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In fact, since Jia Ling decided to open Big Bowl Entertainment in 16 years, the levels of the two people have been different. It’s just that Big Bowl Entertainment has not successfully launched film and television works before, so many people still have questions about this (and therefore know that 21 years In the past, there were often discussions about who is the first sister of comedy), but now after Li Huanying’s explosion, Big Bowl Entertainment’s inclusion in the four major comedy groups is basically a foregone conclusion. Jia Ling, as a character in the comedy group, will have an upper limit of career development in the future. The subjects are people like Guo Degang, founder of Deyun Society, and Zhao Benshan, founder of Liaoyi. (Fighting up, talking about the upper limit does not mean that she will be able to be so successful in the future). And Ma Li, the happy twist comedy is at the level of Song Dandan. It’s not even as good, because Song Dandan has won many mainstream awards, and according to the current type of heroine in the happy twist comedy, he hopes to win mainstream awards… …Are relatively slim. If you want to ask why, I think the best answer is that “ambition” Jia Ling has ambitions in the comedy industry. The Big Bowl Entertainment she started has gathered many comedy talents such as screenwriters, directors and actors. You can refer to Li Huanying’s movie. Several screenwriters, including the deputy director, are all from Big Bowl Entertainment. It can be said that Jia Ling can start to create comedy film and television works with her as its absolute core as long as Jia Ling thinks about it now. Zhang Xiaofei, Xu Juncong, Bu Yu, He Huan and others can at any time. Mobilized to serve as a supporting role for her, she doesn’t lack anything to make her own pie. And Ma Li, first of all, she doesn’t have much ambition for comedy. In previous interviews, she has also expressed that she does not want the label of comedy. The comedy is only due to accident, but what is embarrassing is that she actually relies heavily on the resources of happy twist (Ma Li also tried some foreign dramas, but unfortunately it was not very successful and the transformation was difficult). I have seen a sentence in Zhihu that said “Ma Licheng also twists and loses and twists”. Even I think she is a partner and a partner. , The partner with Shen Teng was indeed very successful, but when we were with Shen Teng, everyone’s focus was always on Shen Teng instead of Ma Li. Jia Ling has no such problem at all. Even when she is partnered with Shen Teng, she has a very personal personality and sense of existence. To put it simply, Ma Li’s acting skills are good everywhere, but when Jia Ling can stand there, you can notice her. This kind of audience’s eye problem is really unsolvable.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The result is today, but the reason is planted in 18 years. In March 18th, the sun robbers killed you. From June to August 18th, you went upstream from July to October 18th. Calls from July to October 18th. Ma Li’s 18th year is the peak period of word-of-mouth for men to put on fashion covers. These three films The play also brought her tens of millions in remuneration. But it was the mediocre response of these three plays that led to today’s situation behind Jia Ling. There are three mistakes: Various factors have led to the failure to lead the team to participate in the joyous comedy. The main problem is that they have lost the opportunity to build their own team, such as Song Yang Ailun and Yan Fei Shen Teng. On the surface, Ma Li is a happy twist. Actually I don’t have my own team. “Beautiful and funny” the person set up is inconsistent with the comedy image of the female man, which greatly limits the choice of scripts and the director’s purpose of accepting the play is a bit vague. Jia Ling is now at the peak of her reputation, just like Ma Li in 18 years. One thing she did right was that Jia Ling never thought of going any way other than comedy. I set up a set of characters with a sense of mission to do comedy very early. Not only did I catch the ride of the golden age of mainland variety shows from 12 years to the present, but also built my own team along with the trend, leaving behind the same type of Song Xiaobao, Yue Yunpeng, and Datong. Zhang Wei. There are actually very few variety cafes that can pull the main key, and the past two years have been Jia Ling Li’s birthday. Of course, it really depends on Li Huanying to stand up. The word-of-mouth of Jia Ling’s previous play with Bao Beier was so bad that he almost smashed the word-of-mouth of the big bowl of entertainment. In fact, feng shui takes turns, and no one can say the short-term gains and losses, and can predict the future development. But a trend is very obvious. To be the key star in comedy, the team building of the screenwriters and actors behind it is indispensable. Comedians are not like regular actors who can concentrate on being the tools of various big directors, and they are not idol actors who can provide traffic. They either form partners like Ning Hao-Huang Bo, Chen Gou-Wang Baoqiang, or have their own team.

8 months ago

Practitioners in the film and television investment industry are very concerned about these two developments, especially after the explosion of Jia Ling’s “Hello Li Huanying”, my attention to her has risen sharply. But I originally had a deeper impression of Ma Li, but after May Day, I clearly felt the gap between the two of them. Among the several films in May 1st this year, our company has screened a few films that we think we are optimistic about. The film won shares and recommended it to investors. At that time, I remember very clearly that our company did not get market share in Ma Li’s “Sunshine Robber”. I was worried that this film would win the championship in the 51st gear. As a result, other films are not very competitive and are not conducive to our company’s investment customers. So after the May Day was released, I didn’t watch any other films, so I went to see Ma Li’s “Sunshine Robbers” for the first time. I was disappointed and said silently in my heart: Oh, she’s Ma Li, isn’t she Shen Teng. Only then did I realize that even when I mentioned Ma Li, my first reaction was to partner Shen Teng. I believe many people’s reactions are the same as mine. So when I came back, I carefully considered the difference between Ma Li and Jia Ling. What caused the situation today. Jia Ling can already be alone, but Ma Li can’t provoke the leader alone? I think there should be the following reasons: 1. Ma Li has almost never been in variety shows after the joyous comedian (or there is no resident variety show that is very popular), but Jia Ling is currently the hottest ” A resident guest of “Ace Vs Ace”, a fixed face is really important for an artist, not to mention that Jia Ling still accounts for this kind of national variety show. 2. Ma Li’s partner Shen Teng, many people knocked their two CPs, but Shen Teng and Ma Li are already married separately and need to avoid suspicion, so the same frame of the two of them is also significantly reduced. The collaboration between Jia Ling and Shen Teng has always been the status of siblings, so it seems that Jia Ling and Shen Teng have been mentioned more frequently by new audiences and exposed more frequently. 3. Jia Ling and Ma Li are both guests who have been to the Spring Festival Gala many times, but the audience can clearly see that Jia Ling is obviously the mainstay in the Spring Festival Gala works of the big bowl, and Ma Li’s happy twist work is the mainstay. It’s obviously still Shen Teng, so when people refer to the Spring Festival Gala, they usually say “Shen Teng’s sketches” and “Jia Ling’s sketches” instead of “Ma Li’s sketches”. 4. Ma Li’s several films that took the lead alone are basically rushed (except for the shameful iron fist, I think this movie mainly plays the title of happy twist), but the development of her former partner Shen Teng is getting more and more. it is good. At this time, Jia Ling’s first film directly reached a height that many filmmakers could not reach for many years, and the gap suddenly widened. So at this time, everyone will feel that Ma Li is inferior to Jia Ling, who has passed on from ten to ten, and everyone will gradually accept this setting in their hearts. However, I still feel that there is nothing wrong with Ma Li’s strength. I just hope that Ma Li will choose the script well in the future. She needs a well-made work to speak for her. I am personally selfish and look forward to this day as soon as possible~ Finally, I disagree with the answer that the main respondent said in Ma Li’s game session that Ma Li had a problem. I think what I might be pursuing at that time is the effect of the program, which should have been rehearsed in advance.

8 months ago

The truth may not sound good. Ma Li’s popularity in the entertainment industry is more tied to Shen Teng, while Jia Ling relies on her own. Even if Jia Ling and Shen Teng are in the trump card cooperation, Jia often serves as an auxiliary supporter. However, she and Shen Teng are not a laughing point system. Without losing their own bright spots, she also has her own audience. In addition, there is a contradiction in Ma Li’s career development. She is very concerned about other people saying that she is not beautiful, and that she is from a drama background. She can play a beautiful comedy or can prove herself in a drama, and pursue transformation prematurely. The drama moves closer. However, objectively, Ma Li does not have the appearance conditions of Zhang Xiaofei. She is still classified as a female comedian, relying on the resources of happy twists. Jia Ling has a clear understanding of her appearance and conditions. She is rooted in comedy and has a clear goal. From the Spring Festival Gala to variety shows to movies, she sets up her own team and company, and finally bet on the treasure to promote her career. There is a detail in the trump card. Ma Li was asked “tell me three places Jia Ling looks better than you”. This question was originally very simple. Even if the eyes, nose and mouth are not really better than you, the audience just smiled. But Ma Li struggled for a long time after talking about her flawed “mouth”, and finally said a “character.” Jia Ling also smiled and helped to make the rounds, indicating that there is still a certain difference in mentality and emotional intelligence between the two people.

8 months ago

The main reason is character, which is weak and fragile. Let’s start with Jia Ling. Jia Ling is like a flower blooming on a cliff. She is resilient, able to accept wind and rain calmly, and will bloom even better when facing the sun. And Ma Li is like a flower in a greenhouse, unable to withstand the slightest twists and turns, leaving the greenhouse like a duckweed, without roots, the road ahead is slim, even a slight rain may destroy her. Jia Ling is a little angel. The care of her parents and sisters gave her self-confidence and warmth. The difficult conditions of childhood also gave her strong conviction. The care and support of her master gave her hope in her career. And since she was in college, she has been committed to comedy, and she is very confident in the power of comedy. Every step is difficult and firm. She is happy from the heart, so her optimistic personality also has a lot of friends and audiences. She is a very attractive girl, no one will not be attracted to her, how sweet is her smile. Whether you admit it or not, the audience loves to watch her, or believe that there is nothing wrong with her, so success is inevitable in commercial trials. Ma Li is just the opposite. Her personality is too sloppy. She is a mature and big woman with a slightly squeamish girlish heart. Arowana Shen Teng imitates Ma Li in life. Although it is exaggerated, she can see that her true character is a little bit more nasty, who loves to act like a baby. Remembering travel tricks, Lin Chiling said that even her signature pen has a heart-shaped cartoon, but this kind of character is very different from the character she plays. The audience’s impression of her is still a laughing female boss or a man-in-law, so once she has Some real characters are exposed, and the audience is uncomfortable. This also made her even less likely to take the kind of beautiful and funny role she hoped. In addition, her inferiority complex when she was a student, became obsessive about beauty after she became famous, which led to her splitting. Playing a beautiful role is not recognized by the audience and falls into self-doubt. Acting as a funny man, the audience is satisfied, and they are all unhappy. She couldn’t accept the act of spitting tea into a teacup to her liking, and her excessive demand for beauty also restricted herself. Looking back, during the same period, Jia Ling and Shen Teng were both consolidating their positions as comedians. She was still entangled in beauty or not. With stimulation, the so-called broadening of the drama road, she felt that she wanted to prove that she could act beautifully. The result was a good time. missed. I feel that she has never planned for herself, and has always been willful, just for beauty. Including feelings too, there are more than 30 people, who are dying to live for love, and Qiong Yao is better than Aunt Qiong Yao. Now there are children who are relieved, but unfortunately the time is completely missed. The most ironic thing is that I remember that year at Base Camp, she said that Jia Ling had always thought that she was a comedian like Jia Ling, she said she was an actress, and remembered that Du Xiaoyu was still playing the game. As a result, Jia Ling has become a peak she will never reach. What’s more ridiculous is that in the past, CP fans always said that Shen Teng’s real wife used 12 years to bind, but now, he can only bind with his partner for more than ten years. With a sigh, her character determines her destiny. It feels that her acting career has been paying for the obsessions of her childhood and adolescence. If she puts down her obsessions early, maybe she can meet at the top. To say something more, many people say that she is low-key and unwilling to take on variety shows. In fact, variety shows may not be willing to look for her. People want ratings. You are stretched there, all kinds of high-cold fans, who creates the atmosphere, can’t direct them. let’s go!

8 months ago

This will take time
Now in 2021, Jia Ling is not as good as Ma Li with Li Huanying’s fire. If Charlotte was troubled a few years ago, then we should ask why Jia Ling is not as good as Ma Li. Both are 82. I think it will take 32 years or more to see who is slightly better.

8 months ago

These two are not comparable, right? I think this is a feng shui turning problem. At that time (16 years), Charlotte’s troubles were hot and dark, and it was also very high, and the whole film belonged to the plot quality and density to win and Ma Li was in it. But she deserves to be the first heroine, and Ma Li has become an indispensable part of the happy twist universe. For a long time, I don’t think Jia Ling has surpassed Ma Li. And Jia Ling is the hit of “Li Huanying” this year. In fact, the film has many shortcomings and immature points, but the theme of “maternal love” is the main theme, and it has overdrawn Jia Ling’s long-time “dead mother regret” personality, so it has accumulated A lot of passersby. But I think the entire film structure is not as good as “Charlotte” in all aspects. Although the big bowl entertainment is popular, it is not necessary to invite the main force of twist (Shen Teng) to help.

8 months ago

Character problems account for 90%. Different identities account for 10%. (Ma Li is just an actor, while Jia Ling is the boss and has more decision-making power.) Ma Li is obviously a social type. I like to work with people I know. But twist movies have always been the main male lead, even if they are the female one, they can only serve as a supporting role, which is uncomfortable. There is a large-scale production of movies outside, and the possibility of her being the first girl is also small. Variety shows do not like to pick up, so the popularity will not rise. In the past 17-18 years, with Xitian’s resources, he participated in variety shows and many other movies in order to transform, and his appearance was also super beautiful. I was about to get up, but got married and had children halfway through. It’s hard to get up again. Don’t ask for anything else, just ask for less because of favoritism.

8 months ago

It was originally a question and answer about Ma Li and Jia Ling, but each answer pulled Shen Teng in. Now that I pulled it in, I have to say a certain reply. Who told you that the biggest bonus for speculating CP is for the man? Obviously, the essence of CP is poverty alleviation, and the biggest profit is the relatively weak one. Do you still have to ask if you contact Shen and Ma. The separate results are not clear at a glance? CPF has always been crooked in nature, and likes to set up the goddess of reason and coldness for the woman, and set up for the man to ask but not to be scumbags. Do you know how to evaluate the marriage of Shen Teng and Wang Qi? The brainwashing package of cpf is simply a great tribute. Back to Ma Li and Jia Ling, Ma Li’s embarrassment was because she had never successfully walked on her own (have tried). She wanted to get rid of the twist, but her best resource is the twist given to her. Other good resources are not available. To her. No matter how Jia Ling provoked a stall on her own, the two couldn’t compare. But for Big Bowl Entertainment to truly enter the film industry, one Li Huanying is far from enough, and the lower part of the work is very important.

8 months ago

I think it’s because Ma Li did not become independent. Ma Li was first known to the public when she played the sketch with Shen Teng. Later, “Charlotte Trouble” put Shen Teng on the big screen, and Ma Li also established the position of Happy Mahuanv in the audience. But Shen Teng and Ma Li are still different. As mentioned above, Ma Li is the first female of Happy Twist. And Shen Teng is the number one of all the actors of Happy Twist. After all, it was the first time that Shen Teng went to the Spring Festival Gala, and the partner actress was not Ma Li. Later, Shen Teng became more and more popular. Not only has resident variety shows, but also starred in many movies other than Happy Twist, and achieved good results. Ma Li, after leaving Shen Teng, also has good works. But “The Shame of Iron Fist” is still a happy twist, and it is Allen who made it. “Calling Frenzy” is not influential enough, and Ma Li can hardly be said to be the first protagonist of the film. Therefore, Ma Li’s influence is not beyond the twists. Jia Ling is different. Even before Li Huanying’s explosion, Jia Ling was the core of his team. In other words, Jia Ling’s position in Big Bowl Entertainment is not inferior to that of Shen Teng in Twist. Outside of the big bowl, Jia Ling is also the darling of variety shows, which ensures that her exposure rate is much higher than that of Ma Li. Although due to appearance reasons, Jia Ling’s play has long been fixed. However, Li Huanying’s success is phenomenal. Now, as long as Jia Ling does not appear in legal programs, she is a female director and actress that cannot be ignored in Chinese film history. If Ma Li wants to surpass Jia Ling on the big screen, she basically can only rely on the long flow of water. Maybe 20 years later, he may become an evergreen tree in the film industry with many movies.

8 months ago

Hasn’t people been busy getting married and having children in the past two years? No matter how great the success is, it’s useless to have a man under the covers.
For older leftover women, haha
Everyone’s energy is limited, and choice means giving up.
Zhao Liying was in full swing before getting married. Now she is married, has a child, and is divorced. Various scandals are flying everywhere.
Happiness is harder and more meaningful than success.

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