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If you change horses at the beginning of the game, it is definitely a big loss. If you use two cannons to knock down the opponent’s two horses, if both sides are weak in chess, then the outcome of this game is not certain, and you can continue to play. If both parties are provincial or municipal or master-level masters, then the outcome of this chess game has been divided, and the first player will undoubtedly lose, there is no suspense. From the basic chess theory, you defeat the opponent’s two horses, and the opponent eats with the two carts. Shuangpao exchanged two horses for two pieces, and both sides took two moves, but the back player took this opportunity to make two moves, which is an effective move and takes two more moves than the first player. But the first move is equivalent to not taking a step, and it has fallen into a disadvantage. From the efficiency of the game, there are already two net losses. Any chess player with a certain level of chess knows that it is definitely not a small advantage for the side holding the two firsts. National chess masters and special-level masters are only two firsts against listed-level masters. For example, in the Baby Cup Chess Master Invitational held in Shanxi in recent years, there has been a game where the masters made the city-level masters two first. From the point of view of the value of the pieces, the value of the artillery is greater than that of the horse in the middle of the game. The horse is a middle-range combat pawn, and the artillery is a long-range combat pawn. In the opening stage, a horse needs a lot of steps to go from its own position to the enemy’s position. In the opening stage, the elements are crowded and easily hindered by soldiers and other obstacles, so they can’t exert their power in all directions. Compared to horses, artillery is much more flexible. Act quickly, come and go freely, and can exert a powerful force in the opening midgame. Coupled with the advantage of two vehicles coming out early, two vehicles, two artillery and four-character joint operations, how can the opponent resist? The above is the conclusion drawn from the analysis of the basic chess theory.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

The combat effectiveness of the car is the strongest, but it is also buried the deepest. The effort of mobilizing the car can allow the opponent to accumulate a few advantages, so it will not start without thinking.

But if you kill the opponent’s horse with a cannon, and the opponent’s car came out while eating your cannon, you lost momentum.

In addition, the gun is easier to use when there are a lot of shots, and the horse is easier to use when there are few shots. When you start with a lot of shots, you will use both artillery, which is a disadvantage.

9 months ago

Not a bug! Generally, only novices or people who play casually will start the game and eat the “horse” first! You can understand the role and difference between “cannon” and “horse” literally! “Cannon” can be understood from the literal and rules of use, it needs a gun mount the most! At the beginning of the game, there are more pawns on both sides, and the “cannon” is more dominant. You can successfully threaten the opponent’s pawn by taking a few steps, which is equivalent to that the opponent is everywhere under your gun. Everyone did not realize that the more the later stage, the less the “cannon” is, because many of the chess pieces that can hold your cannon are either eaten or are about to be exchanged! The “horse” is different. We can also know from wars in history that when using cavalry to fight, what you need most is space, to gallop freely in places where there are no obstacles! Therefore, the more the threat of the “horse” is in the later stage, you can adjust your offensive route from many angles without a piece of chess. This is not an advantage in the early stage, so the early stage is to pay attention to protecting your “horse”. , That is, your cavalry, fortunately to play a role in the final battle! So at the beginning, you use the “cannon” to kill the opponent’s “horse”, which is cool, but you act fast in the early stage, and the threatening pieces are discarded. You also let the opponent’s “car” take the lead, then you want to win unless The opposite is also a novice~

9 months ago

Many answers are from a purely human perspective, and there is also a point from a software engine perspective, so I will explain it from a purely engine perspective. Now the engine level is very high. Since the national elephant engine cod reference shogi engine released the nnue review, the chess engine bug and the cyclone also immediately developed the nnue review. In the case of both new engines, 128 core machines and 4 cores Machines can also make frequent draws, and the chess software area uses powerful machines to refine the opening library. I chatted with the author of an opening library. I currently think that there are 23 kinds of opening steps, and the worst is the handsome five-in-one. (Basically equivalent to letting the two firsts, and currently thinking that letting the two firsts must be defeated) and the artillery, these two are almost inevitable (the rigorous wording, you can directly say that they are defeated), in order to answer the subject’s question. Excluding these two types, it is currently considered that the worst is the car entering one (iron tackle), with a small probability of losing, then the car entering two (high tackle), pawns entering one, artillery entering three, and artillery entering one. These are currently considered to be Not sure to lose.

9 months ago

I think this question is not very good, or to say that the main subject of the topic is lack of understanding. It’s not cost-effective to change a cannon for a horse. It’s a chess proverb that almost everyone who plays chess knows… Just like you can make a handsome five-in-one in the opening game, but no one will do that. Although something like this can eat horses, it is useless or even a loss if you eat it. Not to mention that everyone will not go like this, at least almost no one will go like this. So this is not a bug at all, it’s normal, just like you would take the first step and make a five-in-one? Moreover, not only did the game start with horses for artillery, the opponent’s car also took the opportunity to take a step…Update: The subject replied to me that it also borrowed computerization, saying that it had absorbed the principles of computers. If you follow this line of thinking, many things will become so-called bugs. For example, there is a lot of money to play New Immortal Sword, and in the end, you can easily kill the dead water beast by throwing money. Is it a bug? Playing Ancient Sword 1 Penglai mobs are hard to fight, and they can be easily eliminated with one-blood Dafa. Is it a bug?

9 months ago

Chess is another quintessence of our national culture. It embodies the cultural wisdom of the Chinese nation. It is one of the chess games with the largest number of participants and the most widespread in the world. Chess is very popular among people because of its simple equipment, simple rules, and varied moves. The opening is often a very important part of a chess game, so what are the essentials for the opening of chess? 1. Give birth as soon as possible. Chess pays attention to the formation of troops, the faster you move, the more advantageous you can be in the match. Especially for aggressive chess pieces such as carts, horses, and artillery pieces, they should be made as quickly as possible. 2. Don’t be greedy. Start the game with a long-term vision, strategize, and command the overall situation. Don’t get caught in the sky and earth nets laid by your opponent just because you are greedy for the opponent’s “bait”. 3. Reduce repetition. Think twice before you move, and it’s best to predict the next three moves. Do not repeat the movement of a chess piece, which is equivalent to stepping in place. 4. Take both sides into consideration. In addition to the symmetrical opening arrangement of the red and black sides in chess, the left and right layouts of this side are also symmetrical. Therefore, the opening cannot only be strong offensive or strong defense on one side, but both sides should be taken into consideration in order to be stable.

9 months ago

Chess is about “artillery first, then horse”, that is, at the beginning of the game, the chessboard is densely packed. Some of the “cannon mounts” can attack at long distances, and the power of long-range cannons is much greater than that of horses. At the end of the game, the chess pieces on the chessboard are greatly reduced after the fight, the board space is large, the chess pieces are few, and the “cannon rack” is not enough. At this time, the gun can no longer exert its initial power and its effect is reduced. At this time, the horse is not relying on it. The ability of other pieces to fight alone is reflected. At the beginning of the game, the cannon was exchanged for horses. After losing the powerful cannon in the early stage and replacing the powerful horse of the opponent in the later stage, it also helped the opponent’s car move out. That is to say, the boy who lost the early stage also lost the number of steps. In any case, it is not economical. of.

9 months ago

I still remember that there was a game in which the opponent started the game very neatly and shot our two horses with a cannon. After hitting my two horses, my two cars naturally drove out, and then I also used the cannon very cooperatively to press. His horse and his cart can’t get out. At this point in the chess game, most of my eldest sons have arrived at his old base, and his eldest son has basically not moved out. I can say that I have seized the absolute first mover. , So I killed him happily in that game. So, anyone who starts a game with a cannon to beat someone’s horse will basically not be able to play.

9 months ago

It is a relatively unfavorable disadvantage just because I have not moved, and let others drive out of the car. Translated into modern terms, if in the Gulf War, the United States would first bombard Iraq’s hilltops with cruise missiles, at the cost of immediately scrapping all the fortresses. The elder Bush ordered a large number of remaining tanks and aircraft carrier group fighters to be heading to the Persian Gulf at this time. . . Although Saddam did not have the top of the hill, a large amount of flat area was freed up to bombard the landing American troops. Although a large number of mobile units were lost, the intercontinental missiles and the Scud have not been fired, and they are preparing to meet the US military. . . Maybe the story is different.

9 months ago

It feels like you don’t understand the main idea of the subject! The subject’s intention is to change the placement of the gun when starting the game, if it is placed behind the side pawns on both sides. The advantage of this arrangement does not exist. You can directly change the number of steps or bugs of the main chess piece at the beginning of the game, and you can hide even if you want to change the opponent. Some people are good at using artillery, some are good at using horses, and some are good at using cars. If there is a number of steps to change horses at the beginning, wouldn’t it be unfair to those who are good at using horses. Then all chess players know this shortcoming, so they will certainly not study the strategy and art of horses in chess, but only study the strategies of guns and carts. Therefore, there are Chess Gods and Artillery Gods in chess masters, but there will be no Horse Gods, because the chess pupils can kill you Horse Gods at the start.

9 months ago

I just want to get to know the friend who asked the question, who is really like a fellow. As a chess lover, I have also thought about this question. First of all, this is not a bug. Chess pays attention to your coming and going. Even if you can eat the opponent’s horse, the opposite backhand will eat your cannon. The cost is just that your cannon is exchanged for the opponent’s horse. After two rounds of operation, you sell double cannons and the opponent loses double horses. Anyway, in my eyes it is not your advantage. But on the other hand, you know that the other party uses horses well. You can really hurt your vitality by doing this, but I think very few people will do it.

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