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Let me just say that the conservative trend of big factories is a trend. The opportunities for trial and error in big factories does not mean that employees of big factories have chances for trial and error. Major manufacturers do not expect to raise the cost of trial and error, and without exemption (or under the current liability system), it will only become more and more conservative in setting up projects. So it’s boring to blindly blame things on freedom. Everyone must first secure their posts. Popovich once said that life is greater than basketball. I think for gamers, life is also greater than games. Then how to say, Dachang is not a wild gamer without cutting edge. I think xx somebody did an AR+ card game project a few years ago, and there was a rough demo. In the end, it was cut off not because of gameplay, funding, or technical ability. It’s simple-we can’t do what others haven’t done. This project has not been verified by the market. Whoever decides on failure will be beaten up. (However, the problem is that 99% of games that I think are anti-routine interesting are all killed in the big factory. 1. The DNF mobile game has been pigeoned again. (Yes, I am better than a lol player to him. I have a lot of interest in swimming, and I think it is more likely to be DNF when it is really online. 2. There are not many interesting things, and it does not make people’s eyes bright. Basically, projects are established for three purposes to fill the track. /Competing bidding products/Consumption ip. 3. Domestic game companies really don’t develop conferences……….The look and feel is strange. Not to mention catching up with the Silicon Valley batch. At least half of the domestic ov Mihua The level of….. After all, big companies really don’t lack this little money. It’s shabby, it’s very shabby….The 400 billion industry…ps: The concept of metaverse is After North America was fired up, domestic hotspots immediately took over the planet. In fact, it was the inertial thinking of the domestic Internet—the time machine theory (copy to china). The product is copied directly and without error. But as this generation gap narrows and even the future is smoothed. The magic of China’s Internet in Latin America may be born more, which is an example of copy from China. The clubhouse at the beginning of this year is an example. A good example. In short, domestic Internet practitioners should understand that the days of crossing the river by touching the eagle sauce are long gone! They have to have a higher expectation of the increase in trial and error costs. The next time is the time for touching each other’s ass. But metaverse’s untested butt-touching behavior is simply touching bare buttocks while people are shit. The skins are all bald.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Regarding this conference, the box can be said to have a little experience (after all, from the beginning to the end). In short, about the new games announced by the Tencent conference there are about the following; including the League of Legends mobile game and the Rock Kingdom player The CG of the tour is exposed. In addition, it also includes the display of IP mobile games such as One Piece, My name is MT, One Punch Man, Digimon and so on. There are also some classic transplanted games, such as the Metal Slug that appeared in the inter-trial version number, the glorious Dynasty Warriors, the Age of Navigation… There are also many fine sandbox works such as “Robust” and “Island”. “Handcrafted Planet”, “Our Planet” and other works; and “Health Warfare” and “Goose Science Museum” involving medical, science, and traditional elements that can both learn and play. Regarding the DNF mobile game that everyone is paying attention to, the appearance in this conference seems to be only in the music performance before the end. In fact, from a good point of view, Tencent’s press conference is more to promote the possibility of games, such as what the games mentioned at the beginning of the conference can bring to today’s society, and the use of popular science, tradition, medical treatment, etc. There are several angles to experience the possibility of the game; but in general, it is not so much a game press conference, but it feels like watching the gala, singing and dancing are pretty good.

8 months ago

1. Perfect, sorry, your conference is pretty good 2. Although it is very mtvs, although Tencent is indeed qualified to talk about mtvs, it seems that now every game/project team has to build an mtvs by itself-Tencent’s translation for mtvs is: super digital scene + co-creation, I suggest that you are familiar with the media. Read and recite. 3. There are still a lot of new expansions for old games, new characters and new characters that were posted last year but have not yet been posted…4. POE “Road of Exile” may be the most anticipated and two S-level projects that I want to see most, one of which is “White Night Aurora” is still no news, and “DNF” mobile game is still not out5. Tencent has two cloud game platforms that come out to “compete” across terminals. (Public raising Gu) really has yours6. Tencent sent 4 SLGs, quality… Empire IP is my friend’s project, so I’ll hide it for now.

8 months ago

Brothers, pattern, do you know what pattern is? The pattern of Goose Factory is that the game is no longer a game in their eyes! Instead, he grasped the entire game environment with one hand, which gave rise to in-depth thinking! What is the game? From a macro point of view, in fact, quite a lot of people have never stopped worrying about the game! In their eyes, the game is a scourge, electronic opium, ruining the nipples of a generation! It is recommended to directly ban or castrate its part about bloody violence without mercy! ! The Goose Factory’s press conference has completely broadened the boundaries of the game: it tells us that [games and science, games and society, games and cultural continuity, games and medical care] have given people thinking from several different perspectives. And experience. Goose Factory has always paid special attention to social responsibility. This press conference also gave me a strong sense of social responsibility. It can be seen that Tencent has always put social responsibility in a more important position, including the role of games in social responsibility. All the effects are thought-provoking. From the perspective of a player, of course, he is looking forward to the changes that big companies will make in this world. After all, Goose Factory is the largest game company. There is no doubt that it can make good games, but in this era when games are still regarded as scourges, on the one hand, a healthy and orderly e-sports environment needs guidance, and on the other The public’s perception of the game is also more important. At the press conference, Mr. Ma Xiaoyi, Senior Vice President of Tencent Group, can be said to be redefining, or expounding the essence of the game really should be-“The game is not only as simple as fun and joy, it has gradually become an understanding of the world Window…Games do not exist in isolation, they have always existed in human activities, and are constantly advancing with the development of technology and civilization.” No matter how people think of games, in fact, this mobile phone has become an “external accessory” of the body. Today, it is impossible to completely separate games, especially mobile games, from life. In this case, why not just use games as a carrier to guide something positive for good? On this issue, at the press conference, Mr. Ma Xiaoyi also said: “Video games are not so much a new thing, as it is the large-scale migration of culture, technology and imagination accumulated by mankind for thousands of years to the virtual world.” For this, I am very optimistic about Tencent. Because the view expressed by Tencent-“Games are not just for playing”, will bring subversive changes to the current gaming environment. If the game can really integrate with our daily life and produce positive effects, then our daily life will become much more interesting. A lot of boring preaching will be replaced by lively and interesting games, which is undoubtedly a good development prospect. In addition, I am also very interested in the “super digital scene” introduced by the Goose Factory. Today, when 5G has become popular, the Internet has been deeply embedded in our lives and has become an inseparable part. However, the Internet actually has many more interesting possibilities, including our thoughts, interests, needs, and the transmission of information, all of which can use different carriers to release more and different possibilities. The game is undoubtedly one of the possibilities of the “super digital scene”. As a veteran player of Tencent, I very much believe that Tencent has the ability and responsibility to complete this task, let the “super digital scene” be integrated into our lives in a real and daily life, and create new values ​​and possibilities in different fields. Therefore, at this press conference, we can see that the value of the game as a “super digital scene” is more clearly reflected in the products, and we can also see that the Goose Factory, as a super enterprise, has a sense of responsibility to the society and the future. Sense of responsibility. In addition, for this conference, I saw more good news about IP. Data shows that there are 23 big IP game contents announced at this conference. These include not only “Wind up Three Kingdoms” from the well-known online article, “Mouxiang Mountain and Sea” from the ancient Chinese myth classic “Shan Hai Jing”, and “Westward Journey Burning Soul” based on Eastern mythology, as well as “Xin Tian Long Ba” “Ministry” has also exhausted the big IPs in film and television in recent years, such as “Celebrating More Than Years” and “Strategy of Yanxi Palace: Phoenix Yufei”, which are IP-based mobile games adapted from popular films and televisions. And the bigger content is the animation IP, like “Everyday Love Eliminates” and “Crayon Shin-chan” linkage game themed micro-series, in fact, I am looking forward to it, because I feel that this will be quite interesting; and “One Punch Superman Justice Execution” “Digimon: New Century”, the upgraded “Naruto Mobile Games” and “Project: Fighter” authorized by One Piece are also the highlights of this conference. In addition, there are a large number of classic IP transplants or upgrades, which will make us feel “feeling”, such as “Tetris”, “Dynasty Warriors”, “Shin Nobunaga’s Ambition”, “Random Story”, ” Metal Slug: Awakening, “The Great Voyage: Sea Lord”, “Return to the Empire”, “Rock Kingdom Mobile Games”, “Legendary World”, “My Name is MT 5” and “Famine: New Home”, these carry our memories, or in other words The game of feelings, this time on stage with a new look, brings not only “memory killing” but also more elements that are in line with the “super digital scene”.

8 months ago

Harm, what can I say. Two impressions during viewing: 1) This byte black will change to Tencent black for 10 minutes. 2) Perfect, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect your press conference to be very good-looking (? Tencent system is too big, it is probably the main reason why this press conference is less interesting than the same period last year. All requirements are in line with the overall tone of the company and BG, To meet the requirements given by the upper hand, to have new products, to take into account the updates of popular games, to draw a lottery, and this time it is estimated that the director has been given the requirement of “being like a game Spring Festival Gala”, so there are many more inexplicable singing and dancing links. Then it must be stinky and long. If it weren’t for a few groups to spit out, it might not be able to stand it.-Let’s talk about the tone. The most important tone this time is actually the Metavese mentioned in the first sentence of Steven, and The “super digital scene” mentioned repeatedly later, as well as the “co-creation” and “editor” mentioned in various key games. Since the end of 2020, related topics have been mentioned and quickly become a meme. All of China All talking about Metaverse. Tencent is the only Chinese company that is qualified to talk about this. Tencent, at least on the game side, the logic of success has always been: A-I have the best user aggregation tool in the Chinese world. Top two: WeChat & QQ, and the most users B-Using channels to gather users together is the guarantee for me to obtain high profits stably. C-Channels + high monetization ability of games = game making money. Obviously, a larger scale that can ensure user stickiness through actual UGC content” “Space”, “scene” or something else, Tencent wants to try and has the ability to try. Then we can see the opening of Fortnite and Roblox China (that is, Roblox), the real product part , Peace Elite and CF both have to push editors, and many relatively small game products are talking about co-creation. This is actually the logic. But that’s all.-I wrote an article “IEG No Courage” at the press conference last year. , I thought this was already the low tide of Tencent games. But I was wrong. There are more products this time, but there are actually fewer surprises for everyone. Let’s take out last year’s pictures first. Because I’m lazy. Marked it up. In MMO, Dazhu and Lingjianshan have not been launched yet, and the performance of several other products is average. Under the SLG Hongtu, it is basically a disastrous failure, and the remaining two games have no sound volume. Three action games (above) Naka should be a Metal Slug, I’m too lazy to change it) DNF has always belonged to MIA because of the version number, and the other two have been on this year’s press conference. Only Street Fighter has a certain amount of voice in the card. In the next game, Komori Life and Walnut The diaries all belong to the lower income level, and the others appeared in this year’s press conference. This proves at least two problems: project management, scheduling problems are very big; or product quality control problems are very big. Tencent The product crisis always exists. This time Tencent has launched more new products, and some media have sorted out more than 60 models. The momentum can be described as mighty. But when players and practitioners are watching this conference, unless they win a prize , Otherwise I can hardly imagine that someone will have a sincere “wow moment” (unless it’s playing with the black). I saw it At that time, there were only two places that were wowed. The first place was Tencent’s One Piece video, because I was known to be Byte Black, so I played a bit of it. The second place was when the bgm of Da Voyage sounded, it was really a little bit. I was touched-but when I saw the real machine demonstration, it was SLG that was lacking in interest. The rest, the SLG broadcast of the Empire is OK, but because of work, I know that the first version of this game will be available in 2017. It is already a famous fog piece; Edge of Rebirth has blown wildly before, and now I get some rumors, too There is a problem with project management. harm. Supplement: Lolm should have had a big exposure. It stands to reason that it has been in closed beta recently. But 1. The overseas performance is not good 2. There is not much exposure this time, which is also a bit confusing. I just chatted with a friend and learned some gossip, but I can’t say it, harm. -Cloud games are worth mentioning. The first tour seems to be another big step towards achieving cloud games, but the two cloud game products put together basically tell everyone that we love horse racing, plus a wegame ourselves, It is really unnecessary. The other is all kinds of time-filled singing, dancing, and allegro. I feel that the biggest role is to let everyone relax. -Still the above sentence, because of work, I know many excellent products that Tencent is ready to launch, but they didn’t even show up at the press conference. I understand that in many cases it is because of the time limit. But I am still worried about the lack of two products that will almost certainly be available this year. The first one is White Night Aurora. This game is the best two-dimensional card in Tencent’s hand. It has an excellent drawing style and a good gameplay. A lot of news before said that it was in June, but the lack of a face this time is worrying. The other is Dawn Awakening, which has been tested for a long time. It stands to reason that it will face the impact of a large number of competing products if it is not available this year, and it has not appeared. To put it rationally, this is probably because of the node that is submitted for review, so they cannot appear. But one Q4 in June, in fact, the gap is still quite far. -To put it bluntly, the same problem as last time: no C-bit product. Without C-level products, other A-level and S-level products will continue to threaten and siege Tencent’s product line. If there is no new product that conforms to Tencent’s success logic mentioned above, Tencent’s pressure and anxiety will be Will get stronger and stronger. Originally, that position was for DNF. But if DNF does not come out, then this “no C-bit” death alarm clock will continue to go. It has been more than three years now. We can say that there is not much time left for Tencent.

8 months ago

Seeing that the goose factory is about to hold a “press conference”, my first thought is that the robbers can also stand up as a local wise man. From white papers to various press conferences, the goose factory does not want to stand up and wash itself, and throw enough things. But according to its usual urinary properties, it is a problem for several of them to survive. But this is not the main thing. I immediately noticed the metaverse after reading it for the first time. I knew what the goose factory meant. I think how many people who follow the game industry have seen the number one player, right? Goose Factory wants to be the IOI inside. Whenever the goose factory mentions the word “co-creation”, it actually means that yours is mine, mine or mine. If the metaverse is implemented, all things will of course be shared, but the ownership of it is hard to say. It belongs to the Goose Factory. This is the deprivation of the full-scale creative rights extended from platforms such as reading and micro-platforms, but you can rest assured that the Goose Factory will not eat this crab by itself first, and most of it still has to wait for some Each friend tested the water, and then used a huge number of users to do a copy job.

8 months ago

At the beginning, I was very excited to see Tencent CEO enthusiastically describing the future blueprint of the game, such as “games are not only games” and the Chinese Academy of Sciences together to study how games develop the potential of human brain blabla, so I am Excited and proud…Yes, yes, my mother didn’t see the news until half an hour later. Then and then… She watched various krypton game advertisements for more than an hour, and called me at nine o’clock and said, “Son, the most important thing to be a human being is that you can’t make money without ignoring your conscience…”

8 months ago

Tencent is now like a state-owned factory in the planned economy era. Because the review mechanism is too harsh, it is difficult for many excellent overseas game works to officially enter the country. Even if they enter the country, they are represented by companies such as Tencent/Netease/B Station. After the agency, a certain transformation will be carried out, and then it will be introduced to the market together with the domestic Krypton mobile game. Relying on its absolute superior user resources, Tencent has eaten up most of the domestic game market, and then cannot produce a high-level game. Only high-income “products”. For such a Tencent, it is not excessive to say that it is “destroying”. It is hoped that the spring breeze of reform will also be blown to the entertainment industry, so that the domestic cultural and entertainment market will be in line with international standards.

8 months ago

I don’t know who I learned from the development of the conference? You said that Nintendo is developing the conference. It is to save money and don’t want to spend money to buy more. After a wave of press conferences and various reposts in the news media, the people who should follow will pay attention. After all, we are buying games following the press conference. . Let’s develop a conference by Sony. I just want to tell you that ff is back, so-and-so’s xxx masterpiece is going to be available, and it’s time to buy game consoles. You say that you are a Tencent, you still buy the game after the game, your target users almost don’t watch the press conference, and you don’t sell mobile phones, so are your press conferences used to collect kpi?

8 months ago

This is the only end tour that is determined to be open this year. At present, China has 400 to 500 million mobile game players, less than 100 million end game players (continuously falling), and less than 10 million host players. This is the status quo of the general environment, and it is understandable to target 400 to 500 million people. Players who answer complaints here are basically niche players. The three giants of the terminal game have dominated the terminal game market for almost ten years. In recent years, ow and pubg, the so-called “can surpass lol?”, which have been hotly discussed in recent years, are after all just a passer-by, and they will no longer be on par with the Big Three in three or four years. Perhaps only the Big Three can challenge the Big Three themselves. After all, who is talking here, who doesn’t know Swart and Linghu?

8 months ago

What do you think? It’s all rubbish, and there is no one who can hit the sea. What do you want me to think? The country has allowed tencent to earn more than 100 billion yuan in profits for more than ten years. What are the gadgets that it finally produces? Waste will only produce garbage. In order to make money, we have to eat garbage, and if we don’t eat it, we fill the market with garbage. I can tolerate the betrayal of a game company, but cannot tolerate the incompetence of a game company.

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