Today, the market opened higher under the influence of the external collective boom, but there was no continuity. It opened higher and killed the decline. It fluctuated and fell all the way. There was no sign of rebound at all. So why is there a big dive today? What happened? How will the market go next?

Why did you dive today? Why is the kill so serious? What happened? 1. Regarding today’s high opening, I think one is the collective surge in the external market, and the other is the US$190,000 billion economic stimulus, which is the most direct benefit to U.S. stocks, and it is also a short-term benefit to A-shares, because It will show the net inflow of funds into A shares. This has been mentioned twice in yesterday’s article, so we will not continue to talk about this issue today. 2. When more than 90% were rebounding yesterday, this amount of energy has shrunk severely. Yesterday, I told you clearly that there was a shrinkage under this situation, indicating that the bottom of the short-term market has not been determined. If there is a real bottom structure, then he will surely step out of the day and the volume can be greatly enlarged. Generally, the volume will increase by 10% year-on-year, but it did not appear yesterday, followed by a large number of high-priced stocks in the market today. In particular, Moutai, the leader in the brewing sector, which once again rises and falls, has fallen by more than 3%. Everyone knows that the brewing sector occupies too much of the value of the A stock market. Once they fall sharply, the impact on the market will be particularly strong. Today, the highest rate in the winemaking sector is that the entire sector has risen by more than 2%, and now it is down 0.6%, which means that the drop is close to 3%, so the direct impact on the A-share market, in fact, why this sector has such a trend In the previous article, I have talked to you about the rebound of some leading stocks in my brewing sector and the industry, which will inevitably trigger a reduction in the holdings of previous fund holders. Think about it, these stocks in the previous period, these funds are all There are already 15%~20% losses. If there is a slight rebound, do these people want to lighten up their positions and stop their losses? 3. The Hang Seng Index plunged sharply during the intraday session. At its peak, the intraday increase was close to 1%, and now the drop is close to 1%, of which nearly 2% from the highest point to the lowest point. Recently, the Hang Seng Index has also greatly affected our A shares. , Especially last week, I remember that everyone is very clear that after the Hang Seng Index plunged substantially, A shares also directly followed the market to dive. Now the Hang Seng Index is very close to the trend of A shares, and the linkage is very special. Strong, a little action will follow, so recently everyone should pay attention to the trend of the Hang Seng Index. 4. I remember that in yesterday’s article, I also talked to you about the issue of northbound funds. Last week, there was a large outflow of northbound funds. After a small inflow yesterday, it continues to show a large outflow today. This is similar to the large amount of US Treasury bonds. Selling is closely related. I also talked to you about this in yesterday’s article. If US Treasury bonds suffer a lot of selling, it will surely trigger a sell-off in the capital market, and the stock market is also the most direct impact on the capital market, especially some overvalued ones. Valuable stocks, such as Moutai, so this is one of the reasons why the market is falling today. 2. How will the market go next? 1. Recently, I have been repeatedly emphasizing, and I told you that I will focus on the 60-day moving average position of the Shanghai Composite Index. Why do I have to emphasize this position again and again? Because the 60 moving average is the bull-bear crossing of A shares, if the Shanghai Composite Index falls below the 60 moving average, it means entering a bear market. On the contrary, if it is still above the 60 moving average, it means that the market still has some hope. The 60 moving average position has reached the 3504 point position, pay attention, if it falls below this afternoon, it will trigger a greater level of diving and sell-off, and the trading volume will be further amplified, and the panic selling will become bigger and bigger. ,. 2. In the daily level, the Shanghai Composite Index has formed a trend of killing the middle yin line and has absorbed yesterday’s small Yang line. It should be noted that there is a gap at the daily level above the Shanghai Composite Index. It has not been returned, and today happens to be the third education. Usually a gap position. If it is not covered within three days, it means that the gap is very heavy and the gap has not been covered. Then I will fill it. I have already talked about that the live stock index is nailed to 30 to touch the 60-day moving average, then the 60-day moving average has not been broken today, and it will be broken tomorrow, so once the 60-day moving average breaks, it will form a larger level. I have remembered the smash, if you have a heavier position, you must remember to lighten up your position and continue to lighten your position. Don’t ask me why! 3. I have repeatedly emphasized in the previous period that the Shanghai Composite Index will cause a 500-point plunge, but now the Shanghai Composite Index has only plummeted by 200 points, and many stocks have 20% room to fall, and many people are obvious. Closed, there are many funds that have fallen by more than 15%. The frequency of the recent decline has been hotly searched. I think if it continues to plummet by 30%, many people may have doubts about life. In other words, there will be a 300-point decline in A shares. Space, many stocks will continue to show more than 20% downside, so the market risk will still be great in the future. More than 90% of people don’t believe that the Shanghai Composite Index mentioned by Super Brother will trigger a 500-point plunge. So far, only about 10% of Super Brother’s views have been recognized. Got it, if you approve of my likes and support it, don’t scold me if you don’t approve it, because I am just expressing my own opinions, I just share my own opinions with you, as for you, do you insist? That’s your business. Everyone is an adult and has their own ability to judge. I just want to say that it is a bit praiseworthy, please add it. If my answer is a little bit enlightening and helpful to you, please: 1. Like and support, it can also prevent you from not being able to find it in the future. When you want to see it, you can find it on your homepage, which is very convenient. 2. Original public Number: Wen Yanhao, daily review of selected hotspots. Analysis of individual stocks, one step ahead 3, welcome to follow me Wen Yanhao for more dry goods


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7 months ago

The rise in overseas markets drove A-shares to open higher, and the central bank’s liquidity control tended to maintain the balance of market funds, which was not conducive to the market rise. The outflow of northbound funds affected market confidence. Market styles switched and high-level stocks continued to pull back. There is no major negative news on the news. It may be that the money that made money a year ago has to be sold out and continue to be sold. After the market fell sharply, the emotions in the field got out of control and the meat was cut out. The lack of confidence in off-market funds is also hesitant. Today, my own stock bucked the market and rose by 2% without any action. The fund continues to be scheduled to vote. The pharmaceutical and consumer positions are both light and are scheduled to be invested. However, these two funds have set profit after the plan. They were not sold a year ago. I still regret it. For investors with a bad mentality, setting up a fund to stop winning should be beneficial to mental health. If you control your position well, in the midst of the pessimistic wailing in the market, there are actually some chances for a sharp drop. A good investor is always the low-key player who is the most patient, calm, and stable in the crowd. I’m @木橘, part-time trading, daily public account Chaoyan essay updates trading and psychology, weekend version to talk about movies, life philosophy, emotions, and those who are interested can come and watch.

7 months ago

Today, A shares were stimulated by the surge in external stock markets, and the three major indexes opened higher across the board. However, after the opening of the market, the three major indexes did not take the opportunity to open higher and move higher and usher in a big rise. Instead, they opened higher and lowered lower. Opportunity to cash out. It stands to reason that the peripheral stock markets soared overnight, especially the U.S. stocks soared by more than 600 points. The external stock market is so good. Today, the A-share market should have a good market. Even if the U.S. stocks are not synchronized with the skyrocketing, at least they will rise sharply. But today A-shares really disappointed stockholders and investors, and the market opened up and down.

7 months ago

Because of the negative news from Hong Kong stocks during the session, according to news reports, the Hong Kong Financial Secretary said that he would not rule out the possibility of further increase in stamp duty, and the increase in stamp duty would not affect the competitiveness of the Hong Kong stock market. After the news came out, Hong Kong stocks plunged sharply. As the A-shares jumped in the wind, they also followed the Hong Kong stocks plunge. Similar to the Hong Kong stocks’ increase in stamp duty last week, Hong Kong stocks plummeted, and A-shares also showed a big negative stick, which also followed the sharp drop. Therefore, the bad news of stamp duty became the fuse for the sudden plunge of A-shares today. Because it is in a weak adjustment state, the most typical is the Spring Festival. After the market saw a continuous sharp drop, as the market share confidence has been shaken after the sharp drop in the previous trading days, the strength of long positions has been significantly weakened and the strength of short positions has increased significantly. In addition, there was a weak rebound in the market yesterday. The weak rebound in the market is enough to prove that the rebound is not strong and the market confidence is insufficient, which leads to the entire market in a weak state. Many chips will choose to sell high to avoid risks. Therefore, the market environment and the market Emotions and other factors, super-large funds took the opportunity to open up and sell heavily, which would lead to the failure to follow the skyrocketing U.S. stocks, and instead show a trend of high-opening and falling.

7 months ago

Because liquor stocks opened higher and lower lower, and then went out of a unilateral decline. The most typical example is Kweichow Moutai. Moutai opened higher and opened slightly higher. After the opening, it went out of unilateral shock and weakened, and there was a sharp drop in the intraday diving. Moutai has already had too much influence on the entire A-share market. Once Moutai plunges, there will be a chain reaction, dragging down the entire liquor stocks. As the entire liquor sector falls, the Baotuan stocks will follow suit, and the Baotuan stocks will collectively move forward. fall. Baotuan stocks saw a collective decline, such as chemical fiber, liquor, military industry, medicine, etc., collectively fell, Baotuan stocks fell to become an accomplice of today’s A-share diving. Because the financial sector has risen and dived, although the financial sector has protected the market, it weakened after the rise due to the weak pull. The weakening of the financial sector will inevitably have a drag effect on the broader market in its own weak market today. To put it bluntly, the loss of financial stocks is also one of the factors that led to the sudden decline of today’s A shares.

7 months ago

After today’s adjustment, the next week is an opportunity to do more and group stocks, and trend stocks will usher in a wave of rebound. Some friends are not accustomed to such a simple and clear view of long and short. Explain that what I said is my own trading thinking, not self-media marketing. My view of the market will not be a bit vague. Either leave the market short or enter the market long, and there is no need to think that making a mistake will attract scolding. Here is also a reminder to my friends, if it is to watch the excitement, be casual; if it is to make a transaction, you must have your own clear point of view, right and wrong are only the result, the important thing is to do it with your own knowledge transaction. Speaking of today’s sharp drop, on the surface it is news that Hong Kong stocks may continue to raise stamp duty again, causing Hong Kong stocks to dive; in fact, it was the infinite rebound on Monday, which was obviously a fall relay. Therefore, Maotai plunged again in the intraday market, and then a higher volume was received. The big Yinxian drives the heavy stocks to adjust together.

7 months ago

In response to real estate issues, Guo Shuqing said that the bubble of real estate financialization has been curbed, and the growth rate of real estate loans in 2020 is lower than that of various loans for the first time in eight years. Guo Shuqing said: “The current real estate problem should be said to be financial and bubble-oriented. However, the growth rate of loans invested in real estate last year dropped below the average loan growth rate for the first time. This achievement was hard-won. We believe that, The real estate problem will gradually get better.” At the same time, Guo Shuqing shouted and warned real estate speculators: “Many people buy houses not for living, but for investment or speculation. This is very dangerous.” Not only is there a big real estate bubble, it will affect society. Stability, and at the same time worrying about foreign financial market bubbles, one day the foreign countries will collapse, which will impact China’s capital markets.

7 months ago

Because of the weakness of the disk itself, the index rebounded a bit yesterday, and continues to fall sharply today, falling to the point where people lose their temper. In the morning, the trend was relatively good. As the market closed at noon, a piece of news about Hong Kong stamp duty spread on the disk, breaking the original rhythm of the market, and it could not be closed in the afternoon. A piece of news hammered the board twice, and tried to pull the end of the game both times, but it did not pull up, which can reflect the weakness of the board. The high point of the first quarter has been proved, and the big policy is still the same. If there is a rebound in the near future, the nature can be defined as a reversal, rather than a reversal. To do, there is a process of tightening liquidity. Again, in 2021, lower overall earnings expectations. Don’t chase the rise or fall in the near future, just reduce high-frequency trading. A few humble opinions can be adopted. 1. For stocks and funds, reduce investment income expectations in 2021. 2. For funds, go to low valuations and switch between high and low sectors. 3. In the second and third quarters of the entire market, market liquidity will decrease, and the operation will be more difficult than in the first quarter. The overall recovery in the fourth quarter 4. This year is not easy to do as a whole, but next year it will become alive again and continue to be optimistic! So the above is a question of rhythm, not a question of trends. If you understand this sentence, turn to the end of the article to give a thumbs up and agree. Hey;-)

7 months ago

Today, A shares were stimulated by the surge in external stock markets, and the three major indexes opened higher across the board. However, after the opening of the market, the three major indexes did not take the opportunity to open higher and move higher and usher in a big rise. Instead, they opened higher and lowered lower. Opportunity to cash out. It stands to reason that the peripheral stock markets soared overnight, especially the U.S. stocks soared by more than 600 points. The external stock market is so good. Today, the A-share market should have a good market. Even if the U.S. stocks are not synchronized with the skyrocketing, at least they will rise sharply. But today A-shares really disappointed stockholders and investors, and the market opened up and down.

7 months ago

Yesterday, the yield on US 10-year Treasury bonds fell, and US stocks rose across the board. As the US stock market rose sharply, today’s big A shares opened higher, and yesterday’s rebound selling pressure was lighter. The more you rebound, the selling pressure will increase. Baotuan stocks were beaten and disabled immediately on the 2nd today after the technical counter-pumping yesterday, and the thinking of taking advantage of rebounds to lighten up their positions became the mainstream. After the general rally yesterday, it was immediately revised downwards in early trading to avoid a bigger collapse after the continuous rise. Besides, the US stock index futures are okay, and the external market is not bad. It can only be explained by “pull up shipments”-the restoration of market confidence requires a process, so take your time.

7 months ago

Investing in stocks must understand politics, unless you think that the Chinese stock market is not a policy market. No one really thinks so, right? The two sessions are coming soon, and there are still a few trading days to fall before the two sessions. I flipped through the calendar and counted with my fingers. Can I not hurry and fall? Don’t fall back later. Liquor is hard to say in the long run, but in the short term, it is clear that you should stop getting involved. If you look at the public opinion, you will know that the concentrated crusade against Baotuan stocks is that Baijiu is the largest group in Baotuan. If you have no grudges with Qian, don’t stand up to the wind. In the end, I have always been surprised. Why do I still care about the index when I know it is a policy market? Heavier stocks but lighter on the index. I have used electricity as my new bottom position for many years. Today it has risen a lot. How does the index fall? Does it matter? When the index was red before the holiday and the stocks were green, forgot? Do not value the index, it is not the size of the casino to buy it!

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