I am curious about what kind of computers a large company like Facebook/Google/Oracle/Amazon will equip employees in various functions, such as R&D/QA/O&M/testing/analysis and other functions? Will Google/Facebook/Amazon configure Macs for developers?

Facebook large macebook pro, I forgot whether there was a pc option when I joined the company. Choose the latest models of samsung s (there seems to be pixel?) and iphone pro. It’s a pity that the number is used by people, so there are often inexplicable spam calls. I once received several inexplicable calls at 3 or 4 in the morning oncall, which made me angry. Amazon is the second choice between a small macbook pro and a laptop from HP. What I am deeply impressed is that I studied it with a friend at the time and felt that it should be refurbished, but the traffic of linen is not surprising. In addition, there are serious colleagues who install Linux, and I admire it every time I see this. Microsoft’s regulations are different in this respect. It’s the same as interviews. I watch the group or even the boss. I know there are Surface laptops, Surface books, and nothing. I just went there and didn’t have anything. The group was new at the time. Many people asked if they could give me a notebook. After all, we all love work too much. As a result, the boss even gave an e-company connection, telling us that there might be a discount on Christmas. Later, within two months, the boss didn’t want our group. Taking advantage of the new boss’s arrival, we didn’t understand anything. Each of us sent a letter saying that we loved work too much and wanted to do it when we went home. Then we got thinkpad x1 yoga. Later, the strange thing was that reorg came to a group, and dozens of people in the group shared several surface books, and whoever wanted to use it on the weekend had to declare it. Let us think that some of us who have company-equipped laptops are better than others… But there is one hololen for each person in the group, so all the funds should be spent on it.


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8 months ago

Many people at Facebook use 13″ or 15″ MacBook Pros, and a small number of people use Windows machines. If you are doing iOS development, you will need an extra Mac Pro. The external monitor is a 27″ Apple or 30″ Dell. Most people use one monitor, but you can ask for two if you have a reason and your manager agrees. What’s special about Facebook is that engineers have to on-call for their products instead of throwing them to professional SREs, so mobile phones and phone bills are also the company’s. Mobile phone iPhone is the most, but some people want Galaxy S6/S7 (Edge). Choose whatever you want, such as keyboard and mouse data cable. Even if you don’t like the company’s existing models, you can usually get reimbursed if you buy them yourself, as long as you can prove it is work-related. You can buy the enterprise version of commonly used software, but if you don’t have any software used in your work, you can buy it yourself and reimburse it. Facebook’s hardware selection is not subject to job selection, but more to the specific job. If your job is to have a particularly powerful machine, the company is generally willing to spend money.

8 months ago

MacBook Pro + LG 4K display, as well as an automatic lifting table and an ergonomic chair. A set may cost 30,000 to 40,000. All departments and all colleagues use this configuration, even interns. The company is Shenzhen-based AfterShip. It has just raised 430 million in Series B financing. Currently, there are only 170+ people in China and 200+ small companies in the world. However, the product ranks first in the subdivision field in international e-commerce services. A new office with a gym, open-air garden and floor-to-ceiling windows with sea views is currently under renovation for a 4-story building with 9000+ square meters, which will be expanded to 300-400 people for follow-up staff. The new office is still being renovated. Take a look at the existing office.

8 months ago

This question is for the comparison of Silicon Valley code farmers. In the past, the company only gave strong desktop computers, and had to connect remotely to work overtime at home at night. If you run into your husband in LOL, the process is simply unbearable. Change to a new owner. Before I joined the job, I thought that I finally got a laptop and could code the code on the shuttle bus or lying on the sofa. Then the company reimbursed the internet fee and the internet speed was changed. I wanted to say that the efficiency would be greatly improved. After entering the job, I found out that they were all eggs. Basically, you can swipe WeChat on your mobile phone on the shuttle bus. I often fainted directly after I got home to eat a good meal with my daughter to coax her to sleep. The laptop was right on the sofa, but I was very depressed and bedded for the cat. I don’t understand why they have to choose a hard surface for such a big sofa. I had no choice but to comfort myself by saying that the newcomer would have nothing to do and become more efficient when he gets busy. I’m off topic again.

8 months ago

Facebook is generally equipped with a 15/16-inch MacBook Pro (of course you can also choose a 13-inch). If the standard configuration is 32G, there will be 64G and then there will be a newer iPhone or Android phone (now iPhone11, Pixel3 or Samsung S20)? Then there will be a portal for video conferencing. If it is a product engineer, there will be a high probability that there will be several test devices and Mac pro.

8 months ago

Forcibly answering the question, the company gave it a Thinkpad e450c, which is uncomfortable, comes with a desktop computer, i5 3470+24G memory+SSD, ubuntu 14, company computer return, monthly subsidy 200 home computer 6700k, 32G memory, water cooling, program Employees have to be willing to spend money on computers. The original price of the company’s equipment is about 5k. It is brand new, but it is a real card. Most of the company’s colleagues use the company’s computer, but I bring it myself. One is subsidized, and the other is able to Better work and development, high-end computers and low-end computers feel completely different, and this affects work efficiency a lot, efficiency is the control of time, time is life and keyboards, since the first time I have used a mechanical keyboard , Never used a non-mechanical keyboard again~~

8 months ago

When I joined a major Internet company, I received a surface book + HP z240 desktop computer and now wfh. I replaced it with a surface laptop 3. The desktop computer can’t stand the graphics card of the workstation. I added my PC to the domain and many of my colleagues are hp. Or thinkpad notebook configuration is 512ssd+i7, desktop configuration is 1t ssd+2t hdd+i7. Our company is really reluctant to give i9, of course, we can also apply for a macbook, but I can’t connect to anything; the last one is my desk

8 months ago

I happened to have a friend working at Google in the United States. I was curious about this question, so I asked. My friend has been a software engineer at Google since 17 years, but his main work is based on Android products. However, most of the electronic products he used turned out to be Apple. 1. iPhone 12 pro, I just gave up on the iPhone X which has been used for several years, and the main reason for choosing Apple again is to go hand in hand…… 2. Apple Music. It is not compatible with google play music, it is troublesome to change the music library… 3. MacBook Pro, a device that will be used at work. In fact, in Google, many people will choose Mac as a tool for eating, mainly because the screen is great. 4. Airpods. This is really hard to find a substitute…

8 months ago

Now Internet companies basically provide macs, do you need to look at you. I am now an intern as a startup company, and I can choose to use the company’s computer when I come in, or I can choose to use my own. The company’s computer is 15 models of 13-inch MacBook Pro. 8g dual-core i5. This computer configuration is far inferior to my Shadow Elf 4. I use my own daily subsidy of ten yuan, but I still have to use the company. Mine is also used to put it in the place where I live to play LOL (escape

8 months ago

Google is macbook-pro macbook-air Chromebook Lenovo’s own choice. The company recommends Chromebooks, after all, its own products. But most employees choose macbooks, followed by Chromebooks. Having said that, all the company’s code is written in the cloud and saved in the cloud. So the laptop is only used to connect to ssh:) During the wfh period, everyone will be equipped with a 32-inch 4k and a 24-inch 1080 screen.

8 months ago

Google is macbook-pro macbook-air Chromebook Lenovo’s own choice. The company recommends Chromebooks, after all, its own products. But most employees choose macbooks, followed by Chromebooks. Having said that, all the company’s code is written in the cloud and saved in the cloud. So the laptop is only used to connect to ssh:) During the wfh period, everyone will be equipped with a 32-inch 4k and a 24-inch 1080 screen.

8 months ago

We are a small company, the basic configuration is the latest rmbp, an Apple monitor or two smaller 4k. Buy your own headphones with a budget of $400. The choice of peripherals is better. Microsoft’s Engineering Family Bucket, Apple Peripheral Family Bucket, if you like a mechanical keyboard, you can choose filco/Kinesis/hhkb, and the last wholesale mx master should be left for the mouse.

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