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The fourth issue has also come out. Seeing that most of you like it very much, I feel relieved. Longing for the life of this program, the first period is a slow one day/the second period is two fast-paced days/the third period restarts the longing grass platform/the fourth period has nothing to do in one day but it is inexplicably beautiful. In each issue, I don’t know what kind of narrative style I will face next, which is really big. I temporarily announce that the fourth issue is my favorite issue of the fifth season. In the third phase, Liu Xiaoyi contributed the pergola and bonsai, and Qiao Shan contributed the legend of No. 1 in the Hulu world. Thank them, especially Qiao Shan’s snoring. All the cameras were turned off on the night of the snoring. This is a precious audio material that was not easy to find. I was forced to come out at four o’clock in the morning and ran to the living room to sleep. The two of them continued to chat for half an hour to play games, and then slept for three. Four hours-it’s time to get up. Personally, I have a very good impression of Yang Zi. We cut the Chinese restaurant before. She was also very energetic and infectious when she was in the Chinese restaurant. She basically wouldn’t let the place be cold when she was there. Yang Zi’s sense of variety is very strange. It is not a professional artist like Wei Daxun and Yang Di who knows how to create stalks. Instead, he is there naturally, and then responds to the problems encountered in his usual state, which will produce good results. Her image is especially like a female classmate who has a good relationship with everyone in the class when she is in school, she is careless, laughing, and unnaturally giving people a sense of intimacy. As soon as I entered the door, I called the wrong little h and o, and then laughed at anyone who talked to her. The opening and closing game continued to operate thanks to her, and she was still an old friend with her sister for many years. My sister’s circle of friends is really extensive, spoilers ahead of time, and my sister’s real friends will come in the future. The thing about hitting pajamas is really the greatest change in the history of variety shows. Generally speaking, when encountering this kind of problem, many program groups will choose to delete the relevant content, and then try to avoid the pajamas of two people in the camera, and try not to let everyone see it. Even the agency companies of the two artists involved will come to negotiate, because The artist is also afraid of not knowing what it will be like. One thing that I want to be very powerful is that the show has always paid attention to protecting the artist, and has never used the private life of the artist to earn eyeballs like some shows, so the show has always been trusted by the artist enough and can be freely edited. Similarly, both Zhang Yixing and Yang Zi handled this matter very well. Yang Zi said openly, “Your pajamas are the same as me,” Zhang Yixing said openly, “hi, gossip girlfriend”. They dealt with it this way, which is much more advanced than hesitating to speak and avoiding deliberately. Then Teacher Huang and Teacher He deserve to be the two best variety artists in the contemporary era (other fields are also great, here only variety shows), Teacher Huang added fuel and vinegar, and asked Yang Zi to bring the pajamas. Now that something has happened, it’s better to let everyone see it clearly. Teacher He reconciled appropriately in another dimension, such as “especially like this one made in the footwashing room”, and the embarrassment can be resolved at once. My sister changed her conversation and turned into a hot one, haha. Peng Peng’s good father flashback is my favorite one-off clip, haha. The allusion of Peng Dao is that Peng Peng has a very powerful knife in the game, and the allusion of Zhang Shisan is a pet with 13 skills. Finally, spoiler, Peng Peng hates Yang Zi because of love, what kind of love, hatred, hatred, grievance, and entanglement, let’s listen to the next time to decompose.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

This issue is the one that best suits my taste this season. Although there is no lively scene like Peng Peng’s lead dancer, Zhang Yixing’s live-shaking passages are too powerful. Some personal favorites in this issue. 1. God of Snoring~ Teacher He half woke up and saw two brothers on the ground. What Qiao Shan did at night has been clear, and it has been shown clearly~ I feel that if there are other life variety shows to ask him, this stalk can be used for several years. “Director, for this issue of snoring, I plan to start with a “snoring on the ground”, followed by a “three combo of thunder explosions”, and then for half an hour melodiously, and at the end, it clicks suddenly, accompanied by a dragon spraying out of the snoring nostrils. , What do you think…” 2, Han Han brothers. In the last episode, Peng Peng’s reckless behavior was cut into a special grade, but at the beginning of this episode, Peng Peng and Yixing were both foolish and foolish. You can see the two people’s foolish expressions in almost all unexpected situations. Are there any additional charges? It takes five or six people to bring the boat up~ Just a few shots, two man-made broken 5 hoes… The main reason is the expression, it takes time for Zhang Yixing’s reflex arc to connect~ There is also a part of safe driving~ Why do you always feel that someone is laughing at me… Sister, did you hear that? No, you are also laughing~3. Three hands playing the keyboard. Knowing that Zhang Yixing wants to live in the scene, I am looking forward to it. My sister was very interested in the electronic piano before and will also play it. Looking forward to the cooperation of the two people in the future~ Knowing that Yixing will live in the mushroom house, the two most anticipated scenes, one He played the guitar to accompany his younger siblings, and the other was the four-handed accompaniment. 4. The shirt is hit. Before watching this episode, I saw a lot of people talking about two people in the same pajamas. In fact, this pajama appeared on the quilt at the foot of Zhang Yixing’s bed at the night of the activity at two o’clock in the evening. When two people discovered the same style of pajamas, they must have realized the trouble instantly, but they didn’t know why it was so funny. Maybe both of them thought it was a bit absurd~. Zhang Yixing tells Master, Jiong Jiong and Peng Peng while talking on the phone. It’s so interesting that the whole person slips to the ground. It’s good to face directly like this. In fact, if Zhang Yixing changes pajamas, the front camera doesn’t It may be more troublesome if you subtract it. A candid response often contains a kind of power. This reaction of Zhang Yixing and Yang Zi is not only frank but also funny~5. Zhang Shisan. The end game and mobile game spokesperson of “Fantasy Westward Journey” secretly chats about games when free. The baby’s 12 skills are not enough, so Zhang Shisan has 13 skills. When discussing the topic of love and marriage, Huang Xiaochu urged marriage online. However, the life pattern of the young people nowadays seems to be different from his career ambition. Both apprentices don’t have this string in their minds~6. Sister talks about tuberculosis. Yang Zi came to the Mushroom House, and finally someone could tell her sister confidently: How can you talk so much when you meet someone you don’t know. I believe that Huang Xiaochu, Jiong Jiong, Peng Peng and his sister’s family have all said the same to her, but after these two seasons, we can still see that my sister has been affected by certain remarks. I feel that the little sister has said this unintentionally. More can win the trust of my sister~. The younger sister who became a college student has become more confident and cheerful this season, and I hold a lot more friends like this. 7. Preview of the next period. As always, there is quite a lot of interesting information in the next preview of this issue. In the childish game of going to the fair, Peng Peng jumped so fast on one leg… The group of people in the mushroom house is too childish ~ ~ There are also a few short pictures that I find very interesting. a. Peng Peng, who was asleep, made two movements, fingering each other and then thumbs up. This action is particularly interesting to do with your eyes closed. b. My younger sister rides in a car. Safety is the first priority. My younger sister’s smile is too sweet~c. My country, the entire No. 1 land is personally ploughed by me with a tractor~ d. Skateboarding shoes, Yixing looks up at her younger sister. The picture of a sliding step is so interesting. That moment reminds me of Guido’s burlesque performance before being taken away in “Life Is Beautiful”, or Sir Dennis Thatcher holding a cane in “Mrs Secher”. (Umbrella?) The scene of making Margaret Thatcher happy is inexplicably interesting. e. Welfare Center, is it the only thing I noticed my sister’s running scene in the corner of the camera~~f, a stubborn man roasting a chicken, Peng Peng cleaving the window, Yixing burning fire, hahahaha…g, my sister and Yang Zi are chatting , I really can’t finish talking~ h, Yixing and HO couple, they seem to go next to Yixing every meal~ i, chef Zhang, the sense of sight of the young master of China~j, sooner or later, teacher He hears gossip The bed jumped up when I was on the newly made bed, I don’t know if this bed can last this season.

8 months ago

The MVP of the audience was given to Zhang Yixing; this issue is too close and everyone is so funny to see Qiao Shan’s mellow snoring and “snoring” running. Two younger brothers are funny. See Peng Peng and Zhang Yixing all the way. N farm tools are funny. See Zhang Yixing. The speed at which my sister drove the tricycle out of the walker was also funny, watching everyone gather to watch the beautiful black roast chicken with Erlang’s legs upside-down, or it was funny, and then watching the night hitting her pajamas, Zhang Yixing ran back to the house and called and thought that the Buddhist family was rumored with his girlfriend anyway. The way it looks is directly hilarious and today’s abdominal muscle exercise is achieved I have to say that since I met Zhang Yixing, he has always used ways that I or most people did not expect to break the predicament. People are born with a tendency to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, but every time Zhang Yixing has Directly face up to the difficulties. In the past, when the group members changed, they would directly take the plan to talk to the studio. When they saw something and wanted to do something, they would directly go on stage and point to the nose to sing one dozen, one dozen, two dozen, three, four, five, six, seven. The things that have been bloody and bloody for a few months are directly positive. Hey the rumored girlfriend. It is such a confident and funny god. I was surprised and hilarious. I was like the melon-eater Peng Hehuang. Good guy, I have to be good guys. I dreamed of returning to work in my spare time at midnight. I couldn’t help thinking about how many times I would avoid this topic when I was writing my review today and take the opportunity to refute rumors, but none of Zhang Yixing’s very open and slightly ridiculous response was simple and straightforward. Effectively, my little hardworking classmates are really good

8 months ago

This season’s longing feature films are all in the form of prose, recording fragments of life, which is not so good for those who like narratives. Since there are many scandals about Yixing and Yang Zi on the Internet, I’m here to eat melon in this issue. I watched the pictures of the two in the same frame throughout the whole process. I felt that the two people knew each other but the relationship was not too familiar. Because I had heard about the scandals, Getting along is a bit awkward, but fortunately, the pajamas incident broke the matter. It is estimated that the two people will get along more naturally in the next period. Some people like to knock their CPs, but I don’t think they have a strong sense of CP. The CPs of the Zhang brothers and sisters make me feel more beautiful. From the nodding acquaintances when I first met, to the excited hugs when I passed the exam, to the present three-handed total Playing the electronic piano, especially the smile when my sister sits on the tricycle of her brother, everything is so natural, so warm, and so beautiful! I have to mention the temperament of the three brothers and sisters at Mushroom House. They are really good. Whose family has such three children, how happy parents are! It’s beautiful to think about. Apart from eating melons, the only thing that touched me a little was the words of Teacher Huang Lei, “I don’t think I’m 50 years old. I always have a trance like I am in my thirties.” Because I am the same age as him, not seeing my son. I am so tall and mammoth, and I can’t feel the passage of time. In the final analysis, my life is too calm. This country gives me a sense of security and happiness (the contented person is always happy), just like My 90-year-old grandmother said with emotion, “In the past, when we were suffering, the days were counted. Now a year is gone.” I am grateful for living on this land and for everyone living in this land. personal.

8 months ago

I must make this clear to everyone who eats melon! Their scandals started on the day when the entertainment industry refuted the rumors. On that day, the rumors flew all over the sky. Later, the owner of the melon clarified that this melon is basically a situation that no one cares about, and I even forgot that they had a scandal. Later, Zhao Liying divorced and Du Hua liked it. This melon took a total of three times before it took root in the hearts of the people who eat melons. However, the two of them participated in the yearning life before Zhao Liying announced their divorce. At that time, this scandal was a situation that no one cares about. There was no avoiding suspicion at all. Team discussions and the like were purely coincidental. When shooting, it’s just getting along with friends. It’s really not that much. Everyone has to be rigorous in eating melons!

8 months ago

On the whole of this issue, the first half of the period is plain and flat, and the laughter flies all the way behind it. It is often unexpected coincidences that the variety show is bursting and surprises. I have always had a filter for Yang Zi with children. Who knew that she was also a 28-year-old girl, thinking she was very young. As a result, when he called Xiao Ba to Xiao H and Xiao O, he laughed to death. Together with my sister, taking my sister with me also changed the conversation in seconds. Hey when the little sheep met, there is no one rumored girlfriend. Tiger is still our sheep and tiger, and we almost turned the purple sister directly. It is estimated that the absolute first person in the entertainment industry to do this, hahaha. To be funny, Gao Neng’s funniest is the following Qiao Shan’s earth-shaking snoring. There really is no one, and the two children directly shook outside. Although safety comes first, the little sheep’s driving trip is too safe. The safe sister can’t help it. It’s too slow, even knowing that others laugh at you. Coincidentally hit the pajamas. This is really a classic. The scared sheep directly picked up the mobile phone. In the end, it was easily resolved with the help of Teacher He and Teacher Huang. It was generous, that is, the two of them. Don’t learn from others. I can’t learn. Finally, small smiles are intensive, and there are always warm moments. The warmth of my sister and Yixing playing the piano together, Xiaoyi and her sister have a good time making potted plants, and Peng Peng has also been inspiring exercises, “Mother He” and “Daddy Huang”, tasting the five bucket rice warehouse, laughing and laughing. , Warm, calm and lovely. By the way, why do I look forward to Yixing’s egg?

8 months ago

I don’t chase stars, but I like the life of yearning. A pure passerby, Zhang Yixing is really popular! But cute and loving, just like my sister, it makes people feel very beautiful. I don’t know why there are always people who have a big prejudice against the yearning life. It can be seen that the program is much better than the previous season, and I have listened carefully to the opinions of the audience. Just came from Weibo. Yang Zi and Zhang Yixing have three hot searches, and passers-by have a good impression of them. Both of them are also generous, neither deliberately speculating on CP, nor deliberately avoiding suspicion. I think in fact, as long as the two fans don’t tear them up on Weibo, it’s okay. Otherwise, they really lose their affections. If they are not together, they are not together. There are really many passers-by who want to knock them off. Fans don’t need to tear them. Now the Cp is not just being spontaneous in the circle. The state of my sister and Yang Zi is really like the state of my good friends. We say some boring things together, but they can talk for a long, long time. They are all very cute people.

8 months ago

Watching a variety show where there are so many scenes, it turns out that chasing a variety show is to relax, so why do you have so many moths? The setting of this season is really fun, it is equivalent to an upgraded farming game, the guests put in labor and get the means of living. With the increase in productivity and the use of tools, the cost of obtaining the same means of living has also increased. It is wonderful to set rules and fight wits and courage. But in reality, exploitation has already appeared. The Wudou rice warehouse has been upgraded, and it is much more delicious and even more tiring. This issue is still good-looking, Yang Zi is very suitable for this show, cheerful and generous, and also very interesting. Goodbye mom, tonight I will voyage to the happy planet theme song and dream of my childhood. I guess I’ve never heard of it when I’m young; switching this game, can I actually play for five seasons? Laugh to death. Yixing is actually afraid of chicken heads. He can only eat a ball of chicken. It is no one to be afraid of sharp-billed animals. The roast chicken failed again. Fortunately, it was only half dark, otherwise it would be one less dish. Sisters chatting is really seductive. Wearing the same pajamas is obviously funny, how can there be so many things. I would like to accept the bet and help those who win to wash their feet, and the longing for the foot washing room is opened.

8 months ago

Zhang Yixing is really a competent idol artist. Seeing that he was wearing the same pajamas as Yang Zi, he called immediately. I didn’t know if it was a PR or what he was doing. The next day, Mr. Huang pulled a good match. Zhang Yixing’s phrase I don’t know what love is, I’m really sad, idol. It’s not easy to be an artist (of course, there are also promiscuous girlfriends such as XX group). Idol artists who cherish their work and love their team should not gossip about rumours. Zhang Yixing is thirty years old and feels that he has not fallen in love yet (I actually I believe it), really dedicated. Peng Yuchang is really hitting pajamas with ten female stars. Everyone shouldn’t think much about it. Maybe he even teased whether he did it on purpose. This may be the difference in positioning. The good thing about the longing life is that you don’t fry them casually. For several seasons, there are very few deliberate frying of male and female CPs. Editing this thing is really the same. One thing can be cut for different effects, and the same thing about pajamas can be cut. It has become the current funny style of refuting rumors, and it can also be cut into ambiguous CP style. Huang Lei is really in this town. It is estimated that the program team is not too dare to do things, so it may be time to scold Mr. Huang. But this issue is really funny. The editing of the program group actually made progress (or innovation). It used to be edited by time. Now it feels like editing by event. If it is not interesting, just drop it out or refer to it later. Recall it. .

8 months ago

Now that I have clarified openly, you still feel a sense of cp, and you will stubbornly love it. Fans don’t hate cp, but they hate rumors. You have to press your head on the things you obviously don’t have, and pretend to understand the king to the fans: “That’s all to lie to your fans, the more outrageous the melons are, the more real they are.” It’s so laughable, fans don’t know more than a passing melon eater ? If you don’t spread rumors, just enjoy yourself. There is no need for fans to go to ky. However, the folks who eat melons, since the kowtow is here, do you want to settle the fee? Zhang Yixing’s fourth album “Lotus” is currently on sale. QQ music is on sale. If you can’t buy it, you won’t be fooled. There are 20 pure mpop music, listen I’ve said that it’s okay to come to the music dream of Lamb!

8 months ago

After watching the live broadcast, I watched it again after the update. I can’t wait to answer it. I’ll take up a pit, and I’ll update again after watching the membership version the day after tomorrow. This issue is really overwhelming. I came up with a big laugh. Qiao Shan’s snoring. Because the live broadcast was late, I didn’t watch it before. I saw it after watching the rebroadcast. Oh my God, that snoring is really like art. Xing’s words are split, no wonder Yixing is so far away, the first one to be forced outside, hahaha, seeing Yixing and Peng Peng sleeping next to each other in the living room, it is really full of brotherhood, so good. From the second period, I feel that the aura of Yixing and his sister are in good harmony. In this period, Yixing drove with his sister. The two of them talked and laughed. The picture is really comfortable. Besides, Yixing and Yixing, your safety awareness is as strong as ever. You can drive a car in the zero reset and a tricycle in the life. That speed, tusk, let you live. It feels like driving an old scooter. I laughed to death. I am still complaining to my sister. I think they are always laughing at me from behind. Did you hear my laughter off the screen? I have to say that Yixing’s state is really getting better and better, more and more relaxed. When Yixing relaxes, the output is crazy like no money. Hahaha, I will put a paragraph to focus on the lanterns and colorful lights, the magic lamp teacher. I seem to like Yixing and Yixing very much. They said that the relationship is not good. As a result, raincoats, colored lights, mobile phone cases, colored lights, tea cups, colored lights, I can’t help but say a word for the magic lamp sister: Oh, man! This issue of Yixing’s reaction to being frightened by the magic lamp teacher is the shortest time I have ever seen Yixing’s reflection arc. This picture can only be recorded on the screen, and the screenshots are all false. It is really worthy of Zhang PD, this balance lever. In the last issue, I said that Peng Peng and Yixing are both simple and honest, and their performance really constantly verifies my conclusions, sister, stay away from your two brothers, and you must not become the third Tie Hanhan. Finally, This issue of Yang Zi came as a guest. In fact, at the beginning, I was quite worried, because the scandal between them was really, inexplicable, and it is now popular. There is no photo, no evidence, just open your mouth? Yang Zi probably didn’t let go of this issue. I felt a little embarrassed on the first day (purely my personal feelings). However, they hit their pajamas really, and the sense of variety was overwhelming. Yixing’s reaction was real, and he immediately returned to the house. I took a phone call, haha, Peng Peng still complained: I’m even more unexplainable now, brother, I laughed to death, and also, the first time I saw two artists refuting rumors so directly, haha, some netizens said on Weibo They are very cute. They also said that Yixing’s reaction to Yang Zi was like a peacock opening the screen. This is really a bit too much. To be honest, I also feel this way when watching the live broadcast. I have been thinking, Yixing, what are you. The situation is abnormal. After watching the replay, I discovered that Yang Zilai should belong to the second recording. The first recording has been together for three days (it seems to be a recording for three days). Yixing and others are familiar with each other. The state is also back. From the second recording on the island, Yixing’s state has been very excited. It is estimated that, as I said in the later stage, the third day is completely to release myself, hahahaha. Finally, the most anticipated issue of this program is always the next issue. Yixing is going to get eggs (here is a thousand-ring firecrackers), haha, I’m looking forward to it. After all, Master has said in advance that this picture is very funny. , Hahahaha. Okay, I’ll stop here for the time being, there’s no logic, what I want to write, I wrote down the points I can remember, that’s it, good night! After watching the plus version, I’m here. Can the program group invite some comedians familiar to the family, like Qiao Shan, who laughed too much. The plus version really laughed so badly at the front, and the back is a bit awkward compared to the front. By the way, Xiaoyi is really a treasure, the more I look at it, the more I like it

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