The most suitable review time is a year ago and now. Anyway, you have signed up. In the last few days, you have to fight for a bike to become a motorcycle. It’s definitely too late to read a book in a week. I suggest you just go to school to find the answer, and read the question directly on your mobile phone. It doesn’t matter what the answer is. You should pay attention to the analysis. There is also a function of the wrong question book, every day before going to bed. Use an hour to review today’s wrong questions, and do it during the day. It’s best to seize the time to do all the real questions in recent years, so that even if your review time is not long, there is something in your head. One advantage of this review is that you have a deeper memory of knowledge points, and you also know how to write questions for different knowledge points. Hope you can pass smoothly.

Yes, my undergraduate degree is not an accounting major. I also have one week left to prepare. I have learned the basics of accounting before the elementary exam, such as borrowing and lending, as well as simple accounting entries. Talk about my strategy, because I don’t know much about accounting, so my purpose is not to understand, but to pass the examination. I bought the final six sets of real questions for sub-subjects and the very popular last six sets of simulation questions. After all, the elementary is elementary, and the difficulty will not be great. The knowledge points of the test will be repeated every year. You can brush more questions and understand the next routine. of. I first brush the real questions, focus on understanding the knowledge points that I don’t know, and the wrong questions, and memorize it. I know what subjects are in the elementary exam. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know how to do it. If I stick to it, I will feel it when I do the mock questions. . I finished the real questions in about 3 days, and then I started to write the mock questions. I did the papers carefully, and took notes on the knowledge points that I didn’t know. Then I memorized it. The problem is not big. In the beginning, I could only brush two sets a day, not too much, and I had to memorize a lot, and then there would be 3 sets a day later. Then my low score drifted by, 60 and 63 points.


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8 months ago

Yes, the university is a provincial key discipline of accounting, and the school has a postgraduate degree granting point in accounting. Undergraduate professional accounting. Many students in the university have taken naked exams. I’m not taking a naked exam. I have studied for three weeks and got 70 points. The premise is that in my junior year, I had not scored less than 75 in all of the previous professional courses, usually around 80, and occasionally over 85. My friend had a score of 70 after a week, but all of my professional courses were above 80, and often 90. There is a student in the class who passed the bare test. All the professional courses were above 90. Occasionally, the test paper will be as simple as 98. If the subject is also a key accounting university, the professional courses are more than 85, and there is absolutely no problem after a week

8 months ago

The accounting industry is still very popular with the current market demand. After all, every enterprise and unit cannot do without accounting. As a result of the country’s reform of the accounting certificate, the country has adopted a new policy, which is to cancel the accounting qualification certificate examination and directly take the accountant’s junior professional title. It is equivalent to this certificate as a stepping stone for those who want to work in accounting positions. The natural difficulty coefficient will definitely be a little lower than the junior professional title in the previous qualification examination. After all, the country will consider everyone in this transitional period. If we want to get this certificate, we need to read two books, one is elementary accounting practice and the other is elementary economic law. Now it is an opportunity to apply for the exam once a year. If you apply this year and take the exam tomorrow in May, you must pass both courses at the same time, with 60 points.

8 months ago

It’s okay. I have taken this certificate. At that time, I bought a class, listened to it for three days, and bought the real questions from previous years to practice on the Internet, and I barely passed the pass. After spending some time and effort in a week, it shouldn’t be a big problem to pass this certificate. I may be a bit simple and misleading. The premise is that you have a better memory and a faster understanding. The same certificate can take a long time and some take a short time. First of all, it must be based on your grasp of your own test ability. Right.

8 months ago

The entire dormitory was preparing for the junior accounting exam. Some were prepared for 6 months, some were prepared for 3 months, some were prepared for 1 month, and even were prepared for 1 week~~ so you must not prepare until the last minute of the exam. Give up lightly (after all, you can’t waste the registration fee). I have said a lot about the preparation skills of junior accounting before, in the previous answer~ Today I want to directly talk about the learning methods of these two subjects, I hope it can help you prepare for the junior exam. Friends of the zero-basis of accounting ~ first go to the dry goods, it will definitely be useful for you to sprint junior accounting! The link for the self-collection of information is below for the primary accounting information network disk self-collection, free of charge! “Elementary Accounting Practice” [mostly textual and computational content] 1 Text knowledge points, take a red pen to focus on the key points, and memorize them in accordance with the original text of the official textbook. Computational knowledge points, watch the online class directly at double speed, and then do more questions to consolidate. Friends who can understand and understand the questions can directly ask the teacher. 2.60 points can pass the exam, especially when there is not a lot of time, the basics Just know the knowledge, some knowledge points don’t need to be studied deeply. Spend extra time and think about questions that you won’t be able to do. 3Elementary accounting practice is more of a science subject, involving more calculation questions and accounting entry questions, so keep the amount of questions daily! Of course, I have also sorted out 600 questions that must be brushed before the primary accounting exam. You can use them. “Basics of Economic Law” [Not difficult, mainly because there are more laws] 1 There are more laws and regulations, and you can remember them only after you understand them. . You can use a mind map to memorize it. It’s good to test it yourself~~ Some people always like to forget the knowledge, or they can focus on memorizing before the exam. 2 The textbook can be read in three steps: the first step is to read through (read carefully from beginning to end, yes The system and content of the textbook can be roughly understood); the second step is careful reading (you must read and understand the specific important legal regulations); the third step is intensive reading (the content of key chapters accounts for about 65% of the exam, you must To learn to allocate time reasonably, the key chapters must spend more time and focus on mastering).3Pay attention to new and changed content. For the new and changed content, there is generally no previous test experience to learn from, and some knowledge points are still obscure, which requires more time and energy to focus on research. Today’s experience of preliminary accounting preparation is shared here! Friends who have questions or don’t know about the exam in preparation for the exam, we can communicate together

8 months ago

Yes, not only can you pass the test in the nude, provided that you major in accounting. For example, I, we are all studying Zhongcai in class. The initial meeting is not as difficult as the usual homework I do. Of course, you can pass the test in the nude.

8 months ago

possible! First, no matter what test you take, you must first understand the basic situation of the test. The examination subjects for junior accounting titles include “Elementary Accounting Objects” and “Basics of Economic Law”. The question types of the computer test are single choice and multiple choice (among which, if the judgement question is incorrect, 0.5 points will be deducted, if not correct, 0.5 points will be deducted. Pass 60 points or more in double subjects. Then set a weekly plan for yourself Table, what content to study every day, accurate to the hour, this week is absolutely impossible to paddle! Be sure to follow your own learning plan! Maybe you will pass the exam! The learning method can be seen: first must be mastered Basic content (such as the basic principles of the debit and credit bookkeeping method. If you don’t master it, you can’t write entries, which will affect the learning of subsequent chapters); then it is very important in the exam (a high proportion of scores, such as practice The chapter on assets); next is the content that is less difficult to learn and easy to score, and the last is the exam content that is difficult to learn and has a low percentage of scores. Let me give you some dry goods! The key content of each chapter of accounting practice, 1. Chapter 1 Section 4: Accounting Subjects and Debit and Credit Bookkeeping. Learning accounting subjects is an important link for accounting candidates to lay the foundation. Due to the relatively large number of accounting subject categories and contents, it particularly requires conscious memory and accumulation; the debit and credit bookkeeping method belongs to The most theoretical and abstract content in primary accounting needs to be memorized on the basis of understanding. The accounting entries in the subsequent chapters are constructed based on accounting subjects and debit and credit accounting. Chapter 1 Error-prone knowledge Points: (Each chapter has it, share with you what you need) 2. Chapter II Section 2: Impairment of Accounts Receivable. Impairment of Accounts Receivable is an important and typical test point over the years. Questions can also be predestined. This knowledge point is relatively systematic, and the calculation of bad debt accrual, as well as the calculation of bad debts, write-off bad debts and reverting bad debts, etc. are frequently appearing in the primary exam , Will also take into account the changes in the book value of accounts receivable in related accounting processing. 3. Chapter II Section 3: Transactional Financial Assets. The entire section of Transactional Financial Assets is very important and belongs to the important and difficult points of primary accounting propositions. Content. In addition, individual knowledge points have been adjusted repeatedly in recent years. Candidates should review and prepare with the latest information to be proficient in the acquisition of transactional financial assets, changes in fair value, confirmation and collection of interest and dividends, and disposal of transactional financial assets. Accounting treatment. At the same time, pay attention to the calculation of investment income, the impact on the current profit and loss, and the confirmation of related value-added tax. 4. Chapter 2 Section 4: Inventory. Inventory is relatively stable in the preliminary examination and is also a key point. Chapter. The inventory knowledge system is relatively complex. Candidates should focus on the calculation of the cost of outsourcing inventory, four out-of-stock valuation methods, planned cost method, inventory follow-up measurement and other related content. 5. Chapter Two Section Five: Fixed Assets The section on fixed assets is a high-frequency test site, and various types of questions are given almost every year. The focus of the examination is on the calculation of the cost of purchased fixed assets, the scope of depreciation of fixed assets, the four depreciation methods, and the net disposal of fixed assets. Profits and losses, etc. In addition, the content of the assets required for inventory losses and inventory profits in the property inventory has its own uniqueness, and candidates should not ignore it. 6. Chapter III Section 3: Payable Employee Salaries. Payable Jobs Salary is the focus of the liability part. Candidates should focus on the scope of accounting for employee salaries payable, the accounting treatment of corporate withholding and payment of personal income tax, and the related accounting treatment of corporate confirmation and issuance of non-monetary benefits. 7. Chapter III, Section 4: Value-added tax-related content in taxes payable. In view of the fact that the relevant taxes and fees of the value-added tax in the new outline have been adjusted again, candidates need to pay proper attention. In addition, value-added tax itself is a very important content of important tax categories, and there are many related secondary detailed subjects and three-level columns involved, and candidates need to be clearly sorted out. 8. Chapter 4: Owner’s Equity. The entire chapter on owner’s equity is not much, but the system is strong, and the knowledge points are relatively closely related, which requires candidates to review and grasp the overall. The pro forma should focus on the changes in owner’s equity, the accounting treatment of the enterprise’s acceptance of investment and capital reduction, the calculation of capital reserves, and retained earnings. 9. Chapter Five: Section One Income and Section Three Profit. The income standard has been revised a few years ago, but the content of the old standard has been examined in the preliminary examination. And this year’s new syllabus and official textbooks have been adjusted, and the changes are big, which is the most difficult point of this year’s exam. Profit is a routine test, and candidates should focus on the process of profit distribution. 10. Chapter VI: Section I Balance Sheet and Section II Income Statement. In the new standard, the content of the cash flow statement in the three main tables has been deleted, so the key test points of the statement are more concentrated. Moreover, the contents of the balance sheet and income statement have been adjusted to certain extent, which should not be ignored. Among them, the balance sheet should focus on its filling method, and the income statement should focus on the calculation formulas of different profits. 11. Chapter 7: Section 3 Collection and Distribution of Product Costs, Section 4 Calculation of Product Costs. The content of cost accounting is different from that of financial accounting, but it is also often checked in exams. Candidates should focus on the distribution of auxiliary production costs, the distribution of production costs between the finished product and the product, and the variety method when preparing for the test, especially the high-frequency test sites such as the interactive distribution method and the equivalent output ratio method. The economic law is made into a table, which is more convenient.

8 months ago

Yes, I majored in marketing. I was bored and wanted to take the exam. I was too lazy to read books. However, the registration fee and materials added up to four or five hundred. All of a sudden, I woke up, and spent a week crazy endorsing and writing questions. When I still have to go to class, I, who have no foundation, drifted over at a low altitude.······

8 months ago

My personal experience is for reference only. I graduated with a major in finance, but I have not been verified. First: I have a stable job and the unit does not need it. Second: I don’t want to work hard if I have a family and a mouth. Then one day I suddenly wanted to quit my job and switch to another industry. I searched the recruitment announcements and there were certificate requirements, so I wanted to take a test. I applied for the exam on the job. I had graduated for seven or eight years when I applied for the exam. I started to prepare for the exam in May and mid-April. It happened to be busy during that time and I had to take my kids on weekends, so I chose to go to work half an hour earlier. Walk one hour late after get off work and do problems in the company. Because I have a certain foundation and the time is relatively short, I didn’t read the book and I just wrote the questions. Although I learned it, I almost forgot many of them. If I didn’t understand the questions, I went to Baidu. I insisted on this for nearly a month. Passed the exam. Let’s talk about your situation. Since you choose to take the elementary exam, it means that you are studying this major, and you have at least some understanding. In one week, if you are off-the-job preparation for exams, believe me, it’s perfectly possible, as long as the time is arranged. I have nearly a month to prepare for the exam. Actually, my study time does not add up to a week. I can, and you can.

8 months ago

If you can get a der, if the title is like this, if it is not an institution, it is an institution. Of course, if there are people with extraordinary talents, I am a person who majors in accounting would not dare to pack votes. After a week, I will start from college. I studied accounting as a major, and I only applied for the first exam in my sophomore year. After several months of preparation, you told me that you can pass a week, whether you can remember it or you can understand it at a glance. If you are, then I really I admire you very much. Those who ask you to add WeChat or send information are all organizations.

8 months ago

Unless you are talented, there are two basic courses, especially economic law, where the test sites are scattered, and there are a lot of things to remember. It takes less than a week to remember these things. The subjects in the practice and the entry of these are also difficult to understand. Also remember the formula. The foundation is very good, and I still have some faith in one week. The result of learning is directly proportional to the time spent.

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