you have the right to reduce the subsidy for the rescue fare from the originally agreed 500 yuan to 200 yuan. The operation of the young traveller is even more irritating. His teammates have run out of water, but they hide two bottles in their own bags, take them out to make tea, and sternly said: You must keep one hand when you are a man. The rescue team risked their lives to come to rescue on the cliff, but you said you want to keep one hand.

8 months ago

There is only one word difference between a donkey and a donkey, but sometimes what they do is not as good as a donkey. This kind of insincere thanks to the express pennant, the donkey can do it, but the donkey can’t do it. The Blue Sky Rescue Team, not 119, is not a national rescue unit, but a non-governmental professional and independent pure public welfare emergency rescue organization in China. If the Blue Sky Rescue Team appeared in front of the fellow travellers and then said, 10,000 per person, no money will be saved, no money will be given, no water to drink, I am afraid that the network navy will have drowned on the top of the mountain a long time ago. It is suggested that the Blue Sky Rescue Team can establish more complete rescue procedures and related documents in the future. The rescue team can be discharged first, but before the rescue team is found, the relevant staff of the blue sky rescue team must ask the family members to sign and confirm the agreement. Rescue fees, transportation fees, tour guide fees, and personal accident insurance fees are all indispensable. Do not sign, immediately recall the rescue team. Ignore life? Sorry, the life of the Blue Sky Rescue Team is also life. Saving a soldier Ryan and killing ten soldiers is not an obligation, not a responsibility, but a sense of mission. This time I was rescued by the donkeys, and the families of the donkeys, it was really chilling. When he reached the mountain, he took out two bottles of water. Be a man and keep one hand? The rescue team did not keep a hand, you face a teammate who lacks water, but you keep a hand. It is recommended that this group of travel friends must stay away from such people, who are not worthy of being travel friends. Family members say they have no cash, and the fare is still bargaining. If your loved one dies on the mountain, is it to blame the rescue team for the delayed rescue? Is your relative not worth 500 yuan? This is just the fare. He said that there was only cash, but in the end it was WeChat transfer. Do you think this is a vegetable market? If the rescue is delayed because of your hundreds of dollars, how much paper money can the saved money buy? Some travellers keep a hand, and family members also bargain over the price. Who are these people? The pledge of the Blue Sky Rescue Team: “I volunteer to join the Blue Sky Rescue Team, follow the spirit of humanity, fraternity, and dedication, work diligently, train hard, unite and love, help others, and do my best to save lives in the face of various crises.” The above remarks are only directed at those bad travel friends, not all travel friends.

8 months ago

A compulsory insurance system for outdoor sports should be implemented
Those who do not participate are not allowed to participate in outdoor activities
Rescue expenses incurred in outdoor sports should be borne by the rescued in full
Those who are not insured shall be held liable in addition to the rescue costs
The organizer that organizes the non-insured participation in the sports shall bear joint and several compensation
It was also punished with warnings, suspension of rectification, and revocation of licenses
Serious consequences should be held criminally responsible

8 months ago

This matter must be managed by the system. First, clearly identify the behavior and punishment methods that the scenic spot is not allowed to enter the area. Second, if there is a danger, a third party should be hired reasonably and legally to assist in rescue, and the price should be clearly marked. Third, after the incident, penalties are required and the offenders are required to deal with rescue expenses. When the helicopter comes, that is the corresponding price. At the same time, civil administrative litigation was filed, considering whether to join the untrustworthy list and so on. To build one’s own happiness on the suffering of others, what is this? Wasn’t there a news that the rescue team saved a few dog lives and then the uncle was rejected online shopping for express pennants?

8 months ago

Often people’s selfishness lies in the fact that it’s nothing to do with oneself, and people don’t punish themselves for their own sake. This is reflected in these fellow travellers. If they are not saved and don’t have the dedication of the rescue team, will they have a leisure time and make tea here? It is estimated that they should be praying for God to survive, and pray that the rescue team will come to them quickly and pray that they will be safe. But they were very lucky to be rescued by rescuers. After they came up, all their worries were gone, their worries disappeared, and then their peace of mind was restored. But they didn’t think about it, because some of you are working hard for you, taking risks for you, and paying for you. When the rescue team might run out of water, they provided their only life to their fellow travellers, and the fellow travellers’ expressions were chilling. I think the rescue team should not provide free and voluntary rescue. Because the behavior of the travel friend is a known risk to participate voluntarily and as an adult should take full responsibility. It is possible to save a person, but the rescued person needs to provide full expenses. To give an inappropriate example, the hospital also rescues the dying and the injured, and the ambulance also rescues people, but you need to provide a fee and there is no free lunch. The same is true for travel friends, this must be clarified, and the relevant competent authorities and other stakeholders will negotiate the initial plan. You can save people first and pay later. However, if you do not pay, you will be included in the blacklist and enjoy the same treatment as the dishonest person.

8 months ago

These travel buddies are all passers-by groups, that is, a group of travel buddies convened by an outdoor organization and AA fare. Many people do not know each other and have no friendship. When you are trapped on the mountain, instead of giving precious water to strangers to drink, it is better to save the water until the critical moment. Therefore, the wild group really doesn’t care about your life and death. Be cautious to participate. Don’t go to the difficult areas by yourself in the wild group; like I go out to play, I usually join the alumni group, at least everyone has a connection. The key to this is that if you don’t give the water to the savior, this will be shameless.

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