I want to play script killing with my friends, but both of us are a little bit unaware of strangers. I am very timid and afraid of saying something wrong. Can you tell me what I need to pay attention to?

Come here, just say a few words. Selection: The existence of a novice notebook is meaningful, so it is not easy for a novice to start with a novice notebook. After all, when I first came up, it was overwhelmed, or I was lonely… It caused a bad experience, and also misled others (I decided to write a novice book recommendation list). Principle problem: novices don’t have to hide that they are novices, but novices. The halo should not be reflected in the principle of being late, leaving early, jumping, frantic self-exposure, opening the sky and so on. No one blames you if you can’t get it out; only if you break the rules will make people look down on you; choose the role: 4. Technical level: Because there are too many, I will just say a few, and I will add them later. After you get the book, first read your tasks carefully (don’t be too curious about the places you don’t want to read for the time being), and then get a good understanding of your background story. In this way, when people ask questions, they won’t get messy and suspicious, or they always say that they don’t remember waiting for me to look through it. In fact, everyone shouldn’t like it very much, and the experience will be reduced. If you feel something that might be detrimental to you, try to say as little as possible at the beginning, and you will lose if you say too much. But there are some things that can advance the storyline (especially in the original book) and don’t have to keep trying to the end. Of course, this requires some empirical judgment, and novices can do not be too pressured, just come a few times. In fact, everyone generally has a dark side, and you can say something appropriately. Observe more of the interpersonal relationships around you (I mean the inside, avoid too much off-site, the relationships I’m talking about below are all inside the inside~). If you feel that you have something to do with some of the players present in this book, you can first ask the host if you can talk privately. After all, some of the relationships are confidential, and it’s not good for anyone to talk directly. But as a group game, if you only talk privately, of course it won’t work, so everything is appropriate. If you search for evidence, I think a good book, the most objective things of the hammer should be placed in the clue card, not all in the player’s book (especially in the book of individual players, it is very problematic ), if someone does not look carefully, they will be blinded. The clues should not be too direct, the murderer is also someone, please give a way to survive (good crooked), come back and continue talking about the players! If the role of the book is roughly divided, it is the murderer and the murderer. The murderer, the murderer must want to hide the most unfavorable evidence to him, but in many cases the evidence card is completely public. So if you are a murderer, you must first figure out what others will find you, and then try to make a reasonable story. Put the evidence in and compile and let the evidence corroborate what you said. The timeline is also very important. Many people will look at the timeline when they push aggressively. This cannot be said to be not a solution. Therefore, in order to avoid being stuck by others, it is recommended to listen to the timeline of others first and figure it out before compiling your own. Motivation is the least reliable but most people use it, so hiding the motivation and throwing it away to a third party is also a way to clean up. Those who catch the murderer, a piece of advice, don’t say “I’m really innocent, I’ll read the book for you”, and then start reading, you are not catching the murderer, you are forcing the murderer to kill you all. In addition, you can explain why your suspicion is not established, and you can also hammer other people you think are suspicious. This is fine, but please don’t hammer everyone present and say, I’m just testing your reaction, then This is not a logic game anymore. Are there any tricks to catching the murderer? Certainly, the timeline is the most obscure, the identity is the most mysterious (one of the ways to hide motivation), the evidence card is not clearly explained, and the happy one is the one (there is always another player to accompany the whole process, saying that we both do everything Together, one of them is very problematic) Wait, then I can write another column to write this, so I won’t go into details for now. I will update when I think of it someday, love you~


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8 months ago

Thanks for not inviting, Xiaowan is here again! Based on the experience of 16574 players, Xiaowan gives the following tips for novices: Remember to tell your boss or DM in advance that you are a novice to avoid them from choosing some difficult scripts or characters for you. The difficulty and threshold of the script are still three or six or nine. If it is too difficult, it may make novice players have no sense of experience, hit too much, and even lose interest in the script from then on. Xiaowan has seen novices playing “Gu Soul Bell” to persuade them to quit, and even some novices have to challenge “Seven Secret Chambers” after listening to other people’s recommendations, and then overturned halfway through. Don’t worry after you get the script, listen to DM’s advice first. Generally, DM will explain more to novices, such as whether to split the screen or read through the script when reading the script, as well as general rules and so on. If there are some things in the book that you don’t understand, you can also ask the DM alone. If you feel that there is too much information in the script and you can’t remember it, you might as well find a blank piece of paper to take notes. Remember not to write or draw on the script. This is actually not a novice patent, and veterans also need to take notes when they encounter complicated scripts, so many stores actually provide paper and pen. Remember to be careful with your notes and not to be seen by others. Read this book carefully, because each role has its own perspective. If the perspective is missing due to missing some plots, it is like missing a piece of the puzzle, and it is difficult to restore the truth during discussions. What you can’t say depends on the task. If the task doesn’t tell you whether or not you should say it, then try to figure out the role and see if you would say it if you were this person. For example, if a person has done some bad things, maybe there is no requirement to conceal it in the task, then ordinary people will not say that they have stolen things/beat people or did other bad things as soon as they come up to chat? When participating in the discussion, don’t be afraid of others asking you questions. If you really feel a little unwilling to let go, you can talk less. Although it is a novice, it is not recommended to be silent throughout the whole process. This can easily lead to the lack of perspective mentioned in Article 4. You can follow your questions and say something you know to help you find out the truth. This game requires everyone’s participation. It’s good to follow your own inner choice when you cast it. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake, the most important thing is the experience. Finally, there is a point that many people will not mention but is actually very important: listen to the replay! During this process, if you have any doubts, you have to ask, you say you have spent all your money, and you don’t know what to do. This is also a time when you see DM skills very much. Listen more and you will know if DM will really bring this book~ The above are the eight newbies summarized by Xiaowan for you. If you think it is helpful, can you give Xiaowan a thumbs up? ?

8 months ago

Don’t hang up, take the role
All masters start from newcomers
The fun of script-killing games generally starts from the fifth book
It is recommended to brush the classics into the pit book first:
The woman by the window, the annual ring, the pocket knight, and the No. 7 Kisaragi Street (the last one is a big advertisement for my own script)

8 months ago

In the first few games, you must choose your favorite character! In this way, your interest will be more intense. In some places, DM will look at people’s costs and may experience less experience. Start with a novice book, don’t experience the hot push book when you come up, the experience will not be very good. There is also a mobile phone. You must treat your mobile phone as something outside your body when you play the script. It will be good for you and the people in your car. Don’t expose yourself, don’t read the book, this is all basic content

8 months ago

In fact, there is nothing to pay special attention to. Script Killing is also a game. Things to pay attention to You tell dm (host) that you are a novice, and he will tell you the basic rules to follow. For example, if you are a murderer, don’t speak out, and if you are a murderer, don’t speak up. Or don’t open the next scene in advance.
As long as you respect the rules of the game, you will have a great game experience!

8 months ago

Because I am a dm, most of the things that affect the guest experience are the fact that the player sticks to his face to speak or the murderer exposes himself. At the beginning, you can ask dm what is suitable for novices to play. Don’t be too silent during the process of playing. This is also a bit of a bad experience for other players. Play according to your own logic. Hide things to hide, and other things. Can say

8 months ago

I suggest not to go. The news I just watched: April 15th, Harbin, Heilongjiang. A man and his friend played script kill. Because he was a novice, the store teamed up two “high-end players” for him. Three or four hours later, the man ended early due to a bad experience, and the store asked him to pay for the players who joined the group. There was a conflict between the two parties. The man stated that he refused to pay for the teammates because he was insulted by the player.

8 months ago

I was a secret room script at the beginning. I didn’t have much contact with the industry. Later, after I came to work in the secret room, I started to test the script first because it was a new store that just opened. When playing the script, don’t mention the script. It’s easy for me to read the script. Don’t tell the truth about the drama and push the murderer. You can conceal it properly, and then you can ask questions appropriately when you look at everyone’s demeanor. The emotions are really invested in it, and it’s really so easy to cry!

8 months ago

Substitute, don’t blew yourself up. In fact, it’s very simple. Think of the game as a real case and try it out. In this case, you will definitely hide any bad things you have done so that everyone will have the game experience. If everyone comes, they will say, “Oh, I’ll give you a knife but I won’t die. I recognize the clues of the knife. You can exclude me from yours. That’s boring.” Also, try not to read the script. Script killing is still very friendly to novices.

8 months ago

Don’t be too nervous, as long as your logic is okay, your speech is okay, and your reading ability is okay, you can basically get in the car easily. After getting the script, you must read the script as required, and don’t miss the details of your script. Don’t disclose the tasks on your script and tasks that need to be kept secret. Try not to read the script, use your own words to tell it. The most important point is that in the process of discussion, even if you are attacked and targeted, do not play the game emotionally. If you are a murderer, do not expose yourself to the real murderer until the last second. That’s about it, I wish you a happy ride.

8 months ago

Nothing is just a game to relax. Of course, it is possible that you will encounter someone who is particularly troublesome. Just ignore him. The important thing is to immerse, immerse, immerse, and don’t stick to your face, just like someone. Say you are a murderer, just say today if I am a murderer, I will jump from here

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