Latest development: The Securities Regulatory Commission responded that it will investigate to the end

The former champion of private equity broke the news that he was “sucked by the black”, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission responded that it will investigate it to the end_叶飞

Recently, the big V Ye Fei said “the fish die and the net breaks”, which exploded the unspoken rules of listed companies manipulating stock prices.

“The other party paid less than 10% of the deposit. At the beginning, they said that they would lock the warehouse on behalf of the guarantee and give the deposit, and the price rose by more than 30%. As a result, not only was it not locked, but it was shipped directly to us without paying the deposit.” Through Weibo, Ye Fei publicly bombarded Zhongyuan Home Furnishing and Panfang for “settlement and repayment”, and revealed that he had brought in public fund managers and brokerage asset managers, but he became a receiver.

On the evening of May 13, Zhongyuan Household urgently issued a clarification announcement, stating that it had not entrusted the company’s related parties to purchase the company’s stock and carry out “market value management”. As soon as the company responded, Ye Fei broke the news to continue to upgrade.

In the early morning of May 14, Ye Fei released news that the first recording of the Zhongyuan Home Furnishing incident was released today. The data will probably contain hundreds of Gs, involving listed companies, brokerages, public offerings, private placements, and brokerage asset management in the chain. . In addition to Zhongyuan Home Furnishing, he also named Visionox and Haozhi Electromechanical, and threatened that the company has many more.

What kind of circle does the market value management of listed companies have? Why is there black eating black? And what kind of routines do big Vs, brokerages, and private equity conspire to manipulate stock prices? Although there are multiple doubts in the incident, industry insiders told the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter that it is not uncommon for listed companies to conduct market value management in the industry, and multi-party participation in this game often ends up in one place.

“It’s not a matter of getting on the desktop. There are many risks and uncertainties in the entire chain, and some rely on trust.” An industry insider told reporters.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Zhuang is scattered, and family is family. Market makers vs. retail investors.
Leek vs. sickle, pushing higher vs. buying.
You buy bottoms, I place a bet, and the fund is on the index.
The A shares can be manipulated, and the K line sees the Yang Zhu.
The island is called Zhangzi, and shock has always been a trader; Wang is named Hailong, who is locked in private equity.
——To sum up, the Great Times is too right: There is only one way to win in stocks, don’t touch it.

8 months ago

Beginning|Sit on Zhuang’s debts? Big V reports listed companies for manipulating stock prices, and who is the unspoken rule behind Ye Fei? Six years ago, he manipulated 5 stocks and was fined more than 26 million Ye Fei, a financial blogger with 1.05 million followers. He was once known as the “representative of private grassroots private equity.” In 1994, he entered the capital market with 20,000 yuan. . Public information shows that Ye Fei is a private equity fund trader. He won the first place in the China Stock Market Civil Expert Competition in 2007. He has appeared in major media as a special financial and securities lecturer. Yitian Investment was established in 2010, and Ye Fei served as the company’s general manager, starting the path of private equity fund wealth management. After 4 years, he resigned from the position of general manager of Yitian Investment. In August 2020, he withdrew from the position of legal representative and the company’s senior management personnel filed. Zhang Wenke was the new legal representative. On May 14, the Shell Finance reporter found through the China Foundation Association that Ye Fei’s Yitian Investment had been cancelled by the Association on May 24, 2019. Ye Fei was also not seen in the list of private equity fund managers. The reporter saw that Etian Investment’s official website still recorded his “brilliant record”. In 2015, Etian Yali No. 3 Fund managed by Ye Fei reached 351% in the first half of the year, making it the semi-annual champion of the National Sunshine Private Equity Fund. However, in the year when Ye Fei ushered in a bright moment, a series of “black box operations” also dragged him off the altar. In September 2015, the China Securities Regulatory Commission notified that Ye Fei manipulated “Xinwei Group” and “Jinxi Axle” from May 13th to June 30th, 2015, using the advantage of concentrated funds to buy continuously in the late trading stage. The prices of 5 stocks including “Jianghuai Automobile”, “Automobile” and “Zhongqingbao” totaled more than 26 million yuan. In August 2016, the China Securities Regulatory Commission notified the enforcement of the special inspection of private equity funds in the first half of 2016. Ye Fei and its subsidiary Yitian Investment appeared on the list of administrative supervision measures, and Ye Fei was the only one notified in this special inspection. Individuals who take regulatory measures. In the following years, Ye Fei filed a lawsuit and promised to lose money in stock trading, and went to court with clients. The reporter combed and saw that some of his property had been frozen by the court, the company was required to be rectified by the supervisory authority, and I was also interviewed by the supervisor. How to play? Major shareholders need to find someone to take over private placements and public placements to reduce their holdings to cash out. The 20% margin of “guaranteed stock prices” has been collected by Ye Fei. The unspoken rules of “market value management” of A-share listed companies have surfaced. Ye Fei stated in his “condemnation article” that at the end of March, the market value manager of Zhongyuan Home Furnishings found him through several intermediaries, and asked for funds to cooperate with the lock-up, and the lock-up held the guarantee on behalf of the deposit, and the market rose by 30%. the above. After he found public fund managers and brokerage asset managers to buy this stock, the stock went on a “horrified” market, and it fell by 30% in three days. Shell Finance reporter combed Ye Fei’s video file released on May 14 and saw that the whole process involved a lot of intermediaries, including at least five intermediaries, including Ye Fei, but the stocks continued to fall, and the intermediaries refused to take responsibility. “They were very sincere at the time and said they bought 15 million. And they didn’t say to receive the goods from beginning to end, and promised 7 points.” The so-called market value management in the capital market is to manipulate the stock price. Industry insider Wang Lei (pseudonym) told Shell Finance reporter that market value management by listed companies is a common phenomenon in the industry, and many public and private offerings will be offered to others. However, this method of Zhongyuan Home Furnishing is still a relatively clumsy gameplay in the ecological chain. “Usually when the major shareholders of listed companies want to reduce their holdings and cash out, they will introduce the so-called market value management team to find private equity and public offerings to achieve cooperation, so as to prevent the stock price from falling too much.” Zhang Qing (a pseudonym) from the industry told the Shell Finance reporter that the listed company This kind of gameplay is mainly worried that no one will pick up when the major shareholder sells the stock, and may face a decline in the stock price or even a limit, so someone needs to support it. According to Zhang Qing, the best solution for major shareholders to reduce their holdings is through block transactions, which are received by public offerings and then locked, but such transactions will be discounted. Therefore, a common practice in the industry is to find some private equity, and the two parties agree to first raise the stock to a suitable point, usually 20% or 30% of the time. “People who do this kind of thing are stragglers, and one person has many accounts.” Zhang Qing told Shell Finance reporter that this kind of operation logic is not complicated, “I’m looking for you to do market value management, and you say you can buy one. 100 million, then I have to verify the capital and see that you do have money and an account, and then give you a deposit. Normally, after you receive the goods, you have to take a screenshot of me or I see from the shareholder register that you have indeed taken over, and then give Your holding fee and so on.” As for the margin, it is generally around 20%. For example, Zhang Qing said that if one party wants to deliver 30 million yuan, he must pay a 6 million yuan deposit. “When I ship, you have to pick it up. After receiving it, you can leave or stay to digest the chips in the market. When you wash out the chips, the transaction will be completed.” Wang Lei said to help. The market value management fees of listed companies are high or low, depending on the specific target quality, liquidity, etc., which are probably between 5%-20%. Is it common to eat black? Participants are more difficult to say “wu ethics”, “someone received a deposit, the stock price ran away at 10%.” According to industry insiders, the circle of market value management is very small and the risk is high. . “Sometimes, the intermediary finds several agencies to enter, which may involve mouse warehouses. Some people are not firm. As soon as you pull the stock price, it ran away. For example, when everyone agrees to increase the price by 30%, some people will ship the goods. After receiving the deposit, it may be pulled up to 10% and ran away.” Zhang Qing said that when the parties ship more frequently or concentrated, it is easy to form a stampede, causing some people to lose a lot, and then they will seek compensation from the major shareholders. For the participants, Zhang Qing introduced that although there are public and private placements, there are more private placements. Generally, public offerings will be held for a period of time after participation, and for traders of public offerings, it means a huge amount of gray income. “If you are a public offering trader, I will let you receive a ticket, and I will give you a deposit of about 15% and 20%. The trader may collect the money through relatives and friends.” Zhang Qing said frankly that the deposit guarantees that the other party will basically not lose money. , The majority shareholder sometimes promises to make the bottom line, but in reality, most of the results are just like chicken feathers. “You lose, he won’t make it up for you, and you dare not ask for it, because the incident itself is not compliant.” “This is what you can’t get on the table. There are many risks and uncertainties in the entire chain, and some It depends on trust.” He said that some private equity does not emphasize military ethics, and it is common to not accept the order after receiving the deposit. “The margin is not refundable. This is also a scam. You may even say that you have lost money and ask you for money.” People in the industry pointed out that most of the targets for stock price manipulation show the characteristics of small total market value and poor liquidity, such as A 2 billion plate of small and medium-sized stocks trades 8 million per day. According to Zhang Qing, Xu Xiang once belonged to a big-time figure in the circle. He is generally able to hold it with strong capital and can also cooperate in-depth with listed companies. For example, a stock sold for ten yuan, with the cooperation of the good news of the listed company, can pull it to fifty or sixty yuan, ignite the sentiment of retail investors and then ship the goods. “Small private equity is relatively a one-time deal, with short-term benefits in the middle, and even said, I took it today, and it’s almost possible to leave tomorrow.” Zhang Qing said. In fact, the regulator’s attitude is very clear. On May 14th, in response to Weibo Big V’s disclosure that a listed company was conspiring to conduct market value management with the company, the spokesperson of the China Securities Regulatory Commission responded that on May 13, the Shanghai Stock Exchange initiated the investigation of relevant accounts and issued the “Supervision Work” to the company in the afternoon of the same day. Letter”, requiring the company to conduct self-inspection and truthfully disclose relevant information. The agency dispatched by the Association has interviewed the company and related parties and initiated the verification process. A spokesperson for the China Securities Regulatory Commission stated that “zero tolerance” for market manipulation and insider trading in the name of market value management will be severely investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law, and those suspected of crimes will be promptly transferred to the public security organs. Once it is discovered that listed companies and actual controllers, private equity funds, public equity funds and other related institutions are engaged in or participate in related illegal activities, I will investigate them to the end, severely punish them in accordance with the law, and announce them to the public in a timely manner. “Now that the supervision is strict, there are relatively few similar phenomena. Everyone is in a conservative and cautious state, and they are beginning to transform. And many people in the circle are playing hacks. If it is not for the lack of money, or for the triangular debt, you owe me money. I owe him money and so on.” Zhang Qing said that with strict supervision, including restrictions on holdings reduction and other regulations, the current market is moving towards a positive trend. Beijing News Shell Finance reporter Hu Meng Editor Wang Jinyu Proofread Zhang Yanjun

8 months ago

The capital market is a useful supplement to the real economy. Today, China is affected by the international situation and urgently needs a world-class mature capital market worthy of its own economic status. In this capital market, the first choice is A shares, and alternatives are Hong Kong stocks and US stocks. China’s concept stocks are accelerating the return. How can A shares mature? That would definitely not be a gang of demons dancing, the demons jumped up and down. This means that the supervisory authorities have to deal with A-shares. Ye Fei appeared at the right time. There is no empirical evidence for the inside information he reported, so I will not show it for the time being. Let me give an example of an A-share game that is legal and compliant on the surface. For a long time, A-shares cannot be imported or exported. If many companies want to go public, the only way is to borrow their shells. This has caused some spicy chicken companies to be worthless. In order to avoid delisting, such companies are also trying their best to protect their shells. People who sell houses and protect shells like Haima are very honest people. There is a way to play, using investment income. A-shares have a very head-scratching rule. ST is ready to delist after three consecutive years of losses. Therefore, when it is on the verge of delisting, if you try your best to sell iron and sell some blood, you have to make profits. Some private capital has discovered the business opportunities and established a capital operation company to sell shares to listed companies. When the benefits are fair, they will sell them to you at a relatively low price. When they need to protect their shells, the listed companies will buy them again. This part of the shares was sold, or even sold to hundreds of millions, to realize investment income and smoothly protect the shell. In 2016, Hegang Resources was also called Hebei Xuangong, which was the hottest Xiong’an concept stock. The stock price floated in the sky. However, the company’s performance was in a mess. In 2014, it lost 72.06 million yuan, its profit was 0.7 million yuan in 2015, and its profit was 2.09 million yuan in 2016. It is basically a breakeven. Is it because the company’s operations have improved? No, the investment income alone contributed 120 million yuan that year, saving the company from water and fire and avoiding the market value plummeting due to losses. In 2011, the company spent 15 million yuan to buy 6.356% of Gotejia’s shares, held it in hand for 5 years, and sold it at a price almost ten times higher. Can the investment of a poorly run company be so divine? Of course not, because there is business behind it. The takeover party is Xiamen Jingdao Kaixiang Investment Partnership. The actual controller of this company is actually the actual controller of Gao Tejia. Gao Tejia had an affair with many listed companies, and there was a gossip. Because of the peachy incident, Gao Tejia’s wife was furious, divorced, and was then cleared from the board of directors. In September 2020, Gao Tejia founder Cai Dajian’s ex-wife Jin Huili issued an open letter stating that Cai Dajian and his secretary Zhang Xiaonan had a long-term improper relationship and used Gao Tejia’s power to fight her in a divorce lawsuit. In addition, Jin Huili also reported Cai Dajian’s illegal occupation of positions and had many violations in the capital operation of the listed company Boya Biology. As the saying goes, capital and power are the best aphrodisiacs. The wolf of Wall Street is not deceived by me.

8 months ago

The following is the news from the China Financial Report: [According to Ye Fei’s call recording, the brokerage agency he introduced spent 15.43 million yuan to buy shares of Zhongyuan Home Furnishing on March 31. The name of the account is the shares of a certain brokerage firm. Limited company. While on the phone to collect debts from Liu Peng, Ye Fei settled the bill, “At that time, I said it was 6.5 points, 15.43 million × 6.5%, which is 1 million. Then how much did you pay? It was 20. Ten thousand, there is still a difference of 800,000, 800,000 depends on how you can discuss it, it is best to pay it in one lump sum, otherwise it will be divided into two.” According to Ye Fei’s previous revelations, his introduction fee is five thousandths, which means that his next brokerage asset manager can get 6 percent, that is, he can get 600,000 yuan for 10 million. 】

8 months ago

The absolute increase of Zhongyuan Home Furnishing is not too high, which can give a 6.5% rake. Then those stocks that have pulled several times want to find someone to take the market, and the 10% rake is not high. After all, if you ship directly at a high position, it is impossible to sell at a high position. By analogy, the kind of slaughter plate where junk stocks have risen several times will find someone to take the order, and the price will be even higher. I don’t think it is too much to give 30%. The receiver is either a fund or a stockholder. Let you guys like to listen to news and stocks, like stocks with big V, are all clearly marked and still counting money for others.

8 months ago

Watching the two live broadcasts of Ye Fei, he expressed the following meanings: 1. He is an intermediary, earning referral fees and not directly participating in transactions. 2. This time, the family does not talk about martial arts, and will directly ship to the receiving party. Neither he nor the next family received the money. 3. Afterwards, I was chased by my next home to ask for money. 4. Contacted the family many times, but the family ignored it. It seems to have taken him. 5. I feel fooled. You can blame me for being unrighteous if you are indifferent. 6. Someone from the previous family took the initiative to contact him, and he was called Big Brother again. 7. To do their unruly stuff, the weekend will collate and expose the information involving a total of 18 listed companies. The whole story is a slaughter plate. The upper family thinks that he and the next one are not clean and will suffer a dumb loss. Who knew he was so tough. The routines of the capital circle are not the darkest, but darker. Leeks are too difficult. Don’t panic, everyone. They are basically companies with small market capitalizations. If unfortunately you have these votes, you can only ask for your own blessings. In the future, companies with a market value of less than 5 billion should be cautious in opening positions.

8 months ago

Isn’t this all an open secret? Dadonghai, Zhangzidao, Kangmei, Yibin Paper, Hanyu Pharmaceutical, Baibaolong, Yinghe Technology, Muyuan Co., Ltd., Tianma Bearing, Taiwan Strait Nuclear Power, Bangxun Technology, East China Heavy Machinery, Doushen Education, Western Region Tourism, Aidier , Vosges, Zhonglai, Guangzhou Langqi, St King Kong, Beijing Culture, Huawu, Wuzhou Special Paper, Shuzhi Technology, Daily Interaction, Yan’an Bikang Jiujiujiu Technology, Hangzhou Hi-tech, Zhongyida , Watson Technology, Tianqi Lithium, Shanghai Youjiu, St-Maycom, Tunghsu Optoelectronics, GoerTek, Ruikang Pharmaceutical, Slack Precision, Rendong Holdings, Shenzhen Datong, Yu Diamond, Zhenmei, Zhongdi Shares, Yousheng Education, Kairui De, Zhongheng Electric, there are really too many. What hooded king, loss-making long-distance runner, shell king, digital manipulator, hype king, Lei Dawuyu old dragon king, shareholder ATM, A-share Lich King, if you have nothing to do, you can go and see them all. There is even Guo X Jia X Holdings who takes the lead in the charge, so it is not surprising that all the problems have been exposed! Making money first does not depend on luck but on information differences. I am a melon-eating crowd. I’m not professional at all. I like to slap my mouth. If someone wants to kick, then start your performance. All I want to say is the story of “Lao Xue’an Notes”. If it hurts Which one, I can only say sorry.

8 months ago

Does this need Ye Fei to say? A pomelo once complained privately: Why don’t retail investors buy small-cap stocks now? Why are retail investors buying funds for group shares now? I really thought we had no memory in leeks. As we all know, my co-workers often connote the so-called Baotuan stocks, but when others want to trade stocks, I still recommend: Don’t stocks. If you really can’t help it, you can look at Baotuan stocks in various industries. The reason is simple: this kind of stock plate is big enough, big enough. There are people from all walks of life = there are enough people to stare at, and the bad-hearted little grapefruit can’t make waves.

8 months ago

When I first entered the bank as an analyst in securities research, I went to the branch/sales department roadshow and several sales department bosses asked me to do “market value management”, but I immediately refused. In fact, many listed companies have market value management needs, especially when they are preparing for equity incentives, employee stock ownership plans, fixed increase and other things, but there is still a big difference between legal and compliance operations and manipulation of stock prices to kill pigs. For practitioners, the current technical means of supervision are still very advanced. Don’t leave a stain on your career for a small amount of money (seeing Ye Fei’s resume, you should be very short of money, already exhausted, and want to die); For ordinary investors, don’t touch the demon stocks, don’t listen to the recommendations of the big Vs. The trend of Hong Kong stocks in A shares has become more and more obvious in the past few years, that is, everyone tends to like to buy high-quality stocks and heavyweights, and many have no performance Small tickets that rely on speculation will turn into penny stocks just like the Hong Kong stock market.

8 months ago

At that time in 2017, I was an intern in a business hall of a relatively large domestic securities company. I remember one afternoon when an old lady opened the door and walked in. After entering the door, the old lady first looked up at the camera very cautiously, and then whispered to me: “Young man, don’t buy stocks. That stuff is all about cutting leeks. You can’t play with it. Believe me, I will copy it for a lifetime. I’ve never transferred money to stocks!” At that time, I was quite surprised, but after I got in touch with more, I became accustomed to it. They all said that the stock market is risky and you need to be cautious when entering the market. In fact, the risk is quite big. Regarding the above matter, the so-called unspoken rules, I don’t want to be arrogant, be a quiet eater, trust the investigation results of relevant state agencies!

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