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According to the results of emm in May this year, I was not on the admission list. I just wanted to open it around July. The failure of Cobb is really a big blow to me. I did a master’s degree with two tutors in a pair of non-school science majors. The first foreign mentor is a big player in the industry, and the second domestic mentor is very gentle and nice, but the administrative ability is very poor. PhD reading is of great significance to me. When I was in the master’s degree, I was attracted by the research content and research style of the first supervisor, so I was determined to read the Ph.D. This is also the fuse for the subsequent series of failures. The second master is applying for a direct post. Due to the adjustment of the dean, the first tutor and a series of overseas cooperative tutors did not renew the school, so it happened that I missed the opportunity of direct doctorate that year when the second tutor was still an associate professor. Even if there is no contract, the first supervisor and the second supervisor still have a cooperative relationship, so doctors who apply for the second supervisor can follow the first supervisor to read it. It is the second supervisor of the master’s degree in the second supervisor and the professor and doctoral supervisor. I think I can try to go. This road, however, went counter-intuitive. The school has a rule that the professors who are appraised as doctoral supervisors in the first year can only take masters and doctors together, and cannot bring Ph.Ds from other methods (break the school and I will serve), so they missed another year. Why not apply for a PhD abroad? Because my English is really bad, especially listening and speaking, the eight-part essay like writing SCI is actually good. In addition, there are many reasons why it is not humane. After graduating from the master’s degree, considering factors such as his girlfriend and family, he chose Beidiao. emm is really bitter, 7k a month before tax, I spent every day being scolded and working overtime. The few months after graduation were busy and I didn’t get off work until midnight, and there was almost no overtime on weekends. The pressure was great, and the physical fitness plummeted. In October last year, I communicated with the second director and heard that there was a chance to read a Ph.D., so I resolutely resigned naked and went back to review and do experiments to help the second director. During the break up with his girlfriend in another place due to various reasons. Under the dual pressure of unemployment and broken love, I finally got the first overall score in the first test and the first overall score in the retest. However, due to various reasons, under the premise of using all my advantages, I was forced to lose my quota by the school. I think people have to vent their emotions, anger, sorrow, and joy. At that moment, I didn’t even know where to vent. Later, the first reaction of the second director was to comfort me and I knew that something was wrong. In July, I found a point of venting, and finally wanted to start this matter. The stamina of this matter is still quite big. Sudden deafness and gastroenteritis are all found. However, this is only the loss of the failure, and I hope to pass on the stability of the effort. As soon as I confirmed the failure, I found a PhD supervisor from another 211 school and submitted a self-recommendation letter. This PhD supervisor agreed and encouraged me to study his PhD next year. At the same time, I send out resumes everywhere. It is not difficult to find a job if I have work experience in Beijing. Now I go to work during the day and review at night. At the same time, I should read the literature and write articles. People still have to look forward. As for why Cobb failed and continued World War II with a sullen face? Because I, Tamar, have always loved my field of research!


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

In April 2015, I found the results, and then collapsed, knowing that my English is not enough to pass the line. Angrily, he returned all the professional books he borrowed to the library. I feel that I have paid so much professionally and invested so much, but I have not deserved the return. In April 2016, if you find the results, you will know the results and whereabouts. Then immediately consider the direction and possibility of graduation in three years. At that time, the first forecasting unit was an undergraduate in my hometown. In April 2019, the job search was difficult, but in the end, I signed a contract with the ideal unit.

8 months ago

In 2020, I wrote several articles on the epidemic at home. I returned to the laboratory at the end of May. I have accepted several articles. The teacher has the idea of ​​letting me go to the blog. The tutor is very kind to the students. The tutor works in a research institute. He started to hire students outside at the age of 51. At present, he is only a master tutor. I was his first Ph.D. and the school where he pushed his bachelor, master and doctor degree. In particular, I promised me that he would definitely be able to go to the blog. Starting from June 2020, he directly contacted my mentor. Since then, I have been up and down: 1.2020.06-2020.10, contacting him has a very good relationship with juniors (because my mentor is on-the-job) The full-time Ph.D. test was taken. His graduate students were able to take a Ph.D. at that time, and he studied Ph.D., but he did not call a teacher, and he was doing his own project, so he gave me a name and gave me a defense) and promised to accept me. , I am also preparing for the written test. From 2.2020.10 to 2020.11, the doctoral supervisor who contacted said that his students have read the master and doctor together. There is no quota this year, so think of a way. At the same time, my tutor started to help me contact his classmate, the second PhD tutor. His classmate replied, no problem, there is a small doctoral supervisor under his hand. From 3.2020.11 to 2020.12, during the period, my teacher asked me to give a report at the annual meeting of the subject. I met the second doctoral supervisor, and the first doctoral supervisor did not come to the society because of something. The second doctoral supervisor said that there were 6 people who tested her. After I finished the report, the second doctoral supervisor’s student approached me and told me not to take the exam at their school, saying that she was extremely exclusive. At the same time, she had to apply for the second doctoral supervisor herself. From 4.2020.12 to 2021.02, I was a little frustrated after the academic conference, but the teacher said that the first doctoral supervisor was still paying attention to me and called him and said he was seeking a place. I didn’t take it seriously at the time, I just felt that it was comforting me. The second doctoral supervisor has no news since then. From May 2021.03 to 2020.04, the New Year is particularly uncomfortable at home, and I don’t want to work, but I haven’t left anything in the article. I have maintained the same level as the target school’s master-doctoral program or even slightly better. The teacher called and said that the first doctoral tutor asked me to take the written exam, saying that the interview was nothing serious, and that there was a little doctoral tutor who had just returned this year, and it felt like a blood test. Particularly excited. After going through a series of thoughts, I thought it could be a glimmer of light. Have been waiting for the retest. 6.2021.04.10 Notification of re-examination, online re-examination, no written test, answering questions. On the 13th of the same month, the list of qualified tutors was announced, and the names of the first doctoral tutor and junior doctoral tutor who were not contacted. The heart was cold. 7. On the afternoon of April 13th, 2021, the teacher asked me to fill in the list of available teachers. Basically, I called all the teachers who were interviewing the next day, but they were not allowed to call. 8. On the day of the interview, I answered all the questions smoothly, and even induced the teacher to ask me a particularly well-prepared English question. I feel great. After the exam, he called the teacher, and the teacher said to ask his classmates immediately. As a result, the teacher was not embarrassed that day and sent a text message saying that he had not passed the exam, and asked for 3 of their own students. The list was announced that day, and I ranked 5th. The top 4 were 3 students and 1 ethnic minority project. Not reconciled, especially not reconciled, prepared for so long, has always put himself in accordance with the requirements of the doctoral standard. The result in exchange is like this. Particularly unwilling. Particularly regrettable. The second doctoral tutor didn’t want to go there either. Waste time and energy. All my own students. After the exam, everyone was asking me what to do, what plans I have, I really don’t know, I am extremely confused now. The environment of Kaobo is too bad. The teacher said why it is like this now. If you have the ability to fight with your strength, it is not that we don’t work hard. I said, there is no way, but to blame it for not trying hard to get into another school.

8 months ago

I posted it on my official account and posted it as my answer to myself. This is just this article dedicated to my 211-day road to the exam! First of all, I am not a master student, this is not an inspirational story of a student counterattack, I did not pass the Ph.D. But still decided to write down this experience, because one thing, there must always be a rest. Before going to college, especially in junior high school, I was an out-and-out scumbag. I was in the bottom five of my class, and I was out of the 150th grade. So when Hou, a good friend of high school and now a glorious teacher of the people, heard the news that I was going to take the exam, he called me as soon as possible, almost roaring, “God, my god, the grade is down. People want to take the exam now, shocked!” The reason for wanting to continue to be a student is very simple. I think I need time to think about how to go in the future. Many people say that after reading a Ph.D., they rushed into colleges and universities, especially liberal arts students (yes, I am a liberal arts female, purely liberal arts). But I never thought about it that way. If academic qualifications must be linked to a certain type of job, I think this is unscientific. Although my parents always think that it is a good choice for girls to go to college, my original intention of missing a Ph.D. was not to go to college. August 28, 2016. I started to enter the exam review formally, and also started to check in on Weibo. English is my most worried section, so I applied for a one-on-one tutoring. Start with English and gradually advance the review process. The first problem encountered is the subject intention. First of all, considering my future employment, I decided not to continue my studies in philosophy, and switched to journalism, so I delineated X University and J University. At the same time, there was another voice in my heart saying, “Don’t be so utilitarian, maybe it’s more interesting according to your own interests, so I decided that W is big.” After confirming the school, contact the tutor. Some people say that the tutor’s willingness to accept is the first step in whether to be admitted to the doctorate, but I was hit hard in the first step. Except for tutor X who said that his research direction is quite different from my current direction, but expressed respect for my academic wishes, tutors from the other two schools have expressed a clear rejection. After receiving the reply from the instructor, I felt very gloomy, but it was already late November. I feel unwilling to give up the exam, continue to review and see no hope, and I am very lost for a while. At the same time, classmates and friends around me are all running recruiters to submit resumes, and the feedback they get is not satisfactory. It is not easy for liberal arts students to find a job. As a liberal arts student in a polytechnic college, it is still an unpopular major, and it is more difficult to find a job. My roommate advised me to do two-handed preparation and look for a job while reviewing the exam, just in case. Even the auntie downstairs said that I should walk on two legs. But I was stubborn and contradictory at that time. Running around to find a job is very distracting, and there may not be results, but if I fail to get a Ph.D. and miss an autumn move, I will probably be unemployed. What can a master of philosophy graduated from a non-prestigious school do? Don’t talk about career success, I might even have problems with basic food and clothing. These worries have been bothering me, especially at night. The calmer the night, the more anxiety in my heart. Insomnia followed one after another. Sleeping at two or three o’clock is hardly desirable. It’s normal to fall asleep around four or five o’clock. The more common situation is a whole night of insomnia. At 6 o’clock the next morning, the dormitory is open. I’ll have breakfast and call again. Wake up your roommate and continue your daily routine during the day. Long-term insomnia has made my mental state deteriorating, my study efficiency has become very low, and I am more worried about my future. The more worried, the more insomnia at night, and the deeper the anxiety, a vicious circle. Once I did a questionnaire on the Internet and concluded that I was slightly depressed. Although there was only a sign of depression, I didn’t take it to heart, but this conclusion really shocked my mother. My mother called and said, “Don’t be stressed. It doesn’t matter if you pass the exam. It doesn’t matter whether you have a job or not. The body comes first.” On another sleepless night, I seriously asked myself, am I stressed? Is this series of emotions caused by too much pressure? What am I worried about? What are you worried about? Then I started to answer these questions one by one. First of all, I am worried that I will not pass the exam. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, no tutor is willing to accept me, and my own review situation is not good. It seems that my failure to pass the Ph.D. examination is a destined result. Since I already know that I cannot pass the examination, what else is there to worry about. Then go find a job. Maybe I am more suitable for work than scientific research. Anyway, when I was preparing to take the postgraduate entrance exam three years ago, the students around me were surprised and felt that my character should go to work directly. Then go to the job fair now? No, I decided not to go first. After all, it’s been so long since reviewing the exam. It’s a pity to give up, and everyone is now hiring to no avail. Maybe I will face the same embarrassment. Why not go all out? Anyway, my parents said the most. The worst is that no unit is willing to ask me, then bow my head and admit my mistakes and go home to find a temporary worker, or… , Never go home, do nothing). After confirming that I want to maintain my current state, how to fight insomnia has become the primary issue. In the long dark night, I can’t learn to study, and I can’t sleep, so what do I need to do so that I can stop thinking and be calm. I remember that when I was a child, I didn’t like to learn. My mother bought me a lot of textbooks and exercises, which I almost never did. After doing two math problems, I started to be in a daze. Reading the two paragraphs made me feel boring. I flipped through here and looked there. It was abandoned in the afternoon. But there is only one thing-painting, which allows me to sit all afternoon. Although I haven’t learned it, it’s just scribbling, but that was the only thing I was interested in being able to concentrate on as a child. Then try drawing! The next day I bought a sketchbook and a box of oil pastels. I thought to myself, I don’t know what to paint anyway. I don’t have a theme, so I might as well just do graffiti. It’s strange to say that every time I finish painting and cleaning up, I feel exhausted and tired. Maybe it’s because I feel relaxed and doing interesting things. Insomnia has really eased slowly. After that, the time became very dull, doing the questions and then doing the questions. Because I crossed majors, I have no idea of ​​reviewing major courses like a headless fly, so I didn’t read much professional books, and I spent all my time in English (this is a wrong review method, please don’t imitate it). At the beginning of 2017, the schools announced the test time. J and X have a big time conflict. Considering that I have not been to X city, I can just travel around after the test, so I booked the air ticket and hotel early and waited for this trip with peace of mind. . On March 26, 2017, the exam ended. The 211-day Kaobo tour also officially ended. I got the news in mid-April and I didn’t pass the exam. English and comprehensive pass, with extremely low grades in professional courses. This is basically in line with my expectations. I spent my time in English. Originally English was my shortcoming, but this time it didn’t hold me back. It is only natural that there is no review of professional courses and poor grades. A friend around me comforted me and said, “It’s okay, and there is still a chance. This is the problem of the instructor’s points. Next time I contact the instructor to determine the intention, absolutely no problem.” I am very grateful to my friends for their kindness, but I really don’t think that this result is necessarily related to the intent of the mentor. I still believe that every effort is rewarded, and I still believe that hard work will be rewarded. So if someone asks me if I still have academic enthusiasm, I will answer: “My heart is still the same.” The situation of each exam student is different. I only summarize my own situation on behalf of the individual. My idea before taking the exam was that there was such a logical time, there was nothing else to do, why didn’t I take the exam, and life didn’t force me to the point of having to worry about food and clothing. I still have the energy to be desperate for my temper. I didn’t prepare for the review very hard, and it’s only natural that I didn’t pass the exam. I don’t like to blame others, I just work if I fail to pass the exam, and I have the opportunity to take the exam again in the coming year. Or, the dream that you can’t catch is just another dream~

8 months ago

How does the scientific method succeed in the exam? I have taken the Ph.D. twice a long time ago, one in science and engineering, and one in liberal arts. In my opinion, Kaobo is a science, a university question, and requires careful research. I discovered the scientific method about Cobb. The purpose of the study of the exam: accurate exam to ensure landing. The research program of the exam: use the attitude of learning to do the exam, and treat the exam as a science. The research content of the examination erudition: the selection of professional tutors in colleges and universities + the improvement of scientific research writing + professional course preparation research + re-examination guidance. The research methods of erudition: university science outlook and big professional outlook. The research prospects of Kao erudition: changing with each passing day, fairness and performance.

8 months ago

Under the multi-faceted enlightenment of relatives and friends, I have gradually stepped out of the haze and started a new round of study and review. I still remember that a few months ago, I saw people like Xianglin’s wife and told me about my tragic experience. It may be true. My heart is too bitter. I resigned for so long to take the Ph.D. exam. I concentrated on reviewing. I was not accepted as the first place in the written examination. I can’t bear to repeat the experience. I believe that friends who have experienced it will have the experience. I want to talk about my own experience in the exam. , It is a stage summary for yourself. In fact, I have always been regarded as a good student. Although my talent is not outstanding, I am relatively hard-working. Undergraduate science, science and engineering, three-span to liberal arts and art, I also walked down with my hard work and persistence. The graduate school pays attention to practice, the tutor pays attention to practice, and the academic accumulation is basically zero. When I took the first exam, my life direction was very confused and I didn’t know what I was going to do. One year, after going through a very painful stage of self-knowledge, I was determined to really take the exam, so I quit my job and did a lot of preparation work. From July to review, I continued to take the exam in March. I couldn’t sleep because of too much pressure before the exam. As a result, I started to dizzy. Sometimes I stood up and down, and I needed to support the wall. I just insisted on taking the exam until one month after the exam was over. Because I was the first place in the written test and the interview went smoothly, I assumed that I could be admitted, so I took it lightly after the interview. There were many twists and turns, which resulted in not being admitted in the end. This time I took a written test from two schools and another school. The second place, the first place is the student of the tutor himself, very good, and I realized that I did not have enough academic accumulation in the exchange with him, and it also made me reflect that many of our professional educations are problematic. Many college teachers have been instilling in us the idea that it is a shame that college students will not study by themselves, and the teachers are very busy. It is your blessing to teach you, and it is right not to teach you, but I think this statement is very wrong. The teachers in this school are very tight on students’ study. Weekly reading meetings, reading notes, exchanges and presentations, but we, I only pay attention to practice, and I don’t even look at my papers. What’s more terrifying is that I didn’t have the consciousness to learn by myself, and I didn’t know how I should learn, how to learn, or what it was like. The experience will give me this kind of thinking. The teacher doesn’t care, and I don’t know how to learn, so I have the hard assault before the exam, so I think if I have children in the future, if he is determined to take the academic path. Must tell him that kung fu is in daily life, and that assault learning is scumbag in the face of real strength. And you have to know that as a student, it is normal not to learn, and I will find a teacher for whatever school I am going to do. On the other hand, I don’t know about other majors. It’s similar to our majors. There is too much pressure on the exam. It’s normal to choose one of four, five or six for interviews, not to mention that my classmates choose one of eight. Everyone has worked hard to review the exam. In the end, they all accompany them on the run. What’s even worse is that the students who have passed the test may know that the water inside is really too deep. The teacher always has his own strange reasons for not wanting you, let alone a lot of people. Because of my special status, I came to the back door and added a stopper. I felt that I had no chance of being a transparent person. I missed the time when the exam was only able to win by strength. This kind of academic selection. I don’t know what kind of talents will be cultivated. There are reasons for the depreciation of academic qualifications. Alas, I think it’s a helpless complaint to dissatisfaction with reality. After that, I plan to continue taking the exam, and at the same time, I will find another way out. I will talk to you when there are results. I hope that everyone who is diligent will have good results.

8 months ago

It has been almost a month since I knew that I failed in the exam. But it was always difficult to calm down, and all the emotions just broke out at one point. My roommate, only reviewed for a month or two. Seventh place in the initial written test, a total of eight people entered the re-examination. The instructor chooses one from eight. He didn’t even contact his mentor. Then he was admitted. And I, from July review until March. Enrolled in two schools. The second place in the written examination of a school. First place in the written examination of a school. All were brushed. Actively contact the tutor during the period. The teacher’s attitude is also very good. The result was still not admitted. There are too many things to say, but at this time, I can’t say a word, those lonely roads that I have walked, those trees that drift from summer to winter and spring sprouting, those that flow by night Tears, those unknown pressures and tensions. I can only wipe sweat and tears, and move on…

8 months ago

Tossing and turning is really uncomfortable. I don’t know what to do. I know I am not good, but I have been working hard. Exhausted and broken heart. What is the point of working hard if you can’t afford to do things, because you are going to fail anyway. In short, it was very uncomfortable and I cried several times. But life still has to go on.

8 months ago

I am currently studying at a low-level 985, and the postgraduate entrance examination was a cross-examination. For the current major, the basic knowledge may not be solid. Because most of them are now applying for the assessment system. So when I received the re-examination notice from the two top 10 universities, I felt that I was still super excellent. These two universities are referred to as A and B. emm, the first interview is on 2019.3.09. Before the interview, I heard that a postgraduate from School A had applied for the same tutor as me. In fact, my mentality was a little broken. Then I sent an email to ask if the tutor would be biased towards the students of this school (actually think about this email only for psychological comfort). He promised me fairness and justice. At the end of the interview, I felt that my shipment was good, so I felt comfortable all the way. But the final admission is the graduate student of our school. The reason for rejecting me is that the research direction does not match. The second interview is on 2019.03.14. In fact, the pressure before the written test was overwhelming, because the majors for applying for school B are somewhat cross-examinations. Although they are in the same college, they are subdivided into two completely different fields. The written test is the last one to enter the interview. At that time, I felt hopeless, but I still hope that there will be a tutor who will have an eye for myself during the interview. When I was waiting for the interview the next day, I didn’t know how the interview sequence was arranged. The first four students interviewed each student for about 40 minutes, and the last two students (me and another student) each took about 10 minutes. I was the last interview. The interview teacher directly asked me to hurry up, preferably within 8 minutes. At that time, I was already very wronged and felt that the interview was more insulting. Afterwards, I sent an email to the tutor I reported explaining the situation (in fact, it is also a bit of a complaint in nature). Of course it turned out to be an egg. Although the official websites of these two schools have not yet published official results, the admissions have basically all the news. After knowing the specific situation, the whole person was lost, and I felt that I was not good enough, and I hadn’t worked hard yet. Although I know how ordinary my talents are, I haven’t been too slack in asking myself. Now that I think of this result, I can still cry, because I am not strong enough. Seeing some other answers, think about it, you still have to believe in yourself, find a job first, and see if you can get a doctorate next year. After all, we still have to live on.

8 months ago

It should be miserable. Make a reasoning, because from the beginning, I was determined and didn’t take the test…because I was not good enough in all aspects. To get back to the topic, first of all, the work pressure must be great. Secondly, if your relatives have failed in life, and his children have poor grades, they will definitely take the opportunity to ridicule you, and then you will be stressed. Hundreds of percent bigger, I personally encountered it during the postgraduate entrance examination, and managed to survive it. After being admitted, I don’t want to talk to them anymore. At the same time, I also cut off Cobb’s thoughts… If there is still pressure to get married, it will be even greater. In a word, if your own strength is not enough, you have to fight father. If you don’t have a father to fight, you need to be careful.

8 months ago

Application for assessment is a general trend. Now many schools have switched to applying for assessment. For liberal arts, school background, level and number of papers account for a large proportion of liberal arts applications. Now many liberal arts students who want to study for Ph.D. have read a lot of books and published A lot of papers such as c journals, or school platforms, the expo reading is becoming more and more intense. It is getting harder and harder for students graduating from ordinary colleges and universities. They need to have excellent qualifications, read more books, and publish more important papers. I still remember that when I took the postgraduate exam, I was lucky to succeed in the third postgraduate exam as a freshman. I also experienced failures in the middle. At that time, I prepared two schools. I was very impressed with the one that failed the exam. The re-examination of the Kaobo is based on the entire professional ranking, not according to the tutor (maybe some tutors did not enter) the tutor’s professional class that I took. First, it’s a pity that I couldn’t enter the re-examination because of the poor English. Finally, I found that none of the tutors I applied for did the re-examination. It may be that our English is too poor. At that time, I stayed alone in the hotel room for a long, long time. I didn’t want to end my trip to Sanya anymore. My room was silent as a mystery.

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