Huang Xihua, deputy to the National People’s Congress, suggested that a nationwide policy to liberalize fertility should be introduced as soon as possible. It is recommended to abolish birth restrictions and fully liberalize births. Implement policies that encourage childbirth, and effectively reduce the burden of raising families in taxation, education, medical care, employment, etc., so that ordinary families are willing to have children, can afford to have children, and can afford to raise children.

Let ordinary families “willing to give birth, afford to give birth, and afford to support” this is what Huang meant. In fact, the recent experts’ calls for liberalizing fertility are not one-sided. They all increase subsidies while liberalizing. Education, medical care, employment and other aspects have effectively reduced the burden of raising families. In fact, the childbirth policy is related to the “people’s livelihood suffering”. Simply letting go of childbearing does not increase the willingness of young people to bear children. The people are not afraid of having children, but they are afraid of raising them. Nowadays, the pressure of life is too great, so you must be responsible for your children and satisfy their education. , Medical and other aspects, but in reality, these aspects are too difficult for ordinary families.

If the relevant supporting policies are not implemented, the liberalization of childbearing can only become the welfare of a small number of “rich and entitled” classes, and the problem of large families will arise, which is contrary to the vision of the national policy, so the liberalization Childbirth is simple, but encouraging childbirth is difficult. The people’s aspiration is the direction of governance. I believe there will be a good supporting measure introduced.

Some people say that in the past, people were poor, so why are so many still alive? In fact, in terms of the cost of having children, it was much cheaper to have children in the past than it is now. In 1998, the domestic urbanization rate just exceeded 30%. In the past, rural people in China accounted for the vast majority, and the cost of raising children in rural areas was very low. After giving birth to farm work, the child was carried directly to the ground. Sometimes the child was carried while working, and sometimes the child was directly placed on the ground. Play by yourself. After the child is six or seven years old, the child will do housework, such as feeding cattle, feeding geese, feeding ducks, cutting pig grass, cooking, etc. Anyway, I used to do it when I was young. Not to mention going to school, since I went to kindergarten, I just walked there by myself. I still remember when I was in kindergarten, sometimes I was playing in the mud on the road and I was late without paying attention. Sometimes, I play truant, play on the road, don’t go to school, and go home after seeing those after school. In short, at that time, raising children in rural areas was very extensive, and when they were raised to six or seven years old, they could help the family with work. It was considered a small labor force and could make a certain profit. At that time, the cost of having children in rural areas was low and the benefits were high. Now it’s different. Now the urbanization rate is over 60%. When children are born in the city, parents cannot bring them to work. Someone has to take them specially, and someone has to pick them up and drop off at school and after school. Moreover, the current urban housing units are mainly two-bedroom and one-bedroom units. Let alone the difficulty of buying a house, this type of housing alone limits the ability to have a second child, and there is no place to live after birth, let alone a third child. The cost of children going to kindergarten is also increasing. How to give birth to this situation? Raising children in rural areas is almost the same as in cities. Due to the relocation and integration of schools in rural areas, the school is far away from home, and children have to be transported to and from school. Now the rural children are different from ours, and they do less housework. But the better thing is that the rural areas are at least very ample in housing, and there are many rooms in rural houses, so you are not afraid of having no place to live when you have children. Therefore, there are still many second births in rural areas, at least more than in cities. But the problem now is that the urban population already accounts for the majority. Although the urbanization rate seems to be 60% on the surface, in fact, the urbanization rate of young people is estimated to have reached at least 80%, that is, it is estimated that 20% of young people are in rural areas. Even if these 20% of young people all have second births, it will not change the trend of accelerated decline in the birth population in recent years. The young people in the city don’t even give birth to a second child. Some don’t even have a first child. Others don’t even get married because of economic pressure. Who do you want to reason with? The main force of childbearing now is the post-90s, and the average annual number of births in the 90s is 20 million. If 80% of post-90s give birth to a second child, the annual number of births should now be around 18 million. However, only 14.65 million people were born in 2019, and an estimated 12.5 million people were born in 2020. If this trend continues, the number of births will drop below 10 million in two years. In short, the current issue of giving birth is not a question of unwillingness to let go, but a question of not being able to afford it. The benefits of full liberalization may only be enjoyed by the rich. Anyway, if you have money, you can give birth to your family and your wealth is enough.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Representative Huang did not just talk about the liberalization of childbirth, but also said the following words: “In terms of taxation, education, medical care, employment, etc., the burden of raising families is effectively reduced, so that ordinary families are willing to have children, can afford children, and can afford children.” . I have already talked about the specific problem directly. It’s just that these goals are good. Who will pay for the goals? In the short term, no one can afford it. Even from the perspective of world history, there is no solution to this contradiction without occupying the high end of the world’s industrial chain. Of course, this does not mean that the speculative flow of domestic real estate developers and others should continue. Judging from the policies of the past few years, it is clear that “the money that should not be earned cannot be earned”. The way of distributing cakes will change for the better. But none of these will work in the short term. This generation of young people is destined to bear the prospect of getting old and working in low-end industries.

7 months ago

Full liberalization means full liberalization. It is not that policies are forcing us to live. Full liberalization will not affect those who do not want to have a desire to have a child. Those who only want to have a first child will not have a second child because of the full liberalization of childbirth, and those who only want to have a second child will not be fully liberalized because of childbirth. And to have three children. For example, after giving birth to my second child, I will never regenerate my belly. No matter how you change your policy, it’s my business. After the full liberalization of fertility, only those who have the intention to give birth to three children will have an impact, and there will be no fines in the future, and they will decide whether to give birth or not after weighing the pros and cons. In our hometown of Chaoshan, there are a lot of people in families with three, two, and one children, and most of them are between three children. Even if the childbirth is not fully liberalized, those who want to have three children are already giving birth. , My cousin has already given birth to a third one. I heard that the fines paid are quite a lot? Speaking of this, some people will say that we Chaoshan people can really give birth, 4, 5, 7, 8 births. In fact, there are so many children born in the post-90s. Generally, there are two children and three children, and a few have three or more children. Three children and four children born in the 1980s are more common, and those born in the 70s generally have three or more children. Because they are doing more business, they used to be not afraid of being laid off and fined them. The reason why Chaoshan people dare to give birth to so many children and prefer sons to daughters stems from our mercantilism, and the degree of involution is small. Because many Chaoshan people think that reading is not the only way out, Chaoshan people attach great importance to education on the one hand, but they do not worry about education. If they can, they will go out to work for a few years, and then start business or have a family. The business will take their own classes, and the children can’t go to college, it’s not a matter of heaven for us. Therefore, in recent years, Chaoshan people have seized almost all the outlets in the past 20 years, and they have also monopolized the real estate, foreign trade, clothing, toys, Chinese medicinal materials, ceramic tiles, and watch markets of Guangshen Buddha Guanhui. Those who have not studied except for the Pearl River Delta In addition to doing business in the major wholesale markets, there are also major supermarkets, large and small convenience stores, beef hot pot restaurants, restaurants, or Taobao, Pinduoduo, Jingdong, and live broadcast at home. People who are flexible and daring to fight are not bad at mixing. Now those in my family who didn’t go to college and started business from scratch are no worse than those of us who are academics. The degree of involution is small. In addition to the degree of education anxiety that is not north of Huguangshen, it is also because although the prices of commercial housing in our area are not cheap, because of the freedom to buy and sell small property rights, the right woman will not just because you live in small property rights. I don’t want to marry you. Many people even have their own self-built houses. I am not afraid of many children. Some houses are for you to live in. Our beauties are low, so the degree of involvement in marriage is also small, and it won’t cost the parents half their lives just because the children get married. In our generation, the land is also divided according to the population of the family, and the urban villages will also pay dividends according to the population of the family. According to the local economic structure of Chaoshan, the advantages of having more than one child outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, many Chaoshan people feel that having a few more births is good for themselves and for their families, not only because of the excitement, but also because they are a labor force and a business helper, so no matter whether they are rich or poor, the post-90s generation is between two and three children. It is best to give birth to a man, and there are others in his own business. In the future, even if he does not study well, he can still do business on his own. As for workers who settle in big cities, for example, I, a little teacher, will only give birth to two at most. Three is absolutely impossible. Those who are willing to give birth, let them give birth. Respect their choices and follow their own path. They give birth to as many children as they want, and we can’t control them. We can give birth to as many as we want, and others can’t control them.

7 months ago

The house was on fire, and Zhang San proposed to find firefighters to put out the fire as soon as possible. Li Liu said: “The fire burns up very quickly. According to scientific principles, it is estimated that the whole house is going to be finished. This is not something you can solve by looking for firefighters!” Wang Er said: “You can find a firefighter to get 100%. Do you want to put out the fire? The key is to do a good job in fire prevention!” Zhao Si: “Speak lightly! You need to find a firefighter and go by yourself, don’t bother me!” Old Eight: “There is always a fire in the house. Do a good job in house maintenance.” Zhang San was “overwhelmed” amidst the discussion. The house was swallowed by fire, and everyone was in this house.

7 months ago

Huang Xihua makes this kind of proposal almost every year. It’s really a bit of aesthetic fatigue. As a person with higher education, although her school is only a third-rate university, she definitely understands some truths. For example, the lack of desire for childbearing is due to the huge gap between the rich and the poor, rather than the country’s failure to liberalize fertility. If you don’t believe me, look at Zhang Yimou, the country hasn’t allowed childbirth. Isn’t he still three or four? Even Mr. Lin’s family in the Hangzhou nanny arson case that was hyped over the Internet two years ago had three children. It can be seen that whether or not to have children, how many children, and whether to open up the relationship with the country is not a big deal. The key is to see how much money you have, whether you can afford to have children, and can you afford to raise them? Based on the current situation in China, only by reducing the gap between the rich and the poor can the people be willing and daring to have children. Although the media often advocated the average income of the Chinese people, a few days ago they even trumpeted that “the per capita assets of Chinese residents is 360,000”. However, the huge gap between the rich and the poor in China is one of the best in the world, but it should be a fact that every Chinese citizen has to admit. The average number has long been criticized by many people. It’s as if I and Jack Ma averaged, I also have tens of billions. But what does this average mean to ordinary people? In reality, China’s resource power has long been monopolized by a small number of people. While they can easily earn billions and tens of billions each year, countless ordinary people are under great pressure. They cannot afford housing, education, medical care, and other huge expenses, let alone dare not. Fertility. With such a huge gap between the rich and the poor, Zhumen’s wine and meat are smelly, and the road is frozen to death. The carnival of the rich highlights the poverty of ordinary people, and puts more pressure on the lives of ordinary people, making them have to reduce fertility or even infertility to maintain their standard of living. Chinese people do not want to have children because the country does not allow them to give birth, but because they are poor, they are unable to give birth and dare not give birth. So, what exactly does Huang Xihua intend to make such a proposal every year? In fact, the Chinese people are not stupid. When these officials or the rich have their little tails, everyone knows what shit they are going to make. Huang Xihua intends to deliberately mislead the people through the proposal, and wants to reduce taxes to the rich in the name of promoting fertility to conceal the fact that narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor can promote fertility, and replace the voice that narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor can promote fertility. To put it bluntly, she wants to divert the common people’s attention to the huge gap between the rich and the poor, divert the real contradiction, and plant the common people’s unwillingness to give birth to the country’s fertility policy. The so-called killing two birds with one stone not only transfers the huge gap between the rich and the poor, but also asks the state for policies to reduce taxes for the rich who have many children and subsidize the rich who have many children. Who can say that NPC deputies like Huang Xihua are not smart? The so-called “exhaustion of institutions” refers to such people, right? I just want to warn that with the huge gap between the rich and the poor in China, continuing to use various reasons to reduce taxes and subsidies to the rich will only increase the gap between the rich and the poor more quickly, greatly deteriorating the fertility environment, and make the ordinary People are even more afraid to give birth!

7 months ago

The status quo cannot be changed, the ones who always want to be born will naturally be born one after another, and the ones who have no conditions will not want to be born. Japan’s policy on childbirth and nurturing is so good that it still has a serious declining birthrate since more than 20 years ago. The average age of India is 29, and 800 million people are under 38, making it the youngest country in the world. Is that all right? Jobs simply cannot provide that much, but a large number of people in India do not want to be motivated, and do not like to go to school. So it’s enough to earn money and go home to eat. It’s satisfying.. Take out the trash at a young age, buy fruit, sell tea on the street… Happy! Even if they are allowed to study, they feel that it is enough for them to be able to write frequently used words to communicate. Fully liberalize childbirth, even if they all have children, now a lot of college students are unable to find ideal and suitable jobs. In the future, they will not have a postgraduate doctorate, and they will study for 20 years… and then let themselves have children like India. Selling tea? Go to the community to collect garbage from door to door every day? Parking lot to see the car charge? Let parents worry about it. And now they are all working, and found that they need to learn more quickly, take a certificate, and go to a cram school with a question, even if it is an online class, why don’t you take time? Small children need to go to early education; older children need cram school, and the piano English dancing robot is afraid to pull it down. Is it over at the cram school? On the way, review, it takes time. It’s okay to have food at home. If there is no food, order takeaway, or make it quickly. Is it all done by cooking? Shouldn’t I buy and wash vegetables? After eating, even if you have a dishwasher, you can’t walk in and out of the dishes by yourself. Wearing a towel is the same as you just came out of the bathhouse, right? Please an aunt… For example, I am 50-60 in the future, and the children let me show them to their children…keep it down! Looking at the big one, I’m almost half-life. Just after I’ve been slowed down, let me watch it again? From me I don’t want to! Paying for money, doing housework, watching children for a day? I really can’t see it. Raising children to prevent old age, at most, preventing parents from dementia. A living person in the family will not be deducted from nursing homes.. There are more children, so prenatal and postnatal care, and fewer children need to encourage childbirth. This wave line will never be balanced. when…

7 months ago

Ah no, it’s better not to worry too much about other people’s wombs and live your own life well. As a young man, I feel that I don’t even have a bad life. Do I still want to encourage childbirth? Of course, the representative may consider that there are many early marriages in some remote rural areas, and provide them with more legal channels for this phenomenon. But I think having a baby is more than just having a baby. What about the cost of raising a baby? What about the cost of educating children? The various expenses are so numerous that they are overwhelming. I think if you have to give birth, in order to raise children intensively, one or two is really enough (both children are challenging enough). Some people have roughly calculated that for a child, it costs 10,000 to go to a kindergarten in some places, and there are also various interest classes. But if you don’t report, can your child keep up with others? Don’t cause us to complain about other people’s children in the future. Calculated like this, from kindergarten to university, no one million will not be able to come to Taiwan. Besides, women in the workplace are also women. No matter how unwilling women are, they are still naturally endowed with the ability to have children. If fertility is fully liberalized, discrimination in the workplace really exists, and this is difficult to weigh. So deputies, do you want to find a way to solve workplace discrimination? The matter of giving birth is really not easy. So, it is very good to have a second child now. Fully liberalize fertility? Quite unrealistic.

7 months ago

Based on everyone’s views, what should be done is: [Do not lift restrictions, not fully liberalize, but only reduce the burden and increase welfare] If you want to live but have concerns, you can regenerate, and this prevents the rich from overproducing. In fact, letting go or not letting go depends on the third- and fourth-tier cities. Then the first and second lines are always blood-sucking worms. In fact, it is easy for all kinds of welfare policies to fall into the third and fourth tier cities, and it doesn’t cost much. It seems that the third or fourth line is not a wealthy person, but this is the result of control. So you can give it a try, or try it after a few years. Isn’t it just because you’re afraid of being rich? If they give birth to too much, can we just abolish this policy? ——However, there is not much difference in population between third- and fourth-tier cities and first- and second-tier cities, indicating that there is not much difference in fertility rates. And the protection of locals in big cities is enviable. In fact, those who deserve to be born are all alive. There are those who are left unborn. One wants to give birth to not let you have more births, and the other wants to give birth to worries. Just by satisfying the latter group of people, fairness is achieved.

7 months ago

When it is missed, full liberalization of childbearing is of little use. Not only is it useless, it will also cause considerable harm to society. The problem now is that both the marriage rate and the one-child rate are too low. Many people in the lower and middle classes of society cannot get married or raise babies. And it’s not a problem for the middle and upper classes of society to have ten or eight births. If surrogacy is let go, hundreds of children can be raised. Even if you don’t let go of surrogacy, you can continue to get married and then divorce. Each time you have a few children in your marriage, there are a lot of them. Nowadays, the world economy is in recession and society is accelerating to solidify. The small group of people who got in the car first used various methods to weld the car doors. A small group of people control all fields and industries. Due to the birth policy, it is difficult for children to expand the degree of control. When a cadre retires, he can only arrange for one child to take over. After giving birth, he can arrange for ten or eight children to take over. Even with various systems, it is difficult to circumvent cadres from arranging children. Everyone arranges for each other. You take care of me and I take care of you. Some local snakes can even let their children attack in an all-round way and control all important departments and important areas in their jurisdiction. In the past, the leader had only one or two children, and marriage was not very convenient. Now that there are so many children, it is too convenient to have marriage. Several big families in one place arrange for their children to marry each other and form a binding of common interests, which can completely dominate one side. In this way, it will not take many years for the country to form an unbreakable super vested interest class from top to bottom. What happened after that, thousands of years of history have taught us that after a serious solidification of society, it will inevitably decline.

7 months ago

The intention is good, but the effect may not be good. What’s more rare is that he not only mentioned the liberalization of childbirth, but also subsidized and helped in taxation education and other aspects, so that the people could afford to bear and support. But the problem is that the ratio of tax relief and education subsidy to the huge cost of raising a child is still a drop in the bucket. Not to mention, many tax and education subsidies can only play a role when the child is young. When a child is over 18 years old, these subsidies are actually insignificant, but the family’s cost to the child is still high. At that time, there may be a state of polarization and unevenness, that is, people in relatively backward areas start to have children, but should they rise or not in big cities? So can you have effective measures to enable labor to flow from rural areas to cities, and to ensure balance?

7 months ago

Just after letting go of the second child, do you want to let go of fertility? Although I have no objection, the premise is that you can afford it! In the current society, economic conditions are very important. If you can’t afford it, don’t have a baby, so as not to delay other people’s children. This is a real problem. However, people of fifty years ago did not think so. At that time, the poorer people were, the more they had to give birth, and the more they had, the better. For example, my father has six brothers and sisters, my mother has seven brothers and sisters, my uncle has five brothers and sisters, and my uncle has nine brothers and sisters… This is a powerful family (smile). They didn’t think about these things in those days. They just thought that the bigger the family, the better, because there were only people who had labor, and it was possible to get rid of poverty as soon as possible. I still remember my uncle once complained, “I didn’t have any food when I was a child. I just ate chaff. I dropped out of school and worked after a few years in elementary school. It was really suffering at that time…” Although they were poor because of poverty. The literacy level is not high, but they have really gotten out of poverty. So in that era, it was not entirely unreasonable that the poorer the more one would have to live. But now, it is completely different. After all, we have achieved freedom from absolute poverty. Even so, we are all lifted out of poverty, but we can’t raise children anymore, why? I want to go!

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