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As we all know, Ma Chao, as the T0 of the confrontation road, is extremely strong in both laning and support. In the face of Ma Chao, you usually see Luna and Charlotte against the line. Among them, Luna and Ma Chao are line-ups. Operation, and Charlotte is more “simple and rude”. The first thing we need to understand is that Ma Chao’s gameplay is to insert, pick up, poke, and close the gun. Inserting a gun will cause damage to the target. Picking up the gun will increase the movement speed. The subsequent enhanced basic attack is to poke the gun. The pike will move a small distance. Hit the enemy will restore life and reduce all skills by one second. When you close the gun, you can achieve side-stabbing, returning to the carbine, etc., so if conditions permit, there will be infinite jabs under the gun, and the sprint looks like the guns are messy, and the visual effect is extremely strong. And the core of all this is the speed of movement. Ma Chao’s passive has the effect of adding 1-2 points of base damage for every additional 1 point of movement speed. Picking up the gun or closing the gun will increase Ma Chao’s additional movement speed by 20-55 within 2 seconds. Enemies on the path cause extra movement speed bonus damage. Therefore, like Guan Yu, Ma Chao is very afraid of slowing down. The slowing down will not only reduce Ma Chao’s damage, but also make it more difficult for Ma Chao to pick up the gun, which affects the output of the combo. If it’s just slowing down, then there are actually many heroes who have restrained the Ma Chao, and Charlotte will not be alone. Another point is that attack speed and attack speed will directly affect the hero’s general attack. It is no exaggeration to say that Ma Chao’s main damage It comes from the poke gun that strengthens the basic attack. But in the face of the same level of operation, or even a lower grade of Charlotte, Ma Chao is very weak. Charlotte’s passive seven-star ray sword is Ma Chao’s “nightmare”. The seven-star ray sword has 7 damages, while the seven-star ray sword Charlotte can hit three shots, and Charlotte’s passive trigger only requires three stacks of skill marks. When the CD is enough, three shots in an instant is a very simple matter. A hit is enough to make Ma Chao stunned. Two rounds will make Ma Chao almost equal to a penalty stop. When he eats three rounds, Ma Chao is equal to standing at attention. His attack speed It will become a negative value. Poke the gun is equivalent to slow playback, not to mention operations such as picking up and closing the gun. In contrast, Ma Chao has a moving speed, Charlotte has a skill acceleration and a second skill displacement, and when the cd is enough, it is faster than Ma Chao, Ma Chao has a recovery, and Charlotte can also recover with a second skill, even more than Ma Chao. , Come back frequently. Charlotte is faster than the horse on the clearing line. Supporting Charlotte may not necessarily have a sprinting horse super fast, but as long as it sticks, it can completely limit the horse super support. Therefore, when encountering Charlotte on the lane, Ma Chao players need to have a higher awareness of operation than Charlotte: in the early stage, they can save the gun in the grass to grab the lane and sprint to kill Charlotte, playing a suppressing effect, and then they can pass. Poke the gun to avoid Charlotte’s Seven-Star Light Sword, or swindle Charlotte’s Seven-Star Light Sword with a false shot, and seize the stiff opportunity when Charlotte hits the Seven-Star Light Sword and attack quickly. So in general, Charlotte is a good choice against Ma Chao in the current skill mechanism.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Since the Sun Bin Ma Chao system came out, the coach of kpl has been thinking about how to play this system. Which hero can suppress Ma Chao and Sun Bin online? Which hero can resist the pressure of Ma Chao and Sun Bin? At first, the optimal solution seemed to be Yao, but when Yao was weakened and sprinting strengthened, the hero seemed to disappear. At the beginning, I used Crazy Iron, Cao Cao, and Kai. With the arrival of the tank version, these things also All disappeared. When all the coaches put the tanks on the line to the Sun Ma, they will find that the opponent is using a pressure-resistant shot, and their bot duo has been unable to dismantle the tower, but Sun Ma relied on strong maneuverability to produce on the center. The strong impact and the tank make money earlier, and the wild core belt line naturally cannot beat Ma Chao (Assassins generally cannot beat the side fighters). At this time, it seems that the best way is to choose one that can beat Ma Chao one-on-one. The heroes of Ma Chao go to bring the line, limit the support speed of Ma Chao, and let Ma Chao clear the line. So two heroes came out: Luna and Charlotte. But heroes who can beat Ma Chao have one characteristic, that is, line fighter. This kind of hero is a typical sideband invincible and difficult to fight. Luna is especially obvious. Luna has almost lost half of it without opening up the economic gap and weakening in the medium term. Charlotte teamfight is a little better than Luna, this hero can interfere with Ma Chao’s entry, and the good Charlotte is almost staring to the side in the kpl teamfight. As for Charlotte’s low winning rate. The professional game is a game that takes support to the extreme, with a highly mobile Ma Chao playing on the line. Moreover, Ma Chao’s kite ability actually gave this hero the ability to fight almost any hero. Therefore, when facing Ma Chao, the coach of KPL will choose a hero with a strong line. For nothing else, he is afraid that his sideband will be penetrated. But judging from last season, the winning percentage of Ma Nuclear is not high. why? This is the frontal teamfight and the importance of the shooter-Ma Chao who has won in the past few seasons has either been suppressed all the way to death, or collapsed after a wave (near sudden death). Others are almost impossible.

8 months ago

What superstition? Charlotte is able to overpower horses. When I first played Charlotte, I ranked green to play. There was a city-level Ma Chao (don’t look at the city-level, it’s about 7000 points). I’m one. Charlotte, who doesn’t know how to play, uses passive and unknown Bingxin’s infinite solo kills. Ma Chao will not necessarily be infinitely suppressed by Charlotte. Because Ma Chao’s support speed is faster than Charlotte, he can choose not to fight Charlotte. He comes over. Just go to support him and push the tower when he is away, all the skills are useless in the face of economic suppression

8 months ago

We don’t look at the KPL, but just talk about ordinary games. The national service Ma Chao has said that any hero can be used to single him Ma Chao, except Charlotte. In conclusion, on technology alone, only from the point of view of the pairing, it is definitely better than Ma Chao. Why does Charlotte restrain Ma Chao? First of all, we must understand the two hero skill mechanisms. Ma Chao will use movement speed (this is the key point) and physical attack power to resolve damage. At the same time, his enhanced basic attack is the attack speed (this is the key point). If your attack speed is If it becomes negative, then you can experience the feel of a shot and a card for a second. What about Charlotte’s skills? Charlotte’s CD is extremely fast (after black cutting + ice veins of course), and the equipment of Ice Vein Gauntlet slows down its movement speed, even if it slows down, Charlotte’s gadget hits you and you have less attack speed. After the horse’s super attack speed is reduced, the diarrhea will not be experienced without the human body, right? Ma Chao, who will play again, encounters Charlotte with a five-layer Seven-Star Light Sword. He will not go up and fight, and will use his own enhanced basic attack to avoid the last slashing damage. Obviously, the Ma Chao mechanism is basically fully contoured by Charlotte, and it is unlikely that it will be beaten when the skills of the match are average. (Of course you can try solo kills at the 2nd and 4th levels) Why did KPL Charlotte take it out or poke it on the opposite side? Because of the economy, there are operations. Charlotte is cumbersome to turn lines, and he is not a flexible maneuver by himself, at least he will not have the maneuver support effect of Ma Chao and Guan Yu. KPL Ma Chao basically brought a Sun Bin with him. After Ma Chao’s line was cleared and Sun Bin 2 quickly changed the line, you would start a fight in the middle of Longkeng. It’s not appropriate for you to say that you can still win while placing fewer orders and placing more orders on the other. This is the reason for the loss. However, this style of play will require assistance to help Ma Chao clear the line, which will cause the support of the development path to be much slower. Choosing Charlotte is a disguised restriction: if you do not assist, Ma Chao will have no help. Therefore, KPL’s Ma Chao is basically not fighting against the road, but rubbing back and forth between the center line and the opposing line, and even eat a few wilds. Charlotte hasn’t played much before, and his teammates are dead.

8 months ago

It’s not a superstition. In actual combat, he used Charlotte to cross Ma Chao and Ma Chao to beat Charlotte. Ma Chao is strong in mobility and threat to the back row, but once a team fight starts, Ma Chao is usually caught by Master Xia. The rhythm of this skill burst directly, and the group that was slow to pick up the gun could only wait for the opportunity, as long as Master Xia was next to the C position to protect Ma Chao, it would be impossible to cut in. The impact of attack speed on Ma Chao is really huge. This restraint effect is actually really obvious. It’s just that Master Xia’s strength in kpl is a bit low now. In addition to restricting Ma Zige, he supports cutting C-belt lines, etc. He was overwhelmed by Ma Zige, so the winning rate was very low. I have been watching kpl for more than two years, and I will talk about my understanding. At the same level of laning, Charlotte basically completely suppressed Ma Chao. Before watching Huya Yushen’s live broadcast, the state service Ma overpowered Charlotte’s 2000 economy and did not dare to go up to play, but only after clearing the line. In KPL, Charlotte is basically a hero who can only be picked up in the fifth and sixth innings of Bo7 or when Ma Chao is selected on the opposite side. In fact, there was a good winning percentage for a while before the weakening, but it is a bit useless now. As a war front, Master Xia Qiang is in a small-scale 22 or 33 team battle in the wild. It is impossible to always stand by the C position in the face of 44 or 55 team battles. He can also completely do it against heroes such as the thorn or Lulu Jinglan. Without the effect of protecting the C position, if the subject looked at Charlotte in kpl and saw two or three, it would actually be obvious. When a large-scale team battle broke out, Master Xia often rushed into the C position alone. Interfering with the C position to enter the field, being able to stop every second will not let you have a very comfortable output environment. He and Ma Zige basically cut C positions at both ends of the battlefield, but as for the efficiency of cutting C… it can only be said to be unsatisfactory. It is actually helpless to take Charlotte to overpower Ma Chao. After all, most of the top laners really can’t limit Ma Chao’s early support and development rhythm. Master Xia can limit Ma Chao to the largest extent before at least one tower breaks in the early stage. . In fact, instead of using Charlotte to restrict Ma Chao, Shield Mountain (especially recommended, one or three skills can directly swallow Ma Chao’s gun, and you can’t take it back) Lu Dataiyi Lianpo and other types of assistance can be better limited to Ma Chao enters the field. It seems that everyone is still more interested in this issue, so let’s talk a few more words. Charlotte’s version of KPL’s winning rate can only be described as horrible. The winning rate of all fighters who have played more than 10 times is the second lowest. The Gundam Warrior is still ten percentage points short… Actually, Master Xia took out the laning Ma Chao, which can be divided into three stages, the laning period, the development period and the team battle period. Master Xia can suppress Ma Chao only in the laning phase, and it is basically impossible to suppress Ma Chao after reaching the fourth level from the third wave line. In the developmental stage, Ma Chao basically eats two routes and a small area, and doesn’t consume too much on the line with you. Anyway, I run fast. After a small wave of team battles in the middle, I can come back and get pawns. During the team battle, Master Xia could not be compared with Ma Zige (except for fly, which is really fierce). In addition to the weakness of Master Kaixia’s own five or five groups, there are also economic factors in it. Ma Chao often shows the team’s size. Nuclear is either the first position or the second position economy. When the two teams have the same economy, the economy of the tool Charlotte is often one to two thousand higher than that of the tool person. At this time, even if it is singled out, I am not afraid of much. I want to say it again, it’s most appropriate to restrain Ma Chao from taking Dunshan! ! ! Shield Mountain’s shield can swallow Ma Zi’s gun. It’s half real to set up a big move in a team fight. It’s a pity that the ban can’t buy a house (Last season, we often play Shield Mountain with 1000 points. Shanghai actually has a brand. Go out. When I look at the good guys, there are not even 100 people. If you can’t get the shield mountain, Miyamoto and Chang’e are actually more restrained. Miyamoto’s first skill can very well restrict Ma Chao’s entry. Chang’e, it’s easy to catch the horse. Ma Chao is also not good at poking up close, as soon as Chang’e is almost gone. If you think of anything, just ask me in the comment area and see the second reply.

8 months ago

Starting at level 2, Ma Chao started sprinting and was strong throughout the entire period, with a strong ability to cut C in bursts. Charlotte is a fighting type, requires stacking passives, does not start so quickly, and requires CD equipment, ordinary CD shoes, black cut and ice veins, and generally requires wretched development before this. So Ma Chao is all-round and Charlotte is not comprehensive enough. Because Charlotte’s skills have the effect of slowing down the attack speed, coupled with the deceleration of the ice pulse, for heroes who rely on basic attacks, once they are entangled by Master Xia, they will be very uncomfortable. Coupled with the unknown deceleration and attack speed, this hero is playing targeted in KPL, not how strong she is. Recently, Fly put Master Xia’s counter position to C position. This is a problem of individual people. But even so, the fly only came out when the two big pieces were about to take shape. There was no fight before. One tower and two towers were lost on the side road, and the life-saving development was the first. No shoes + two big pieces less fights.

8 months ago

To save the hero. Only Bai Qi Lianpo Lu Bu pig in Tanbian is really useful, which stabilizes the anti-traumatic field of vision and threatens the opponent’s C position. Xiahou is not considered T0 Tanbian. Only Ma Chao Guan Yu was really easy to use on the battlefield. This leads to a very uncomfortable problem, the Bo7 side heroes are not enough. How to do it? Only a few heroes can be developed to play miraculous effects. For example, Charlotte is looking for abuse when playing pigs, but it is very easy to use Ma Chao, which can be used to super-strengthen the line and transfer the line to suppress Ma Chao’s development.

8 months ago

Maybe you want to say that this season Charlotte has a 20% win rate against the Super League. The data of only 2 out of 10 seems to prove that Charlotte can’t restrain the Super League. But this is because those horse nuclei are all on the path of development. Charlotte has to play in the laning period to play a suppressing effect in the Super League. When you wait for Ma Chao to develop and join the team, the team battle effects of those two Charlottes are no better than one Ma Chao. The only two games Charlotte won this season in KPL were those of Qingqing Yitong. The match was Shenren and Zimo’s Ma Chao. So Charlotte’s best not to choose early in the counter position. If the opponent is selected early, it is completely unnecessary for the shooter to play bilateral horse nuclear. Then Charlotte’s election will be meaningless. It’s not so much KPL coach’s superstition that Charlotte restrained the Super League, but it is the psychological game of KPL coach: bet on whether you dare to play a bilateral horse core in this inverse version of the wild nuclear shooting version.

8 months ago

The reason for this is very simple. Tianke’s relationship. Just like why the other side chose Chang’e, your family chose Jia Luo to stare at her. If there is a food chain situation in the glory of the king, then the relationship between Ma Chao and Charlotte is the relationship between the predator and the predator. As a new top laner, Charlotte’s transition from Gua Sha to Bone Scraping has surprised many people. First of all, its passive can directly reduce the enemy’s attack speed when its own skills hit the enemy. At the same time, the enhanced level A after multiple skills hits is not only a lock-in attack, it can effectively chase Ma Chao to make him lose the advantage of pulling, and at the same time, his passive and big moves have a damage-free bonus. Directly in the laning A so that you can occupy a greater advantage. As Ma Chao is a t0-level side lane, you can use other heroes to restrict him, there is no way at all. The speed of damage and support directly pulls away your other heroes. At the same time, in a team battle, an unrestricted Ma Chao with seven entries and seven exits is a great threat to our c position, but Master Xia only needs to put two passives on him, and Ma Chao, who has no attack speed support, closes his gun and shoots. Speed ​​can be greatly reduced. Take Charlotte to restrict Ma Chao, it’s clear at a glance.

8 months ago

Charlotte can really suppress the Ma Super. Charlotte’s kind of is that it is a thousand behind and can play with you back and forth. Moreover, this group of people are professional players, and they have to throw away a few passers-by. Grade. With the same strength, Charlotte can play according to Ma Chao, but the purpose of choosing Ma Chao is to allow Ma Chao to support the early team battles and push down the opponent’s tower faster. Losing one tower in the middle means that both sides are in the wild. It can be eaten. All the initiative in retreat and offense is in our hands, which forces Charlotte to be trapped in a tower, in a dilemma, or to abandon his own tower. It is not difficult to survive the development and beat the horse super, but if you want to fight the system , Not just look at a certain hero but look at the overall lineup

8 months ago

Because kpl is not a game that can be won by the early advantage, Charlotte crushes the superiority in the middle and late stages. No Ma Super can beat Charlotte in the late game. The most difficult thing to beat Charlotte is him. The slowing effect of Charlotte’s second skill and ult can be slowed down. All the enhanced skills hits can give the opponent a superimposed attack speed debuff, up to seven layers, even if Ma Chao’s 18 attack speed inscription is directly reduced to a negative attack in the early stage. Speed, Bing Xin + Bing Vein in the later stage, really can’t run or jab. Of course, this kind of restraint relationship is not invincible. Although Charlotte restrains the Super League mechanically, he can definitely suppress the Super League when laning, and may even be surpassed by the sprinter at level 4. So it must be steady in the early stage. What impressed me most about playing Charlotte was this Fly’s solo show. Fly took out the hero of Charlotte. Although QG was suppressed in the early and mid-term, Fly’s Charlotte won after a wave of three-game winning streak. QG went straight from headwind to tailwind, and then Fly’s Charlotte killed the Quartet, full of details, and finally successfully won the game and won the MVP! So Charlotte has always been liked by coaches for no reason.

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