According to Dow Jones news, the Microsoft board of directors decided that Bill Gates should leave the board. It is reported that the Microsoft board of directors made this decision at the time of its investigation into Bill Gates. The Microsoft board of directors is investigating the relationship between Bill Gates and a female employee.

According to previous reports, US Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates issued a joint statement on the 3rd of this month announcing their divorce. The statement stated that after the divorce, the two will continue to work together for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The statement said that after careful consideration, the two decided to terminate their marriage.

There are some very interesting points in the book “The Hijacked Private Life”. Let me share with you: Suppose there is such a scene: 100 people line up to receive 10 scallion pancakes. Those in the middle who are hopeful and uncertain, naturally remain silent amidst anxiety. The ones who can definitely get the cakes in the front and those who are hopeless at the end are the people who chatter in this line-both of them have expressed their disdain for the scallion pancakes in unison. The motivation of the former is to protect their vested interests, in case jealous people rush to grab it; the motivation of the latter is a kind of psychological compensation, that is, the so-called “can’t eat grapes, say grape sour.” As a result, the morality that belonged to the opinions of the majority has now been repeatedly said by a few people with ulterior motives, and the object of indoctrination is naturally the majority who said nothing. Throughout human history, this is indeed the case: the privileged class and the poorest lower class are always keen to talk about the topic of morality, but their own integrity is the worst in the entire society. To make matters worse, these two kinds of people also destroy the moral quality: the former makes morality full of hypocrisy; the latter makes morality more cruel that hurts others and disadvantages itself. It’s the same if you replace the scallion pancakes with women. At the top are elderly people who have occupied high positions and have enough women, while those at the bottom are undoubtedly celibate religious figures. Our sexual morality is defined by these two kinds of people. Their jealous attitude towards the love of men and women is self-evident. In contrast, moral cruelty is more harmful than moral hypocrisy. One is because it is more deceptive, and the other is that it has no scruples about doing evil out of a position of harming others and disadvantages itself. In this way, after entering a civilized society, moral concepts are no longer the common agreement of most people. It is actually the plundering of the resources of the whole society by the privileged class, and it provides a favorable explanation for this plunder. The morality constructed on the basis of the two biological instincts of “altruism” and “empathy”, after being repeatedly expressed in words by these two people, often becomes a kind that is not good for every individual or the whole group. Concept. A small number of privileged classes keep talking-this is the most important of their many privileges-to put a spiritual shackle on others in order to monopolize their interests. According to the Wall Street Journal, people familiar with the matter disclosed that Microsoft’s board of directors decided that Bill Gates needs to resign from the board of directors because they are investigating the billionaire’s previous relationship with a female Microsoft employee, which is considered wrong. suitable. Of course, there are also Gates biographers who broke the news that Gates was “obsessed with female sex.” James Wallace, who wrote two biographies for Gates in the 1990s, said in an interview with the newspaper on Monday that Gates liked to attend “wild parties” when he was young and was a frequent visitor to “naked nightclubs.” He (referring to Gates) and other Microsoft employees often write software code for two or three days in a row, and then go out to have fun, such as going to a party in a naked nightclub in Seattle, bringing strippers home, and spending time with them and friends in the pool of the mansion. Swim naked in.” Wallace also broke the news that Gates’ life at the time was just a continuation of the lifestyle of Harvard University. During his studies at Harvard, Gates often patronized Boston’s red light district where erotic performances, strip shows, and prostitution were concentrated. Even after starting to date with Melinda in 1988, this lifestyle continued for a while, especially when he was on business trips outside the country, he often flirted with female reporters covering Microsoft and the technology industry. Wallace said that in his 1997 biography of Gates, “Speeding: Bill Gates and the Race to Control Cyberspace,” he mentioned Gates’ chaotic private life slightly. The 74-year-old Wallace has also written “Creating Brilliance: Bill Gates and the Rise of Microsoft.” It is difficult to investigate whether these things are true or not. The life of the rich is really beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Bill Gates’s wife Melinda has received a $3 billion “breakup fee” news that topped the list of hot searches on Weibo, which is approximately RMB 19.3 billion. For Microsoft’s stock price, the impact is indeed limited, and there have been no huge fluctuations in the past few days: According to media reports, on May 14, local time, the first hearing of the Bill Gates divorce case was held in Washington State, and the divorce judgment date is 2022. On April 4, 2010, that is to say, the divorce involving more than 140 billion U.S. dollars will not fall into the dust until a year later. This melon can be eaten for a long time. For more questions, please pay attention to Zunjia Finance, Hong Kong and US A shares have 0 commissions, and Hong Kong and US stock investors are welcome to exchange private messages ~ Risk warning: The content in the article has its own specific position, investment is risky, and trading needs to be cautious. Zunjia strives but cannot guarantee that the above content is completely accurate and reliable, and does not assume any responsibility for the profit or loss arising from the operation of relying on or using third-party information.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

Since you can’t hide it, let’s just keep it up, and break some negative news to facilitate Microsoft and Bill Gates to make the cut, and minimize the impact. Bill Gates’ reputation is not important, what matters is Microsoft’s stock price. I originally thought that only stars can be set up, but I did not expect that the elite image of Bill Gates, the representative of the American Dream, and the stalwart and gentleman is also packaged. It seems that as long as it is set by people, the game will collapse sooner or later. Cizi, the water in the capital circle is too deep, and you can’t help it!

8 months ago

Regardless of whether things are true or false, I guessed a few months ago that Lao Gai would not be guaranteed.
I don’t doubt the content of these news, but I do guess that after the new crown, there will be negative news about Gates.
I guessed from these pictures when they appeared in large numbers on the Internet: when Lao Guy got into this wave of political inaccuracy, and the fanatical anti-vaccine Magaer has 74 million people, I think Lao Guy will be presented sooner or later. Sacrifice. Not long ago, Lao Gai divorced, the reason is also very far-fetched. It’s not so much a divorce, it’s more like drawing a line. After all, those stocks have been held in hand for decades, and they have been okay, but there is a problem at this time. Immediately afterwards, this wave of news came out. I really can’t believe these are all accidental, because it looks like a well-designed combo punch.

8 months ago

This behavior is more of a business show: Oh, Bill Gates may not be a good man, but our board of directors is very responsible. The United States is an extremely hypocritical country. Even if it does all sorts of things behind giving birth to a son, it must be glamorous. Typically, it is like Clinton, the female tycoon, playing in the White House office. If this matter is placed in France, it will be an anecdote at most, but it will not work in the United States. Impeachment is necessary, which is terrible. But compared to other bad things about Clinton, what’s the big deal? Gates is the same. In terms of his net worth, “merely” messing up the relationship between men and women can’t be taken seriously. However, the board of directors has to investigate seriously, which can only be said to be extremely hypocritical. Do you have the ability to check Gates and see if there are other problems with misuse of funds, or some institutions invested in it may be used to benefit future generations? Or, is there an unclear relationship between him and Epstein, maybe there is a murder case in hand? Obviously, these are not within the scope of the investigation. After all, be more real…How many people on the board dare to say that they are clean?

8 months ago

A while ago, when Bill Gates had an accident, I criticized the former boss relatively mildly. Some netizens disagreed. Their views can be summarized in two points: If you like me, others should not comment on other people’s experiences. People’s living environment is different, so we shouldn’t ask for others’ personal virtues according to our standards. Today, I’ll talk about the problems of these two points from the perspective of the workplace today. This is neither “you love me”, nor It’s not “private virtue”. The netizen who said “You love me”, I guess the story in his mind is that Bill Gates did not force others to associate with him, it is a romantic story-but Bill Gates is married! If a person can casually associate with others outside of marriage based on “you love me,” then it is a reasonable thing to have an extramarital affair? So “xiaosan” isn’t a derogatory term either? Don’t care about the feelings of your married spouse? Do you love me. Will someone say that Bill Gates’s wife agrees that you are not Bill Gates’s wife, so why do you agree for her? Friends who say “whatever you like me, others shouldn’t comment”, please think about one thing, your wife or husband will go out and mess around because of you in the future, do you accept it calmly? If you are still calm when you are put on a green hat, I really convince you, but you can’t ask others to be so calm. Let’s talk about this “other people’s living environment is different, and we should not ask for others’ personal virtues based on our standards.” Since it is “personal virtues”, it is a completely personal matter and should not affect or harm other people. Now Microsoft’s board of directors has come forward to investigate, do you think Bill Gates is only a private matter? His behavior affects Microsoft’s reputation and stock price! As a public figure, his behavior is very influential. In the past, Bill Gates was persuaded by Melinda to pick up and drop off his children to school. The role played as an example is that Microsoft employees also actively pick up and accompany the children. Similarly, now Bill Gates Ci exposed these negative news. If you don’t make it clear that this is wrong, it will also affect many people, don’t you believe it? If you don’t see someone saying that you love me, or someone else, it’s just personal virtue. Going back to the perspective of the workplace that I wanted to talk about, let’s discuss such a thing-can the boss fall in love with a subordinate of the opposite sex? Let me start with one thing. In 2019, 52-year-old McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook was fired by the board of directors on the grounds that “a recent voluntary relationship with an employee violated company policy and Lack of judgment”, to put it simply, is to fall in love with subordinates. Of course, some people will say that the CEO must have turned over other mistakes, probably because of poor management. However, since the board of directors can catch his pigtail and expel him, it shows that “falling in love with subordinates” is indeed a taboo. In a free world like the United States, love is absolutely free, so why is it taboo to “fall in love with subordinates”? Because if a manager has an intimacy outside of work with his subordinates, it will affect the manager’s judgment. For example, you have two subordinates, one is your girlfriend and the other is a big man. You think year-end assessment of performance Can you make a fair judgment when it comes to the situation? Maybe you can do it, but the system should not rely on personal ethics, and the company will definitely not want this to happen. In other words, you have a female subordinate, and one day she became your girlfriend, and after a while she sue the company for a vote, saying that it was because you used your authority to ask her to be your girlfriend. Can you make it clear? ? Does the company make it clear? This is really unclear after jumping into the Yellow River. Therefore, a more professional approach is to avoid emotional entanglements between superiors and subordinates. The water can be deep and no one can hold it. This is not to say that you can’t fall in love with your colleagues, but don’t fall in love with your superiors or subordinates. It doesn’t matter if you fall in love with colleagues in another department-but accountants and cashiers can’t fall in love. For the company’s CEO, every employee is his subordinate, so the CEO should not fall in love with any employee. Then, another question arises. Bill Gates’s wife Melinda (who should be called her ex-wife now) was a former Microsoft employee. In other words, Bill Gates married a subordinate as his wife, but Bill As the founder, Gates is also the person most related to the company’s interests. At the beginning, no one felt that this matter would affect Bill Gates’ judgment. So, as long as the big boss definitely has no reason to harm the company, can he fall in love with his employees? This matter, as long as you start, you can’t stop it. I have worked at Microsoft. I have seen and heard about corruption. There are many things about corruption. From the CEO after Bill Gates to the manager who can distribute outsourcing, everyone can make money for themselves through official duties. know. I talked about this with friends from other foreign companies, and they were also very surprised: Isn’t there an ethics committee to regulate this? Not really. Some foreign companies have ethics committees to keep members diverse and restrict internal violations of values, but Microsoft does not. Obviously, some people think that this company is a company belonging to some people, not just Microsoft, but also many domestic companies. The big bosses themselves are not restricted by any “ethics committee”. Of course it is very cool. They really think this It’s their own company, but since the big boss doesn’t strictly demand themselves, of course the people below can be messed up. The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked. I learned a lot at Microsoft. Microsoft is also a respectable company. I am also grateful for Microsoft’s work experience. However, Microsoft lacks the discipline of “the founder breaks the law and the intern is the same.” This is a lot of dog blood. The source of the matter. Now Microsoft’s board of directors is investigating the relationship between Bill Gates and a female employee. I think it’s very good, check it, check it! Some people say that Microsoft’s board of directors is going to cut off with Bill Gates and to keep the stock price, which embodies the insidiousness of capitalists. Haha, then I would like to ask you, Bill Gates or the people on the Microsoft board of directors, which one is the less insidious capitalist? They are all capitalists, what do you care about their morals? I want to say that by completing the cut with Bill Gates, Microsoft can become healthier. When Microsoft no longer advocates fanatical adoration of individual leaders, and when individual leaders do not have the privileges other than their positions, the organization may be healthier, employees do not need to explore unspoken rules, and leaders at all levels dare not use their positions. Then I made money for myself. Only if the company does not belong to one or two people, and everyone uses the same set of rules to do things, can it form a positive cycle, and it can last forever.

8 months ago

To tell the truth, those capitalists, big bosses, and even many corporate executives, one counts one, and a shovel will surely reveal a lot of black material. Gates was unlucky, this shovel dug on his head. As for whether there is shady, framing, framing, or the like, maybe there are, but it doesn’t matter. Many people (media? Institutions?) like to portray many celebrities into perfect people. The result of a perfect person is that a little bit of gold paint on the body can be replaced. If a large piece is dropped, wait for the whole body to be broken.

8 months ago

Asking Bill Gates to leave the board of directors may seem like negative news. In fact, the reasons behind it are far-reaching, complicated, and beyond imagination. It is said that some of these problems of Bill Gates have existed for more than 20 years, and are they only now disclosed? This is not to clean up Gates, if there is a problem, there is a problem. Bill Gates is now divorced and scandal again, and his image has been greatly damaged. Therefore, the Microsoft board took the initiative to investigate the scandal and asked Bill to leave the board. How simple, this is the political strangulation of the powerful and the capital to unite Bill! Cruel, cold-blooded! The malicious slander against Bill Gates has not stopped for more than a decade. Bill is currently one of the few sober people in the United States. Moreover, they are not afraid of the secular and powerful, dare to put forward their own views, objectively evaluate China’s fight against the epidemic, and donate a lot to the American public! Not a “political donation”…Look at the same Bill, but a different Clinton! Gates has long been a thorn in the eye of the American right, the leader of the so-called “new crown cabal”, who manufactures the new crown virus and then transplants chips into the human body through injections of vaccines to achieve the goal of controlling the world. Although extremely absurd, it is widely spread. Possibly, it will be fifty or even a hundred years before American society will re-evaluate Bill and set a monument for him.

8 months ago

In capitalism, it is not only wage earners, but also capitalists who just sleep with female subordinates. Look at Jiang Fan. When Jiang Fan had an accident, I said that Jiang Fan’s biggest problem was sleeping female subordinates. All executives and subordinates, except Jiang Fan, will step down. Many people do not believe that they are not that serious. They are actually very serious. This is a direct blow to the company’s goodwill. Let’s take a look at how the evil capitalism will deal with this matter. Is it as good as the people’s richest man Jack Ma dealt with?

8 months ago

If the real reason is the American old money group’s suppression of the new money super-rich. The old money ruling clique in the United States must get rid of the new money clique of its own. This is a long-term policy in the United States, while abroad it is a blow to the world’s second largest group. Buffett is getting old again, and he abolished Bill Gates before his death, so that the power of the joint venture between the two of them can be firmly tied to the management team. The rich and powerful in the United States will not have any real good people. Hypocrites are the norm. They are all British genes. Hypocrisy is the nature. In fact, Bill Gates has always been such a person before. It has not suppressed Bill Gates before. The American Old Money Group concealed everything for Bill Gates and also promoted Bill Gates’ beautiful story, but now, it is starting to do it. The essence of the United States is the capital colonization system of the Laoqian Group, which is a level higher than that of land colonization. The personal logical reasoning is this-the United States Laoqian Capital Colonization Organization sent Buffett to do it by donating it to the Bill Gates Foundation. Capital returns to the hands of the old money capital colonial group-nominally Bill Gates’s money, the actual operation and management power is in the hands of the capital management team, which means that Bill Gates is emptied, which is equivalent to your money. We have the final say. This routine, there are also trusts in use, you can cleverly pass your money back to the international old money capital colonial group system through some processes. Now that the years have passed, it is estimated that Bill Gates refused to join the old money capital colonial group, so he began to suppress Bill Gates, and abolished the new money figures that could not be used by his group. Fornication among American and British senior officials, rich people, royal aristocrats, and senior church bishops is their habit, and it hasn’t changed for thousands of years. Therefore, Bill Gates did not expose it early and late. At this time, a large number of exposures may be due to the American old money capital colonial group wanting to suppress Gates, so the American media did not keep Bill Gates secret.

8 months ago

Can founders be kicked out of the board? In this way, the red line of Microsoft’s values is higher than that of Ali. Attachment: Rich vs. Giant: Micro vs. Giant, Soft vs. Hard, Microsoft vs. Giant? Contribution is to tax avoidance, and monopoly is to specialization. Trump, Melanie, party to double wives. There is no love in marriage, but fame is lost in sixties. Charity fund, a fig leaf for gatherings of many people. Epstein is a thorn in the eye of the richest Americans. Foreigners are particularly good at tying the company’s founder and company together. The advantage of this kind of thing is that the company’s image is concretized, but the disadvantage is that once the personal design collapses, it will smash the company’s signboard. Typical representatives are Bill Gates, Jobs, and Chanel. Fortunately, Jobs left early. Chanel was in a miserable situation. After so many years of death, the black history of being stripped out of the water was originally under the cover of the public relations team, but it had not been exposed. As a result, it was so dying. He touched the new Huawei logo and was slapped in the face. Microsoft’s board of directors responded quickly and did the cutting work as soon as possible. After all, Bill Gates has been the emperor for so long, and the social influence has slowly declined. It is time for a new person to represent Microsoft’s image.

8 months ago

Anyone who has watched the news in the past few years knows what the old white men do. Trump, Clinton, Epstein, Biden’s son, etc. . . It is common for the top wealthy Americans to cheat. Amazon CEO Bezos and Musk also cheat. This issue of Bill Gates is really nothing compared to that. It is normal. The main problem is that Bill Gates, a pro-China faction, has always been in the eyes of the anti-China group in the United States. It is a common method to start from the private life.

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