“1314”, a homophonic “forever”, has the meaning of being accompanied for a lifetime. March 14, 2021 coincides with a Sunday, and local civil affairs bureaus will be closed and will not handle business as required. Netizens from all over the country who are about to get married have left messages, hoping that the local Civil Affairs Bureau will temporarily open its doors on March 14 to realize the wishes of the newlyweds to get married in a good day.

Happy days do not need so many ceremonies to love each other, whether to divorce or divorce, or to break up or break up. To this day, it is better to add a name on the real estate certificate. The deep binding of pattern property is more important than ten thousand words of love. The fact that one has to admit is that, according to my observations, a certain economic basis can better obtain a stable marriage. This is the past, present, and future of most people. Talking about the sense of ritual is worse than talking about money. When I got up in the middle of the night, I came second. It seems that my answer still responds to the voices of some audiences. The sense of ceremony is actually not important in marriage. The important thing is whether two people have each other and whether they are willing to sit down and work together to solve the problems in life. Weddings, buying houses, various purchases, getting along with mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, real estate certificates without names, whether to be a full-time wife, whether to live in two places, how to control property, these are all possible problems that will be faced At that time, a small part of the ritual sense of life was wiped out by this and that little thing. What to do then? At that time, when I found that life was so flustered that there was no sense of ritual and I was willing to live with each other, when I found that I was still willing to face various problems and walk hand in hand, I still firmly fulfilled the vow of knowing each other, regardless of illness or poverty Happy marriage.

Work overtime for love, no problem, as long as the price is in place. For this everlasting love, is it not too much to collect 1314 yuan? In fact, during the Chinese New Year this year, the third day of the Lunar New Year coincides with Valentine’s Day and the Spring Festival holiday. Civil Affairs Bureaus in some areas have made exceptions to work overtime during the New Year for the love of the masses and handle special marriage registrations. Eternal love must be accompanied by expensive charges. The staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau worked hard to cooperate with everyone, and the charges must keep up. Finally, if you want to save money, wait a minute, isn’t it 20,211,111? “From the end” Ah.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This question is a bit familiar, “How do you think about netizens requesting the Civil Affairs Bureau to work overtime to register for marriage on February 2, 2020 on the “Millennium Symmetry Day”?” It is understandable that netizens who are about to get married are looking forward to good luck, but don’t care too much about the date. Marriage is a lifetime affair, and the color of the day cannot determine anything! What’s more, any work has its own arrangements. The day is a weekend and the staff are not working. If you agree to this request from a netizen, what will happen in the future? There can be countless ways of saying this kind of good luck. You can’t always “special things” every time. This is not in line with reality, and this kind of request should not be adopted. I hope that those who are obsessed with life will not care too much about whether they can get married on the day of 20211314, because as long as two people are of one mind, no matter what day they get married, they will be happy for a lifetime! I wish the lovers finally get married! Ruthlessly happy!

7 months ago

I’m a person who pays more attention to etiquette, and if I trouble others, I always have to show it.

If you have to work overtime, wouldn’t it be too much to send a red envelope to the staff?

But unfortunately, there are regulations that are not allowed.

So, how about a suggestion by the way, can you properly receive some gifts on the day of overtime?

Just 8.88 map auspicious is fine.

7 months ago

Suddenly something came to mind. Don’t you think that the marriage rate is too low and the divorce rate is too high? That’s it. Those who get the certificate on March 14th and May 20th will be rewarded 250 yuan per person for the first marriage. This will encourage more people to choose this artificial auspicious day for marriage, which will make the civil affairs bureau out of water, making it like a promotion to get free burgers Like McDonald’s. If you want to take this opportunity to make a fortune, you can get the certificate and collect money in 314 and 520 these days, and you can collect 250 per person. This can increase the income of the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the employees of the Civil Affairs Bureau can get a commission. Everyone is happy. In fact, I have never understood why this kind of 520 festival will have adults go to get the certificate. I have always regarded this kind of festival as an elementary school and middle school student to advertise for gifts or money. Marriage certificate should be regarded as auspicious day, depending on the time and the zodiac of the day. In addition, there are so many netizens suggesting that the Civil Affairs Bureau 314 work overtime and get married in a good time. It seems that the housing price is still not high enough. It is too rampant to allow so many non-mainstream people to be able to get married. It is recommended to increase the housing price and return the Civil Affairs Bureau to a clean one, so that the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau have water to draw and fish to touch. The units that people have worked so hard to pass the exam are asked to work overtime. Are you netizens still human? Can you still be able to get married? Still pick a day? Draw to go! If you ask you 213 to get married, you can get 213, and if you ask 513 to get married, you can get 513. That’s not ridiculous!

7 months ago

Marriage registrars are generally required to work overtime during recruitment, including [working overtime on special days such as holidays] I remember that some places also temporarily worked overtime on February 2, 2020. Also, netizens suggest that they should be suggested by netizens, and whether they are accepted or not is calculated by the Civil Affairs Bureau. As a result, they don’t need to be so excited and they are not under the control of labor law. Overtime work is also regulated. Some people usually don’t look at others against 996. They ignore the fact that 996 works free of charge at the bottom. They change their way to maintain the rationality of 996. At this time, come out and yell that you can’t work overtime for free? I really won you numb?

7 months ago

Those who got married that day had to pay 520 employees at a time to the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau who worked overtime. Usually, “If you don’t give 520, you don’t love me.” At the critical moment of once every 20,000 years, do you need someone to work overtime for you for free? Don’t talk about the good time of 4041314 two thousand years later, don’t you think that 404 can’t find the webpage in your love? On this day only once in 20,000 years, do you work overtime when you say that you work overtime? Are all the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau single? Can’t they give themselves a romance? If you have to work overtime, you can put the money on the table. Each couple must give 520 members of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Whoever proposes to get married at this time will give it. If you don’t give it, you don’t love him (her).

7 months ago

It is recommended that some of the more commonly used people’s livelihood businesses provide 7*8 reception capabilities similar to those of banks, and some businesses provide 7*24 online or automated services. (Here, I talk about extending the service provision time, but I didn’t say if you have to come alone. The personnel themselves can be scheduled.) For many people, there are only a few days of annual leave, and the company may not take it if there is an annual leave. This type of business sincerely recommends that more consideration should be given to the needs of the people. In addition, what can you do on the spot with the marriage certificate? Register information, verify yourself, stamp and issue a certificate. After tossing around, I have to go to the police station to change to married. Now even the bank card can be processed without a window, and the marriage certificate will wait for the day when it is processed online.

7 months ago

Do you pay for overtime work? Usually, when we talk about hitting workers to work overtime, they are filled with outrage. We don’t want to be involved. We can’t work overtime. We can’t give our heads to the capitalists. When it comes to our own interests, we start to call on others to work overtime. Don’t the civil affairs bureau staff need to rest? Do you need to leave work on time? Maybe you think that the Civil Affairs Bureau is working overtime, which is for the well-being of the society and the people. Then you usually go to work to build socialism, why are there so many people on the Internet saying that it is necessary to beat workers? Stand up and bring down capitalism? Is it true that the law does not blame the public?

7 months ago

Hypocrisy is true hypocrisy, we don’t know if it’s a bitch. Those couples who broke up, they haven’t had each other before? Of those divorced couples, which one who has never loved is dying to live? How heartbreaking is the crying when breaking up, and how passionate the love is when you are in love. How painful it is to get divorced, how ecstatic it is to get married. Which moment of confession is not a heartbeat? Which wedding day is not a good day? Which bridal chamber spends candles at night, not dry wood and raging fire? Roses symbolize love. Lovers who broke up haven’t given roses before? Diamonds are forever, right? Divorced couples, haven’t they bought a diamond ring? Love her, just ask her to eat Haagen-Dazs, and let you see a “heart of man” when you dump you. 2021314, love you forever? Stop making trouble. You have a long marriage. It’s not that you chose the right day to get your certificate. You will leave in the future. It’s not that the Civil Affairs Bureau will not go to work on March 14. You have a relationship with Rose, Diamonds, and Haagen-Dazs. Never mind. Do you love it or not, you have to add or not add a name to the room book, these guys can bear it, after all, the matter of the two of you has nothing to do with others. But, your feelings, let others go to work on March 14 this time? Satisfy your hypocrisy with the hard work of others? I… With all due respect, this hypocritical scream is too much! ! !

7 months ago

Netizens leave a message: Dear Secretary of Huaining County Party Committee, I have been preparing for the wedding during the epidemic last year, and it has been postponed due to the epidemic. The time for obtaining the certificate has been delayed. Because I work in a field, my wife and I have agreed to 2021 I went to marriage registration on March 14, 2015, which means that I will live forever. However, this day is a Sunday off day. I implore the leaders to approve the registration of marriage on this special day. All the leaders and colleagues who have worked so hard in the Marriage Registration Office, the special day is special. For the treatment, apply here, hope the leader understands our feelings, thank you very much. The Huaining County Civil Affairs Bureau replied that March 14, 2021 is a legal holiday, and the Marriage Registration Office of the Huaining County Civil Affairs Bureau will not work overtime to handle marriage registration. Warm reminder, during the epidemic prevention and control period, please avoid getting together and take personal protection when you come to our county marriage registry for marriage registration. I wish you a happy wedding and a good marriage for a hundred years. If you still have any questions, please consult the Marriage Registration Office of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Huaining County, Tel: 0556-4615060. Source: Xin’an Evening News Anhui Net Dawan News

7 months ago

First of all, it is the marriage registration department of the Civil Affairs Bureau that handles marriage, not the entire Civil Affairs Bureau. By the way, People’s Daily Online should be aware of the situation. This matter has nothing to do with “lifetime” or “auspicious day”, it is just a gimmick and a cover. The real reason is that some of the men and women who have registered for marriage try to save trouble and fear trouble. They use this as an excuse to talk about things, and those who do good things on the Internet are just making up. To report this matter directly to the secretary of the county party committee, rather than directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau, but hope that the county party committee will put pressure on the Civil Affairs Bureau. Don’t think that young couples are silly, naive and clever in feudal superstition. At present, marriage registration is usually staggered with the honeymoon time of the wedding banquet. First, register the marriage, then choose the right day for the wedding banquet, and finally spend the honeymoon. Wedding banquets and honeymoon are often arranged together, so couples usually take wedding leave at this time. But in this way, the days for registering for marriage are rather tricky, and often both parties individually request one day or half a day off from the unit to register with the Civil Affairs Bureau. Some newly-married couples find it troublesome, or don’t want to be deducted bonuses. They are busy with their work. If the civil affairs marriage registration department 007 works and rests well, it will get things done without affecting the work at all. Of course, it is impossible for the civil administration system to agree to this, so this opinion has no effect. I just met this 314 this year, so I wanted to try it. Anyway, those who truly believe in auspicious days belong to the minority. It’s fun and lively, it’s a different story. It stands to reason that although the civil affairs system cannot be 007 for this matter, in order to facilitate the people’s handling of affairs, it can take some convenient measures and more convenient registration, such as online processing. But after thinking about it, it’s best not to “convenience the people” for this kind of thing: marriage is a very ritualistic thing, and the so-called convenience measures might destroy this ritual and atmosphere. Usually a once-in-a-lifetime marriage, in the end, it feels like registering a game account. That picture is not everyone’s favorite.

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