As a national treasure star of Israel, on the recent Palestine-Israel conflict, Gail Gadot posted a tweet saying: “My heart is broken. My country is at war”, “As a country, Israel We should enjoy freedom and security, and so should our neighboring countries.”

Although the wording of Gail Gadot’s tweet itself is relatively mild, his speech still drew a large number of netizens’ dissatisfaction and accusations. Netizens from various countries, including Palestine, listed various data and pointed out that the root of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict began. Israel invaded and occupied the Palestinian territories. Gail Gadot’s so-called “Israel should enjoy freedom and security” is essentially the hypocrisy of the aggressor.

Due to the tide of bad reviews, Gal Gadot has turned off the comment function of this tweet, which has caused many netizens who support her to clarify and defend for her, saying that as an Israeli and a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces, Gail · It is not wrong for Gadot to speak for his country, and his speech itself is “pray for peace between the two countries”, rather than unilaterally supporting Israel’s aggression.

Regarding netizens calling Gail Gadot an ultra-Semitic, the author checked past news and found that when Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu promulgated the “Nation State Law” in an attempt to suppress the citizenship of Arabs in Israel, Gail ·Gadoo once criticized his practice as violating the principle of ethnic equality.

As an Israeli, it is correct for Galgadot to support his motherland from the perspective of patriotism, but political expressions will definitely be impossible to please everyone. This is different from her being popular around the world as an actor, and some people like it. , Some people hate it, this is normal. Art is art, and political stance is political. If celebrities want to express political views, don’t expect everyone to join in. What is abnormal are those celebrities who make money at both ends. For example, some Hong Kong and Taiwan celebrities support the idea of splitting while making money on the mainland, and some American celebrities support the U.S. military while being popular in countries that are persecuted by the United States. It’s weird. But this strange phenomenon has existed for a long time, which is very puzzling.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The Egyptian people were really right when they boycotted Gadot playing Cleopatra. If the Indians want to make a TV drama about the Nalanda Temple, I will not tolerate any Assamese who whitewash India’s interference in Bangladesh’s independence and advocate that the refugees of Bangladesh stay on the ground to play the role of Master Xuanzang. Yes, I agree with what Gadot said, the Israeli people should enjoy freedom and security. Therefore, the Israeli government must not collude with extreme Zionist forces inside and outside the country, continuously abuse and undermine the “Oslo Accord”, and must not impose double standards on Arabs in the governing area, especially the Arab citizens of the country. Israeli military police prevented Jerusalem citizens from entering the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and beat them. Their reason was epidemic prevention restrictions, but the authorities also did not distribute masks to the police on duty. However, the epidemic prevention restrictions did not affect the Jews’ application for a gathering of 10,000 people at Mount Mellon. The Israeli government not only tolerated and even encouraged the actual number of participants to reach 30,000, but also did not consider the potential safety hazards such as epidemic prevention risks and crowding risks caused by the gathering, which eventually led to a trampling tragedy of dozens of deaths.

8 months ago

Many people don’t know much about the actor Galjador. They only know that she has played Wonder Woman. She is very good-looking, and nothing else. In fact, those who follow Gadot know that Gadot has always been an Israeli war wolf, and social media has never been stingy about her love for her motherland. Israel encourages its citizens to have more children. Galjador has responded to the call to have three children in 11 years. Think about her as an actress, willing to give up the three-year golden period of her career to have children. It really is. Express your position personally. Of course, you can say that Gadot’s children will definitely grow up in the United States in the future and have little to do with Israel. But the symbolic significance of public figures taking the lead in doing things is very big. In Israel, you can say, “You think you don’t want to have children because you are busy at work. Are you busy with Galgadot?” “You think your body is affected by having children. Why is Gal Gadot such a good figure?” Why does Gal Gadot love Israel so much? You can know her family background. Gal Gadot was a Jew, her maternal grandfather was a Jew from Czechoslovakia, and her grandfather’s family was killed in Auschwitz. There is very little information about Gal Gadot’s father, and he seems to be a Jew who immigrated to Israel from Europe. So compared to the Jews who grew up in the United States, Gadot’s position on Israel is definitely more radical. Even I think that writing this kind of text on social media according to her position is regarded as a public relations team checking it out several times. This is a version that has been modified after how many times it has been tempered. But paper can’t wrap fire, and black things won’t turn into white no matter how nice you say them. Some unimportant things, such as giving birth, can be explained to the outside world, such as liking children, and being affectionate and affectionate with husbands. But no matter how you decorate the universal values ​​or what you want for peace when it comes to the current aggression and massacre, everyone knows that Israel’s fault is the first thing this time, and Gadot’s position is on the opposite side of 90% of the people. , Then no matter how peaceful your tone is, the black will not turn into white. Should you be scolded or scolded. So I have always said that public figures, especially public figures in the entertainment industry, have become a cultural symbol in their own right. It’s better not to mix politics. The result of mixing is usually miserable, because you are no longer you. Personally, you no longer belong to you. Your ass not only represents your ass, but also represents the ass behind your cultural symbols. The influence of the Israeli actor Gal Gadot is far less than that of the Wonder Woman Gal Gadot. Everyone will not say anything when the Israeli actor makes a statement about standing in Israel, but Wonder Woman said that in everyone’s opinion, “helping the abuser” stand in Israel. It really makes people very uncomfortable. People don’t think that this is just an Israeli star making a comment about standing in Israel. Everyone’s first reaction is “peace and love in Wonder Woman movies, outside the film they support Israel’s aggression and massacre, and they also persuade people to be generous in Palestine.” I don’t need to say how bad the impact is. I have a plan. Afterwards, Warner invites Zha to come back and continue filming the OOC version of the murderous, hand-held head of the murderer, Wonder Woman. The images in and outside the film are unified, and no one will say anything about Gadot. . For example, if Jason Statham threatens to hit someone in reality, everyone’s first reaction is definitely fear. No one has ever said that he is not.

8 months ago

Do you think Gadot wants to make this statement? These actors themselves are a product of the team. The purpose is to make money, not to be Reagan. Most teams are unwilling to get involved with politics. So why did Gadot make this twitchy statement? And after posting it, the comment will not be deleted at most? Because in the American/Israeli circle she couldn’t get along without this pledge of loyalty. McCarthy will always live in the hearts of the American people. He can be McCarthy in everything and can be McCarthy all the time.

8 months ago

Because Gal Gadot is in the United States, not in Arab countries. During World War II, when the United States fought Japan, what happened to the Japanese in the United States? What she said is right, Israel should enjoy freedom and security, and so should our neighboring countries. Peaceful coexistence. Let’s learn about history. The following are the changes in the Israeli territory. Let’s take a look at Israel’s policies on the human rights of the Arab people in the country. There are 2 million Arabs in Israel. However, when Israel was founded, there were no other ethnic groups, only Jews. However, the land on which they were founded is the land of the Arabs. If you want to trace the origin, you have to talk about it more than a thousand years ago. Especially in 2018, Israel passed a resolution that only Jews enjoy the right to national self-determination. In other words, Arabs in Israel are instantly reduced to second-class citizens. Of course, even if you are a second-class citizen, people are happy, and we can’t control it. Even if this freedom is not free, it can only be passed by with a smile. Whatever is free and not free is not whose fist is stronger in the end.

8 months ago

Bright point of view: One acre of land in three quarters does not share Tianqiu. I think 90% of the content of Jiaduo’s article is not a big problem, but the problem is: Isarael “deserves” to live as a free and safe nation. I I think the word “deserve” may be the main reason why her Twitter was blown up. Although, as an Israeli citizen, it is really understandable for her to express her concerns about her family, friends and country. Why is Israel “worth” to be a free and safe country? Zhang San=Palestine; Li Si=Israel Imagine that Zhang San was in his hometown and operated his own one-acre three-quarter land. Li Situo’s family escaped from the famine and went to Zhang San’s family. Zhang San kindly took in and asked Li Si to build a shack next to his home and survive first. Later, Li Sijia didn’t care about family planning at all and was super able to give birth. Gradually, the Li family began to be arrogant and domineering, managing Zhang’s family to ask for food, and if they didn’t give it, they dragged their distant relatives (European and American Jews) who had come out of five clothes to beat Zhang San. In the end, Zhang San’s family was destroyed, and one acre of land was divided into three quarters. After being robbed by Li Si, only three quarters were left to survive. Then, Li Si also said that our Li family “deserves” a “free and safe” life. If it is you, are you angry?

8 months ago

Winner’s anti-war is a weird thing, it’s really uncomfortable…Yes, she is Israeli, yes, she is a veteran, she said that from her own point of view, it’s okay…but the winner is anti-war It’s…Imagine that during World War II, the Japanese had just driven the national army out of Shanghai. If at this time a Japanese said he prayed for peace, how would you feel… Japan had a lot of anti-war, but listen How come up there are to persuade the Chinese to be generous -_-This is really a bad political sense. To be reasonable, I remember that she also read books, not those who read less than Greta… how can I not understand…

8 months ago

As a citizen of Israel, a Jew, and a person who has served in the military, there is nothing wrong with Galgado’s statement. It is strange that an Israeli Jew does not support the Israeli government. The problem is Israel. The entire history of the Palestine-Israel conflict is a history of the Jewish nation being turned into a Western cudgel in the United States. It is a history of two ethnic religions hurting each other and biting their dogs. Whether it is people in the West or people around the world, it is difficult to have a good impression of Israel. Not to mention the grievances and grievances in the land of Palestine (Canaan). Now Israel was founded in November 1947 when the United Nations General Assembly voted on the “1947 United Nations Partition Plan.” 33 countries agreed (including the United States and the former Soviet Union), and 13 countries Against, 10 countries abstained, and passed a resolution: dividing the Palestinian area into two countries, Jews and Arabs own approximately 55% and 45% of the territory (Arab and Jewish states), and Jerusalem is placed under the management of the United Nations. In order to avoid conflict. Resolutions 242 and 338 respectively passed by the UN Security Council in 1967 and 1973 required Israel to withdraw from its occupied territories, including Jerusalem, but Israel turned a deaf ear to it. In the past few years, during the era of US President Trump, he supported sensitive Israeli issues, including recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the embassy, ​​recognizing the sovereignty of the Golan Heights and the West Bank occupied by Israel. Add fuel to the fire. This brings a lot of problems. The so-called name is right, but the name is not right. The establishment of Israel as a nation was voted by the United Nations. In the previous Middle East wars, Israel rebelled against the Arab coalition attack and was recognized by the international community. However, the Israeli war occupied a large amount of land that did not belong to itself, such as the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. (Later the “Camp David Agreement” was returned to Egypt), the Golan Heights in Syria, East Jerusalem administered by Jordan, the Arab State-Palestinian West Bank, and so on. These lands do not belong to Israel’s land specified by the UN General Assembly that year, but Israel actually controls the occupation by relying on its strength and strength. Naturally, it is not recognized by the United Nations and most countries. Now only a few countries such as the United States recognize Israel’s sovereignty over these disputed areas. In the 2021 Palestine-Israel conflict, Israel took the initiative to provoke the contradiction in the East Jerusalem issue. From the perspective of the international community, this is Israel’s main issue.

8 months ago

Ms. Li Xianglan accused the Kuomintang army of friction with the Manchurian army in the Great Wall area and caused useless bloodshed. She would like to call for peace with her singing, hoping that the Manchurian people and the Beizhi people can coexist peacefully, prosper and win-win, and highly praised General Xiong and General Okamura in Tanggu. Efforts for peace.
Of course, in reality, Li Xianglan hasn’t made her debut in three or three years.

8 months ago

Film and television circles know no borders, and actors have nationalities. That’s the truth, there is nothing to analyze. You can’t make money without making a political stand. Of course, the two faces of some people we have seen in China, across the strait, and the three places have many different faces. As for Israel, I think this country is difficult to evaluate. At least in my opinion, Israel is a large agitator in the Middle East. The Middle East is not necessarily better without it, at least Palestine can build a nation without it. Insert a sentence, what do we think? We stand on the same position with the country, and it is OK for this kind of thing to be based on national interests. We can sell arms to the Middle East, and we can also cooperate with Israel. All OK Arab countries. We have also sold ballistic missiles 2333, so there is nothing to look at.

8 months ago

If it weren’t for “Wonder Woman”, I really didn’t know Gal Gadot. Then it’s not because of the recent Middle East situation, I really don’t know if Gal Gadot is still an Israeli. As a result, an Israeli posted a tweet supporting Israel and was scolded by someone who was not Israel. Why did I feel that something was wrong? It turns out that Gal Gadot is not only an Israeli, but also a “world-renowned” popular movie star. Therefore, since being a popular movie star and an invading Israeli, he would be scolded at this time when he stood up and said anything, not here, it must be there. I really want to tell Gal Gadot that the best tweet at this time should be: World Peace.

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