I saw him buying a game on his mobile phone this afternoon. He explained to me that the game he just bought only cost 60 yuan, so he should support the domestic game and support the original version… Then he showed me the order, indeed A few cents was exactly 60 yuan… I asked him by the way how much he spent on a lot of games bought by Steam. He only said that it was more than one thousand, but the details were not clear, and then there was no more. He just turned on the computer and went to take a shower with his steam account hanging up. I took photos of all the games he bought. Can anyone estimate how much money my boyfriend spent on Steam?

Ahem, the boyfriend has confessed to be lenient. (At noon today, he took his cellphone and calculator to operate the tiger wolf during that meal…)

A total of 2013 yuan was spent on buying these games.

Then a friend commented that his monitor was expensive. In fact, it was a notebook. Listen to what he called it. Qing (forgot). I bought it for about 7,000 yuan last year. Because of work reasons, he often needs to use the computer, sometimes he has to travel for many days, so he bought the game book, saying that it is to combine work and rest~ Then besides buying the game book, he also bought a bunch of computer accessories for the family. There was a big change in the desktop computer, and a 2t hard drive was added to the notebook by the way. It was said that it was convenient to store data…Emmm…He said that these alone are almost 40,000 or more… But not long ago, he added two new and old graphics cards. I sold it, and I plan to buy again later, he said because the price has risen a lot, and I made a profit from selling, Emmm…

Then I asked him whether the long English software had any ulterior secrets. He said that it was a wallpaper engine. Whether it has a secret varies from person to person. He said that he never used it again except for changing a Sword Art Online wallpaper for the desktop… Then he smirked and told me that he had me and I didn’t need this thing, I…

My boyfriend already knows that I’m asking about this. I just asked him about the wallpaper. He said that I’m a person who has never used Steam and didn’t know a few in English (then you are great?) Asking him this question, fools can guess that someone gave me a trick. In all likelihood, it is Zhihu, because the good brothers of Zhihu dug up the pit and are not merciless hhhh. Not only was he not angry, but he kept laughing at me. I was silly and cute. He told me to ask him if he wanted to know what to do. He would make a list to me and make sure that no points are missed. There is no need to be so troublesome. emmm… I’m so embarrassed…

Then I discussed it with him, I don’t care about buying games (I just counted it carefully, he bought me things from time to time, snacks, cosmetics, etc., the money he spent for me is really much more expensive than these games, I actually I also suspect that he spends money indiscriminately and feels guilty…In the future, pay more attention to the game and buy him some games that he may like, so as to wash his inner guilt, Amen…) Don’t be too addicted to playing games, don’t be too addicted. If you have time, just spend time in the game, spend more time with your parents, accompany me more, and less worry about your uncles and aunts. He promised hhhh, happy~

Actually, I have a very good relationship with him. If it weren’t for my uncle and aunt some time ago, he had mentioned that he was spending money on playing games. Besides, I saw him buying games, so I wouldn’t ask him about it, let alone know it. I almost came to ask… He explained to me that these games can be played once they are bought, and there is no need to recharge. At that time, I didn’t believe it very much, because when I was studying in Shenzhen, he and I were classmates and fellow villagers. Then he would spend money to buy tickets for the games he played even to enter the picture to fight the monsters! Every time he gave out gift packs on holidays, he would charge hundreds of them, and talk about the recharge with a few classmates who were playing with him every day. It would be annoying to listen to it. Then he stopped playing, and later we graduated. After graduating, because he was a fellow in the same area and his home was very close, we also contacted often, and then we came together somehow…so in fact, he has a prodigal history! Who knows if he will charge money into the game because of impulse this time… Fortunately, he did not spend money randomly, and these games can’t charge money to buy things, otherwise the washboard will kneel down! (Hmph, I was sentenced to death by asking you to “charge up money to make you stronger” all the time when you were studying?) But when it comes to computer prices…this is more exaggerated than playing games, right? ! No wonder the uncle and aunt said that he spent money on playing games, dare to believe that he did not spend money on games, but on two computers!

Hey, he just told me, don’t delete it after all the posts are posted, it’s interesting to open Zhihu occasionally. emmm… Your heart is so big, Mr. Liang.

My boyfriend airborne the comment section to save me! You guys are not allowed to talk about me anymore! Besides, I’m just… I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong. I shouldn’t doubt my boyfriend. I am deeply aware of my mistake. Don’t say I begged…


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Isn’t all the money written on it? For example, outlast 2 is 2 yuan. left 4 dead 2 is the original price of 4 yuan, your boyfriend cut 2 yuan, so only spent 2 yuan. Grand theft auto V refers to 5 yuan, but not 5 yuan, but 5 roman coins. In the recent Sino-European Agreement, China and Rome have good relations, so the exchange rate is very low and can be ignored. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a mistake. It is not a wild hunt, but a gift. It means that this thing was given away, and it didn’t cost any money. Don’t ask why the company is going crazy. It’s not surprising that people who are crazy are doing nothing. People don’t rob or retaliate against the society. How good is it to give things away? Be more tolerant. red dead redemption 2, redemption refers to reflection, indicating that the manufacturer feels that the game is not well done, and gives your boyfriend 2 yuan as a mental loss fee. I bought it too, so I know how much these games cost. When my girlfriend asked me, I responded fluently, and it really didn’t cost me much. So it does add up to 60 yuan.

8 months ago

How did this number come from? Mom, Baoyou, your boyfriend bought a ant! This inventory is not fun! Don’t say how much it is worth, let’s look at it first; let’s turn it over again. Oh, that’s all, when he is playing games, the girl can directly take people away with a shout; look at what you bought! Anniversary of Hong Kong, the disappearing light, the possession of evil spirits 12, the forest, the road to survival 12, the escape 12, the paper man 12, the fear of ghosts, the resident evil 01234567 Remake of Revelation 12…25 horror themes in 38, mom Yeah, this is not fun! Is it so horrible? Brother; Xiaosi is fine, and the account value of Xiaoqianba is almost the same. You can check the personal information of the small black box app; remember to “publish” the steam account information before refreshing the small black box> this is the yen symbol, The exchange rate of Japanese Yen to RMB is 100:6.5, and ¥46241=300 yuan. It costs almost a meal. Remember to check it out, okay, let’s do this first, thank you for your support of not having fun every day

8 months ago

A complete and excellent game is those talents in your boyfriend’s computer who need hundreds of highly educated talents. They will work together for months or even years of development cycle. Among them will be programmers from Tsinghua, and some are from midstream. Level planning includes concept designers from Central America, animators from Gome, modelers, and copywriters from the National People’s Congress. . . Moving abroad, they are from Massachusetts, from the University of Southern California, and from the Repin Academy of Fine Arts. . . Such a group of people spend so much energy to produce a product that allows you to experience the net for more than ten hours, and even individual games can be played for several years. Products that can continuously make people experience happiness are only sold. You have three hundred lipsticks on the industrial assembly line for dozens of dollars. They sell for 250 on Double Eleven. You add a bunch of gels, but the active ingredients are only niacinamide and vc mask. A piece of 30 is really worth one. A cotton T-shirt made in Cambodia, cheap can’t be cheap, ordinary can’t be ordinary, ex-factory price of five yuan industrial products, add a hook to sell you 200, or happily start at 99 yuan discount. What’s more, if you reverse the logo of a pair of shoes, you dare to sell it for 8,000 yuan. People call this sneaker culture. It directly makes me dream that even a cup of milk tea in the golden yuan coupon era of the Republic of China. Dare to sell for 50RMB/cup. If you really think that the game is a virtual item with no shopping value, you can think about the diamond ring. It is a piece of carbon. Even the cutting step can be completed mechanically after the initial manual processing. Isn’t it still rushing for a piece of 25,000? From production to your hands, the most valuable part of a diamond ring is marketing. It is a long-lasting ghost marketing of diamonds, DR’s “each man can only customize one for life” slogan, a resplendent store and an artistic advertising experience. Okay, I got the answer from the boyfriend of the subject. The subject is very reasonable. The boys themselves have a history of chaotic krypton gold. There is nothing to say but I and I also have doubts. . Let’s just ask for it. Anyway, I still hope that everyone consumes wisely and buys happiness based on my actual situation. I myself have indeed encountered a situation where my classmates borrowed a few thousand dollars to play a game of krypton gold (I didn’t know him at the time). If I can take the krypton money, I still have a lot of krypton) I also know a girl who is willing to spend 600 to 700 yuan to buy Nike daddy shoes with a monthly salary of less than three thousand five. Of course, spending money is actually your own business, but for products with serious premiums, everyone should be more sensible. In terms of games, I hope to leave a little more warmth to buyout games. It is really conscientious. In many cases, spending less than a movie ticket can bring a lot of happiness to two people. I recommend a few PCs suitable for everyone. The couple’s game bar is only a big adventure (a two-person cooperative game with a relatively high degree of completion and high playability in China. The operation is interesting. It is mainly suitable for couples. You can see these two little robots.) superbunnyman (this is a huge funny, A serious game that can pose many strange poses. In fact, this game is also very suitable for fencing pre-heating tutorials) Messing Kitchen (also known as Breakup Kitchen, please try this as appropriate) Oh yes, it seems that some students have misunderstood what I mean, I will post it One of my reply; some students said that I stepped on one, I don’t think emm, when I answered, there were only a few answers under this question, and in view of my personal understanding at the time, the core of the subject’s question was not true It is “how much money did the game cost”, but “Is it a waste of money for my boyfriend to buy a game?” Based on this understanding, I wrote this answer, and because the subject is a girl, of course I started with the daily lipstick. I think this is easy to understand. Needless to say, everyone knows that lipstick masks must also have easy-to-use and inexpensive series, and the game also has the rubbish of fried rice krypton gold, so I limited the “games in the boyfriend list”, the subject boyfriend said “support domestic production”, see It’s nothing more than the recent Dyson Ball project. Earlier there is Ghost Valley Bahuang. These two games are cost-effective and are indeed worth supporting. As for the other games, they are also a series of boutiques. There is nothing to say. Since you don’t feel that hundreds of thousands of cosmetics are wasted based on the subject’s personal consumption level, naturally there is no need to feel that hundreds of thousands of games are wasted. And: Compared with light luxury beauty products, those games in the list are absolutely low premium. There is no need to feel a waste of money.

8 months ago

After a glance, in the games I know, apart from Big Cousin and Biochemical, there are no more than 100 yuan left. What the Witcher 3, GTA5, now it is only sixty or seventy or even twenty or thirty, sometimes it is discounted, and discounted purchases can be about 25% cheaper. At the time when the road to survival was the cheapest, the two plus one cost less than 20 yuan. (But why buy 1 after buying 2…) As for the games that I don’t know, they are probably very cheap. After all, less famous games are cheaper. Your boyfriend’s estimate is more than 1,000, which should not be too different. Even if they were all bought at the original price, they would have doubled, and 3,000 would be over. However, he is not married, why do you care about him buying games? The other day, my wife and I spent a day in the province. I didn’t play much, so I went to the snack street for a stroll, took a cruise, and finally had a seafood meal. Just one day’s consumption, more than one thousand. I buy a game console for two thousand dollars and two game cards for a few hundred dollars, which is enough for me to play for two months! Really, the cost of playing games is really low. Your boyfriend’s game is not enough to play golf for a day…

8 months ago

To be honest, even if you make a complete list, it is difficult to figure out how much money is spent on this kind of thing. Because steam is always discounting, and the intensity is different, we can’t tell if your boyfriend bought it at the original price, historically low, or at a higher discount than historically based on the pictures. If it is all based on the original price and all based on the historical low, it is possible to calculate an approximate range, but this range will be very large, because many games may usually be more than 300 yuan and only a dozen yuan. So it is difficult to guarantee accuracy. There is also a high praise for the query consumption record that the main said, this, emmm, what to say, if your boyfriend is used to paying by himself, it can be counted, but steam games are discounted on Taobao (this is due to the steam recharge card The denomination will be greater than the actual selling price, so I won’t expand on it here), so many people are accustomed to Taobao purchasing, that is, merchants add your friends to give gifts after Taobao payment. This is not in the consumption record, so the consumption record cannot be said to be accurate. (But you can look at his Taobao consumption record on his phone, combined with steam consumption record is almost the same) Finally, I would advise the subject of two sentences, steam games are almost the most cost-effective and least harmful way of entertainment, than smoking. Drinking and chewing betel nuts are so healthy that I don’t know where to go. And men still like games in their bones. Remember not to embarrass your boyfriend for this little money. Love is mutual respect. You may run out of cosmetics for 1,000 yuan in half a year, but a game for 1,000 yuan is enough for a man to be happy. Years. If you care too much about this little money, it will really hurt your boyfriend.

8 months ago

So there are two situations in this matter. Did your boyfriend spend your money to buy the game? The description of the subject is not very similar. If you have spent your money, you should know how much it has been spent. Since you did not spend your money, you are not married, it is not a couple in the legal sense, your boyfriend has the freedom to spend money to buy games. Take a step back and say, this is not getting married before you start like this. I guess if your boyfriend is married, you may not even have the money to buy a pack of cigarettes. The following words are for the man: Brother, please be clear, if you are not married, you don’t even have this freedom. You can imagine what it will be like after marriage. If it doesn’t work, divide it, or see through people in advance.

8 months ago

You see, you now know what your boyfriend likes. If you don’t know what gifts to buy on holidays/birthdays, just give him some games. Your boyfriend’s interest is more towards 3a masterpieces, with a lot of stand-alone games, mostly horror games. “Resident Evil: Village” is about to go on sale, if you want to give him a surprise, just buy it to him. You’ll know if you buy a few more times, it may not be as good as buying clothes or two lipsticks once.

8 months ago

I can see that your boyfriend is a biochemical fan…
But is this the only game on his list? ? I don’t understand, I bought a computer for 40,000, and still care about the game money? ?
To be honest, it’s not a lot of money to play stand-alone games. My account is at least five or six years old, and it only took a little over 2w. It’s still on the small black box. Actually, it’s probably a great deal to get a 40% discount…

8 months ago

Ahhh! I want to know what that wallpaper is! My object is really straightforward. Before being with me, the mobile phone wallpaper was original. After being with me, I had to change it to something related to me. I thought his computer was similar, and he was very busy learning computer. I thought he was either game-related or he didn’t change anything. Then I went to find him to play and borrow his computer. I turned on the beautiful young lady who was emmm and she seemed to be moving! He was so embarrassed that he was silent for a long time. I thought it was normal. I didn’t say. Mainly, I was not in good shape and fat, so I didn’t dare to say. He was very guilty and asked me if you don’t scold me on my desktop, and then he found that his computer has Click the card, he told me haha, this wallpaper, in fact, it also has sounds and so on, so what is it! Turned over to the picture. I secretly took a photo at the time

8 months ago

I checked steamDB. Except for the bunch of Resident Evil (which is really hard to find, and I don’t know the pricing of these Japanese factories), the remaining games buy the Deluxe Edition\Annual Edition\Enhanced Edition by default. The series of games have the same If you buy the same package and start at the historical low, it will be around 900. But this is purchased directly on Steam (and there are no discounts or coupons, which are pure discounts). Some games have been given away for free, such as the ultimate epic war simulator. , Plus you mentioned that your boyfriend bought it on his mobile phone, blindly guessing a small black box, then the price will be lower, because the small black box itself comes with a little discount. If you are not at ease, you can check his shopping records. Other answers have already taught you the method, but I personally don’t recommend this method. The main reason is to make others feel that their privacy has been violated. Finally, it is recommended to beat up the boyfriend and tell him to wait two months for the summer promotion, why not wait until that time to buy again.

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