The subject is currently graduated for four years, and the official job has been changed twice. The first one is two years in a tutoring agency, and the second one is a year and one month in foreign trade. During the period of foreign trade, I really hated my job, so I resigned (rethinking whether I like it or not for a month before leaving the job, and was delayed by the company for nearly two months before leaving).

When looking for a job now, some bosses say that I am “not stable enough”, but personally feel that young people are facing more choices now, and it is easy for everyone to be confused about what they are suitable for (the subject belongs to the kind of Buddhism that does not even have hobbies). However, the two jobs I encountered before were very hard to do well. The first one was in the middle of the agency’s data, and the parents’ feedback was very good; the second one was really exhausting. I had five colleagues who joined the same time. It’s the fourth one to take, plus long-term measurement and development. I don’t like + hate the content of the job. The long-term pain is worse than the short-term pain…

How is your work now? Have you stayed in your own position\company\industry for five years? How is it developing?

I am an old programmer. I have been serving in this company (top 100 foreign companies) for 13 years and my current title is “technical expert”. Many people, especially in the software industry, were surprised when they heard that I had served this company for 13 years. I feel that I am either technically bad or I have no pursuit. Actually, none of them. The reason why I am willing to stay in this company is really because she is really good and meets all my needs. I probably recalled the balance of work and life. In the 13 years of this company, the overtime hours can really be counted. 22 days of annual leave, sick leave is not included. The leader is also very nice. I have never heard of the leader deliberately embarrassing and not granting annual leave as long as it is mentioned. Such gentle work, not to mention in the IT circle where the “996” is popular, is invaluable in any traditional industry, even for civil servants. For young people, high-intensity overtime may not be a big problem. But after 35 people, with a family, and with children, I need to balance work and life. I feel more and more that having such a job is a blessing in life. Top technology My business department, the basic technology is artificial intelligence. In some subdivisions, the company’s algorithms have been leading the industry for 10 years. Although I am just a software developer, I have always been exposed to the most cutting-edge technology in the industry. The company encourages employees to boldly try new technologies, and does not limit the direction of engineers’ development. For 10 years, I have been deeply involved in desktop development (C#/C++), Java back-end development, front-end development, or mobile development. Therefore, compared with some companies, special posts and special personnel, I have no obvious restrictions on the breadth of technology. Soft power In addition to technical “hard power”, the company also pays special attention to the development of employees’ “soft power”, such as speech ability, copywriting ability and so on. And this kind of soft power, the more you develop your career, the more valuable it becomes. I often think that if one day, I lose my current job, maybe no one wants to hire me to write code. At that time, maybe I can rely on my accumulation over the years to apply for some other positions, such as pre-sales, after-sales, trainer, etc. Anyhow, I have a bite to eat. Career Development My career development has generally followed a “technology->management->technology” route. The transition from technology to management is because of the typical “learning and excellence, then professionalism”. From management to technology, it is to follow the heart. Throughout the process, the company remains open, fully respects the wishes of employees, and does not set up any obstacles. I am 44 years old this year, and I still struggle on the front line of programming every day. In this company, it is a normal thing, without a trace of embarrassment. Comfortable working environment I have been to many Internet companies, and many office environments are halls and long tables. Not even the most basic partition. Between the workstations, people are crowded, and I can’t wait to stretch myself to meet others. And our company has a spacious office area, everyone has an independent partition, standard 3 monitors, a workstation, a notebook, quiet, focused and private when working. After work, it is easy to stretch your legs and lie down, or stand up and do a few push-ups. Competitive salary Of course, any company, no matter how good the technology, no matter how comfortable the working environment, is to give too little money, it is undoubtedly a hooligan. In the past 10 years, in the early years, my salary has been competitive among friends with the same qualifications. In the past two years, with the strong development of the Internet, my friends have gradually surpassed me, but many of them are not exaggerated. For example, if a friend earns 10,000 in an Internet company, then I might earn 8,500. However, my friends spent 15% more time for this, but they paid nearly twice as much time, and it was the most precious rest time. In my opinion, this input-output ratio is too low. Of course, I am not saying that this company is perfect for everyone. But specific to me, at each point in time, it may be the most suitable for me. Ten years ago, I was young, and I was short of money, and I was able to withstand high-intensity overtime work. But at that time my salary was very competitive, so I had no reason to leave. Now, although my salary advantage is no longer there, I am already 40 years old and need to take care of my family and health. And now, if I jump to the Internet company that has become popular in 996 in pursuit of a small salary increase, I will undoubtedly be prepared to die. Of course, there will never be something perfect in this world. Even if there is, it will not be occupied by one person all the time. Of course, foreign companies also have problems with foreign companies. First of all, in the past two years, in China, the pressure of competition from foreign companies has increased, and business growth has become increasingly difficult. Maybe one day, I will be laid off. So, today, although I work hard every day, I sincerely hope that this company is good. But I am also mentally prepared. If layoffs happen to me someday, I have nothing to say. I am going to receive the compensation, go home and adjust for a period of time, and then start the next journey of life. But in any case, in my heart, this company and I have very deep feelings. She influenced me, transformed me, and was the most important and pleasant time in my life. I believe that on the day of death, when I am dying of memories, there must be a shadow in my heart that she can’t erase.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Inviting me to be a civil servant is very common in a unit for a long time. Not even mobilized. But I left three units in eleven years and now the fourth unit is seconded. Therefore, whether to quit or die, share it with the monarchs. There are some things that cannot be said by others. An old senior said: Learning must be like raising pigs and being able to sit still; being an official must be like walking a dog, walking here and there. I have to say that this is both vivid and reasonable. It embodies the basic principles of death and job-hopping. The four elements of death include: do not go if the spring breeze is proud, do not go where there is no place, do not go when the ability is limited, and do not go when the external environment is not good. You can walk, you can’t walk randomly. The spring breeze does not leave: the promotion is fast, the interpersonal harmony, the upward momentum is obvious, and the big guys can cover it; no matter how attractive the outside is, it needs more consideration; my colleague in the previous unit was the youngest middle-level deputy at the time, and the leadership was waiting It is very thick. After getting acquainted with the main leader of a certain unit at a higher level, the leader verbally promised to reuse it, and he did not listen to it. The new unit has complicated personnel and many highly educated people. In addition, the work has been ineffective for a long time, and the leader wants to be promoted. However, there is no focus, compared with the old unit who was promoted later than him, and the salary has been improved after the reform, the comrade can’t help expressing regret. Nowhere to go: Some career planning masters on this website encourage naked remarks at all times, and go away if they don’t agree. They first buy his class and resign, and then buy his class to learn how to find a job. It’s a good idea to learn how to find a job. Business people. Insufficient ability does not leave: It is terrible not to know your real strength, such as a strong platform or a strong one, and whether the customer resources are for the company or for you must be clear first. Environment do not go bad: industry has Aihong, large companies seem precarious, and people pull you go into business together, it is that you love him or hit him.

9 months ago

I am a person who has been dead in a company for 6 years. I’m not like the high praise users in front of me. Those who enter are all very well-known companies. My educational background is an ordinary second, and the company I go to is also an ordinary company. In the traditional daily chemical industry, there are no high-ranking positions and salaries and benefits. I am one of the tens of millions of small companies in Shenzhen, similar to my situation. You can take a look. I joined this company from graduation, until I left my job after giving birth and taking maternity leave for 6 years. Many of my colleagues have stayed for 10 years or even longer. The company has a fixed column every year to commend 10-year-old employees. Employees who have been in the company for 10 years will be honored on stage and rewarded with a set of golden rice bowls. So far, there are at least 150 10-year-old employees in that company. (The company has about 800 employees in total). I observed that the 10-year employees who have been on the stage every year are almost composed of high-level employees and ordinary employees, and there are almost no middle-level employees. This is how I understand this problem. The senior management has enjoyed the dividends brought about by the development of the company. The former boss is very generous to the senior management. Basically, the senior management has shared the experience of a house and a car. He is in Shenzhen. (The development dividend before 2008 will disappear after 11 years.) Ordinary employees are customer service and graphic design. They have no house, no car and no background. If they leave the company and go to other places, their salary will not be so high. Go, simply stay in the company, as a veteran, until retirement… I’m stuck in the middle, 6 years. After graduating from university, the monthly salary is 3300, copywriting; after that, the copywriting supervisor-the head of marketing (this company has a messy structure, and the supervisor is the director). When leaving, the salary is less than 1w. In Shenzhen, this salary is really very good. It’s low… The reason why I persisted for so long is because of my career plan. From the beginning, I didn’t think about doing copywriting, and I always looked for opportunities for transformation. Although the salary of this company is low, but it is very training people, one person as three people, it also gives a lot of opportunities. Basically every two years, I have a big improvement, for example, from copywriter to supervisor, from planning to marketing manager (advertising direction). In these 6 years, I have almost all the planning and marketing related to this industry. After a change, although the salary did not meet expectations, the experience can be said to be very competitive. In this company, I completed several major events in my life. I got married-bought a home-gave birth to a baby. Then, after giving birth to the baby and taking maternity leave, I resigned and reported to the new company the next day. My salary almost doubled. [Several people in the comments dissed me and resigned after taking maternity leave, ennn…First of all, I have been working for 6 years. What’s the problem with having a baby after 6 years? ? ? Do you have to do your best for the company? You can do this if you want, I can’t…Secondly, the staff who are really pregnant will know that when you go back to work after taking maternity leave, you will find…Your position…Basically no longer, someone has replaced you work. If you go back to the leader, you will feel a little worried. What should you do? Let the people who have already started to transfer away. It is not appropriate. It is also inappropriate to transfer the post of Bao Ma who has just finished maternity leave. Violation of the labor law… This time I go by myself, hello and I’m hello everyone… So I don’t know what’s so good about it~] For this company, I feel more complicated because of the high pressure and low wages this company puts on me. , Makes me unable to love it; but it is for my training and improvement, so that I can do my job well in the follow-up work, which is still grateful. Looking back on the past years when the previous company died, I think there are still some lessons: 1. Think carefully about the industry in which this company is located. Is it an industry that you are interested in and will continue to do? If so, you You can die for a few years and find a way to understand the industry rules. 2. After staying in a company for 3 years, if there is no promotion in your position or career direction, you are basically the object of being abandoned and neglected. In this way, go decisively! (There used to be a copywriter who joined me at the same time. When I left, it was still a copywriter. It was useless.) 3. If you decide to die in a company, you should choose a larger and more well-known platform. In this way, Even if you are swept out one day, go to other small platforms and have a bite to eat. 4. If you stay in a company for too long, you will involuntarily be infected by the company’s culture. The behavior pattern is easy to be fixed and rigid. It is recommended that the working partners, even if they don’t want to change jobs, should update their resumes from time to time and go out for interviews. Look at what kind of talents are needed outside, and study and improve in a targeted manner, so that you won’t boil the frog in warm water, and you won’t be able to jump out even if you want to jump. PS: Basically, it is better to be able to mix with other companies in the past. After all, it is hard to find people who are also very professional. Many former colleagues have achieved director or higher positions in other companies in the industry. There are also successful entrepreneurs and self-branding…so the previous company is not useless, it is my own mentality…

9 months ago

Looking back at the past ten years of mundane and a little ups and downs: In the first year of successfully graduating from the French Institute of Engineering, I was still studying the internship of a master’s degree in a minor university. At that time, the doctoral supervisor and professor at the institute wanted to keep me and continue to study Ph.D., but I was too poor, and the scholarship I got when studying abroad was almost used up, and I didn’t want to ask my parents for money. I really didn’t want to continue in this small place. It’s been mixed up. At that time, I was preparing my final defense while looking at job opportunities in neighboring countries. Then came this company by chance. In the first year, I didn’t understand anything. The training of the company opened a door for people with work experience, and it was a big deal for me, a silly graduate. But at least I stood on the right team, did not become cannon fodder, survived an international competition without gunsmoke, the subsidiary was reorganized, and the boss I didn’t like was gone. In the second or third year, I began to gradually integrate into the engineering team, and finally I was able to do serious projects like other project managers. Although the technical content of the projects I did was not as high as that of the old engineers, at least there was no sense of newcomers. During that time, I had a lot of dockings with China. I often went back to China on business trips. I was finally able to return home to visit relatives at public expense. I felt very happy. It is as if the frugal study abroad life has finally mixed up. Later, due to conflicts between the corporate departments, my immediate boss was squeezed away, and the company leadership was changed. Our engineers and process experts merged into the technical department, which was led by the production department. The manager of the production department is the only one, and the development is a bit abnormal. In the fourth year, because the management ability was appreciated by the production manager, I was asked to do department management work, but I did not have real power. I think this kind of polished commander is basically the ceiling of the workplace for our overseas Chinese. At that time I did a lot of corporate reforms, including 5S and visual management. Communicate their work content with various people every day to optimize the process. In the fifth year, I felt that I basically had a firm foothold in the enterprise, so I became pregnant and gave birth to a baby. During the maternity leave, my direct supervisor (production manager and CEO) specially called me for a small meeting and gave me a substantial salary increase, hoping that I can go back to work as usual after the maternity leave ends. At that time, I was a little touched, because I heard about too many women leaving after being pregnant and giving birth, but I didn’t expect that they would be strongly retained by the company. In the sixth year, I did several large client projects for the company, and continued to raise the salary of the kind with very high profits. But promotion is not expected. In the seventh year, the leadership team was changed again, and it was a bit messy. I went back to the country for business trips several times. The mood is a little bit down for pregnancy miscarriage and the like. In the eighth year, the new technical department manager basically gave me his own work. I feel that I have learned a lot, such as how to formulate department KPIs and write various reports? Hahaha, I really earn money to sell cabbage, and I’m doing my heart to sell white powder. Due to a new leadership team, a new look, and three new officials taking office, departmental reorganization is inevitable. So this reorganization task fell on me again, collecting opinions, summing up and analyzing, giving a plan, implementing the procurement department supplies and the relocation of various departments… How do I feel that the dignified technical engineer has embarked on an administrative route? In the ninth year, I really didn’t like to always wipe the bottom of the new leadership, so I decided to take sick leave to have a second child. Because I had miscarried several times before, I was actually under a lot of psychological pressure when I was pregnant, and I even fainted on the way to work. Fortunately, the desks, chairs and other office supplies used by the company are all new products that I carefully selected. It is still relatively comfortable for pregnant women. Finally, the results of my labor benefited myself once hahahaha. In the tenth year, because the last set of leadership team was really bad and the company’s efficiency was not good, the board of directors decided to blast away a large number of people, whether it was a leader who had nothing to do with food or a veteran expert who had focused on fishing for decades. The enterprise is reorganized again. Originally, as a mother of two babies, I often had to take time off to bring the baby at home. Basically, I was like a transparent person in the company. I am also ready to leave. What is the experience of being unemployed at the age of 35? Are you anxious about being a full-time mother? … originally these knowing questions are going to belong to my category! Then the new CEO called me back and asked me to accompany him to carry out corporate reforms. Well, as a technical engineer, I have really gained experience in corporate reforms over the years… and, I still like this kind of work? ! We can do reforms together, but my two little children are pitiful and waiting to be fed. I can only work three and a half days a week at most. I’m sorry. So stayed again. To be honest, for these small and medium-sized European companies, I feel that without a huge decision-making transformation, that is, they are barely alive, it is difficult to develop and grow. However, decision-making transformation is something that the CEO and the board of directors consider. I am engaged in internal analysis and optimization of the company, but it does not play a significant role. Colleagues all said that what I did, as a consultant, would definitely double my income. But in the past few years, I really have no intention of developing my career. I just want to paddle and fish in a familiar environment, and take a baby on vacations from time to time. I have also been contacted by consulting companies. They are also looking for an engineer like me who focuses on internal reforms of the company, but I really don’t want to change jobs. So, what it’s like to stay in a company for more than 10 years is the kind of familiar and free feeling. Although the people around me have changed a lot, I feel less at home. But after all, I personally reformed the company, and there is still a lot of intimacy. And the few handsome colleagues who have the best relationship are still there. I have been an old partner for more than ten years. It is very happy to chat and fight together every day. Our babies are all about the same age, and a lot of information and resources can be shared. I feel that if I don’t pursue career development, I feel comfortable staying here. In the past few years of raising a baby in a short life, isn’t it just trying to be comfortable! Think about the others later…

9 months ago

From 2008 to 2014, I worked in a private company for 7 years. In the past 7 years, I have been making a product-smart TV box. At the beginning, I explored various directions, such as HTPC based on Windows and Linux, dismantling Roku and so on. After the research, I started to do it myself, using NXP chips to build the hardware, using Embedded Linux and Qt to develop software, and slowly developing my own brand. . In the middle, I changed the main chip, changed the manufacturer, changed the operating system (from Linux to Android), changed the cooperative operator, changed the OTT licensee, and encountered the restrictive policies of the radio and television…By 2014, Because of funding and policy, the product was killed. I have experienced a lot in this company: I have experienced the process of a product from 0 to 1, and I have also witnessed its history of struggling to die. There are many feelings and emotions, which are worth remembering; I am a general programmer, Become an expert in Qt, and personal professional technical ability has been greatly improved; from a front-line executive role of writing code to a role of technology + management, after many years of technical management, he has become a composite person. Looking back at my past 7 years, the development speed of my company has not been able to keep up with the overall pace of the software field. Therefore, in the market, I have no special highlights in terms of income and resume. But fortunately, there is another angle to look at the gains and losses, and that is to see if you have accumulated enough fuel here to support your future career development. Personally, I have accumulated a lot of fuel: I have persevered in a technical field for many years, and published two Qt technical books (“Qt Quick Core Programming” and “Qt on Android Core Programming”). A personal brand has been established in the circle; a product is fully responsible, stimulated and nourished by the product, team and other aspects, and a multi-dimensional compound ability and way of thinking has been developed. And these fuels supported my later exploration and development. I published 7 books and embarked on the road of freelance work. So thank you for this experience. Finally, I offer three suggestions: To work in a company whose development speed is higher than the average level of the field, try to accumulate more fuel in one direction, and always think about your future development direction, and in turn guide yourself when to change jobs.

9 months ago

He graduated in 2000 and spent a year in Guangzhou. In 2001, he entered the factory of a Fortune 500 company in a city around Shanghai. By 2014, he came out and stayed in the company for 13 years. At the beginning of the two thousand years, it was the largest wholly foreign-owned fast-moving goods factory in the local development zone. It had a fully automated production line. Ordinary workers were required to graduate from high school, and regular employees were required to graduate with undergraduate degrees. They must have at least two years of work experience. It is said that there are many interviewers and it is extremely difficult to get in. There are relatives who are in the factory to manage and recommend them exceptionally, but before entering, they prepared hard, written examinations three times, interviews three times, and passed one level after another. The time was up to two months, and the last one was two weeks passed. , I have not notified me of the result for a long time, and I gave up hope, and the personnel only notified me to join. After entering, the salary is high for the quality and technology. The first month’s internship salary is 80%, which is close to 3K after tax. At that time, the house price in the urban area closest to the factory was less than 1,000. I remember that at that time, the company’s sales director borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company, mortgaged his own house, and went to nearby Shanghai to start hoarding houses in the Pudong Development Zone. The hoarding amounted to dozens of small demolition houses, saying that it was the price of cabbage. Go to the supermarket to buy daily necessities. When you buy vegetables, you don’t look at the money, you get a bag full, and you can’t lift it, it’s less than 100 yuan. At that time, I felt my life was carefree. Compared with the fast pace and high pressure in Guangzhou before, in this development zone factory near the small city of Shanghai, my colleagues worked in a calm, unhurried style. Work 8 hours in the off-season, 12 hours in the peak season, stable for 4 months in the peak season and 8 months in the off-season. Life is easy, orderly, and stable. Year after year, the colleagues around me basically never leave. Only the new colleagues who are slowly expanding production and constantly coming in are integrated into the slow-paced team. On such a day, it seems that the future can be seen at a glance. At that time, I thought, staying in the comfort zone like this, having no worries about food and clothing, maybe I will pass this peacefully for the rest of my life, which is not bad for me who has no ambitions. After three years of quality technology, two years of market quality, and two years of raw material quality, the person who planned the warehouse management resigned, and I took over the past again. During the period, getting married, buying a house, and having children, began to bear more than one person, and the pressure on the body gradually increased. At the age of 32, I had dinner with some college students in surrounding cities, and the first large-scale gathering ten years after graduation. During the dinner, everyone chatted about their current situation and discovered that the salary that they were originally proud of had fallen into mediocrity. 3K in 2001, in 2011, it was still 3K, but it was from the early 3K to the top of the 3K. And those students who generally only get 1K less than salary after graduation, don’t talk about those who do business or run sales, just say that they work in large companies like me, and there is no lower salary than me. Your salary is rising very fast. I pretended not to care. I asked a classmate in the same university dormitory. He and I had a better time at university. After graduation, I entered a large state-owned chemical factory. I remembered my first year of graduation. At that time, he complained to me, and only got less than 800 yuan after he became a regular employee. He shook his head and sighed. At the beginning, he rose by one or two hundred a year. In the last two or three years, it has only increased a little. It has risen by three or four hundred a year. After more than ten years, he has only risen by two or three thousand. Almost less than four thousand. I was cautious and bargaining when I bought a dish, and now prices are rising too fast. As for you, there should be at least five or six thousand. I remember that you could get more than 3K in 2002, the classmate asked. Well, it’s almost the same, I hesitated, nodded, and hurriedly turned away from the subject. I don’t remember how complicated my mood is, but the expression at that time must be wonderful.

9 months ago

It has been 16 years since I graduated from university. This is my first job. I haven’t changed it now. Private enterprises, not state-owned enterprises. Don’t ask me how I persisted, I just got through it accidentally. At the end of the trial period, I was assigned to the sales department. I did not become a sales director or a regional manager. Yes, I am very sorry that I am still a front-line salesperson. The exhibition in Shenzhen just ended today, and the whole exhibition hall was covered with dust and mess. It was not the glamorous appearance of the exhibition for a few days. It was okay to turn to this question and I couldn’t help but want to talk about myself. The school major is Zhihu’s dismissal major, machinery. At that time, I didn’t have any ideas about graduating. It would be nice to have a job without asking my parents for money. I entered this company in a silly way, except for the probationary period and internship at the headquarters, and then sloppily arranged to be stationed abroad, as everyone knows, freedom and flexibility have led to more sloppy confusion. After more than ten years, I don’t feel very much now. I’m confused, but the family has no passion anymore. What I fear most now is when the leader introduces me to my colleagues: Ah, how many years have been the old employees of our company. It used to be an honor, but now it is totally embarrassing. At the exhibition, I saw the faces of young people, as if I saw yesterday’s self who was better than myself. There is a bald old business in the booth diagonally opposite, holding the information to the passing customers one by one. The over-aged hospitality makes me sad. Alas, I may be the same in the eyes of others. Although I don’t have a bald head, the black, yellow and greasy face can’t hide my nearly 40-year-old age. It’s not cute anywhere.

9 months ago

If the company has been growing at a high level, and at the same time you have the opportunity to grow with the company, there is nothing wrong with it. When I joined Facebook in 2012, more than 5 years was a very celebration. Later, the company established a tradition: at the weekly company meeting, the employees who reached the 5th anniversary this week were displayed, and their avatars appeared on the big screen. . By the time I left in 2019, there were dozens of employees for the 5th anniversary every week, and the slides quickly turned over. No one would take a particularly serious look at someone’s profile picture. At this time, employees who only have the 10th anniversary deserve special care. Give them an opportunity to tell their most interesting stories in the past 10 years. From 2012 to 2020, FB’s stock price rose more than 10 times. Some people couldn’t help it in those few years, and switched to a new batch of unicorn companies, gave up FB stocks and replaced them with other companies’ stocks. You can ask them whether they are making money or losing money, or you can see how many of them have jumped back to Facebook again. For Facebook’s fast-growing company, asking “what happened to people who have been dead for 5 to 10 years?” is like asking “people who have only passed the college entrance examination to Peking University and Tsinghua University, but what happens if they don’t go back and repeat their studies.” , As if there are better options. Even if you don’t like Peking University and Tsinghua University, even if you think Peking University and Tsinghua University are not worthy of you, there is no better option for you to go back and repeat. For Facebook at that stage, you don’t need to like it, but you can’t find a better one, which is more worthy of death.

9 months ago

The worst thing is that the company is in a recession. Years of experience and connections will be like a locked-in investment, unable to realize the original value but not willing to get rid of it. When I was at Yahoo!, I heard of a PHP expert for more than ten years. His name should be Chinese. He can win the annual company’s best employee award every year. No one knows the company’s PHP architecture better than him. The only problem is… Yahoo! has become history today! Finally, there is another situation, that is, starting a business… the result is unpredictable, and people who choose to start a business have long accepted such a result and will not come to ask this question. If you choose to start a business, you have made a decision that you will not regret even if there is no return in a field that has been dead for many years. good luck!

9 months ago

996 is simply a vacation for our unit. It’s normal for our unit to be 8:30 in the morning and 10:30 in the evening. I joined the company when I was the most active manager, and after six years, I became the youngest design director. Thirty this year, I left my job last month and changed to a company with the same intensity and higher salaries, but the position was downgraded. Share some personal experiences, hope it helps. 1. First of all, it is very important to have a leader who values ​​you! There is a kind of behavior that the leader thinks you are good. The leader thinks you can do it, but you can do it. The leader thinks that you can’t, and you can’t. Many people with better professional abilities than me are still doing front-line work. It is not that they are not working hard, but that they are not in line with the leadership’s management philosophy. Simply put, if your leader is biased towards management and you are a technical talent, then your ability is compromised in his eyes. If you lead yourself to be a technology-born and a technology-controlled, then management in his eyes may be an opportunism with no output value. There is no such kind of ability that is better, only which kind of ability is more valued by the company and the leaders. Everyone likes people who are similar to them, so if you say it nicely, let the heroes see the same. To put it bluntly, it is actually narcissism. I am so successful, and you have the shadow of me back then, you can surely succeed too! It’s such a simple logic. And my luck was better, and I happened to meet a big leader who appreciates me. So his resignation became a fuse for me to leave the company. 2. Be prepared for danger in times of peace, this sentence is true at all. Don’t feel comfortable now, and you will feel at ease in the company. A person’s ability and value are always proportional to the number of choices he can choose. The more choices you have, the more valuable you are. You don’t need to quit, but don’t lose the ability to quit! Remember to remember! ! ! Staying in the same company forever, the ability to choose cannot be higher and higher. It may go from low to high in the early stage, but there will definitely be a peak, and then it will go down unknowingly. In a company for a long time, if it sounds good, it means that the employees are highly compatible with the company. If it sounds bad, it is a partial subject, just like reading a book. The reason why many people don’t want to change the more they stay is because of the high degree of fit. The industry is an industry, but different companies in the same industry have different business scopes, different processes, different environments, and different cultures. These will lead to great fluctuations in a person’s ability to work. A very simple example, if a person with five years of work experience has been in our company for the past five years, this person has a very strong combat effectiveness and is very familiar with business content and company processes. After a project is completed, he is familiar with the road, and he can predict in advance. Many problems that will occur in the future. And there are many interpersonal resources that can be mobilized. But if you recruit another person with eight years of work experience, you will definitely not be as good as the five years. In the same way, if this five-year person changes company, his ability will be compromised. At least the first year is to adapt to the new environment. The example I gave was only five years. At this time, there is no big difference in treatment between everyone. The only change is that you need to adapt psychologically, and there is not much loss in benefits. But what if you have been doing it for ten years? How about fifteen years? Our company really has such a person, and he really can’t leave. If you change jobs, the salary is not necessarily higher than here, but here is the bottleneck long ago, the boss also knows that you are not easy to leave, basically pick you up at will, and will give you as much money as you want. 3. Please avoid the feeling that the company has increased my salary so much this year? The company really values ​​me! If you think this way, you can only show that you are too young. Employing people is like buying vegetables. You are expensive because you have this value. The price of vegetables will not change because of a certain person’s taste! Work should not be mixed with too many gifts of knowledge and encounters. It is an exchange and game between interests. I was at a disadvantage at this point. Looking back now, for a long time I felt that the company was paying my salary with emotions as money. 3. Finally, I will talk about one thing that everyone may despise, that is, I think my personal core competitiveness. One word: boil! The day before I was promoted to director of personnel, I had a long talk with me and asked me if you know why there are so many people in your group, but the company chose you. I said, is it because people who came with me at the same time have left their jobs? Work is really a protracted battle, and every carrot has a pit. If the leader in front doesn’t go, you will definitely not be able to get into the position. Unless the company is in a stage of high rise and expansion. It took me six years to get rid of one leader after another, and one after another competitor. When I finally reached the highest position that I could reach back then, what was waiting for me was not the expected happy ending, but the starting point of another Long March. When I was young, I felt that the director was so awesome. If I could become a consummate one day, it was because I stood too low and my eyesight was too short to see so far. When I got to this position, I realized that there is still such a long way ahead, and there is a higher position than this. The director of a company may be a small person in charge in a larger company outside. When I left my job, everyone was very puzzled. Those who came to persuade me didn’t know how to persuade me because they didn’t know why I did it. The reason is simple. If I continue to do it, I will have fewer and fewer choices. As I said, the right to choose is the value of a person. The greater the option, the greater the value. So I don’t think it’s a pity. It’s as if you have reached the full level when you play the game. Are you abusing food in this world, or do you change to a difficult instance after reincarnation and re-spawn and upgrade? Everyone has everybody’s choice. If you can stay in a company for five to ten years, the company will generally not treat you too badly, so I don’t recommend that you have to change when you feel that you have reached a bottleneck. After all, everyone’s situation is different. This is my choice, but not necessarily a choice for everyone. Finally, I want to make a digression, I really need to be cautious and cautious when changing jobs. Nine out of ten people change their jobs. So if your company’s room for growth is high enough, long-term expectations are actually an ideal choice. It may also be the easiest way for ordinary mortals to surpass other mortals in the same age position and treatment~

9 months ago

You have to look at the company, foreign companies, state-owned companies, large companies that are not called death, that is called fun. Change to a small company, a private company, and cheat you. Nowadays, fresh graduates rarely die in a company for 10 years. Five years are difficult. Why, because your salary won’t increase because you stayed for five years. On the contrary, there is a possibility of quitting in two or three years. Just like you or even more than you. I have fully understood this after staying for two years. People who die for five to ten years are really settled in one place and don’t want to move. This kind of work is usually for several years, and if you die in a company, most of you can live and worry freely. If you are a recent graduate and die in a company, most of you die miserably. If you are not afraid of starting from scratch, you will get used to it and move. Of course, if you join a startup company that is just starting out, and then the company goes public in five to ten years, then you are also very happy.

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