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Is the memory of last year far away? I have forgotten how the Lakers used double-teaming and rotation to completely guide the Blazers and Bearded Rockets in the playoffs last year? Although the level of Ritian this year is really at Ritian, the way of leading the team to take over is quite similar to that of Lillard and Harden last year. No way, other attack points in the team are too scarce. The Lakers’ defense is stronger than that of other teams. Old Zhan’s experience and position, and the terrifying sweeping ability with thick eyebrows, clearly doubled the opponent’s big core at the three-point line, but the follow-up opponents still can’t lead to opportunities. And Vogel-I have always considered a good coach-even if Zhan Mei is in a long truce this year, the defensive system built by others has remained No. 1 for a long time. It should not be an exaggeration to say that Director Lee and Harden can remember the horror of being dominated last year. Of course, the Warriors have key player Green. His handling of the ball can maximize Curry’s threat, which is not good for coaching and Beard. Coincidentally, in the third round, the Lakers went on to dominate the Nuggets with the teacher. Green’s pass organizing ability is probably not better than the teacher, although Curry fully surpasses Morey, but don’t forget that Morey also played all kinds of fairy balls last year to support the scene. Although I also like Curry and the Warriors, is the Lakers’ biggest opponent the Warriors? When you think about it, you know that the Lakers’ biggest opponent this year is injury. After all, once the Lakers resume their running-in, at least this year, they will not be two teams of the same grade. Of course, this year, the second game will determine the outcome of the playoffs. Last year, the Lakers lost their first game against Lee coach and Beard. Although this year the Lakers will definitely step on the accelerator when they come up. Originally, if a miracle happened so easily, it wouldn’t be a miracle, but the person involved was Curry, and he couldn’t help but make people look forward to it. I hope that the Lakers and Warriors can advance to the main game. This is what the Lakers’ unyielding supporting role deserves. It is also the feat that Curry led the team to smash the media to predict the Warriors’ bottom contempt.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

The Lakers have lost and won against the Warriors in the regular season. But the Lakers’ lineup and rotation thickness are significantly better. The Lakers need to choke Curry, so there is a high probability that Pop and Caruso will take turns to defend Curry, and James and Kuzma will be used for pincers. The Lakers’ defense has always been good. Although the inside line is sometimes crowded, but the thick eyebrows and Drummond are here, the Lakers have a huge rebounding advantage. As long as the outside line is not misfired to a heinous degree, even if Wiggins drops the cup, the Warriors are unlikely to win. Of course, the Lakers in the play-offs will inevitably pull a wave of ratings for the league. No matter who the two teams lose, the winner of the Spurs and Grizzlies is not a big problem. In fact, if the Jazz do not have dual cores, they are actually better. If they play the Suns in the first round, they must have an inside advantage, and the Lakers will take advantage. So the tacit understanding between the two teams should still be the Lakers playing the Suns seventh, and the Warriors playing the Jazz eighth.

8 months ago

Regarding the playoffs, the Lakers and Warriors are of course what everyone cares most about. Since the play-offs are a single-game elimination system where the excitement is not too big, it naturally depends on the biggest excitement. After the regular season, James said, “Curry is his MVP this season.” It is not a secret that James has always been glaring with Curry, but the problem is that the MVP in his mind can really play his own ball. Team? Extending to other angles, this may be the same as Bird’s praise of Jordan’s saying “God is playing with the No. 23 jersey tonight”, which has the same effect. With such a hot blessing, we naturally have to talk about the Lakers Warriors game. But before that, let me talk about the overall situation of the playoffs. I think the final qualifying places on both sides will be the current seven or eight, that is, the Lakers, Warriors, Celtics and Wizards, but the ranking may change. It’s not that we look down on the 90th-placed teams on both sides, but starting from the play-offs, the league has essentially entered the playoffs mode, because the eliminated teams are going to go home to fish, unlike the regular season, which will never return. There is a chance for the next game. Then the playoffs are about star quality, matchups, and lineup completeness. The Grizzlies’ Morant and Spurs’ DeRozan are still far behind James and Curry in the Western Conference. There is no obvious advantage, the two teams are still stuck in three-pointers and space, so facing the seven or eight teams, they have nothing to win. As for the East, the biggest problem for the Pacers and Hornets is injuries. Brogdon on the Pacers side doesn’t know if they can play. Sa, Warren, Turner, Lamb, and Aaron Holiday all have varying degrees. Injuries, and the Pacers’ general disagreement has not been resolved; the Hornets’ Hayward can’t play, the most comprehensive striker is gone, and after the return of three goals, they have never returned to their previous state, so the Hornets have been Rozier is holding it. At the same time, because there are not many people available for the inside line, the play is very outside, and it is difficult to always be accurate if the play is unbalanced. So today, I will talk about the Lakers Warriors and the Green Wizards games to see who is more likely to be seventh and who is eighth. Let’s talk about the Lakers playing the Warriors. Although this game is very hot, in my opinion, the suspense is not as big as the Eastern Conference, because the Lakers have obvious advantages. I don’t know if you guys still remember that the Lakers had a game against the Trail Blazers 10 days ago. At that time, this was called the most important game of the season for the Lakers, because whoever wins can get into the top six with one foot. At the same time Get the tie advantage. The Trail Blazers all have to be all-tailed, and the Lakers are a stubborn team and are still in the process of finding status. It seems that the Trail Blazers will almost certainly win. But I said the day before the game, the remnant Lakers also have a chance: to play the Blazers is to pinch the two guns. The defensive configuration of the Lakers outside can match the two guns of the Blazers. If the thick eyebrows are five, they will come out with a cover. , The Blazers do not necessarily have to play. The Blazers’ ability to punish dislocations on the front line is not strong. Only Gua can hold the ball, and Gua’s state can only be known on the spot. As a result, in addition to Lillard, CJ and Powell made 13 of 37 shots the next day. Gua Ge was in poor condition, and his thick eyebrows were overwhelmed in the paint. The Lakers still bit the game to the last minute. Facing the Warriors in the same way, the Warriors’ outside firepower is far less fierce and scattered than the Blazers, and pinching Curry is equivalent to cutting off the source of the Warriors’ offense. So did the Lakers come to Curry? Yes, the Lakers’ remnants can match the Trailblazer’s three guns. Although Curry is more capable, there is still only one person. Schroder, Pope, Caruso and even James himself can come. To Curry. Secondly, Curry will definitely encounter a lot of pincers, from which it can be inferred that Drummond’s playing time will be greatly reduced, even DNP, because there is not much room for fault tolerance in such a game of winning or losing. When Xiaojia or thick eyebrows are at five, Curry will not be as comfortable as facing Varan. Although Xiaojia can’t come out easily, he will definitely come out when facing Curry. As long as he comes out, relying on his size and defense Experience will have a great impact on Curry. What’s more, the Lakers have the ultimate big killer with thick eyebrows. When Curry is pinched, the Warriors’ offense depends on how Green moves the ball, the role player’s air cut and Wiggins’ heads-up. But in the face of the Lakers, the Warriors’ air cuts and interleaving are difficult to work, because even if there is no small plus in the inside, there is still a thick eyebrow sweeping around. Wiggins has always had the experience of exploding in the face of James, but in three scenes this year against the Lakers, he only scored a total of 36 points, 18 points, 3 points, and 15 points respectively. As for whether the playoffs has a good cooling effect, it is difficult to say… The above is to show that the Warriors’ pass system does not work well against the Lakers’ defense. Since the offense is not good, it can only rely on defense. On the defensive end, there are only a few questions: First, how can the Warriors prevent the Lakers from counterattacking if the Warriors can’t make it offense? Second, who defends James and thick eyebrows in positional warfare? Wiggins can guard against James’ shots, but James is not easy to guard against them. If Green guards his thick eyebrows, he should look at the referee’s scale and how to defend against the air. Third, in the Warriors’ convergence period, who can guard against James and who can guard against Harrell? Harrell may have a miraculous effect on the Warriors’ bench. If Poole can’t perform above the level, the Warriors’ bench may be a bit miserable when facing the Lakers. So from the offensive and defensive ends, the Lakers have obvious advantages, and the probability of winning the game is 90% in my opinion. Looking at the Eastern Conference on paper, the Celtics should have a greater advantage. Because the Wizards are similar to the Blazers, they are both offensive teams, relying on the two guns of Westbrook and Bill. But the Green Army’s Smart and Walker can match these two points on the defensive end. In turn, Walker and Smart’s offense is more dependent on their own state, and has nothing to do with the defender. Westbrook and Bill themselves also Not a defensive player. More importantly, on the front line, both Tatum and Hachimura can attack and defend, but after all, there is still a star rating gap between the two. Tatum can defend against Hachimura if he wants, because his offensive skills have yet to be refined, but Hachimura may not be able to defend against Tatum. Both sides’ benches and insiders are also half-hearted, but relatively speaking, the defense and discipline of the Green Army are still better than the Wizards. To sum up, the Green Army has more points on the offensive end, Tatum is also stronger, and the defensive end is better than the Wizards, so theoretically they have a greater advantage. There is a rule like this: When the words “on paper” and “theoretical” appear, there is often a but behind, and then there is the but part. The biggest problem for the Green Army is not their opponents, but themselves. Has the Green Army been favored over the years? Yes, it started from the 16-17 season. Before this season, did their lineup look good? Who would have thought they would enter the play-offs? That’s it. In recent years, their performance has actually been unstable. When you are optimistic about him, anyone can lose; when you are not optimistic about him, he can always stand up swayingly, always at a very high altitude. Repeatedly jump between the upper limit and the extremely low lower limit. And this year is more important, you feel that they have lost the temperament of the Celtics in the past, the whole team seems to be together, but the heart seems to have dispersed. Even Smart, who has the most Celtic temperament, was rumored to put on airs in the locker room, causing dissatisfaction with other players. So this is the variable. The strength of the Wizards is there. The Green Army can play normally and win the Wizards, but the question is whether they can perform normally. The last statistic: Since May, the Green Army has 3 wins and 6 losses, and can win against the Bulls. The winning games also include a 32-point comeback against the Spurs; while the Wizards have 6 wins and 4 losses, losing 4 games. Including losses to the Bucks and Eagles by 1 point each. It can be said that in the final stage, the Green Army and the Wizards have shown a completely different team state. If the Green Army still holds a superior posture to play the playoffs, it is very likely that there will be problems. Therefore, the match between the Green Army and the Wizards may be more intense. The probability of the Green Army winning is 60%, and the Wizards are at 40%. If you think that probability is a trick and I have to choose one, then I will definitely choose the Green Army, because paper strength is a relatively certain thing, and the psychology and state are uncertain. You must bet on certain things. Assuming that the Wizards really won the Green Army, then we can see if the second brother is truly invincible…

8 months ago

The Lakers’ advantage is very obvious. The reason why the Lakers ranked all the way to the playoffs was the influence of injuries and the new crown. Before the arrival of extensive injuries, the Lakers were firmly in the upper half. The Warriors relied on a wave of crazy performance by Curry in the second half of the season to climb from the 10th ranking. Therefore, the state of the two teams is: Lakers: Although the ranking has fallen all the way to the playoffs, all members returned before the playoffs began. Warriors: Kill the Quartet at the end of the regular season, but this is their best form of the season, can they improve? These two teams are not at the same level on paper strength. Let’s look at the comparison between the two teams. To put it simply, the Warriors single-core vs. the Lakers dual-core, fell short in the number of superstars. From a specific point of view, the Lakers can chase Curry and many people, Tucker, Caruso, and Pope can all perform double-teaming. Only Wiggins and Green are the only candidates for the Warriors to face James and Big Eyebrows, and it is still a question mark whether they can be restricted one-on-one. Moreover, even if the Lakers are a small lineup with five thick eyebrows, it is a large lineup for the Warriors. The Lakers have a lot of leeway. From a strategic point of view, the Lakers’ dealings with the Warriors is to pinch Curry, either pinching, or hitting five infinite defenses with thick eyebrows. As long as the battle of positions is guarded, the counterattack is to rush the warriors across. The Warriors have more problems to solve when facing the Lakers. Will they be blown up one-on-one? How to solve the inside protective basket? Poole, who has performed well on the offensive end in recent games, will Mulder be named and targeted? The play-offs are a game that determines the outcome and there is no fault tolerance rate. In this kind of game, being able to lead by 30 points will never change the bench ahead of time when it has a 20-point advantage. If the Warriors want to win, they may have to rely on the appearance of some miracles.

8 months ago

I don’t know if you have paid attention to something. When Old Zhan didn’t come to the Lakers, the performance of Curry vs. Ingram, Kuzma, and Ball was not ideal. If I remember correctly, there should be a 0-for-10 three-pointer. After Lao Zhan came, Curry’s performance continued this spell. He couldn’t play well when he touched the Lakers. In the past eight games against the Lakers, he made 20.8% of his three-pointers. Collapsed. It’s almost time to bottom out and rebound. Don’t throw 4 or 50 points. I really don’t believe it. Infinitely optimistic about the Warriors.

8 months ago

Judging from the regular season matches, the Lakers have a comeback and two big wins, which is a clear advantage. However, the two teams met earlier in the regular season, which is much less meaningful. Judging from the recent state, the Warriors are much better, Curry is unstoppable, and Wiggins and others have also given enough support. On the other hand, the Lakers have just played two games with the entire lineup, and even the rotation has not been determined yet. The feel outside the three-point line is also a mess. Regardless of the final 5-game winning streak, the opponent is basically not the main lineup. If you play 7 games, I believe the Lakers still have a clear advantage, because there is enough time to adjust: “Try one first” is the classic winning mode of the Lakers last year’s playoffs. But in a playoff game of life and death, facing the recent strong Warriors, I worry that the Lakers are not ready yet. Of course, even if I lose to the Warriors, I don’t think the Lakers will lose to the Grizzlies again (I really don’t believe the Spurs can win the Grizzlies).

8 months ago

I really don’t understand why Lakers fans are always worried that they won’t be able to beat the Warriors in the playoffs. I think it’s a good thing to run into the Warriors. It gave James and Damei a chance for revenge. As for the strategy to play against the Warriors, it’s very simple-deadly inside. Thick eyebrows, Zhuangshen, and Harrell can directly pierce the inside of the Warriors. The Warriors inside chasing a dream, just eat you with height. As for the outside line, just send 1-2 people to stare at Curry. I always feel that the more this kind of life-and-death match, the safest scoring method is more reliable. There is no doubt that it is better than Curry. Strong outside shots, inside breakthroughs and inside shots are the most stable means of scoring. Like this kind of play-off, the intensity is no less than the finals, but anyone who has watched the 15th and 16th finals knows that Curry played very ordinary life and death battles to be honest, indicating that the ability to withstand pressure is not strong. Looking at James, on the other hand, how many life-and-death battles have passed! There is no doubt that this kind of life and death battle, James is more stable than Curry! . So, I don’t know what Humi is afraid of? Fighting is the Warriors. The Lakers now have a weakness that the running-in is too short. This wave of people seems to have not played the game together, either lacking this or lacking that. Drummond is also a thunder. If you can grasp the Lakers offensive system, there will be no running-in. , It’s really possible that the scene will be half-and-half, and even dominate. But if Vogel waved his hand and put last year’s playoffs’ winning team on the court, all the dnp that shouldn’t be on the field, the Warriors will be difficult. The Lakers’ defense will not lose power. The playoffs are to see whether the Lakers’ offense will be short-circuited due to running-in reasons. The Warriors’ opportunity is to seize the Lakers’ offense whether it can be normal. If the Lakers are in the same state as last year’s playoffs, unless Both Curry Wiggins exploded, otherwise the chance is too small. It’s just to see if the Lakers’ offense will be short-circuited. Old Zhan’s injury is not a good one. The other players’ game time is chopped up, and the run-in is not good. The Lakers can’t make an offensive wave, and the Warriors have a chance. The premise is that the Warriors can block it. It’s hard to handle the unfinished Lakers. Don’t be bombarded by Lao Zhan and thick eyebrows when you come up. Schroder also came to bully the Warriors. It’s not easy to do it. Refer to the last game of last year’s Finals, the Heat’s defense was good enough. The Lakers almost missed a sieve in the first half.

8 months ago

Maybe the Warriors can get a shot by chance, and the Warriors don’t have the slightest chance. Many people think that the strong team will play a game, and the result will be hard to say. This is a completely wrong idea. You got it from the regular season. The conclusion is drawn, and it does not matter to lose a game in the regular season. A real game of winning or losing is most beneficial to the strong team. Playing seven games may loose one or two games. If you give you a chance, just play one game. The whole game will be played with real swords and guns, and the weak team will be finished immediately.

8 months ago

Lakers. The characteristic of thick eyebrows is that it is not durable, but it is too strong to make him burst out. Although James is old, he can still perform well in the face of the Warriors, a defensive team that is not so disciplined. Compared with the Lakers’ defensive system, Curry is more terrible. Biggers are more likely to be named, guards have more injuries and are unstable. The three people are not going to be out of order. Looking at the others beyond the three-point line, the Lakers have very poor stability. Kuzma counts as one, and the fluctuation is the largest. The others are all based on luck, but they can always play one or two people. The problem with the Warriors is that the size is a bit smaller, which is more difficult, but there is Curry. The Warriors dominate. In the three-point line, the Warriors rely on outside feeds, and the Lakers rely on the breakthrough of star players. The specific effect depends on the outside effect, but the Lakers have the advantage of active attack after all. The Lakers dominate. It can be seen that all the advantages of the Warriors come from Curry, and the Lakers are not unexpectedly unable to restrain Curry. The Lakers’ multi-point drive is more stable than the Warriors. The Warriors could not cope with the alternating impact of James Schroeder and fell into a hard fight. And then lose.

8 months ago

First of all, congratulations to Curry. It’s an absolute scoring and the core of the team. So when Curry had Durant and Thompson before, he couldn’t show his explosive power, but now we see it. There is definitely a burst of energy in here, that is, he can deal with double teams, deal with various intensities of confrontation and defense. He still maintains a high level of three-point shooting and high efficiency in scoring. This is jaw-dropping. This is the player’s response to an era. The change, because he told us that even in a difficult game, absolute talent and accuracy of projection can affect the outcome of the game. Curry’s high score also benefits from the restraint of other players, especially when Green and other Wiggins, Poole enter the state later in the season, and become more and more familiar with the running and cooperation, the Warriors’ Curry can explode to the maximum. You never know what Curry can do this season, but when you see the results, you know that he is surprising everyone, even a 30-year-old veteran can still maintain this Efficiency and accuracy are really difficult, but he has benefited from the team’s system and created history that belongs to this season. In every game, his impossible three-pointers refresh our knowledge and lead the team. When it comes to the play-offs, when it comes to confronting James, and even now, there is a miracle of black eight. The Warriors are the core team of Curry. When Thompson comes back next season, it will be a good fit. Maybe Curry will change more, and may even have a chance to win a championship again. As long as the Warriors can maintain their own system, Green and Viking Si continued to play and Wiseman changed his shortcomings faster. We really miss such a warrior. This year is very similar to the 14-15 season of the year, except that Curry has matured or needs to do what the leader should do. , Is to carry the team forward. Curry should have had the scoring champion long ago, but letting go this season let us see what talent and limits are, and when we realize that Curry is definitely far more than this ability, this is horror, Grizzlies I have done a good enough inside attack, and now I am restricting the Warriors’ outside lines and using their athletic ability to run the Warriors’ inside lines, but I did not expect that the gods will come and the Warriors will come back directly. This is what Curry did. The team dedicated everything. There is no need to comment. What we still need to look forward to is Curry’s next performance. Yes, we have to face the old opponent James. The strong defending champion, James and the thick eyebrow have fully recovered, and there is an insider on the opposite side. Zhuang Shen as a protective frame, if the Warriors want to use the shot well, how can the Warriors give Curry more opportunities, when the Lakers are double-teamed, can the Warriors other people stand up, can the Warriors weak inside, Green and Rooney, Pascal Er, can not withstand the firepower of Zhan Mei, the strongest spear and the strongest shield, there will be an earth-shattering battle, we are always waiting for the next Curry, because he will bring you Surprise never expected. And now the Warriors are not afraid of headwind. The toughness of their team as a whole has come out. They are all people who can integrate into the system. Wiggins cuts and moves, Poole’s second team shots, Anderson’s series and cuts. , Baezmore’s three-point space is the opportunity for this team to work hard to get every rebound, so the Warriors now this young team has begun to become a whole, that is, the Warriors’ team spirit is back. This warrior has the capital to compete with everything, and the team’s culture is re-established to fight the world. Everyone is fulfilling their duties and growing. This is the energy of the warriors, helping each other and supporting each other. Before they fell, they were all fighting for it and never gave up. Such motivation is worthy of respect. Finally, the next game, the Lakers and the Warriors, if the outside Lakers are accurate, the Warriors are very difficult, because the Warriors basically have to block the thick eyebrows and Lao Zhan on the inside. For the outside, some people may let it go, such as Tucker. Caruso, if Kuzma and Matthews are very accurate, it’s hard to say. The Warriors may not be able to get out of the rotation. If they change defense, it is very likely that they will not be able to keep up. So if it is inside, Harrell and If Zhuangshen can also perform well, the Warriors will be very difficult. The only chance for the Warriors to win is if Curry responds to double-teaming and can play normally. Then Wiggins and Poole are very stable. Green must strengthen the inside kills and the outside. If the Warriors vote correctly, they will call out the Lakers’ inside line, which will give the Warriors more opportunities to break through. In terms of thickness, the Lakers are better and there are more inside superstars, but the Warriors are better in cooperation, so it depends on the on-the-spot performance, very difficult games, so the Warriors still have a less chance of winning, but they must do a good job. They may play the Spurs and the Grays. The Bears are ready, and they are likely to face the Jazz later.

8 months ago

Both teams have absolute strengths: Zhan Mei and Curry.
The team’s hard power Lakers also won the current Warriors team, but there are many uncontrollable factors in the playoffs, especially the players and coaches’ ability to play and adjust on the spot.
In general, this is the most hot and topical single elimination game, the Lakers Warriors 8: 2 open!

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