January 22 update: Hua was the first to admit to having a child, Zhang Bichen later posted a lengthy response, the studio said the two are not married.

Once again proved that fans always thinks he knows his master, whether Zheng Shuang children or brilliance yu, I just want to say, the fans always think oneself is the most people who know the idol, took a lot of figure of try to clarify all kinds of way, but actually partner you can’t see, do you still want to read a person in the sky, speechless. Like a star, really as long as you like his works and people, do not walk into his life, you do not understand him.

These two days of entertainment baptism, let me successfully accept:
Get married, get pregnant, have kids, raise kids
It’s four things that are completely independent.
There are no necessary and sufficient conditions.
Zhang Bichen: I secretly gave birth to a baby
Zheng Shuang: I secretly threw the child
Zhang Heng & Hua Chenyu: Ah! The gift of life!

Maybe I am older, less simple, less fantasy. In my eyes, a girl can suddenly run away, afraid to tell her boyfriend is pregnant, the only possibility is that she thinks the boy will not let her give birth to the child, said not to say. And a boy, in know once girlfriend had own child, child also pretty big after, face public opinion pressure, still do not marry her. The only possibility is that he doesn’t love her. As for how to explain to everyone, all I can do is blow a pink bubble and tell everyone that we are good and happy like this. Ask who is pregnant in life will not tell a boyfriend, their teeth to give birth to the child. Alone in front of parents and people around. How scary it must be to give birth without your partner around. Besides, a circle, how can not be hidden. For the ups and downs of the novel, the protagonist will do surprising things out of sudden ideas, but in life, people make choices based on weighing advantages and disadvantages, which is long-gestated, deliberate and forced. Only you know how you survived. Only a cute, unsophisticated child would believe it.

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9 months ago

Men sit in a melon field, and melons come from heaven

He who has melons can do everything, but he who has melons cannot do anything

Fifty-six leap earth

56 Cha only

Fifty-six shiny steel forks in your house

Fifty-six leap earth

Said a word

Let you eat the melon

Let you eat the melon

Let you eat the melon

9 months ago

The truth may not be as romantic as it sounds. I feel that the choice of this time to announce is meaningful, can ensure that Huachenyu powder at least. Zhang Bichen’s article created a responsible father and an independent single mother, which made the audience’s three views broken by Zheng Shuang heal a little, and under the abandonment of surrogate pregnancy, it seemed particularly warm. The audience will feel: ah, at least not derailed, at least not abandoned, at least not surrogacy, at least not abortion, at least from Zhang Bichen’s belly out, can be accepted. Zheng Shuang at the cost of his two children, saved the entertainment circle N were hidden in need of parental recognition of the children. But when you think about it, it’s very strange. 1, Zhang Bichen suddenly went to the United States to give birth to a baby, revealed that she did not believe the man. 2. After saying so much on Weibo, we ended up with no marriage and no love between them. 3. It’s easy to think of the consequences of 419. 4, girls remember to protect themselves by wearing condoms, unless you want to borrow seeds. 5. “I am a good father, I am not Zheng Shuang, please don’t block me” is the whole post of Hua Chenyu’s microblog. Finally, bless the children, get the love that the parents admit.

9 months ago

I hope all those melons in showbiz,
What Yang Mi and Wei Daxun,
HUANG Xiao-ming AB,
Liying Zhao and Shaofeng Feng.
Make it public…
Now is the best time to be inclusive, all melons can be accepted…
Maybe the stars who are about to go public have something to thank for…
In the meantime! We also want to pay attention to teacher Wang Feng! Brother MOE! Miss Wang Feng hasn’t released the song yet!!

9 months ago
Reply to  helpmekim

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What’s going on in showbiz these days? Know everyone in situ New Year’s day not what lively so selfless dedication of their own? And they’re all mind-bogglingly complex ethics dramas? I think it’s all in a novel I have your baby but I don’t want to get in the way of you.

9 months ago

In the statement, Zhang Bichen took all the responsibility for the accident, which means that for some unknown reason, they did not take proper contraceptive measures when they were doing the thing.According to Zhang Bichen, Hua Chenyu was completely unaware of the matter, so he did not make a mistake in the following matter.Of course, it is estimated that some netizens will be worried about the bar, and emphasized that Hua Chenyu had looked for her, she deliberately did not avoid to see, so that the whole story said round, people set there is no collapse.In the end, for some reason, according to Zhang Bichen, a child can not do without a father. After a period of time, she figured it out.But Hua Chenyu is still a perfect person, after hearing this child, surprise is surprise.Then give the child on the hukou.Then the two began to try and work together…But as things stand, it doesn’t seem to be working out too well…On July 22, @Hua Chenyu @Zhang Bichen admitted to having a child.Just now, a staff member of Huachenyu responded to Sina Entertainment by saying, “Thanks for your attention. Hua Hua is single.They will be co-parenting and involved in the child’s development without being married.”# Huachenyu We have one child # That is to say, we have not been willing to accept each other as our partner since we raised our child together…From Zhang Bichen’s statement, it is not difficult to see that she has always put Hua Chenyu first, and the whole story is about Hua Hua How, Hua Hua How.Between the lines, Hua Hua is a rather perfect image, except for no explanation of why Hua Hua did not set out…As I said for the first time see the brilliance of the statement, write very short, it seems that he has a very uncomfortable feeling, brilliance yu in inquire sent yet another statement: the arrival of the child really heal me a lot, I am very happy god brought me such a special gift, although very suddenly, but also very happy, we will bring children healthy and happy growing environment.The most surprising thing is that she likes music very much. She often dances and sings “Bullfight” by herself with a microphone, which is her favorite song. She even wants to fall asleep listening to this song.She is also very good at acting like a spoiled woman. When she wants to eat snacks, she always coax you to be happy in various ways. She will also care about people.She is really lovely, and she is really growing up well. I feel very happy to see her.The reason why has not been open to the public is mainly because the matter is a little complicated, afraid of saying not clear words will let the fans worry, but also can let the child grow up in a quiet environment, and not the attention of the outside world.Now that it’s been exposed, we’re all going to face the confusion.This matter may make the fans feel very sudden, I can only hope you understand, thank you.Someone said to me that you see Hua Chenyu wrote a long, in fact, Hua Chenyu is not upset.I thought I was wrong at first, but after reading this statement…I still feel that Hua Chenyu is not very unhappy…It’s very uncomfortable…Why? Because Hua Chenyu didn’t mention anything about Zhang Bichen in the book. The whole story is about how my daughter is smart and cute and how I love her, which is completely contrary to Zhang Bichen’s talk about Hua Chenyu all the time.No matter how normal a man, as long as a woman who had a relationship with a little emotion, it is impossible not to mention her, let alone such a big thing, at least to express their old…B: well…Two people did not get card, all do not know is what title, total can’t call a wife, call oneself woman.At least always want to express their own woman pregnant this matter of apology, even if it is because they do not know the relationship, but the other party no matter how pregnant childbirth is a very hard thing…Even if it’s not easy to say.Yang Xiao was shocked and grabbed Zhang Wuji on the shoulder and said, “Boy, you say something clearly.Whose… daughter is she?Who is her mother?”He grabbed so hard that Zhang Wuji’s shoulder bone rattled with pain to the bottom of his heart.Zhang Wuji did not want to show weakness, did not want to cry out pain, but eventually “ah” cried out, saying: “she is your daughter, her mother is the Emei school woman Ji Xiaofu.”Yang Xiao was pale, then more not the slightest bit of blood, trembling: “She… She has a daughter?She… where is she?”Busy bent to hold Yang not regret, I saw her give He Taichong hit two palm after the cheek high swelling, but between the eyebrows like a bit of Ji Xiao Fu’s pretty.Just want to ask again, suddenly see her neck in the black silk sash, gently pull, see the end of the silk sash knot a piece of iron card, card gold carving out the shape of the flame, it is he gave Ji Xiaofu Ming education “iron flame”, this no longer doubt, tightly hugged Yang not regret, even asked: “your mother?Where’s your mother?”Not mentioned at all, it’s only a possibility…No emotion at all.I am a person who is quite sensitive to words, and I see something fishy between the lines.The Internet said that the woman was protecting Hua Chenyu, I admit that, but always feel a little coercive taste in the inside…After all, things have surfaced, but I do not have a reputation as a mother, what is the meaning of this in the end?If so, some online news where there is no smoke without fire, it seems that it is not without false speculation.

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